As an online business who relies on our content on blogs and websites, we wanted to make sure that we have the best social plugin we could. The best means that our sites are well maintained and have a lot of features that makes it enticing to our viewers, that is why we use plug-ins so that we can maximize the potential of our sites and pages.

The problem is, there are a lot of plug-ins that are available in the market that have great features, but some instead of making our site better, they slowed it down.

Would you believe that there is a social plug-in out there that has the best features that won’t slow down your site? Yes, it exists! And it's called Social Snap.

Let me tell you more about it all in our Social Snap Review!

What is Social Snap?

Social Snap is a social media sharing plug-in created for WordPress. This is a digital marketing toolkit that provides everything you need to create traffic and engagement.

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This software plug-in also makes it easier for your subscribers to share your content on social media.

An all-in-one shop that can increase your traffic, makes your site prettier and better.

Why use Social Snap?

This social media plug-in is something special and you need to check it out yourself. It offers a variety of features that will definitely help boost your engagement if you are a casual blogger or a professional one.

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They offer features such as adding share and follow buttons, click to tweet boxes and a lot more.

The best thing about it is that it won’t slow your website down with all the additional stuff. It has been developed to make sure it is speedy and has high performance code.

Unlike other plug-ins that make the website slower and decrease the traffic as well as the customer’s engagement, that is the opposite of your goal at hand.

Features of Social Snap

I will now talk about the features of Social Snap that will make you want to switch to this social media plug-in.

Social Share

This feature has a lot of social sharing network options which you can choose from. You can also choose different formats for your share buttons and include some unique placement options.

With all of these options, your readers can share your blog post or content with a lot of networks with a simple click.

The social media buttons are also highly customizable as you can choose button shapes, colors, and animation of your choice.

In addition, you also have a lot of options on where to display it.

Share Counts

Social Snap is able to display the individual and total counts of share counts, this will be good to add social proof on your site.

Share Counts Tracking

This feature has the ability to choose the schedule on how you update the share counts of your site.

The plug-in uses click tracking and API that ensures you won’t miss any share count.

You can even recover your lost share counts!

Open Meta Graph

It helps make your blogs look more excellent and effective if it is shared on other social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The social networks make use of this by enabling large images and meta cards for links shares.

You are also able to add customize images and can control how it looks.


This has the ability to give detailed analytics and give reports about your sites stop performing posts, shares and a lot more.

By knowing these, you can be able to improve your sites and enhance your engagement with your viewers.

What I like about Social Snap

  • Customizable
  • Very Fast
  • Has amazing features
  • Easy to use and integrate

What I don’t like about Social Snap

  • The best features are only available in the Pro version
  • Customer service is only decent when you buy the Pro Version

Social Snap Pricing

There are different pricing plans if you want to use Social Snap. Here are their price points and the features that come along with it.


Social Snap’s Plus plan costs $39 per year and it includes 1 site, 33 Providers and 5 locations. Unfortunately, add-ons are not included in this plan and priority support.


Social Snap’s Pro plan costs $99 per year and it includes 3 sites, 33 Providers and 5 locations when it comes to social sharing and all add-ons with priority support


Social Snap’s Agency plan costs $299 per year and it includes 15 sites, 33 Providers and 5 locations when it comes to social sharing and all add-ons with priority support.

Final Verdict: Social Snap Review

Social Snap is one of the best compared to other plug-ins out there. It boasts about its speedy and better-looking sites compared to other available plug-ins in the market, and it delivers.

It has a well-designed interface and it is very easy to use and integrate with WordPress.

The features of the product are well thought of and are really good especially when you want your site to have the practicality without sacrificing its speed and image quality.

The features cover everything as well as it maximizes all the social networks out there that you can use.

I think the best feature of Social Snap is that you can easily customize everything and you know how customization works.

You are free to do whatever you want with your site and gives you the creative freedom, which makes it even better as you can control what your site will look like.

Using Social Snap as your plug-in for WordPress will give you better results when it comes to making your site better and making it more profitable. In order to do this, you should use the Pro Version as it has all you need.

I recommend Social Snap as your social media plug-in because their features are incredible and you have the freedom to customize everything to your liking.

I think their price points are fair as they will give you better results for your digital marketing business.

I hope our Social Snap Review helped with your decision from switching to your old plugin and try Social Snap instead.

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