Trello Review: How To Keep Track Of Your Workflow

I don't know about you, but I'm the type of person who prefers to use a pen and paper when it comes to organizing my tasks.

Sometimes I use my phone to list stuff but that’s about it. If I want to designate other people to do stuff for me, I need to message or email them the tasks.

I had no idea that there are apps out there that are designed to help you manage and organize your work. 

And boy what a time saver that is!

If you want to get rid of pens, papers and even post it notes and just use your laptop, phone, and any other device then you are on the right page.

This post is about a platform where you can do just that! It’s time to get organized so you should stay tuned for my Trello review. 

What is Trello?

Trello is a project management tool that is customizable to fit everyone’s needs when it comes to managing work and organizing things. 

It provides tools that can help projects or even day to day tasks. It also includes a digital dashboard where you can make, prioritize, organize actions with the use of its digital cards that you can move around to your liking. 

This card system will be able to help members of the team to interact or collaborate with the projects or teams that they are part of.

This feature is editable as you can do things like add links, files, photos and add comments.

Why use Trello?

Why Use Trello

You can customize and design to fit any industry's needs and work styles. The tool also features a lot of integrations with other tools like Jira, Clickfunnels, Google Drive, Slack and a lot more. 

This is like organizing your old school sticky notes inside a device. 

This tool is a way to make collaboration easy as you can tweak, add and manage tasks. It will be a good tool for teams that want their communication to work smoothly and efficiently.

How to set-up Trello

Setting up Trello is very easy and you can do it in minutes. You only need to input your name, email, and password for your account and you are good to go!

After setting it up, you will be brought to your dashboard, where you can start working like creating your boards or tweaking your latest one. 

Most of the things on your profile and dashboard are customizable as you can change your bio, initials, avatar and even the language settings can be changed too!

You will learn more about all of its features if you keep on reading into my Trello review.

Best Features of Trello

Here in my Trello review I will explain to you the features that this tool is offering.


Trello’s interface is easy to use and navigate, aside from that it looks clean and fresh that is easy to the eyes. You can easily see displays on your screen and be able to access your boards.

It also has a notification icon that will inform you if there are new things on the board that you are a member of.

Support and assistance are available and they can be messaged as well.

It would be much easier to contact customer support if you are a paying member. 

Drop and Drag Functionality

One thing that makes it more functional on Trello’s dashboard is its drop and drag functionality as you can swiftly make changes. 

Trello makes managing tasks easier as when you’re done with one you can easily put in on the other column that everyone can see. 

Card System

Their card system is one of their best features as it functions like a post-it note but whats special about it is that you can edit, add comments, add links and photos.

You can easily drag it to one column to another as well. One feature of the card is that you can set up an alarm for a deadline and it's a well-thought function especially when you want a task to be done immediately.

Mobile Functionality

As I mentioned earlier, Trello can be used by anyone and in addition to that it can be used anywhere too. It has mobile functionality wherein you can use it via your phone or iPad, which is perfect for people on the go.

Searchable database

Trello has been organized with a lot of things when it comes to their platform and they didn’t forget how to make life easier by locating your desired files in no time. Just use their labels and searching filters then you are good to go. 


When it comes to security, you might be concerned when it comes to sensitive data that you will store in the platform.

You don’t need to worry about that as Trello complies with the highest security standards.

If you are an admin, you get to set permissions and decide if boards are going to be private and could only be accessed by authorized persons.

Other Features of Trello

Trello has a lot of amazing features and it really easy to use and very functional for your task managing needs. 

It has an easy organization with its tags, labels and categories and in-line editing as well as data filtering.

You can take note of what’s happening in your dashboard by its email notifications, activity log and you can go back and see the tasks before because of its archiving of card records.

Trello also makes it convenient with its voting feature and its information and retrieval and back-up if ever something happened into your account. 

Trello Pricing


What I love about Trello is that you can use it for free, but if you want to use it for business and maximize its efficiency it comes with a price. They have three paid plans which you can choose from.

Free Plan

Trello’s Free Gold Plan costs $0 per user, per month that you can use forever. It includes unlimited personal boards, unlimited cards, unlimited lists, 1 power-up per board and 10mb per file attachment.

Business Plan

Trello’s Business Plan costs $9.99 per month that you can pay annually. It includes unlimited personal boards, unlimited cards, unlimited lists, 1 power-up per board and 250mb per file attachment.

Most of their Team Features, Automation By Butler, Admin and most Security features.

Enterprise Plan

Trello’s Business Plan costs $20.83 per month that you can pay annually and can be used by 100 users. It includes unlimited personal boards, unlimited cards, unlimited lists, 1 power-up per board and 250mb per file attachment. Most of their Team Features, Automation By Butler, Admin and all of their Security features.

What I like about Trello

I have loads of things that I like about Trello and the main one is because it is free to use.

Once you signed up for it you can use it right away. What makes it convenient to use is that you can use it on your laptop, Ipad and phone and even if it is all installed on your devices, you’ll get real-time updates fast.

So if your tasks from a certain group are programmed there you’ll be able to see it immediately and work on it.

Their boards look clean and fresh, you can also customize your background and color that you prefer. I like looking at my boards and even if you have a lot of things to do it on your boards it doesn’t look stressful.

It also works well if you use it as a way to communicate with your team, instead of designating tasks through email that can be overlooked and not be read.

Trello uses a board that you can see everything, a big plus if you are a visual person. It will make assigning tasks easy and you can see updates on it immediately. 

The task of adding members to your group isn’t daunting as you just need to make them sign up to Trello as well. You can also edit your members and set people as admin so it means you have control over your boards.

What I don’t like about Trello

If you are using the free version of Trello then you will experience limits on using the platform.

The cards and tasks are limited to only one project or board and not only that it has limited email integration as well as a limited number of labels.

What I am looking for Trello to add is a calendar as it could be very useful on boards especially when assigning tasks and making deadlines. 

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using Trello for the past few months and it works wonders for me. It makes communication much easier, especially when you are designating tasks with a deadline.

As a person who prefers to write on paper and is more inclined in the traditional way of writing everything down, this was very new to me.

It helped me in organizing things and keeping my tasks intact and I don’t need to be reminded of my tasks and deadlines online.

I would recommend Trello to everyone as it is functional, easy to use and very handy for people on the go. The best of it is you can use it for free!

I hope this Trello review helps you decide if you want to use it to your daily life and business-related needs. 

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