Having or planning business is a tough job, aside from your investment you also put a lot of effort that sometimes caused you sleepless nights. There is a platform out there who will make it less tough for you to own a business and make money out of it. If you plan to sell products and wanted to expand it online then Shopify is the right platform for you. It will help you grow your business! If you want to check it out then you have to try the Shopify Free Trial! It will create loads of opportunities for you and your growing business.

What is Shopify?

It is one of the best eCommerce platforms that has everything a business will need as you will be able to sell online, on social media and in person. It allows businesses to create their own online stores and you don’t have to worry if you are a noob with no website as they can cater to your needs. It is not only for beginners, medium to large businesses with already established brands that are looking to expand their operations online can greatly benefit from Shopify. 

Why Get a Shopify Free Trial?shopify 14 day free trial

Let’s be honest, Shopify isn’t the only platform out there that offers the same thing. For Shopify, they have hundreds and thousands of online stores that rely on their platform for the success of their business. Their online stores make billions of dollars in sales and much of their success came from Shopify. The platform allows flexibility to its merchants to create their own market and sell any type of product they want. Shopify even features Amazon’s store integration and Bluetooth card reader for those merchants who own a physical store.

What’s special about the platform is that they don’t require any experience in coding or website development. It is very easy to use and comes with a lot of templates that you can choose from. 

You can also set up your shop during your Shop Free trial and start selling your products.

What more special is the Shopify Free Trial is that the platform lets merchants try their services for free during a limited trial period. This write-up will be a guide on how to navigate around the Shopify Free Trial and by the end of it, you’ll realize if this will be great for your business. 

What is Shopify Free Trial Period?

Free trials are made for the consumers to be more interested in the services of a particular product before they commit to spending money on it. This is an attractive idea because it gets the product out there and it’s a risk-free way of testing the product. If you don’t like the platform, then it is easy to walk away and not spend any money.

The platform confidently knows that their possible merchants will love their service and will be using it until the end. You wouldn’t be able to lose anything once you tried the Shopify Free Trial. 

Throughout the years that Shopify existed, they have offered a lot of diverse trials, promos, and coupons which can be confusing especially when you are outdated about it. There are also some ongoing on free trial claims that are completely false. Some businesses would claim that Shopify can extend the free trial and is available to those who signed up for it. However, upon looking into it, it is not true as upon signing up, they would be directed to their standard Shopify Free Trial.

How Does Shopify Free Trial Work?

Shopify offered three separate trial periods over the years, these were the 14, 30, and 60-day trials. Some had extending techniques anywhere from 7-15 days in total.  However, there is only one trial period that is officially listed on their site with a valid technique for extending the trial period. 

The platform doesn’t require any sort of credit card utilization during the free trial compared to other trials that require credit cards that can be intimidating to the owner as they charge the owner if they do not cancel before the trial ends. 

This is a great way for Shopify as it reduces the risks associated with using their platform as they want legitimate customers who will really use their platform compared to people who will forget and just cancel their free trial. 

What Can You Do During The Free Trial?

The Shopify free trial offered by the platform is to help the soon to be users explore the features, integration, and the possibilities of making money in eCommerce. 

There are a lot of success stories of sellers that made a hundred thousand dollars while using the free trial. So it is sure that this will help with selling even if its on free trial. 

Looking for a Shopify Free Trial? Look no further! Shopify platform was officially launched in 2006 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. The platform serves as a tool to create online ecommerce stores very quickly and with a high degree of flexibility.

The idea was born from a team of snowboarders who wanted to open a shop, but didn't like any of the existing ecommerce platforms on the market. That idea has since snowballed to become the world's most popular and successful platform to date.

Why Get A Shopify Free Trial?


There are now hundreds of thousands of online stores that rely on the Shopify platform for success. Those stores make tens of billions of dollars in sales collectively. Much of their success stems from the platform itself. Shopify's flexibility allows merchants in any country to create, market, and sell any type of goods they can imagine. It even features Amazon store integration as well as Bluetooth card reader for shop owners with a physical store.

One of the most significant aspects of Shopify is that it doesn't require any experience in coding or website development. The tool is straightforward to use and comes loaded with templates.

You can set up shop during your Shopify Free Trial and start selling your goods in a matter of minutes. Shopify has done for ecommerce sites what WordPress did for blog sites many years ago.

Another significant aspect of the Shopify Free Trial is that it lets shop owners test their service for free during a limited trial period. There are a few different trial periods available under different circumstances. The following guide will cover the three primary trial types that may be available at this moment.

What Is A Shopify Free Trial Period?

what is a shopify free trial

As with most free trials, the goal is to get the consumer interested in the service before they've committed to spending money. This is an enticing idea because it's a risk-free way of testing the product. If you don't like it, then you don't have to spend a dime.

Shopify is confident that shop owners will love their service and will stick around after the trial has ended. And there's no real loss to Shopify or the shop owner if they decide otherwise.

Shopify has offered a number of different trials, promos, and coupons over the year. This can lead to a great deal of confusion if you're reading a severely outdated article. There have also been some free trial claims that were entirely false.

Businesses would claim to have access to extended Shopify Free Trial and would make them available to subscribers. Unfortunately, upon subscription, they would be directed to the standard Shopify Free Trial.

What Shopify Trial Period Works?

what shopify trial works

Over the years, there have been three separate Shopify trial periods that have been confirmed to be legitimate. These were the 14, 30, and 60-day trials. There have also been some noted techniques for extending these trials anywhere from 7-to-15 days in total. Today, there is only one trial period officially listed on the Shopify site, and there is a valid technique for extending that trial period. The other three trial periods may return at some point for a special event or promotion.

These Shopify Free Trial periods do not require any sort of credit card to utilise. This is in contrast to many alternative trials that require credit cards and then charge the owner immediately if they do not cancel before the end of the trial.

This is just another way that Shopify reduces the risks associated with using their platform. They want legitimate customers who will fully utilize their system rather than people who simply forgot to cancel their free trial.

Shopify 14 Day Free Trial

Off the bat, the 14 day free trial is the only Shopify trial that exists. Any other link will either be outdated will require a credit card upfront!

Shopify 30 Day Free Trial

shopify 30 day free trial

Links for the 30 day trial period were not provided on the official Shopify website. Instead, they were used as a promotional tool with affiliate partners. Those partners provided the links to potential shop owners and would then make a small commission when that shop owner began paying for a full Shopify subscription. This trial period was very popular several years in the past but has since been severely limited in availability.

Shopify has been making a serious effort to reduce the number of 30-day trials available today. For the most part, they do not supply any new links to affiliate partners. Though, it is possible that there are still a few partners who have access to these extended trial periods. Finding them will require a lot of time and research. You will also want to verify that the trial is a full 30 days. Some people claim to have these links but still only provide links to the standard 14-day trial.

Shopify 45 Day Free Trial

The famous 45-day trial has been shrouded in mystery for many years. Its history began when a trusted Shopify partner claimed to have links to a 45-day trial. This may have been true at the time of his posting, but it no longer seems to be the case. During that time, 30-day and even 60-day trials were not uncommon, so it is possible that a 45-day trial was also available.

The same partner making the same claim is still visible to this day. Unfortunately, the link itself is no longer operational. It's safe to assume that this trial is no longer available and it likely won't be available again in the future. And whether it was ever honestly a legitimate trial is still debated today.

Shopify 60 Day Free Trial

shopify 60 day free trial

This trial falls into the same category as the 30-day trial. It was available as a unique promo link that was given to select affiliate partners. Using the link was the same as signing up for a trial with the use of a referral. After the trial ended and the shop owner began paying for service the affiliate partner would receive a commission.

These Shopify Free Trial were phased out before the 30-day trials began to phase out because they simply seemed too long for a trial period. It is highly unlikely that you will find a valid link for a 60-day trial any longer. You are advised to cautious if you do find one available.

What Can You Do During The Free Trial?

Now, we know that Shopify offers 14-days free trial to all of its new customers. But itís usually seen that new site owners aren't able to fully harness the power of this platform.

They usually make one big mistake, and that is they become way too lazy. The 14 days free trial offered by Shopify is to help you explore the features, integration, and the possibilities of making money in e-commerce and drop shipping.

There are so many success stories of sellers who made more than a hundred thousand dollars during their trial. So, if they can make so much money then why can't you make even a single sale during your Shopify Free Trial?

The answer is, you don't know how to optimize and manage your store correctly.

Here are three essential tips to help you properly optimize your Shopify stores.

Understand your niche and your customers.

There are so many different things to start your business on, but the question is, will you be able to generate revenue and more importantly profit from that business. So, it's imperative to understand the niche or the market before starting your online business on it. You have first to analyze the number of customers you can have and then what are the requirements.

Only when you are 100% sure that there is a significant proportion of people looking for the products in this niche, use or invest your time and money.

Add new products to your store

You won't be able to make any money unless you have products listed on your site. So, once you know your market your next step must be listing as many products as possible on your Shopify store.

If you don't know from where you will be able to get all these products from; visit Alibaba and look for the top 10 best-selling products. Get in contact with some trustworthy manufacturers who can make all these products.

Note: It will obviously take some time, and personally I will suggest you get this sorted before starting your online business.

Start uploading your product images and their descriptions from the very first day of the trial. This way you can stay assured that even if your site is getting just 10 visitors a day, they are not pressing that back button without looking into your offerings.

Search engine optimization is important

SEO is the only way to bring in niche specific, geo-targeted, buyer intent customers to your store, for FREE.

It's crucial for you as a seller to understand the basic SEO principles and the content quality requirements of Google. Google offers a free yet super-detailed guideline for webmasters. If you are new to SEO, understanding their guideline should be your first priority.

Today, Google is a search giant, and it accounts for 62% of global service. No other search engine comes even close to it. The second biggest search engine is YouTube which again is a company of Google. So, if you really want to get free, targeted visitors to your website, the only way to do so is to optimize your site and your sites content as per Googles guidelines.

Start investing your time and energy in SEO from the very beginning of your online journey to your greater success in the coming future.

What Shopify Trial Is Working Right Now?

The officially supported Shopify trial at the moment lasts for 14-days. Some customers have claimed that this trial can be extended by up to 7 days if you discuss it with customer support.

You may also be able to find a link for a 30-day trial from an older affiliate partner, but you'll need to be willing to put in the time to find it (if it even exists!), and in some cases, you even need to enter your credit card details.

Essential Tips To Help You Optimize Your Shopify Store

The first thing to think of before starting your eCommerce business is to know your niche and your customers. You need to analyze the number of customers that you will have and the requirements that come along with it. 

If you are sure if there a significant amount of people looking for the products you can proceed to invest your time and money in that niche. 

Next is introducing new products to your store. You need to research and look for best selling products and get in contact with a trustworthy manufacturer who can give you these. Then start uploading your products with their images and descriptions at the start of your free trial. This will take some time so be sure that you have sorted this out at the beginning.

Lastly, Search Engine Optimization is important as it is the only way to bring in niche-specific, geo-targeted, buyer intent customers to look into your store. It is critical for a seller to understand the basics of SEO as this will teach you how to really utilize the platform’s offering into your online store. It is also important to start investing your time in SEO from the beginning so you could know it by heart and help you on your journey to have a successful business in the future. 

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