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Top 10 WordPress Hosting 2022: More than a third of all web sites are built using WordPress, and using a good WordPress hosting for your WordPress site will increase its speed and non-stop working, improve the visitor experience, improve its ranking in search engines and increase the number of visitors, which will lead to an increase in your profits.. Hosting for many global WordPress hosts over the years and knowing their advantages and disadvantages, we will tell you about the best foreign WordPress hosting companies according to the experience of the hosting dean’s team and the results of our tests with huge discounts and exclusive offers.

Are you looking for WordPress hosting?

The Dean of Hosting has prepared this complete guide on WordPress hosting for you!

WordPress is definitely the most powerful and popular CMS.

Using it, you can create any site, regardless of its specialty, whether it is a blog, a personal site, an introduction site, or a news site, such as the major famous sites, most of which use the WordPress script.

Using the WordPress system, you can also create a marketplace or online store that supports electronic payment.

In addition to other other uses that you can achieve by simply using some WordPress plugins and templates, which you can find on the official website of WordPress and in most sites, including what is free and what is paid.

In this guide, the Dean of Hosting will help you choose the best foreign WordPress hosting for your site from among the thousands of WordPress hosts on the market.

To be clear, in this guide we are talking about self-hosted WordPress script hosting as it needs a web hosting with certain specifications in order to function. It differs from the service, which does not need WordPress hosting, as it comes with its own hosting service, as it is a blogging service and Website Builder similar to the “Blogger” service provided by “Google”.

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How to choose the best WordPress hosting for your site?

One of the most common problems faced by WordPress users is the problem of choosing the best WordPress hosting for their site.

Choosing a good WordPress hosting is a big obstacle for many, especially beginners.

Although WordPress works on most types of web hosting , WordPress hosting is different from regular hosting, although it agrees with it in its need for PHP and MySql.

But the script or program requirements are the resources needed in order to script only works but does not necessarily provide the best performance especially if the script is draining hosting resources Web Hosting Resources.

It is well known that the WordPress script consumes a lot of server resources, especially RAM and PHP memory.

Therefore, foreign hosting companies have provided services to host users’ websites that work with WordPress, due to the large number of these sites, as the WordPress script is constantly growing and has become the most used content management script, as more than 30% of all websites are working using WordPress.

The hosting service that companies launch specifically to host WordPress websites is often called Managed WordPress Hosting .

But this service is for WordPress sites only and for sites that need power and high performance and we mentioned the best managed WordPress hosting companies in the last section of this guide below.

WordPress Hosting

We decided to publish this guide in order to help our visitors to find the best WordPress hosting and get the biggest discount as well.

And after searching in foreign websites, especially since we do not have in Arab hosting companies such a service because all Arab hosts do not go beyond being a distributor for foreign companies. The best advice from them will be to reserve a VPS server if your site is small or medium or a dedicated server , which you will not be able to afford at the beginning of your site.

This is because they will not accept that you create a site on shared hosting on their own server, which will affect other sites hosted on their same servers. And if they accept that, it will be even worse!

But due to the proliferation of websites that use WordPress, major companies have introduced a WordPress hosting service. We have compared these companies and selected the best hosting company that offers hosting for WordPress websites or blogs.

Instead of putting only one choice in front of you, we decided to make a list of the best WordPress hosting companies so that you can choose from among them according to your needs and budget.

In addition, we have added exclusive offers and discounts so that you can save some money on your hosting purchase.

Best wordpress hosting

List of Best WordPress Hosting Companies This Month According to Hosting Dean Tests


Account type

Price per month




Shared Hosting



WordPress cloud hosting



WordPress Hosting


A to Hosting

WordPress Hosting


Dream host

Shared Hosting



WordPress Hosting



WordPress Hosting


Motion Hosting

Shared Hosting


Fast Comet

Shared Hosting



WordPress Hosting


WordPress Hosting By Bluehost

Bluehost Hosting wordpress
Bluehost Hosting wordpress

As the Dean of Hosting team mentioned above, there are a huge number of WordPress hosting companies and the number is steadily increasing as a lot of regular and managed WordPress hosting providers are constantly looking to grab a piece of the big market pie. As a large part of the websites created every day are powered by WordPress as WordPress is the most widely used website content management system today and powers more than a third of the entire web site.

Despite this large number of companies, we find that only a few web hosts capture the largest percentage of the WordPress hosting market. On top of the existing WordPress hosts, we find the well-known American company Bluehost.

Bluehost offers powerful and easy-to-use WordPress hosting at an affordable price, which is why Bluehost was the only web hosting company recommended by the official WordPress site (WordPress.Org) for hosting WordPress sites for a long time, before other WordPress hosts were added later.

Perhaps one of the main reasons behind this is Bluehost’s years-long interest in improving the WordPress hosting service and its collaboration with the WordPress script development team in order to develop a robust hosting platform for WordPress-powered websites. It is also developing that service on an ongoing basis and adding more features on a continuous basis, aiming to increase the strength and speed of hosting and improve the user experience as much as possible.

Bluehost offers a WordPress hosting service that was developed by a team of company engineers in cooperation with the WordPress script developers themselves in order to provide the best possible hosting environment for WordPress without affecting the consumption of hosting resources, causing the site to slow down or stop or even at the expense of cost.

In addition, Bluehost provides the ability to easily install WordPress using a dedicated tool that installs the WordPress system and creates the database.

All that is required is that you enter some simple information such as the name of your site and a brief description of it and choose a suitable design (template) for the site, and the tool will take care of the technical matters and you will get a WordPress site in a few minutes easily without needing any technical or programming knowledge.

In Dean of Hosting, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to buy hosting from Bluehost and create a WordPress site on it in a few minutes without you writing any code or doing complicated technical matters.

Bluehost has greatly developed its WordPress hosting control panel and has integrated it with the WordPress dashboard itself so that you can manage and control your WordPress sites from within one control panel, which is the Bluehost hosting control panel itself.

WordPress Hosting Coupon from Bluehost for Hosting Dean's Visitors
The Dean of Hosting has coordinated with Bluehost to offer exclusive discounts and cuts to visitors to the Dean of Hosting's website on the company's services.

Bluehost offers only visitors to the Dean of Hosting website an exclusive discount on the prices of its WordPress hosting and the rest of the hosting services provided by the company.

The discount also includes free gifts such as a free paid domain with hosting service without additional fees and a free SSL certificate for visitors to our site within the exclusive offer.

The Bluehost coupon for Dean Hosting includes the best discount you can get that applies to all Bluehost packages and services, whether it is shared web hosting, shared or managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting server , any web hosting service or other Bluehost domain registration.

Bluehost also offers WooCommerce hosting service, which is a WordPress hosting service that is dedicated to hosting online stores that use the well-known “WooCommerce” plugin that is used to create an online store that works using WordPress script.





Hosting type

Shared Hosting

Package name


Storage capacity

50 GB

Data transfer capacity


Number of sites on the same account


Free domain

1 for 1 year

Email accounts

5 (100 MB per account)

SSL Certificate


Number of databases


Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

Hosting price

$2.65 Per month

Explanation of purchase

Buy Bluehost Hosting

Buy hosting

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WordPress Hosting By HostGator

WordPress hosting from HostGator
WordPress hosting from HostGator

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting and servers companies in the world today and over the past years. Also, HostGator is one of the largest web hosting and WordPress hosting providers. HostGator hosts more than 8 million websites, whether WordPress sites, sites built using other CMS content management systems, or even sites with special programming on more than 12 thousand web servers managed by HostGator.

Besides the web hosting service offered by the company, HostGator also has a powerful website builder, Gator, which enables users to create a website by simply drag and drop. And this service is directed primarily to beginners who want to create a website, whether a personal site or an introductory site for his company, easily without the need to enter into the complexities and technical issues that he cares about.

Tracking HostGator Group Newfold Digital, which was formerly known as EIG, the largest US group of companies web hosting and fall under its umbrella hosted the sites prominent like the Big and Just Host and Bluehost and Host Monster in addition to creating Web sites tools and services mailing lists and more ..

The group's shares are traded on the American Stock Exchange, which means that HostGator is a stable hosting company and will not be closed down one day, as happens with most Arab web hosting companies. It is also unlikely that the company will make a fateful decision that may affect your site, as SiteGround did in November 2020 when it stopped providing its services to many countries of the world, including all the countries of the Arab region.

HostGator offers a full range of web hosting solutions and services such as shared website hosting, domain name hosting , VPS virtual private servers, full servers, and cloud web hosting that depends on hosting the site on more than one server and not just one server, and it is considered the latest hosting service Currently in the hosting market in general.

HostGator also offers WordPress hosting that runs on cloud hosting architecture which gives it better strength and stability than WordPress hosting that runs on a platform that uses regular web hosting architecture. The “cloud” hosting of the WordPress hosting service provided by the company gives strength and stability to the WordPress sites hosted on the service because it depends on more than one web server that will replace one of them if it stops working.

Also, the WordPress hosting provided by HostGator includes many of the features that most WordPress sites need, and the service comes with the most famous cPanel control panel in the hosting market, which supports changing the language of the control panel interface to Arabic and includes many tools that make it easier for you to control the hosting WordPress for your site and the control of the site itself, as it is easy to use and has a huge amount of explanations on the Internet.

The most prominent WordPress hosting benefits offered by HostGator

WordPress Hosting Unlimited Resources
HostGator has the advantage that it does not set limits on the hosting resources that you can use in terms of file storage and bandwidth, which gives you great freedom to use your site, but despite that there is still a fair usage policy on unlimited hosting that you must adhere to.

Possibility to host more than one website on the same package
Therefore, we always advise people who want to create many specialized sites to earn from AdSense, for example, to use HostGator cloud hosting . This is because the middle package of its cloud hosting packages gives you the possibility to host an unlimited number of websites on the same account, in addition to its higher durability than shared hosting.

However, we must mention that HostGator’s WordPress cloud hosting limits the number of WordPress sites you can host on the package since the packages come with benefits that are tied to the WordPress site itself and not the hosting account as a whole.

Transfer your site to HostGator's WordPress hosting for free
When you want to switch from one web hosting company to another, you may find that it is not easy especially if your technical knowledge is not enough. In that case, you can request to transfer your site from another hosting company to the WordPress hosting sold by HostGator and the technical support will transfer your site to them for free in a professional manner.

Safe WordPress Hosting
Most users said that the most important thing they look for in a website is security, followed by site speed.

WordPress websites are among the most targeted by hackers because more than a third of the websites that exist today are running WordPress and that number is constantly growing.

Search engines also remove hacked sites from their search results in order to protect users. Add to that the direct losses that you will incur if your site is hacked, its data leaks, or even stops working.

Therefore, the security and protection of your site should be your top priority when choosing WordPress hosting or web hosting in general.

HostGator offers secure WordPress hosting, including:

  • Free SSL Certificate to secure and encrypt visitors' connection to the site.
  • Free Site Backup using the paid CodeGuard service with the ability to restore backups with the click of a button.
  • Protect your site for free from viruses and hacking using the paid SiteLock service.
A pre-installed WordPress site

HostGator's WordPress hosting comes with a WordPress site already installed on the hosting and you don't need to install WordPress yourself so you can get down to business right away with some hosting purchases.

You can also create a WordPress site in moments by using the free script installer from HostGator which requires no technical knowledge and enables you to install WordPress easily in minutes.

WordPress templates with hosting

The hosting comes with hundreds of WordPress templates with various designs that you can use to easily change the design of your site according to its activity and according to your needs.

Fairly low prices compared to the service provided

HostGator hosting prices are generally low compared to the features offered by the company, making it one of the cheapest web hosting companies out there today.

Although the price of the company’s WordPress hosting is high compared to the shared hosting service they offer, you must not forget that it is a managed hosting that comes with additional features that are only for WordPress sites and not others.

Free technical support 24 hours a day all year round

Technical support is definitely indispensable whether you are a beginner or a professional as all users of all technical backgrounds will need the help of a hosting company at some point.

And when you need technical support, you should find it, and when you subscribe to the WordPress hosting service from HostGator or even its other services, you will be able to communicate with technical support for free at any time via live chat.

The world's most famous cPanel control panel with an Arabic interface

HostGator uses cPanel, which is the most popular and widely used hosting control panel by hosting companies.

cPanel is a global hosting control panel that supports changing the interface of the control panel to many languages, including Arabic, which will make it easier for you to manage and control the hosting.

Free domain for visitors to the hosting dean

Hosting visitors get a free domain with HostGator hosting without conditions, which saves you about 10 dollars that you will have to pay for buying a domain name for your site .

The benefits do not end there as there are many other benefits such as free email and a money-back guarantee if you cancel the account within 45 days of purchasing the hosting.





Hosting type

WordPress cloud hosting

Package name


Storage capacity


Data transfer capacity

100,000 per month

Number of sites on the same account

daily, free

Free domain


Email accounts


SSL Certificate


Number of databases

45 days

Money Back Guarantee

$12.95 per month

Hosting price

$4.95 per month

Explanation of purchase

Buy hosting

You can get a 60% discount from the value of WordPress hosting and all HostGator services through the discount for the hosting dean.
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WordPress Hosting By Hostinger

Hostinger Hosting Offer for Dean of Hosting Visitors
Hostinger Hosting Offer for Dean of Hosting Visitors

American web hosting companies have dominated the WordPress hosting market and web hosting in general for years and still now have the bulk of the web hosting and web server hosting market. But there are European hosting companies that have risen strongly in the past years and have been able to break what we can call the American “monopoly” of the web hosting market, and these companies have become one of the biggest names in the global market today.

One of the most prominent of these hosts is SiteGround, which has risen strongly for years and was one of the best foreign WordPress hosting before some changes were made to the company from increasing prices and moving to using its own control panel after it was hosting cPanel , and the final blow to that growth was to stop providing its services In most countries of the world and limited to some first world countries only.

Also among the notable European WordPress hosting companies is Hostinger which is a hosting company founded in one of the European Union countries which is Lithuania which is one of the Baltic countries. But Hostinger is a global hosting provider that is not limited to providing its services to European countries only, but also provides its services to most, if not all, countries of the world and owns data centers in several countries and continents as well, not only in Europe.

Hostinger sometimes relies on providing its services under the names of other affiliated hosting companies that it establishes in some countries of the world to avoid some legal restrictions and provide good local hosting service. They also offer free hosting indirectly through their 000WebHost website.

Hostinger offers cheap and good WordPress hosting that comes with some powerful features including free live chat technical support all day long, free tool to install WordPress on hosting easily, Arabic dashboard and WordPress site builder that helps beginners to easily build a website using WordPress but unfortunately it is not very powerful!

Hostinger's WordPress hosting is based on Hostinger's fast hosting architecture that uses LiteSpeed ​​Enterprise servers which are among the fastest if not the fastest web servers ever, even faster than the popular Apache servers especially when hosting WordPress sites.

Hostinger WordPress hosting comes with LiteSpeed ​​Cache for WordPress ( LSCWP ). It is a cache built into the Lightspeed server itself that speeds up the dynamic website content, which increases the responsiveness and speed of the website as a whole.

The WordPress hosting service that Hostinger sells comes in several packages that fit many small and medium WordPress sites. The packages include fixed features that all sites need, and the difference between them lies in the hosting resources included in each package in terms of storage capacity, bandwidth, and the number of sites allowed to be created on the same hosting account, which allows you to easily upgrade your hosting to a larger package when your site needs it.

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WordPress Hosting By A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting
A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting

Although it is not as popular as Bluehost or HostGator, A2Hosting is a well-established WordPress hosting company. The company was established in 2001 from inside a small two-room office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, from which the founder took the name of the company A2 Hosting, where the A2 syllable refers to the name of the city.

A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting
WordPress Hosting from A2 Hosting
Is famous for hosting er Tu Cnj A2 Hosting in the web hosting market as fast and always are the results of speed tests that are hosting services provided by its own servers faster compared to competitors from other Web sites hosted the .

In order to provide the fastest WordPress hosting in particular and the fastest website hosting in general, A2 Hosting uses the latest types of hardware, the most responsive and the latest technologies and software as well.

A2Hosting was one of the first foreign hosting companies to use solid state storage media (SSD) in their servers, which are characterized by high speeds in reading and writing, which leads to an increase in the speed of server response and speed, which leads to an increase in the speed of sites hosted on it clearly. This is despite the high prices of these disks compared to regular HDD disks, especially at the beginning of their appearance, which made many hosting companies delay in moving to them, and many major hosting companies are still using HDD disks until now.

And it didn't stop there, as A2Hosting was also proactive in using NVMe discs in its Turbo premium web hosting packages and in its managed WordPress hosting as well. This makes its hosting responsiveness better than most of its competitors who use HDDs or even regular SSDs, but it comes at the cost of NVMe drives being more expensive than the other two types.

A2 Hosting offers one of the most powerful WordPress hosting services on the market today, especially in terms of hosting speed and stability. To achieve this high level of service quality, A2Hosting relies on an integrated combination of the best hardware and software.

The company uses powerful hardware in its servers, as its servers have 12 CPU Core processor cores and at least 64 GB of RAM. Managed WordPress hosting and “Turbo” packages are hosted on servers with modern and powerful processors such as AMD EPYC processor with NVMe file storage medium, so you get a faster and stronger processor and higher file reading and writing speeds together in one hosting service.

A2 Hosting uses a powerful and fast web server for servers hosting “turbo” accounts and managed WordPress hosting, LiteSpeed, which has better performance than the well-known Apache server and a much faster response time to visitors.

WordPress hosting from A2Hosting also includes the following features:

  • Install WordPress from within the control panel with one click and with ease.
  • Arabic cPanel control panel.
  • The ability to choose where to host your website from among data centers on three continents.
  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Free email hosting.
  • Tools to control and manage your WordPress sites from a single dashboard.
  • Free technical support for your site around the clock.
  • Backup your site and restore to copies for free.
  • Automatic updates to your site, plugins, and templates.
  • WordPress development tools like Staging, Cloning, and WP-CLI.

And many other benefits, but most of them are only available in Managed WordPress Hosting, which comes at a higher price than regular shared hosting.

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WordPress Hosting By DreamHost

DreamHost WordPress Hosting
DreamHost WordPress Hosting

The next company in the list of the best WordPress hosting company is Dreamhost. Dreamhost is considered one of the best paid hosting companies in general, as the company offers “unlimited” hosting, but the difference between Dreamhost and other companies that offer unlimited hosting also is that Dreamhost offers truly unlimited hosting.

While the rest of the companies use the term “unlimited” for advertising and apply a fair usage policy, DreamHost differs from the others because it adheres to the meaning of the term in its entirety.

Offers hosting Dream Host DreamHost Web Hosting Services and hosting service WordPress quality and high efficiency witnessed by many.

One of the most important features of Dreamhost hosting is that it works 99.98% throughout the year, which is a large percentage compared to other companies, and therefore your site will rarely stop.

The hosting is also characterized by high speed, which is one of the most important features that users of the WordPress script are looking for, as studies have proven that the regular hosting provided by Dream Host is 32% faster than the average response speed of other companies, and this is the normal hosting, so let us not forget about the WordPress hosting service provided by the company.

There are also more and more other features that you can see when you purchase hosting from the company.

But it should be noted that the worst defects in the company is that it does not use the cPanel or Plesk web hosting control panel, but rather uses a control panel that the company itself developed. This control panel is better for beginners than other control panels, but it is not as efficient as other control panels for professional users . It does not contain Arabic.

Special offer
$50 discount on Dreamhost hosting + free domain

WordPress Hosting By iPage

WordPress hosting from iPage
WordPress hosting from iPage

One of the most popular global hosting companies is iPage. The company is famous for its low prices and for offering unlimited hosting resources.

In addition to iPage's shared hosting service, the company offers VPS and full servers at competitive prices.

iPage also offers WordPress hosting for websites that run with WordPress and want powerful hosting and extra features. By obtaining the service, you will get free hosting and a domain with it without additional costs.

Ipage's WordPress hosting service includes two packages, WP Starter and WP Essential

WP Starter

WP Essential

number of sites



disk space







Free for a year

Free for a year

Free SSL Certificate

Yes, Let's Encrypt SSL

Yes, Let's Encrypt SSL

custom dashboard



Automatically clean viruses


Yes, for free

Free SiteLock service



Technical support from WordPress experts



Price per month





buy package

The company offers free technical support service by phone, live chat, or technical support tickets.

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WordPress Hosting By GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Hosting wordpress
GreenGeeks Hosting wordpress

Although it is a fairly recent company when compared to the other companies on the list, the American hosting company GreenGeeks was able to reserve a great place for itself among the largest hosting companies in the world in a short period of time.

The company is currently the largest hosting company that is entirely powered by clean energy as the company provides hosting services to more than 300,000 websites around the world and the company is growing every day.

One of the most important features of the company is that it offers unlimited hosting resources with the possibility of creating an unlimited number of websites on the same hosting package without any additional costs. In addition, it offers free site and domain transfer.

Special offer
60% discount on GreenGeeks hosting + free domain gift from the hosting dean

WordPress Hosting By InMotion

InMotion Hosting wordpress
InMotion Hosting wordpress

Animation Hosting is one of the largest and oldest independent hosting companies, because the company is not owned by any other company.

The company offers a great selection of hosting services for all websites and all needs. The company started its work in 2001 and still provides its services with high quality and high performance level.

Some Features of InMotion Hosting WordPress Hosting

Unlimited Hosting

Where the company offers unlimited hosting resources, it offers unlimited storage and unlimited data transfer.

Host more than one website on the same account

InMotion Hosting is one of the few companies that gives you the ability to install more than one website on the same hosting package.

For example, the lowest hosting package offered by the company gives you the possibility to install two websites on the same account.

Free website backup service

Unusually, InMotion Hosting takes backups of your site for free so that you can restore your site at any time if anything goes wrong.

It is worth noting that the vast majority of hosting companies consider the backup service an additional service and in order to get it you have to pay a large monthly or annual additional cost but InMotion Hosting offers it for free.

Hosting that uses SSD only

There is no denying that hosting speed is one of the most important features that should be taken into consideration when purchasing WordPress hosting . 

For this, Inspiration Hosting offers fully working hosting with Solid State Drives, which has a very high response speed compared to a regular hard disk, and therefore your site speed will increase significantly.

This service is also provided by InMotion Hosting for free while most other companies charge you an additional cost for its use.

Transfer your site to the company for free and at no additional cost.
Free technical support.
cPanel hosting management panel with Arabic interface.
Installing more than 310 content management scripts in one click, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others.
Free $250 ad coupons to promote your site.
Protect your incoming emails from spam for free.

In addition to other features that the company offers, and you will learn about them after purchasing the hosting.

Exclusive offer from the Dean of Hosting,
Animation Hosting coupon, discounts 50% of the hosting price + a free domain as a gift

WordPress Hosting By FastComet

FastComet WordPress Hosting
FastComet WordPress Hosting

Is the company Fast Comet FastComet of months hosted the WordPress rising strongly, where I got a great Fast Comet fame in the web hosting market in a short period.

Many users of FastComet hosting recommend the company due to the good experience they had with the hosting. The many hosting features and ease of use also play an important role in the company's continuous growth of customers.

Among the most important advantages of WordPress hosting offered by FastComet are the following.

11 data centers on 4 continents

The closer your site is to the visitor, the faster your site will load, especially if your site targets a specific country or geographic area.

FastComet allows hosting customers to choose the data center in which their site will be hosted from among 11 data centers in many countries in the continents of North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Free CDN with all hosting packages

FastComet makes it easy and free to use CloudFlare ‘s content delivery network from within the hosting control panel, so you get high speed for your site and reduce resource consumption.

Very good technical support

When you encounter a hosting problem, the first thing you will think of is contacting technical support to solve the problem for you or at least help you solve the problem. And if the technical support is not up to par or too late in responding, you may lose a lot of money and visitors depending on the size of your site.

The larger the number of clients the company has, the more difficult it is for it to provide a strong technical support service. FastComet provides a very good free technical support service to WordPress hosting clients and other clients as well. This is via e-mail, technical support tickets, live chat and phone contact.

Safe hosting and free daily backup

A reasonable person cannot deny the importance of hosting security and protection, as a new hacking attempt occurs every 39 seconds.

And when it comes to WordPress hosting, hosting security is one thing for granted, as WordPress is one of the most vulnerable CMSs to hacking attempts as it is the most widely used of them.

FastComet provides a highly secure hosting environment by isolating accounts from each other, protecting against known hacking attempts, providing a firewall to protect the site, and more..

Also, FastComet takes daily backups of the hosting account and keeps the last 7 backups (30 in the mega package) and you can easily restore them from the control panel at any time.

A special offer for the readers of the Dean of Hosting website includes a 70% discount on the prices of the WordPress hosting packages offered by FastComet.

WordPress Hosting By HostPapa

WordPress Hosting from HostPapa
WordPress Hosting from HostPapa

HostPapa Inc. is a global web hosting company headquartered in Canada. The company offers a variety of web hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS servers, WordPress hosting, Reseller Hosting, in addition to booking and registering domains, and a host of other services.

The WordPress hosting service offered by HostPapa is powerful and has a set of features that every WordPress website needs.

Among those features are…

  • The disk space in the lowest package is 100 GB and the rest of the plans are unlimited.
  • Unlimited bandwidth in all packages.
  • WordPress super caching.
  • Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificate.
  • Jetpack free add-on is installed by default.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN Service.
  • Transfer your site to HostPapa for free.
  • cPanel control panel .
  • Free technical support is available at any time and in more than one way.
  • Free domain for your site using Dean Hosting offer.
  • The ability to install more than one website on the same package for free.

Special offer
56% discount on the price of WordPress hosting from HostPapa in addition to a free domain for visitors to the hosting site

Managed WordPress Hosting

The following hosting services are managed hosting services for websites that use WordPress. But what distinguishes these services is that they are not directed to all sites, especially small sites. Rather, it is intended for sites that need very powerful and high-quality hosting.

If your site is a regular WordPress blog or a simple site, you probably won't need hosting from these companies.

If your site is of great importance and you are interested in performing at its best and are willing to pay a higher cost than regular WordPress hosting, then choose one of the good managed WordPress hosting services listed below.

What is the difference between regular hosting and managed WordPress hosting?

Although WordPress works on regular web hosting if it meets its requirements, managed WordPress hosting ensures that you get the best performance, speed and security for your WordPress site or blog, in addition to the ease of managing and controlling the site through a special control panel to control WordPress and hosting from One place most of the time.

WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress to run at its full potential by using systems, software, and tools that improve site performance and make your life easier on the site.

This includes increasing hosting resources and using powerful automatic cache systems that increase site loading speed. Add to that some important features like automatic WordPress updates, plugins and themes, and backups.

WordPress hosting also often includes dedicated technical support for WordPress issues that helps you if you encounter problems when using WordPress.

While regular hosting, on the contrary, does not necessarily include these features and tools because it is not intended for hosting WordPress sites, but it targets most users and most types of sites and content management systems.

Regular hosting is often less expensive than WordPress hosting because it does not have the optimizations and tools we mentioned above.

Managed WordPress Hosting Features

  • Optimized hosting for websites using WordPress.
  • Tool to install WordPress on your hosting easily and quickly.
  • WordPress automatic caching system to improve site speed.
  • Automatically update WordPress, plugins and themes.
  • WordPress technical support.
  • WordPress Staging development environment.
  • Backups.
  • Some companies offer templates and plugins for free.
  • It may include a special dashboard to control both WordPress and hosting.
  • In addition to some other features that differ from one company to another.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta is a cloud hosting company that specializes in hosting only WordPress websites on the Google cloud platform.

One of the most important advantages of Kinsta hosting is that it uses the Google Cloud Platform. This means that the hosting architecture is very robust and highly reliable.

However, the drawback of most cloud hosting platforms such as Google and Amazon AWS is that these platforms are difficult to manage, set up and control.

These platforms provide hosting service without setting it up or installing the necessary software and tools, and they need an expert person or systems administrator in order to convert the hosting into a regular hosting that can run WordPress and other content management systems.

This is where Kinsta and its likes come in. These companies prepare cloud platforms in order to create an environment that can run content management systems and other scripts. It also makes it easy for the user to control the hosting via an easy and simple control panel without having to have technical knowledge.

In addition, these companies provide a technical support service that you can contact them if you encounter a problem in order for them to solve it for you.

Kinsta offers a powerful service but is limited in traffic and since it uses Google's cloud platform, you can choose your data center headquarters from among 20 Google sites.

The service is characterized by stability, high speed, and being fully managed, and therefore the company takes over a large part of managing your hosting and making sure that your site works in the best possible way.

Hosting also comes with Staging areas for testing modifications to your site and for development and updates to your site.

All of this comes with a company's control panel that enables you to easily manage the hosting, follow the site's consumption of resources, and control your site.

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Managed WordPress Hosting from Bluehost

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting is Bluehost optimized hosting for WordPress sites that need more power. 

Bluehost is one of the most popular if not the most popular WordPress hosting companies out there. WordPress hosting is often associated with Bluehost.

Bluehost was one of the first hosting companies to take an interest in offering a WordPress-friendly hosting service. It has been for years and is still on the list of recommended hosting providers on the official WordPress website.

In recent years, it is noticeable that Bluehost is increasingly focused on providing web hosting services that are highly geared to WordPress users.

Such as the ability to easily install WordPress on Bluehost , automatic WordPress updates, an integrated WordPress dashboard for site management and hosting from one place, and much more.

Managed WordPress hosting from Bluehost is dedicated hosting for websites built using WordPress that is powerful, easy to use, and has many advantages.

It is built on fast hosting servers and includes your “cache” system in order to increase the speed of the site, daily backup for free with virus scanning and removal on a daily basis.

This optimized WordPress hosting service also comes with a powerful central control panel that enables you to control your site, track statistics, improve SEO, manage social media accounts, email, and more from a single dashboard, making managing and controlling your account much easier.

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Best WordPress Hosting Guide Summary

This was a guide to the best foreign hosting companies that you can create a site with WordPress script on. We have done research and comparisons of hosting companies around the world and have chosen the best for you to take the hassle out of searching for the best WordPress hosting.

We have also provided the best discounts that you can get so that you can save some of the expenses that you may need to purchase a WordPress template or WordPress plugin.

We also recommend that you do your own research about the size of your site, the expected growth rate in the number of visitors and the size of the site, and based on it, you can choose the optimal hosting for your site.

If you are going to create a site that is already running and has a large number of visitors, I advise you to choose a strong hosting package that can handle the “number of visitors” on your site, so that you do not suffer later from site downtime or slow loading. And if you have any problem in this regard, do not hesitate to write to us, we are happy to help you!

Best Website Builder
Best Website Builder

Website Builder FAQ:
Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about website builders.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS of all time. 
It is also a blogging tool that enables you to create a blog easily.

Does WordPress need dedicated hosting?

No , WordPress will work on any 
web host that meets the requirements to run a WordPress script and does not need a managed WordPress hosting to work. 
But there is a difference between working and delivering the best performance.

Does WordPress need hosting?

Yes , WordPress will not work without hosting, whether it is local 
hosting, paid hosting or even free hosting . 
This hosting must meet at least the requirements to run WordPress.

Does WordPress work on shared hosting?

Yes , WordPress works on 
shared web hosting without problems if it meets its requirements.

Does WordPress work on cloud hosting?

Yes , WordPress works on most 
types of web hosting , including cloud hosting .

Does WordPress work on virtual servers and full servers?

Yes , WordPress works on Virtual Private Servers and on full servers. 
In most cases, the performance will be better than shared hosting.

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