Sales Funnel Stages

A sales funnel is an important part of an online business as this helps in order to convert website visitors into customers. If you don’t create one then you won’t make any money.

The goal of the sales funnel is to put a customer into a step by step process until they get to the last step of purchasing a product from your business. 

If you want to know what is a sales funnel, its importance and how to make your own, then stay tuned. In this post, I will talk about the different Sales Funnel Stages that you need to learn for your online business. 

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel is defined as a marketing concept that visualizes the journey of your customer’s when they make a purchase of your products. The model is like a funnel where it is widest at the top and narrowest as its bottom. 

This is also an analogy wherein at first you will have a big number of potential customers but it will break down and it will end up into a small fraction that will make a purchase. This signifies a process of commitment that a customer goes to one step to the next to purchase. 

If you look into a funnel you can see that it is connected and has three parts the top, middle and bottom. This can be structured as marketing steps on how you get customers from leads to winning a deal.

It is important that every business to have a sales funnel as this addresses a customer’s needs that will also help scale sales and makes sales and revenues. If you have clear-cut then it will do very good with your business.

Sales Funnel Stages

If you are planning to make a sales funnel for your business you need to be aware of how it works. Here are the 4 basic sales funnel stages namely awareness, interest, decision and action.


This is the first step of the funnel where people will learn about your product and service. The stage where they visit your site for the first time, they might find from different links, traffic, shared posts from social media, search engines or ads.


As they say every problem has a solution, nowadays everyone looks for solutions online and search it through google or any other search engines. 

There is some great interest whenever they type and click and this is when you come in and attracts them with your content and make them click your links. When a person takes interest in a certain product or service they will surely subscribe to your list that may lead to the next stage. 


During this stage, the lead is making a lot of thinking about the product and service that you offer. Usually what makes a product more reliable and enticing is when people talk about it, the lead is probably making their own research in what kind of plan is perfect. 

That is why it is important to have a good marketing strategy for this stage that will make them decide what to get in your business.  


The last stage of this funnel is the Action where a customer is sealing the deal to buy your product or service. The clicking of the purchase button, contract signing and transferring money to your bank account meaning your sales funnel is a success. 

This might be the last stage of the sales funnel but it doesn’t mean that it ends here. There are ways that you can make a customer comes back and go through your site again. 


You made a sell but it doesn’t end there and that is what happens in this stage. Since your customers are onboard already and have their information that you can make use of to keep them happy and at bay. You will be able to convert them to repeat customer, they could also be brand ambassadors as they could write it up to their blogs and talk about it to their youtube channels if they have one.

There are a lot of ways that you can make a repeat of customers possible with your marketing campaigns that will engage them.  You can email them, have follow-ups, have special offers and give out coupons. 

Content for Sales Funnels Stage

You already know what you need to know each stage is for and now you are highly interested in how to use content properly for your business. 

These are usually marketing campaigns that you need to come up with in order to make more customers. What you don’t know that specific marketing campaigns can be identified to a sale funnel stage that could make it perfect.

For Awareness, blogging for your products will surely be one good idea. It is a source of traffic for your site and good engagement because people will know about your product and can even share your content. Through blogs, you can also add links that will let them click and send it to another site for other promotions that could be related to your services. 

If you want to get the interest that is a second stage to you funnel, you should do leads generation as it will increase your email list. By having information about your potential customers will get you more sales because one of them might be interested in your services. Just by emailing them and making sure your presence is felt, then they will look into your site more. 

In making sure that your customers will make a decision in purchasing you need to add more fuel to the fire. The best way to do this is to make webinars and videos. This will not only help them decide, but this could also help them be motivated to use it well, especially if your business is an affiliate program. 

Final Thoughts

In order for a business to be successful, you have to learn everything you need to know to make it successful and to reach your goal. 

Learning about how a sales funnel work and knowing the different sales funnel stages, and the different things that you can add to it and model it to your business. This is essential and will make huge results and make you more money. 

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