Salehoo Review: Dropshipping Made Easy?

If you are considering selling online as a potential business for you like dropshipping, wholesale or any type of online selling then this Salehoo review will be an interest to you.

It is a knowledge that getting suppliers or manufacturers are a pain as it is hard to find one that you could honestly work with.  Here is my Salehoo review, I will talk about the features of this platform that will help your future business. 

What is Salehoo?

SaleHoo is an online selling tool that is responsible for giving a directory of suppliers and products for online sellers. It offers a community of manufacturers that you can work with to be able to sell products in your chosen niche.

This platform not only offers a huge directory because having just won’t do you any good. Because of that, it also offers a lot of training materials, a great community forum, and customer support. 

Let me tell you a bit about the background of this awesome platform here in my Salehoo review. This came into fruition in 2005 at Christchurch, New Zealand.  As a former online seller himself the co-founder Simon Slade put into mind that he needed to make something that will help businesses to find wholesalers easily. 

Today, Salehoo has more than 8,000 suppliers with recognizable products that you can use to sell to your customers. These numbers is the reason why it has booming paying members that benefits a lot because of the features that it offers. 

You may worry that since this company is based in New Zealand and might get tricky because of the distance but don’t worry about that because the suppliers are located in different parts of the country such as Australia, Canada, China, United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Why use Salehoo?

A lot are asking if Salehoo is legit. Yes, it is! 

This is a product sourcing platform that helps online sellers to find a legitimate source of suppliers. 

It will give an online business opportunity to find good products and makes it easier to communicate with suppliers who are willing to sell their products.

What makes this special is that they give training programs that will give you an edge, especially if you are in the online business because online selling is a competitive business. Salehoo gives you a lot of opportunities with its community that you can be a part of and it will make it a lot easier for you to get honest suppliers that is hard to find. 

Features of Salehoo

Wholesale Suppliers

This tool offers an extensive and variety of wholesale suppliers. In their listing of suppliers and products, it is stated the wholesale prices that they offer for branded brands and the likes. It is very efficient as you can tell their price ranges and can compare it to others that are potential will be your competition. You can also lookup if the product will give you a profit when you sell it. For using wholesalers you need to be very specific as you will be getting the products.

It is specifically designed for the member to easily select products with just a few clicks. You can set your specific locations where you want suppliers to be coming from and you may also view the minimum orders that they require for your products. 

Dropshipping Suppliers

Salehoo also offers suppliers if you want it for dropshipping. The suppliers are verified and assessed by the platform so it is trustworthy. It is advised that instead of going to a supplier directly because some suppliers out there can scam you and you’ll just lose money by transacting with them.

When you use the platform specifically for the dropship supplier you will see the following information like its contact information, product range, reviews as well as shipping specifications like where they ship and how they ship it. 


Salehoo has a very easy way to navigate and learn the dashboard. It presents everything you need on the platform as it is all integrated. 

Your transactions with the suppliers that you worked with will be saved and you can store and saved the suppliers that you want to work with. This is efficient as you can easily look it up wand not search them again in the array of suppliers that they have. 

Market Research

It is quite difficult to find a niche that isn’t infiltrated already with a lot of competitors. It is why Salehoo has found a solution to help businesses find what products to sell that have little competition. They use sell rate and competition data, this is to help you stand out and have unique products to sell. 

Also, you will be able to view monthly sales report that has seasonal trends that your competitors won’t be able to see unless they save Salehoo too.

Training and Support

What is nice about Salehoo is that they just don’t offer you a platform, but they also give you good training and support if you avail their platform. 

They have amazing customer support where you can reach via live chat, telephone, and email. Their customer support can also help find products for you. 

For some training that will strengthen your business and offers guides such as the 50 step-by-step guides and videos as well as guides on selling in different marketplaces. 

Salehoo Pricing

Salehoo costs $67 for a year’s worth of membership. It includes daily updated suppliers, full access to private forums, custom-built market research and analysis tool, step by step guides for an online business and full email and chats support. 

What I like about Salehoo

  • Great customer support
  • A lot of suppliers to choose from
  • It has training for members
  • No hidden charges and can get your money back
  • Has access to market research

What I don’t like about Salehoo

  • Amounts of products can be overwhelming
  • Profit margins for marketplace

Final Thoughts

If you are starting an online business and wanted to sell products, Salehoo is great to start with. It offers a lot of things like verified suppliers, training and market research. These features will greatly benefit your business and help you especially if you don’t want to lose money and time by finding suppliers manually via search engines.

I must say that this is a good platform and is worth your money. I do hope that my Salehoo review helps you in deciding if this platform is worth your while. 

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