Survey Junkie Review: Worth Your Time?

Do you ever dream of just earning money with just minimum effort? Or just doing it while you are relaxing? Well, you could do that! There are loads of stuff online that can make you money just by sitting in front of your computer. If you are one of the people who want to make money online, then this article is for you!

Have you heard about the survey? Essentially a survey is a research method used for collecting data from a pre-defined group of respondents. In my post today, I will tell you more about how to make money using a survey. There are survey companies that offer that and you will find more about it in my Survey Junkie review. 

What is Survey Junkie?

A survey is one of the methods to gather information and it is used by a lot of companies. They can learn the different opinions of the masses where they plan to market which is part of their market research. It could be in different fields such as electronics, vehicles, makeup products and a lot more. Since we are all connected online, survey companies look for people online that can answer them instead of doing it personally like what they do back in the days. 

Survey Junkie was created in 2013 at Glendale, California. It is one of the oldest survey companies as of today with over 10 years of experience under its belt and is the online market research arm of DISQO. They have over 3,000 members and impacted different brands that they work with. Their goal is to “connect your voice to big brand companies -helping shape our world”

The members of Survey Junkie earn money by just taking surveys! Like most surveys, you just simply answer easy questions and that’s how cash will flow to you. They claim that they are “the most popular spot online in earning cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts” 

Why use Survey Junkie?

If you want to earn some easy money or just by wanting to earn in your free time then it isn’t so bad to give Survey Junkie your time. It is convenient, especially if you can just do it online, with no hassle of the pen and paper and awkward people just asking you randomly if you can answer a survey. 

This will be a perfect way to make money without working too hard and you can even do it while you were relaxing. Imagine you spend hours of your time looking at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but you don’t even earn from it. Why not waste time answering a survey that can make you earn some money right?

Stay tuned on how much you’ll earn here in my Survey Junkie review.

How does Survey Junkie Work?

It is just easy to start with Survey Junkie as you just need to register and create a profile. Creating your profile will not take much of your time as it will just be a couple of minutes, you need to answer some questions related to yourself and about your household.

By answering those questions Survey Junkie will decide which surveys are you suitable or qualified for. Eventually, they will send you a survey to take and there are ways that they do it. 

The first one is that you can sign in to your account and see the surveys on the dashboard and the second one is that you will click the link from your email that they sent you.

In every survey that you answered, you will earn points that will eventually be needed for you to earn. 

How much money I can make with Survey Junkie?

To be honest, you won’t get rich in just having Survey Junkie alone as an income. I don’t think you’ll live if you just do it alone!

Survey Junkie’s average pay for every survey is around $1 to $3. Yes, it is not much but if you compare it to other survey companies, they are kind of generous. Their payout is different as it depends how long it is, the longer the survey that you will answer, then you’ll be paid more. 

It also boils down on your qualification that was based on the profile you created, and as you can see every user is different so it doesn’t mean that you’ll get to answer a lot of surveys. 

It is not every day that you’ll receive surveys, you are lucky if you get to have 3 a week.

It is a common problem in survey companies to not have enough surveys for everyone and Survey Junkie experience those as well. 

It is still easy money as you just need to spend a few minutes answering surveys.

How do you get paid?

Survey Junkie uses a points system wherein you need to earn a certain amount of points to get paid. 

They are fast when it comes to giving away points as they can award it instantly after you finish your survey, you should be able to view it in your account. If you compare it with other companies, the usual is you need to wait 24 hours to get your points. 

If you earned enough points you can redeem it for gift cards translate to cash that can be transferred to your PayPal account. However, you need a minimum amount of points to get it, which is 1,000 points that equate to $10.

They don’t usually have an expiry date as long as you stay active. Besides, you can let your points sit in your account until you have enough points to cash it out. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways to make money online and Survey Junkie is one of them. It might not earn much and won’t ever be a sustainable income but it is still easy money.

If you are the type that is fond of surveys and answering mundane questions then maybe this is for you. At Least you get to be paid to answer surveys and what good about Survey Junkie is that you can let your money stay in your account until you accumulated points to cash it out. 

I don’t think it will take too much of your time as you won’t be receiving a lot of surveys. Just think of the wasted time that you spend online using social networking services, at least this gives you money for a change. 

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  1. Great review michael 😀

    i have tried surveyjunkie in the past but it was very hard to reach the threshold! i think it’s $10 or so

    currently I am using Surveytime and swagbucks and they work great!!!

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