40 Work From Home Jobs You Can Start Today!

Hey guys it's Michael Pedrotti here and in this post today we will be talking about work from home jobs that you can litereally start today!

Recently there has been alot of uncertanty about a normal 9 – 5 job and that has forced people to look for a side hustle to help their income.

And honestly, I dont blame them. I work from home and I love it!

I also started doing what I do now while working a regular 9 – 5 job.

Over time I was able to generate way more wealth working from home that it made little sense for me to continue along the regular path and going into the office every day.

Work From Home Job Ideas

In this post I have listed 40 work from home job ideas along with the relevant links to help you get started in that industry.

If you have something I should add or this post helped you, then let me know in the comments below.

Let's get on and start with the list shall we?

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketer is first on the list as it's actually what I did when I started working from home. If you’re not sure what Affiliate Marketing is, well it’s pretty simple. All you do is refer customers to companies.

If that customer then buys a product from the company, then the company will give you a percentage of the sale for referring the customer.

I personally make 5 figures per month as an Affiliate Marketer by promoting a few digital products so it really is one of the more rewarding side hustles you can start.

income work from home jobs

It’s also great if you simply don’t want to deal with customers (just like yours truly)

However i'm not going to blow smoke at you and tell you I work 1 hour a day like every other “guru” out there. It is one of the more time consuming side hustles that you can start (but also the most rewarding!)

Luckily my friends over at Legendary Marketer have a 15 Day Business Builder challenge that walks you through everything step by step. You can check it out here if this is something you want to start.

Drop Servicing

Drop Servicing is a form of arbitrage, Where you purchase a service and then sell it to someone else for a higher cost. This is a very fast way to make money online with very little overhead (as little as $100)

This is especially great if you already know people in a particular industry. You can simply find a service that they would need and cater to them. An awesome way to get started working from home.

I have a full blog post about drop servicing with actional tips that you can read here.

Sales Funnel Designer

Next up we have a Sales Funnel Designer. If you don’t know what a sales funnel page, it's pretty much a new type of website that businesses use to make sales (generally to sell a product). Now I know what you’re thinking.

“Michael, that is wayyyy to technical for me”

But you would be wrong. The entire sales funnel builder is drag and drop. So if you can use Facebook, you can build a sales funnel. This is a great way to start a home business and work from home.

There is a 30 day training that you can take for as little as $100 called the One Funnel Away Challenge. Not only does this teach you everything you need to know about marketing, but it pretty much holds you hand and gives you a task to do each day.

This is better than Affiliate Marketing if you still want to interact with people.

I personally know of people who started doing this and have turned it into a full Marketing Agency. And speaking of agency, that's what we will talk about now.

Marketing Agency

A Marketing Agency is a great work from home job that you can start today, and literally ANYONE can do it.

I bet you spend most of your time on Facebook or Instagram when at home right? Well why not become a Social Media Marketer.

Want to get more technical? Maybe Search Engine Optimization>

What about video editing or banner design?

There are lots of ways you can start a Marketing Agency, and you can do it from your home with nothing more than a laptop. Nothing fancy needed.

I have a list of platforms that you can advertise your freelancer services on here.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in high demand, but don't think of virtual assistants as having to be a service that is only outsource overseas.

There is a huge need for high-achieving business owner to need high level virtual assistants. Jumpstart your virtual assistant side hustle with this free workbook.


What is Transcribe Anywhere

Want to throw your headphones on and just escape while making money working from home?

Well if you're a fast typer then becoming a general transcriptionist or a legal transcriptionist is a legit way to make money online.

You can get this type of business up and running quickly with the right training.

Check out Transcribe Anywhere’s free training here.


proofread anywhere

If you love to read (and have good grammar skills) then proofreading from anywhere in the world is a real way to make money online.

With the right training, you can have your thriving proofreading business off and running in as little as 30 days.

I recommend checking out Proofread Anywhere and going through one of their free workshops.

Ecommerce Store Owner

If you have your own product to sell or want to sell somebody else's product for a markup, Then setting up an e-commerce store and working from home is a good fit for you.

The most popular platform by far for setting up your own ecommerce store is Shopify.

At the time of this writing to have approximately 800,000 users!

Start setting up your Shopify store here.


Finances are the lifeblood of small businesses. And from personal experience, I can tell you that it is a pain to deal with. Especially when you're trying to do all the other important business tasks to keep your company open… like sales, marketing, and delivering the product/service.

Solopreneurs and small businesses have a huge need for bookkeepers.

The market opportunity is huge and it's one of the most popular work from home jobs. See if you’re a good fit by taking this free course.


Bloggers live the laptop lifestyle. However, they work HARD for it. You really have to have a passion for writing and building an audience because it takes time to build this type of business.

Be in it for the long haul. Don't believe people who tell you it’s possible to get a blog up and running in just a few months. It sometimes can take one to three years before you really create a large following.

If you want to make money faster blogging, then pair your blogging skills with the right SEO skills.

The #1 way to do that is learn from the pros over at Authority Hacker.

Resume Writer

As the saying goes you only have one chance to make a good first impression. And for job searchers, this first impression is their resume.

If you're great at listening to other people and distilling information into keyboard points, And this just might be the business opportunity for you.

You are literally helping people find the job of their dreams, or at least a job that provides for them and their families.

Laundry Services

Households with families can't keep up with the laundry. They are literally doing laundry every day.

Also, consider the young professionals with busy careers out there and how they procrastinate on doing theirs!

What if you could just drop your laundry off at someone's place and pick it up at the end of the day while you're out running your errands or on your way home from work?

This is the type of service that you could start for somebody right from inside your home. Perhaps everyone on your street?

Travel Planner

If you love to travel you probably have lots of ideas to help other people who want to getaway. Why not start up a travel agency for home and help other people book and plan their trip?

Whether it's for large groups, events, or just individuals who want to escape, She'll be able to use your ideas and creativity and love for travel to bring fun and relaxation to the lives of others.

By the way, check out my free travel agent template here if you'd like to use it.

Website or Domain Flipper

If you have a knack for spotting undervalue things that need a little TLC and fixing up, then website flipping a domain flipping might be for you.

You can buy undervalued domains and websites at a market place called Flippa, fix them up, and then resell them.

Digital Media Conversion / Transfer Services

Over the past two decades, technology has given us a variety of different devices to capture our memories. The problem is they all have different storage, disc sizes, card slots etc…

This makes it impossible for us to actually go back and watch things. What if clients started sending you all of their VHS’s, MiniDV tapes Hi8, Digital8, VHS-C, MicroMV,  disks etc… And you were able to declutter and organize it into one place where they can access it and watch it anytime.

Here’s an example of someone selling this service on Amazon

Meal Planning and Or Preparation

Many families don't have the time to plan or even sometimes; prepare their meals. Whether you're a family or a young professional with a busy career, sometimes it's hard to find the time to do it all.

That's where meal planners and even meal preparation comes in. You could charge a monthly subscription fee to provide weekly meal plans to people or even weekly meals that you prepare.

And you don't have to do it alone; you could use the help of tools like Real Plans to aid you in finding very specific meals that fit very specific requests from customers who need things for Whole30 keto paleo etc…

Residential Architectural Design

Do you have a passion for creating beautiful spaces in people's homes? If you've got some AutoCAD or Revit skills (or want to learn), then this is a solid choice.

One of the ways that you can find clients for residential architectural design is by list your service on apps like Thumbtack and Home Advisor.

Financial Planner

There are way too many people out there living paycheck-to-paycheck. Help families of individuals understand their income and expenses so that they can live with abundance rather than fear.

Did you know that financial mismanagement is one of the leading causes of divorces?

Your services might do a lot more than just help others with their money.

Marketing / Business Plan Creator

Fail to plan, then plan to fail. That's all the popular phrase goes. So why not help others with their marketing and business plans?

They don't have to be detailed and crazy. Those are the types of business plans that don't ever get executed. Start-ups need to be mean.

Create something simple and effective like a one-page marketing plan or one-page business plan To help entrepreneurs succeed.

Local Bicycle Repair

What if you became the bike expert in your local area? You could easily undercut the prices of your local bike shop by starting up something out of your garage.

You would have left overhead and provide customers faster turnarounds. Once you establish yourself as a bike repair expert people will also start coming to you asking about new/used bikes.

This would naturally lead you into a sales role where you could earn additional affiliate income for referring customers to purchase bikes straight from your recommended vendors.

Product Photographer

Shoppers don't like to read descriptions, they love to look at pictures! Expert eCommerce sellers know the power of detailed photographs of their product.

The better their product photos the more they will sell. Your customers could ship you their products then you could shoot them and Photoshop them right from your home.

Take a look at gigs on Fiverr if you want to get started in product photography. There are plenty of e-commerce sellers, Amazon sellers and Shopify sellers looking for help on Fiverr.

Computer / Electronics Repair

This is something that is close to my heart as this was something I did for a very long time!

One of the most common thing people would get us to do, was to service their computers to remove virues and spyware, as well as transfering data from an old computer to a new one.

If you can master this skill, you can easily charge a few hundred dollars per job!

Graphic Designer

Are you handy with Photoshop or Canva? You can easily make money as a graphics designer.

Most businesses on social media would be happy to pay you for a pack of personal graphics that they can use on their Facebook and Instagram pages.


Love to write? Well become a copy writer. You can write for websites such as Legiit or iWriter to get your started and confident.

Once you get a little bit more skill under your belt, then you can look into writing sales letters. You can litereally earn thousands of dollars for a sales page if you become really good at this!

Email Marketer

Email Marketing is a great way to get customers back to buy from you again, but did you know most businesses don't implement this?

Become an email professional today using tools such as Mail Chimp or Active Campaign, and then approach every local business in your area if they want your services.

Life / Accountability Coach

FOMO is an epidemic these days. Everybody is chasing shiny new opportunities that are afraid of missing out, Instead of being focused on the things that are the most important.

Become a life coach and help people stay focused and creating results. Become a life coach by joining a site like Fiverr or a more premium site like Clarity.FM

Design and Sell Tshirts

If you want to design t-shirts for others then try out a website like Fiverr to bring other entrepreneurs visions to life.

If you want to design your own things and sell them, try out sites like Threadless and print-on-demand services like Printful.

Write and Sell an Ebook

It's easy for writers to create a book. The hard part for 95% of writers is learning how to sell your book and turn it into a business that has a positive financial and social impact.

If you want to learn to sell your book then you're going to have to learn all about marketing funnels. I highly recommend trying the One Funnel Away Challenge if you're serious about becoming a bestseller.

Learn To Code

Computer programmers earn a median salary of about $80,000 a year. If you love to create beautiful user experiences, then you might want to take a look at front end development.

If you really enjoy problem solving and working with logic. Then you might want to look at back end programming. If you want to do it all then check out. Ax developer courses.

There are websites like Teamtreehouse and Codecademy That teach these things online. If you live in a bigger city, you might also find in-person bootcamp from companies like General Assembly and Prime Academy.

Online Tester

If learning to code isn't your thing, then why not help the computer programmers out by trying to break the things that they make.

Finding bugs and helping developers fix those bugs create better user experiences. Use a website like usertesting.com To become a online tester and earn money working from home.


If you have got a lot of experience in your industry, then you're an expert at that subject matter. People are going to be willing to pay you for coaching in order to help them improve their life or business.

Why not start small by trying out Consulting on a website such as Clarity.FM

Drop Shipper

If you just want to mark up other people's products for a profit, then Drop Shipping is a great choice.

You can buy products very cheap on Marketplaces like AliExpress and Alibaba, and then sell them on your own Shopify store for a profit. Start building your Shopify store today.

Online Tutor / Teacher

There's so many students out there who struggle with school. Why not help them out and make money working from home at the same time.

Their websites like Teahable and Udemy that help you get up and running quickly.

Music Lessons

If you have a passion for music then why not pass that passion on to someone else. Use a website such as Lessonface to teach others your passion.

Survey Taker

The smartest business owners really understand their customers. And that's where surveys come in. Without survey takers like you businesses aren't able to create products and services that will sell.

Help out businesses and make money from home at the same time by giving them feedback they need to create better things.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can actually work from home. I have a friend who logs online once a week to talk with his personal trainer. My friend updates him about his diet for the week and about the progress he's made on his workout plan.

The personal trainer doesn't leave his desk and my friend is provided the service that he needs to get stronger and leaner.

Customer Service Rep

If you don't mind talking on the phone or chatting on the computer with customers all day long, then finding a customer service rep job from home might be a good fit for you.

Just Google things like customer service rep or tech support rep jobs from home and you'll find tons of opportunities out there.

House Cleaner

Although you can't work from home cleaning other people's homes, There is huge market demand for this such a busy World. If you want to give this a try I highly recommend offering this service to your friends and family first.

If you like it then branch out and get listed on apps like Thumbtack to provide your services to others

Massage Therapist

I typically see massage therapist working from a spa, from a chiropractic clinic, from a luxury resort, big events, and even at coffee shops. But there are even massage therapists who have a studio in their home.

Whether you want to travel or work from home, there are at opportunities for massage therapist to do both.

Data Entry

If you love to type and love spreadsheets, then data entry could be a really great job for you.

Plus you get to go on your headphones and escape from the world and make money doing it.

Why You Should Work From Home

Working from home is becoming more and more popular for people as time goes by. Did you know that you can actually make the same, if not more for working at home compared to a regular job?

Not only that but you also have the opportunity of working flexible hours that suit your needs. For example, maybe you need to be at home taking care of the kids, you can also contribute something to the family and have your own escape.

Or it could be as simple as you don’t want to wake up early every morning and get dressed in clothes you don't want to wear.

Whatever your reason may be, starting a work from home job is an amazing experience and opportunity for anyone. Especially with things like the Coronavirus and the 2008 recession, it's becoming more and more apparent that you need to take control of your own life and destiny.

They are expecting over 1 million job losses in Australia alone because of the most recently Coronavirus pandemic. You don’t have to become another statistic!

Pros And Cons

Of course with every positive, there is a negative charge. Working from home is no different! Here I will go over some of the pros and cons I have personally had to face when I started my working from home job.


  • Flexible Hours
  • You’re In Control
  • Less Stress
  • Ability To Become An Expert


  • Difficult To Start
  • Hard To Get Motivated
  • May Need To Work Longer Hours
  • Need To Manage Your Own Taxes

Conclusion: Work From Home Jobs

Now you have seen our list of work from home jobs that you can start today. I seriously hope you have found what you're looking for in there.

If you're still stuck, then join my facebook group where we talk about side hustles. It's best to connect with like minded people that all share a common goal!

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