Have you heard of Tai Lopez? What is Tai Lopez Net Worth? He has his fair share of haters and huggers, like every guru. But love him or hate him, he has amassed amazing wealth because of one thing: his crazy curiosity. He is a social media personality and a successful entrepreneur. In this article, I will discuss everything about Tai Lopez, his background, and the most important thing. What is Tai Lopez's net worth?

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez made his name through youtube years ago and is known for his “Here in My Garage” ads that motivate people and wanted to help them learn how he made his millions. 

Before becoming a millionaire, he came from humble beginnings. He used this to motivate himself to where he is now.  Because of his experiences, hard work he turned his skills meticulously and wanted to mentor people. His skills in financial management made him a successful entrepreneur that is admired by many. 

What is Tai Lopez Net Worth?

As of August of 2019, Tai Lopez's net worth is about $60 million. He accumulated his fortune from his ownership of multiple companies and different investments. He doubles his net worth because of his brand, his social media platforms and collaborations with different companies and investors.

Everyone is curious about what is Tai Lopez's net worth as he is a successful entrepreneur and influencer

Tai Lopez Background

Early Life

Tai Lopez was born and raised in Long Beach, California. It was not a typical childhood as he was raised by his mother and grandmother because his father was in prison during that time. 

Early on he has a knack for business, at the age of six, he started selling cherry tomatoes and lemonade to help his mother. 

Growing Up

It was difficult for him to make friends while growing up as his neighborhood was full of gangs. During his young age, he began to be interested in reading books especially Aristotle. His grandfather helps him with this by sending him books as he was a very curious kid. This passion for reading led him to his habit of reading one book a day. 

His grandfather, who is a scientist influenced him and constantly ask him for advice. He said something that stayed with him and helped him to take the path that is destined for him. “Tai, the modern world is too complicated. You’ll never find all the answers from just one person. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a handful of people throughout your life who will point the way.”

This means for him that he should find people that will help him learn and mentor him to reach his goal. 

Early Career

During college, he dropped out and worked odd jobs so he could save money as he wanted to travel. He traveled and live in a lot of countries and experienced a lot of things including living in a leper colony in India and living Amish for 2 years when he came back to the United States. 

During his time in the Amish community, he learned lessons that he inspires him to work hard. 

After experiencing that life, he moved back home and stayed with his mom for a time. Moving back and on the brink of the financial crisis, he realized that his travel didn’t give him enough skills for being an entrepreneur and he remembers that he needs a mentor for that. 

He did some digging in the yellow pages and found someone named Mike Stainabck who is the head of a local insurance firm. He came to the office wearing his old suit and told him he was willing to work for free if Mike would teach him to make money.

It was good timing, as Mike was looking for someone like him to mentor. Tai demonstrated determination and ambition that made him agree with his offer. He learned how to make cold calls, how to sell and attended seminars, continued reading that educated him more.

He began closing leads he generated from learning Google Adwords and earned commissions from his investments. His talent made Stainback introduced him to the regional head of GE Capital and he became a Financial Planner and became one of the company’s top salespeople.

Life as an Entrepreneur

Tai learns a lot ever since he was mentored by Mike Stainback. He has come a long way from starting to nothing and making it big. He knows the advantages of learning and having a mentor that is why he created an online training called “67 Steps”. 

This monthly subscription program teaches you steps to “The Good Life”. His “In My Garage” video brought a lot of attention that helped him developed his brand. He started to expand and added additional training and mentorship program and one of them is called “Business Bootcamp”

He began to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and one of them is Alex Mehr. He was a former NASA scientist in which he co-founded Mentorbox with him. This is another subscription-based program, which is unique because it's like a book club where authors teach their books with the use of videos.

Besides being an entrepreneur, he became a social influencer as well. He has millions of fans all over and has accumulated millions of followers on youtube, facebook and Instagram. He was also recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine and ranked him as number one on their list as a Social Media Strategist to watch in 2017.

He might be very popular and a lot of people admire him and his works but he also accumulated some haters that don’t like what he does. This doesn’t hinder him to strive for his goal and still shows his hard work and accomplishments to people and continues to mentor people who want to be mentored. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know everything about him and Tai Lopez Net Worth! Tai has become a name in the online community because of his great success in mentoring people on how to make money and be successful. He became a big influence on a lot of people as he believes that everyone can be as successful as him.

If you want to have Tai Lopez net worth, then you should probably start by watching his videos, listening and subscribing to his mentorship program to help you with your business and make good decisions when it comes to your financial life. He has a very inspiring life that makes you want to have one as well. 

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