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If you're like most businesses video reviews are worth their weight in gold.  Here are some simple steps to ensure you'll get QUALITY videos posted.


1. Edit your promotion title by adding the text Video Tutorial or How To Video.  For example, [ Product Name] How To Video, This let's the influencer know you're looking for a video directly out of the gate.  Here's a great example:  Smelly Washer HOW TO VIDEO



2. As you're creating the promotion.  Add product options (additional info) asking the blogger to list an example of a how to or tutorial video similar to an example you like online.  As people apply you'll be able to see their answers and quickly determine if you like their style or not.

3. After your promotion is approved (normally 24 hours) use the Find Bloggers search bar to look for specific types of bloggers using keywords.


4. As you find worthy bloggers make sure to look at their stats and invite as many of them as you can.  When inviting bloggers use a simple message that applies to everyone. (here's an example)


I saw your blog and it looks like a great fit for my product.  Would you be interested in applying for my promotion and creating a how to video similar to ?

Please apply here if you are:


5. Wait 3-5 days and check back on your promotion.  Some people should have applied and there will be couple messages to review.  Now is the time to use the advanced filter and look for the bloggers you like.

6. Once you have your list narrowed down, check the box next to each of their names and send them a message confirming they will do a video post if approved.  You'll want to do this BEFORE you approve them to make sure everyone is on the same page. (Here's an example)

Thanks so much for applying.  I'm getting ready to approve you for my promotion but I want to confirm that you're willing to do a how to video with your blog post?  Please confirm so I can approve you and get the ball rolling 🙂


7. Wait another 2-5 days for everyone to reply and then approve the people that replied back.  These are bloggers with follow-through and there's confirmation that you're all on the same page.


8. After you mark the products shipped wait 15-20 days and shoot anyone that has not finished their review a touching base message. (here's an example)

Subject:  Did you get (product name) Ok?
I wanted to touch base with you to make sure you got my product ok?  Do you think you'll be able to have the post and how to video done in the next week or so (mm/dd/yyyy)?
Thanks for working with us,

Bloggers have a lot going on so it's always nice to touch base with them as a reminder and to build a relationship.


9. If you like what the blogger does make sure to add them to your contacts list so you can work with them in the future.


********Quick Tips************

– Don't talk about the video review in your product description.  Just talk about the product and what it is.

– Make sure you allow sponsored posts when creating the promotion.  Videos take a lot of time and effort, some bloggers will work harder for it if there is a carrot at the end of the stick 🙂


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