You finally decided that its time to set up your own site, all your creative juices are flowing but then you hit a wall.

  • You don’t know how to set up a website 
  • You don’t have a background in coding
  • And to top it off, You have no budget to hire a professional!

Don’t fret as we have a solution for you.

There are themes and plug-in companies that can solve your problem. A company like Thrive Themes that offers all your needs to set up a website that you will need to grow your brand.

We will walk you through how this company will help you create a conversion focused website with our Thrive Themes review.

What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is popular all in one tool for your themes and plug-in in WordPress.

Thrive Themes Homepage

This is your go-to shop as it provides you all the tools you need to setup a website for collecting emails, selling and overall converting customers. It can build everything from simple to complex sites.

You name it Thrive will help you build it!

Thrive themes has a lot to offer when it comes to themes and plug-ins that you’ll definitely need.

Why Use Thrive?

A lot of bloggers use WordPress for their content, it is a reliable software where you can write a lot of things and it is very easy to use.

It may be very reliable but there is still something missing.

This is where Thrive Themes comes in, to fill the missing pieces for WordPress as it gives additional tools to make your site more enticing to your subscribers. 

It offers a lot of themes and additional plug-ins that you can definitely use in building your site and making it more beautiful. 

Features of Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes offer a lot of plug-ins which I  will discuss each one below.

Thrive Leads

The focus of this plug-in is to help you generate an email list and to manage your correspondence whether its old or new leads. This is great in keeping your clients well informed. 

It has thousands of opt in templates you can use at a click of a button.

Thrive Optimizer

This is a Thrive plug-in for headings and other keywords, as it will help your website be apart from others and make it rank higher for increased traffic. This tool is essential as we all know that everyone gets all their information from search engines.

Thrive Comments

The plug-in where your audience can write their comments and share ideas about your blog that is essential to make room for improvements. It is a good avenue to hearing what your audience thinks.

This is a good tool as it helps you set up a comment section that can be very hard to do manage once your site grows, it will save you a lot of time. 

Thrive Quiz Builder

This plug-in can help you generate a fun test without the complications of coding and algorithm.

This will make your relationships with your subscriber more interactive and keep them interested. It has been proven that it increases traffic and shares on websites and works best with lifestyle blogs and websites. 

Thrive Ovation

This plug-in is quite similar to the Thrive Comments but the difference is that it is a direct testimonial about your site.

A more effective tool that can help you generate more leads. This tool will let your subscribers leave comments or testimonials that can automatically publish into a testimonial on your site. 

Thrive Architect

Last but not least is the Thrive Architect, the most popular plug-in that Thrive offers. You will be able to create conversion-focused pages even if you don’t have any coding skills.

This a visual page builder that will give you full control over the visual of everything on your site. It will make things easy to do like removing menus, formatting columns, and adding visual calls to action. Overall, this will help you to create any web page that you want. 

There are more tools within the Thrive Themes plug-ins such as Thrive Ultimatum that can display a countdown timer, and  Thrive Widget Manager that helps you to understand better and manage your website. 

What I like about Thrive Themes

  • Can control everything on your site
  • Split Testing
  • Clever Widgets
  • Page builder is very fluid
  • Create custom quizzes
  • One-stop shop
  • Loads of templates

What I don’t like about Thrive Themes

  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Steep learning curve
  • No shopping cart function
  • Plug-ins can slow down sites
  • The core themes are terrible and outdated now (Thrive builder coming soon)


As you can see from my review above, Thrive Themes has a lot of features and products, and they are all priced differently and can be subjected to change. The most important part of their pricing is that you just need to take note of their two options.

One is that you can purchase each tool individually. Second, you can get them all with a monthly membership.

I believe it is much better to purchase a monthly subscription than purchasing their plug-ins individually to help you save money.

Here are the prices of its membership:

Thrive Membership

Thrive Membership costs $19 per month that is paid annually. It includes the use of all plug-ins and themes for all of your own 25 websites.

Agency Membership

The Thrive Agency Plan costs $49 monthly that is paid annually. It includes the use of all plug-ins and themes for 50 of your own and client's websites.

Final Verdict: Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes is one of the best conversion-optimized plug-in sets for WordPress. It offers a lot of plug-ins that will definitely make your life in building a site much easier.

I personally use it on all my sites. Including this one! 

It only doesn’t make your site beautiful and ready for your customers but it also makes managing the sites uncomplicated.

At first, you may need to be able to take time to learn most of the plug-ins if you have zero experience in building sites.

It is a process that you need to learn step by step, slowly but surely. It has everything you may need in creating the site that you really want and what you audience wants to see.

For your budget, it is worth the money! It will be best if you choose their membership payment instead of buying their products individually.

In buying the membership you will be able to maximize all their products and it will be practical for you especially if you are in a budget.

I definitely recommend Thrive Themes for as it is a one-stop-shop and can definitely help you build and grow your digital business.  

I hope this Thrive Themes review helped you in deciding if the product is the right way for you to level up your business needs. 

Have any questions? Simple leave a comment below!

Why we did a Thrive Themes Review. When you finally decide to share what is in your beautiful mind online, your first move will probably be figuring out how to set up a website. This is where reality hits that there is a lot more to becoming a blogger or having a business website than just having a dream and a computer.

If you have no background in coding and no money to hire a professional, do not panic. Companies like Thrive exist to get you out of such fixes. Here is more about this popular suite of tools and what it has to offer you and your growing brand.

What Is Thrive?

Thrive is marketed as a one stop shop for all your website building needs, and for the most part it fits this description. It is a service that offers you all the tools you need to set up and manage beautiful websites with ease. 

With Thrive, you can build everything from a complex ecommerce platform to a simple blog about your dog. Their two most popular tools are the theme templates and plugins. In our complete Thrive Themes review, we’ll take a look at both.

thrive themes homepage

Thrive Themes Review

Originally, Thrive consisted of about 10 different WordPress themes. Each had its own unique look and feel, but all were built with speed and conversions in mind. However, Thrive recently announced that they are taking a new direction with their themes.

While Thrive Themes 2.0 is still in its beta test right now, we still know a little bit about its purpose and function. They are calling it Theme Builder, and it does exactly what the name implies. It is a single WordPress theme that lets you build your own unique theme templates that can be applied sitewide to all of your posts and pages.

In the modern world, technology has been taking over almost every sector that contributes to the world’s economy. The internet, for example, is one of the top technological advancements and which have impacted the world in a big way. Imagine the world without this powerful tool. Of course, it sounds boring.

Now and then, new inventions targeting the internet hit the market intending to make human life better. Say, for instance, businesses have benefitted from the so-called websites. You can rarely find a company without a site or two. Websites have as well been used by bloggers to tell the world what’s in their minds. The same websites have turned into money-making platforms because of jobs such as affiliate marketing.

Now and then, you have come across news of bloggers making vast sums of money via their blogs. Businesses, on the other end, claim to have improved their sales because of the presence of websites. The good thing about a website is that it is an all-in-one shop. With a site, you can find new clients, as well as make sales. Therefore, all businesses are focused on coming up with a working website to enjoy all these benefits.

Coming up with a useful website isn’t an easy task as it may appear. You must know that there is some coding involved when creating every website that you come across. It’s for this reason that you require the services of a web designer to create a site of your choice. Hiring the services of a web designer is at times expensive. Web designers charge their services based on website features. Therefore, if you intend to create a complex site, be ready to part with a high amount of cash.

Surprisingly, today, you don’t necessarily need to hire the services of a specialist to get the job done. Although hiring a specialist is highly recommended, you can as well come up with your design through the help of Thrive. This company does the same job a developer would do. It actually does more work based on the fact that you will have to part with some little amount of cash as compared to hiring a developer.

Thrive is one of the few top companies focused on helping potential bloggers follow their dreams. One fantastic thing about using this platform to create a site is that it doesn’t ask for your experience in coding languages. All that is needed of you is a creative mind, and you’re set to get your blog running.

What is Thrive? This is a question that you’ll hear many curious individuals asking because they have heard about the company. The company boasts of being a one-stop-shop for everything that you may require when creating a website of your own. The truth is that the company meets its description when you compare it with other platforms such as Divi. On WordPress, Thrive is ranked among the top tools to use as it comes loaded with almost everything that you may require to build a site. 

Overall Pros of Thrive Themes

Conversion oriented

Every website is built with a particular goal in mind. For example, you may create a site to generate sales. Or, you may develop the site to drive traffic to other people’s websites (affiliate marketing). Whatever your intention is, you must ensure that the site is focused on the conversions. By using Thrive themes, you stand the chance of creating conversion-oriented websites. The themes come packaged with features that make it easy to come up with a conversion-oriented website. 

Has 200+ theme templates

Building a website can be a tedious process, especially when it’s done from scratch. You may be required to choose the many available colors, not forgetting the alignments. The fantastic thing about using Thrive themes is that it has over 200 theme templates at your disposal. The presence of these themes makes it easy to come with your web pages because all that is needed of you is to drag and drop the content. The presence of these templates makes it easy for those without a creative mind to create a site of their own. 

Friendly user-interface

As compared to the other companies, Thrive is one of the platforms with an excellent user interface. This website development tool has a user-friendly interface and hence perfect for even individuals with zero-tech skills. Its outstanding user interface does make the process of designing the site quite easily. 

Integrates other services

An ideal blog should be able to integrate other services such as mailers, as well as plugins. One fantastic thing about using Thrive themes is that it incorporates most of these features under one roof.  Therefore, Thrive themes are suitable for those looking forward to creating websites without any interference.

Great for affiliate/marketing sites

Almost every site is created with the aim of marketing or selling services or products. One benefit that comes with using Thrive themes is that one has the chance to develop a successful affiliate site. The themes feature almost every tool that you may need to create a successful affiliate site. 

  • Built for speed and conversions
  • Simple, readable, and clear
  • Code-free, beautiful WordPress sites
  • Aesthetically appealing for modern users

Cons… ish

This Thrive themes review wouldn’t be completely honest without a few negatives. However, it is hard to find fault with the program as the only disadvantage is money related. For one, there is the fact that there are a few other suites out there that offer themes and plugins for free. But, generally, if it’s free it’s not as powerful.

Then there is the fact that with Thrive Themes, the number of websites, tools and theme options depend on how much you pay.

If you have a low budget you might not have as many options. The good news is that even with these limitations the packages are beyond worth it.

Thrive company is primarily focused on building conversion-oriented sites. This feature hinders other people who may be interested in creating their websites using the platform. However, you have got to understand that this is their niche. Therefore, if you’re interested in a different kind of website, you’re advised to try a different company. 

Thrive Themes Plugins Review

In addition to the Thrive themes review, you also need to understand the company’s suite of WordPress plugins. Honestly, when most people think of the power of Thrive, they are really thinking of their plugins. Below are a few of the most important of these and what each has to offer.

Thrive Architect

thrive architect review

Thrive architect is perhaps the most popular plugin offered by Thrive. It is a visual page builder that gives you full control over the look and feel of every single page and post on your site. It is ideal for creating conversion focused pages with zero coding skills. Architect makes it easy to do things like format columns, remove menus, and add visual calls to action. Basically, Thrive Architect allows you to create any web page that you can imagine.

Thrive Optimizer

thrive optimize review

There is an optimizer for headings and another for keywords. In a day and age where everyone is turning online for marketing, you will need these tools. They will help set your website apart and get it highly ranked for increased traffic.

The task of building a successful sales and marketing funnel isn’t a walk in the park. One is usually faced by a lot of challenges along the way. More often than not, one is usually stuck between two versions of a similar website page. Concluding which of the two pages work better can be difficult, especially when there are no facts to support your decision. 

Thrive optimize is a WordPress plugin which allows you to perform AB split testing into your web pages. With this tool, you will be able to test which of the two pages works better. Thrive optimize is lightweight in nature and conversion oriented. 

Thrive Leads

thrive leads review

Keeping your clients informed is one of the best ways to ensure that the website or blog you set up is actually worth it. This Thrive tool helps you do just that by generating email lists and managing correspondence with old and new leads.

When it comes to building a website, your audience is vital. Many successful bloggers insist that the secret to a useful blog is engaging your visitors. You’re expected to keep tabs with every visitor accessing your blog. It’s for this reason that you’re advised to come up with an email list. Thrive lead is a WordPress plugin that you may need to build a detailed email registration form. 

The plugin has everything that you may need to inspire your readers to opt-in, included. One fantastic thing about this plugin is that it allows various options. With this Thrive lead plugin, you can quickly create a pop up opt-in form or a sidebar widget. As if that is not enough, you receive the reports and insight regarding your strategies. Therefore, it is usually a perfect planning tool when it comes to dealing with your audience. 

Thrive Quiz Builder

thrive quiz builder review

This is a great tool for lifestyle blogs and websites. It is essentially a fun form of entertainment that will get and keep your audience interested. It has also been shown to increase traffic and shares on websites. Thrive Quiz Builder makes it easy for you to generate these fun tests without any of the coding and algorithm shenanigans.

Thrive Comments

thrive comments review

This tool gives your audience a voice which is the most invaluable tool when it comes to running a successful blog or website. Your clients let you know what they think about the product, what they like and what they think needs to change. Again, setting up a comments section is harder than you think so getting this plugin will save you a lot of trouble.

According to successful bloggers, comments are an essential part of a WordPress site. According to web designers, having a comment section within your site helps promote interactions with your visitors. Through this interaction, you will be able to understand what your readers want and thus boosting your content delivery. Besides, the comments can act as a form of review for those looking forward to knowing the truth about your site. Thrive comments is a plugin within WordPress that enables a blogger to come up with a beautiful and engaging comment section. 

Thrive Ovation

thrive ovation review

This is a lot like the comments plugin with the main difference being that the ovation tools is for direct testimonials. This have a more powerful endorsing effect and will help you get more leads. Thrive Ovation lets customers leave testimonials directly on your website using a simple form, which you can then publish automatically or moderate.

One of the best ways to boost online sales is by incorporating customer testimonials in your sales site. Thrive ovation is one tool which you require to collect and display your customer’s testimonials in a perfect way. 

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Presentation is an integral part of a blog. A successful blog requires to be organized logically, and that means well-arranged headlines, for example. Thrive headline optimizer is a plugin that can help you write appealing headings on your pages. 

The tool is focused on finding which headline your readers find interesting. With this plugin, you can submit various versions of your headlines, and the tool will conduct a study on which of the tools works best. The tool then displays the best performing headline for maximum engagement. 

Thrive cleaver widgets

Thrive cleaver widget is also one of the best plugins that are focused on conversions. As its names suggest, this plugin allows a blogger to display different widgets and content based on the category. 

Thrive landing pages

A landing page is a critical element in a website. It’s what your visitors see first before they dig deeper into your site. According to web designers, a perfect landing page should be engaging and attractive. Also, for the landing page to be useful, it must be conversion oriented.

Thrive landing pages is a WordPress plugin that helps the bloggers come up with amazing landing pages that perform the task of conversions. This plugin has all that you may need to convert your ideas into reality. With the help of this plugin, you can quickly form registration pages, opt-in forms, and sales copies and many other forms of landing pages.

A lot more

There are a lot more where these came from including the Thrive Ultimatum which is great for setting countdowns and timers on limited offers. There are also tools like the Thrive Apprentice and Thrive Widget Manager both of which serve to help you better understand and manage your website.

If you deal with offers more often, then you may need this plugin when dealing with WordPress. Thrive ultimatum is a simple and easy customizable plugin you may need to display a countdown timer within your website. Having a countdown time plays a vital role in keeping your customers informed about the offers on the table and thus promoting sales. The countdown timer encourages the visitors to rush after the deals before the time elapses.

What Does Thrive Themes Cost You?

This is the part of the Thrive themes review you’ve probably been looking forward to the most. So let’s talk about the money.

Thrive has a lot of products, and they are all priced differently. And, since prices are always subject to change, it’s probably not worth listing them all outright. What you need to understand, though, is that you basically have two options:

  • Purchase each tool individually
  • Get them all with a monthly membership.

If you were to purchase each tool individually, at the time of writing this post, it would cost you hundreds of dollars. For most people, they just aren’t willing to put that kind of money down up front.

Is Thrive Membership Worth It?

When it comes to purchasing items from Thrive store, you can opt to buy the themes and plugins separately. It’s not recommended. The company offers one with a better deal whenever the two products are bought under a single plan. After choosing the Thrive theme of your desire, you will have the chance of accessing the plugins. These plugins are usually lightweight and can be easily incorporated into your WordPress site. Thrive plugins are designed for lead generation and optimization of content. Here is a list of those WordPress themes that you may require to get your site up and running. 

The option that most people probably prefer is to become a Thrive Member. Right now, membership starts at just $19 per month. For that price you get access to every theme and plugin that Thrive has to offer, and you can even get in on the beta test for Thrive 2.0. 

The basic membership is good for 25 of your own websites. If you are designing sites for clients, or just have a LOT of sites out there, you’ll need to upgrade to the Agency License for $49 per month. But for that, you get to use Thrive on up to 50 websites.

What Themes Are Included?

Earlier, Thrive had ten WordPress theme templates, which you can use to generate amazing sites. The amazing thing is that each of the available theme and plugin is designed with speed and conversions in mind. Not long ago, the company made an important announcement that they will be releasing Thrive themes 2.0. The recent version is still in its beta testing stage right now, but you can be sure that it has more features when it comes to functionality. Without saying much, here is a review of the ten most common Thrive themes that you will love. 

Focus blog theme

Focus blog theme is of the few amazing WordPress themes you’ll ever come across. The theme remains among the most favorite themes because it does what its name suggests, focus on the blog. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to work along. Besides, it’s easy to customize and is search engine friendly. Also, it is mobile responsive, and that means by using it, your site will be compatible with almost every device that can access the internet. The focus blog theme is suitable for blog sites and even complex business websites. Therefore, if you’re looking for a professional and appealing site, this is the theme to try. 


Are you looking forward to creating a marketing blog? If your answer is yes, then you should consider the ignition theme. This theme has everything that you may require to building impressive sales and product pages. Often, creating a successful sale funnel is challenging as it involves step-by-step procedures. 

But, the ignition theme is there to save the day. With the theme, you can create a straightforward and appealing home page and which can lead to a more specific service or the product page. You can as well add things such as videos to the pages to help with ensuring the success of a sales funnel. The theme also provides a mobile responsive and fully functional site. In addition to the many features, the theme has in store a wide variety of widgets, which you can use to make your site even better. 

Storied theme

As its name suggests, a storied theme is a professional blogging theme that emphasizes on telling your story from all the angles. It encompasses media content such as images, audio, and videos. The theme has a tiled layout which is common among many blogs that you’re likely to bump into today. 

According to web developers, when using the Thrive themes, this specific theme is suitable for individuals who wish to create a blog or an online magazine. With the theme, you can expect your site to have a strong and clear conversion section. Besides, it is easy to customize and is packed with almost every widget you may need to create a fully functional blog or online magazine. By using this theme, therefore, you can come up with a site that will keep your visitors engaged, as well as, win the primary task of a website, which is conversion. 

Rise theme

Rise theme is one of the prominent deals you’re likely to find whenever you acquire the company’s theme package. This theme is has a simple and smooth blogging template and is designed for speed and some marketing. Its clean layout enables a user to come up with an appealing conversion blog pages. 

You can’t forget to mention the color schemes available. The fact that you can switch between the color schemes across every page makes the theme extra special. Its widgets also do come in different colors and hence making it easy to beautify the site you’re building. By using this theme to create your website, you will have access to various shortcodes, which are to be used when customizing the design to meet your taste. The shortcodes make it easy to come with a blog or sales site at a brief period.  

Performag theme

As many people term it, Performag is a magazine theme that shines. It’s specifically designed for you out there looking forward to creating a magazine website while concentrating on social sharing, money, and user interactions. It’s one of the few simple yet effective themes that you will ever come across in WordPress. 

This theme brings both the attractiveness and a fast-loading site onboard. The theme is easy to customize and mobile-friendly and therefore using it is straightforward. The theme comes equipped with an ad manager. Therefore, it takes away all the troubles that may be related to the ads on your magazine layout. 

Voice theme

Although this theme isn’t liked by many, it’s a must consider if you’re looking forward to creating a podcast blog. The theme features a header-less design and thus unique. Besides, it allows you, the blogger, to portray your portfolio on the left column. Therefore, if you’re looking to promoting your brand, this is the perfect theme for your blog. Often, web designers do encourage bloggers to build sites with easy navigation. With the voice theme, your site will be easy to navigate from the first to the very last page. 


When it comes to creating a business website, the appearance is vital. Squared is one of the few WordPress themes that are designed to deliver an eye-catching and amazing site for your business. The squared theme has in store every element that you may require to grab the attention of your readers. On top of the attractiveness, the theme also does focus on the conversion. Therefore, with it, you can expect an awesome and effective business site. 

Luxe theme

As its name suggests, the luxe theme is a perfect option for you out there intending to sell luxurious items or services. The theme resembles the modern-day magazine. The theme is primarily focused on readability because you can put your blog posts in front. Besides, it features minimal design and highlights and thus ideal for a simple and straight to the point kind of a blog. The theme features almost every customizable element you may require to develop an official site. 

Pressive theme

More often than not, sites with plenty of multimedia tend to be weird. The weirdness is because it’s usually difficult to balance between the multimedia and your content. Thanks, to the pressive theme, today, you can build a site with plenty of multimedia without appearing weird. This theme is popular amongst many bloggers as it ensures that the site has a balance when it comes to the features. It has a unique character and design and is entirely focused on conversions. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to creating a sales funnel and pages, this is a theme for you. 

Minus theme

Last but not least is the minus theme. This theme is also popular amongst the bloggers because of its minimalist nature. With this theme, you can easily convert your random visitors into buyers without the need to add some extra flourishes. The theme features simple menus, flat design, and general simplicity. These features make it easy for the theme to work on any screen size. This WordPress theme tries so much to put your content front and center. By using this theme, you can come up with any sought of a website that is optimized for conversion. 

Thrive Themes Review – The Final Verdict

So, is Thrive worth your time and money? Do they have anything to offer your brand? Will it possibly change the game for you? 

Yes, yes and yes. 

Thrive is a great suite of professional tools with so much more to offer. This will make starting a website the least challenging part of your online takeover dreams.

I mean, this site uses Thrive Themes. That's saying something!

A lot of work is involved when it comes to creating a website. Many are times you may need some coding skills to come up with a working site. However, companies such as Thrive have come to set a difference. With the wide range of themes templates, you can quickly come up with a site of your desire without having to put in some codes. In the article, you will learn everything about the top ten Thrive themes and plugins. Read through the entire piece to know what to expect when you buy a Thrive membership package. 

Please note however this is not to build out a membership site, for something like that you want to check out Clickfunnels! Thanks for reading out Thrive Themes Review.

What is your WordPress toolkit of choice?

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