What is the domain

What is the domain: The Domain Name, or what is known as the domain name, was explained in detail by the Hosting Dean website team. After reading this explanation, you will learn about the types of domains and their components, the most popular domain extensions, tips for choosing the best domain for your site, and more..

Do you want to know what is a domain or domain names?

What is the domain
What is the domain

What is the domain ?

Domain name is in this lesson from a series of web hosting basics, we will explain what a domain name is, how it works, and its types in detail, as well as how to choose the best domain.

The domain name, or what is also known as the site domain, is the address of your site that you type in the browser to access your site, and it replaces the site’s IP address, due to the difficulty of memorizing the site’s IP.

For example, you can type HostingDean.comin your browser to access the hosting dean's website, instead of typing the IP of the site, which is similar to the following, for example: 123.456.78.910.

The domain or domain is a unique thing that is unique to your site from all other sites, as there are no two houses with the same address.

What is a Domain Extension or Domain Extension?

What is the domain
Domain Extension

Extension of the domain or domain extension is added after the name of the site in scale and in most cases reflect the site ‘s activity, Vdomin Dean website hosting [hostingdean.com] is divided as follows: the
name of the site:  hostingdean
domain extension:.com

Here is a list of the most commonly used extensions and their meanings

comIt expresses an economic entity or a company and is the most widely used extension in the world
net: It expresses a network
org: It expresses a non-profit organization
edu: It expresses an educational body or institution
us: It expresses the websites of companies operating in the United States of America
uk: It is used by the sites operating in the United Kingdom
eg: It is used by Egyptian companies
sa: It is used by companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
ae: It is used by companies operating in the United Arab Emirates
tv: It is used by satellite channels.
It is noteworthy that more new extensions are constantly being added to meet the needs of users and companies.

How does domain work with website hosting?

In order for the domain to work with the hosting of your site, it must be linked together, as you must connect the domain to the DNS of the hosting and this is done through the control panel of the private domain.

For more information see this article: What is DNS

There are many companies that provide the Domain reservation service, the most famous of which are Namecheap and the most famous company at all, bluehost.

Here you can get best domin with host or you can read this article that talks about the top 10 hosting.

Tips for choosing a domain name?

Certainly, choosing the domain of the site is not a random thing that does not require thinking or arrangement. Rather, it is one of the most important points to pay attention to when creating your website. Here are a set of points to consider when choosing the domain of your site:

  • Similar to your site name.
  • Choose an extension that matches your site's activity [see the explanation of site extension above]
  • Short
  • easy to save
  • Targets your site area [niche]
  • Use your real data when booking the domain.
  • Reserve the domain for as long as possible, because search engines trust sites that reserve their domains for a longer period, which will benefit you in archiving.

Domain types

There are several types of domains, such as the main domain, sub-domain, additional domain, etc.. In this section, we will take a look at them and explain each type of domain and its most prominent uses.

Primary Domain

The main domain is your hosting account's primary domain that is used to log into your hosting control panel and handle technical support for your web hosting company.

A hosting account cannot have more than one main domain, but there should be only one main domain for each web hosting account .

Example: hostingdean.com

Parked Domain

Suspended domain (and the word suspended here does not mean that the domain is not working, but rather it is more like parking or parking a car in a parking lot).

A suspended domain is a domain that provides the same content and site as the main domain, but with another domain.

For example, if you have a site that uses a domain that ends with an extension and you .comwant to get a domain that ends with an extension .netso that if anyone visits either of the two domains, the same site appears to him.

Another example of suspended domains is the use of international domains so that the same site is available in more than one country with a domain ending with the extension of the country. The most prominent example of this is the Google search engine, which uses many country domains such as google.comgoogle.com.eggoogle.com.sa, , google.dzand google.com.kw others.

Example: hostingdean.net - google.com.eg

Addon Domain

An additional domain is any domain hosted on the same hosting account other than the main domain but linked to a separate site.

Simply when the web hosting package allows the creation of more than one site on the same hosting account, then when you create a separate site on the same account with a different domain, this different domain is an additional domain.

The new site's files are hosted in its own folder in the public_htmlhome folder, and these files are separate from the hosting account's home site files.

Example: The domain of any additional website hosted on a web hosting account.


As indicated by the name, a sub-domain is a branch of the main domain and the sub-domain link must contain the main domain.

If we compare the domain to a “street”, we can say that the sub-domain is a “house” on this street. Thus, the home address must include the street itself.

One of the best examples of sub-domains is the Dean of Hosting website that you are browsing now. Its
ar.hostingdean.comdomain is a sub-domain of this Hosting Dean domain, and the sub-domain hostingdean.comspecifically is ar. An example of this is also the email service from Google Gmail, whose link is mail.google.com.

Common uses of subdomains include:

  • Use them in multilingual sites so that each sub-domain expresses a version of the site in a specific language.
  • Create a sub-domain for the mobile and tablet version such as m.facebook.com.
  • Blog hosting services such as Blogger, WordPress and others that give each blog its own sub-domain as follows:
    Blogger: example.blogspot.com.
    WordPress.com : example.wordpress.com.

Example: ar.hostingdean.com – mail.google.com

With this, we have finished explaining the domain and its types, and tips on how to choose the best domain for your site. In the Domain’s Cheapest Guide, you will find a list of the best domain registration companies that provide domain registration and reservation service at the lowest prices.

What is domain

A domain name is the website address that people type into their browser's address bar, to visit your website. Example (Google.com. bing.com .yaho.com ..)

 How does the domain name work?

The domain acts as a link between the client and the server on which your site is located. 
When you connect the domain to the server, through the name servers, the domain is connected to the server, where the domain recognizes the server on which your site is located, and the internal settings of the DNS on the server, you will know your site from among all the sites on the server, and therefore it will be easier for the client to access your site.

What is the domain and what is its importance?

Domain or domains, you always need to reserve them when starting a new site. So what's the use? And why do you always need to reserve it? How does it work?
In this topic, we will talk about these points, and we will explain to you the importance of owning a domain and how the domain works?

What happens when you enter a domain name in your browser?

Your browser sends a request to a global network of servers that make up the DNS (Domain Name System) and then these servers look up the name servers associated with the domain and forward the request to those name servers.
For example if your website is hosted on Bluehost the name servers information will be as follows: ns1.bluehost.com . ns2.bluehost.com

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