10 Best Sales Funnel Builders: WE ROUND UP THE TOP CONTENDERS!

As an online marketer, you would want to develop your funnels for any type of activity that you may want to engage in. There are several software that you can use for the building of your funnels. This article discusses ten of the most effective that you may want to go for.

The best sales funnel builders are not only effective in online marketing as they have other uses too. They could also help you in your hosting activities such as the case when you want to host a webinar.

A sales funnel builder helps you keep your website visitors within your reach for a specific period. This helps to deal with those visitors that come to your website yet are not ready to purchase your business.

About 90% of your website guests peruse your website when they are not ready to make a purchase. Through the website however, they may want to provide useful information on how you could contact them, which they will give in exchange for valuable content you might offer.

Some of the best sales funnel builders you can choose to work with include:


Kartra comes across as one of the best effective funnel builders because of its features that are easy to use. It is a simple funnel builder that does not require a lot of complications before you get the best out of their functionalities.

It comes across as a funnel builder that has it all in one package as it makes the whole process of hosting and marketing of any online business to be quite an easy task. Some of its features include;

  • Provides funnel templates that you can just fill with your business’ details
  • Ability to host videos that you can use to campaign through your funnels
  • A helpdesk for technical support
  • The kartra calendar that helps you make bookings and plan your activities
  • Ability to develop membership sites for exclusively authorized members
  • An effective management tool that gives you ultimate control for assigning your affiliates, setting commissions, and managing the payouts for the affiliates. This also provides you with a way to monitor your business' affiliate program

However, Kartra is quite costly when the list of your business grows, and if you are just beginning.


This is arguably the most popular funnel builder you could get out there today. It offers functionalities that provide its users with the capability to develop quality landing pages, sales pages, and also develop webinars. Clickfunnels is designed to improve your knowledge when it comes to developing sales funnels, prospecting, and building an email list, or even closing on a sale.

Its features include;

  • Pre developed templates
  • Drag and drop software for developing sales funnels
  • Provides you with a way to manage your affiliates
  • Sharing of funnels is enabled
  • An inbuilt automation
  • A membership site for authorized personnel only

The major setback from ClickFunnels is that it requires an experienced user to get the best out of it.


This is a different type of sales funnel builder when compared to most on this list. Some of its features are;

  • An editor that works through a drag and drop feature
  • Ability to convert website pages created by this software into Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • You also get the benefit of working with sub-accounts and Dynamic text replacement

Convertri lacks several useful features such as automation, affiliate, or even a membership site.


Although a different type of sales funnel builder, ThriveCart has some of the qualities that can get this done in an advanced manner. It brings an excellent feature onto your sales funnel and the pages of your websites. Some of its features are;

  • You get a lifetime offer
  • Access to both upsells and downsells
  • An affiliate center for managing affiliates and their payouts
  • Ready built templates you can work with
  • An easy way to test whether A/B


This is a sales funnel builder that is a favorite because of its effective autoresponder qualities. Its features are;

  • Has an effective marketing tool
  • Quality page templates
  • An ecommerce store that lets you sell your products online
  • Provides adequate team management capabilities
  • It is an affordable sales funnel builder

The shortcoming of this sales funnel builder is that it does not have enough templates, lacks a tool for managing affiliates, and does not have a membership site.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is an assembly of useful tools and plugins that you can use for your WordPress account. The tools can help you develop pages, websites, and even host courses. You could also find them handy if you want to generate sales. Its features include;

  • Simple to work with
  • Ready built templates
  • A/B testing capabilities
  • Exclusive for WordPress


Leadpages comes across as one of the easiest to use funnel builders in this list. This is thanks to the drag and drop features and seamless customization ability you can work with. You could take advantage of this and develop some of the best landing pages and also generate more leads. Its features are;

  • Free templates at your disposal
  • Ability to create ads for Facebook
  • Pop up boxes for designing


Just like the best funnel builders in this list, this one strikes you as an all-in-one package. Builderall does not need any external software. Its features are;

  • Ability to develop apps
  • You can work with membership sites for specific members only
  • Ability to create useful videos
  • You can work with heatmaps and clickmaps


OptimizePress has been used to develop the best landing pages that are meant to improve the conversion rate of online platforms like websites. It also works to promote your offers to the audience you are exposed to. The features are;

  • You have page templates to work with
  • Membership sites for only invited members
  • Free photos you can work with


Just like ThriveCart, this is an effective shopping cart software. Its features are;

  • Readily built templates you can work with
  • Management of affiliates is provided

What To Look For In A Sales Funnel Builder?

The most effective sales funnel is one that should be able to provide you with solutions when it comes to making sales online. You should consider either of the following before you make your choice on which one to use;

  • Value for the amount and expenses you incurred for the sales funnel
  • Reliability of the sales funnel to perform
  • An all-in-one package that does not require you to get other software for other important functionalities
  • Technical software support that would be needed to get the best out of the software
  • Simplicity through a user-friendly interface yet it is highly effective
  • Automation that is designed within the sales software that provides optimal performance
  • Integrations and compatibility with other important software or devices
  • Pre-built pages on marketing
  • Extra features that provide the sales funnel builders with an edge over its competitors
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