Transcribe Anywhere Review: The Ultimate Transcription Course?

So you’re ready to break into the transcription business. You probably want to know if Transcribe Anywhere is the best transcription course out there.

Maybe you’re brushing up your skills, starting a new career, looking for part-time work in retirement years, trying to stay connected to a career while homeschooling, or just need an extra income fairly quickly.

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Whatever your story, I bet we can all agree that…

  1. We all need to pay those darn bills!
  2. We want the flexibility to switch around hours
  3. We don’t want to get dressed up again to go into a job 🙂
  4. We want a course that helps us get up and running quickly
  5. We want a course that helps us do excellent work

Well, I’m glad you’re here to learn more reading my Transcribe Anywhere review.


  • Easy to understand
  • Created by a true expert
  • Well priced for what you get


  • None


Transcribe anywhere brings to you 10+ years of Janet Shaughnessy’s experience and knowledge as a professional transcriptionist. Transcribe Anywhere is undoubtedly an excellent starting point for those who are considering starting their career as a professional transcriber.

You can spend several months searching and researching at great lengths to find the right course. I get it. I've looked too.  And I mean, we should be skeptical and do our due diligence. But I haven't ever seen anything that even comes close to Transcribe Everywhere’s comprehensive training.

Here’s what I can tell you for sure…

The course creator, Janet Shaughnessy, is the real deal. If you do decide to take her course, my guess is that by the time you complete it, you’ll not only realize that Janet is a top-notch instructor, but that she’s also a mentor and friend.

Transcribe Anywhere Review

Here’s a list of characteristics that I think best summarize and describe Janet’s Transcribe Anywhere courses:


Have you ever heard the expression, “great mentors save you decades in a day”? This fits Janet’s course well because for 10+ years she has has been in the wild running her own transcription business. This challenged Janet to create processes, templates, tools and other techniques that save you so much time fiddling around and making mistakes.


This course isn’t easy and there will be times when you want to give up. But Janet is willing to go back and forth until you get it right. Janet's super caring and accessible to answer any questions. She truly wants you to succeed. That’s one of the reasons her Transcribe Anywhere courses INCLUDE lifetime membership, lifetime support, and lifetime updates in her one-time course fee.


Transcribe Anywhere’s courses are extremely comprehensive. Janet leaves no stone unturned and shares ALL that you need to get your transcription business going. She’s even willing to work with you to get your first client.


Aside from learning, Janet gives you tons of sample transcription files for you to practice and make mistakes. It truly prepares you to enter the field of transcription. And it saves you from the embarrassment of making the same mistakes on paid work!


Janet makes her courses interesting by including real-life examples to engage with. For example, she includes course cases like Justin Bieber and Kato Kaelin in the Legal Transcription course. These small things keep you going and help you stick with it.


Janet does her part to give you everything you need to get your transcription business up and running quickly. But you do have to be willing to stick with the course, complete your assignments and be willing to ask questions when you get stuck. If you talk to the other students, you’ll realize the hard work does pay off. Here are some snippets of kind words shared by Janet’s students.

“I was hired by several companies, and have as much work as I could ever want. This is worth every penny.” ~Fleurdamae

“Less than one month after completing the course, I had already been hired for my first job!” ~Lisa

“She wants you to succeed! She even assisted me with finding my first client!” ~Cynthia

“I landed my first gig within two weeks of completing the course!  and within two weeks was hired on doing government work.” ~Dianne

“Staying the course and completing what I started has allowed me to generate an additional $1600 per month for my family.” ~Tracy

Did you enjoy reading the summarized version of my Transcribe Anywhere review? I hope it helped you. And I'm excited for you! If you have worked up the courage and you're finally ready to take action, you can enroll in Janet's free mini-course here:

If you're not quite ready to take the plunge… keep reading.

Transcribe Anywhere, just like writing, is a skill that you will have to learn and improve through practice. I know, transcription is not a new thing, but in recent years there has been quite a change in this industry that I think will bring a new spin to this work from home job opportunity.

Previously, transcription was considered to be a viable career choice, but in recent years, there has been downtrend in this field as medical establishments are implementing new and latest AI-powered, automated technologies.

Fortunately, there has been an exponential growth in both the opportunities and the viability of legal, video and technical transcription.

But as I have already mentioned, transcription is a skill that requires a good understanding of the language concerned while needing you to maintain a strict schedule for regular practice with the greatest dedication. No legal agency would want to take a risk on your “noob” transcription skills because it could cost them serious financial losses due to legal fines and brand damage.

Every company that has an open position for a transcriber will certainly have a series of tests to assess your understanding of the language concerned, typing speed, quality of content generated, and errors.

Most of the companies, especially in the legal and tech field, has the most demanding requirements. They require their transcriptionist to deliver 40 to 50 words per minute without making any mistakes while conveying the exact lines as is in the audio file.

You may now have an idea of the intensity of this job and how demanding it can be both in terms of professionalism and accuracy.

Fortunately, there are many courses that help you learn the ins and outs of transcription while at the same time training you with enough materials to pass any transcription test.

Today, Let's dig into the Transcribe Anywhere Review.

What is Transcribe Anywhere?

Transcribe anywhere is a course created by Janet Shaughnessy to help individuals with interest in transcription build a successful career as a transcriptionist.

What is Transcribe Anywhere

Back in the year 2007, Janet herself started her journey as a medical transcriptionist with a selector switch to legal and general transcription. After years of experience as a professional transcriptionist for multiple companies and agencies, she was now confident of starting your own company and which she did by starting Zoom transcription services.

While successfully running her own company, Janet thought of helping other “interested” individuals understand how diverse this field of transcription is and how someone can create a successful career in it. So, later in the year 2015, they decided to start her own course called transcribe anywhere.

Transcribe anywhere is undoubtedly one of the finest courses you will find on transcription. With it, you get to learn from the resources which Janet has crafted by accumulating her 10+ years of experience as a professional transcriber. The course in itself is quite in-depth, and you are provided with both video and text documents.

Transcription can be a perfect fit for you, especially if you are a newbie and are looking for legit ways to generate revenue online and even off-line.

What's great about this course is the fact that Janet promises you that you will be able to create a successful transcribing carrier after you go through all her course materials.

Next in our Transcribe Anywhere Review we will discuss what is included.

What’s Included in Transcribe Anywhere

It wouldn't be a Transcribe Anywhere review if we didn't talk about the courses on offer. Transcribe Anywhere has two main courses along with one amazing, free trial course. Lot's of value upfront so you can see if you like it before you make a purchase.

The Trial Course

The trial course is meant for people who are in a dilemma of whether to invest in the course or not. The trial or mini-course consists of seven lessons and allows you to understand Janet's teaching style briefly. Here are the lessons available in the free mini-course:

  1. Information about Janet
  2. What transcription is and why it is a valuable skill
  3. Who employs transcribers?
  4. Myths about transcription
  5. Determine whether transcription is the right career for you
  6. Potential earnings
  7. Who provides transcribing work

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves, and that's true for Janet. The problem is that everyone learns differently, and it is absolutely not necessary for anyone to invest massively just to find out if the course is suitable for them or not.

If you are not confident if this course could be of any use to you, take the trial course, go through a few lessons and then decide on Janet's teaching style and the discussed materials. This way, you'll have a proper understanding of the course and if it can help you improve your ability to transcribe.

Remember that transcription anywhere has no refund policies, so make your decision wisely because you will be investing a large amount of money.

The Paid Courses

Next up in our Transcribe Anywhere Review, we will take a look at what paid courses there are on offer. The two paid courses available at Transcribe Anywhere are:

  1. Legal transcription course
  2. General transcription course

Legal transcription

This course consists of 14 distinct modules, and most of them include quizzes, video presentations, practice dictations, and screencast tutorials.

Legal Transcription Course

In case you are having a hard time understanding a specific lesson or the workflow of the course itself, you can contact support via email or dedicated online portal.

  1. Introduction to legal transcription.
  2. Tools of the trade.
  3. Transcriptionist punctuate, and lawyers litigate.
  4. Legal transcriptionist using Microsoft Word.
  5. Practice dictation and basic legal correspondence.
  6. Court procedure and legal process.
  7. Templates and forms.
  8. Court proceedings practice transcription.
  9. Depositions
  10. Law enforcement.
  11. Legal Association and conference meetings.
  12. Legal transcriptionist time coding.
  13. Final examination and resources.
  14. Starting your transcription business.

General Transcription Course

The course consists of six modules, each of which covers a specific topic while giving you an in-depth understanding of what the topic is and how you can implement it in your workflow to improve your transcribing skills.

General Transcription

The foundation

Giving you the basic understanding of what general transcription is, the foundation is the introductory module that covers various topics, including:

  • What general transcription style looks like?
  • How to properly format the transcript.
  • Equipment required for proper transcription.
  • The job types you get to explore in general transcription.

Transcriptionist essential skills

This module gives you a basic understanding of how important critical thinking and punctuation is in transcription. Furthermore, you learn some basic tricks to improve your spelling and some important transcription conventions.

Transcribing efficiently with the right tools

This module is all about enhancing your transcription speed while maintaining utmost efficiency. In this lesson, you get to learn the shortcut keys, common English phrases, time coding, etc. Moreover, Janet also gives you the basic understanding of transcription templates which you can use in your professional job to maintain the required performance level.

Practice dictations

This is the main module where you will be practically practicing transcription. Janet has divided this lesson into seven distinct levels.

  • Clear source video or audio file.
  • Non-American English accents in audio files.
  • Tips for transcribing multiple speakers.
  • How to work with time codes.
  • Strict Verbatim Transcribing Style
  • Research Skills and Semi-Poor Audio Quality.
  • Transcribing Foreign Accents and Poor Audio.

Creating your business

In this module, Janet gives you a basic understanding of the steps needed to start your own home based transcription business. I think this module is probably the most important section of this whole course because it gives you not only the basic understanding of how to build a business plan but also takes you deeper into online marketing and promotion through pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization, etc.

The best thing is for Janet to “show you” the steps you need to take to find contract work that will help you generate passive income for a given period. Also, you also have access to the bonus lesson on marketing that I think is an essential lesson for you to succeed as an online business.

Final examination

After completing the five modules, you will have to take an exam and only after you have passed it will you obtain your certification. Remember that if you fail the exam, it does not mean that you lose your subscription (depending on the subscription choice) to this course. You have lifelong access to this course and can re-register for the exam at any time.

How Much Transcribe Anywhere Costs?

There are three price plans for the two paid courses. The general transcription course is available for $197, $362 and $597 while the legal transcription course is available in $197, $497 and $697 options.

Besides, you also have the option of registering for both courses at a discounted rate of $1097, which saves you a total of $197.

Note: Transcribe anywhere does not have a refund policy. When you register for one of the paid courses, you accept this term. Personally, I think it makes a lot of sense because you have free access to the mini-course that gives you an overview of Janet's teaching style and course content.

Verdict: Transcribe Anywhere Review

Transcribe anywhere brings to you 10+ years of Janet Shaughnessy’s experience and knowledge as a professional transcriptionist. Transcribe Anywhere is undoubtedly an excellent starting point for those who are considering starting their career as a professional transcriber.

There you have it for our Transcribe Anywhere Review. If you have any questions simply ask them below!

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