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Podia is a platform, or rather digital home, for entrepreneurs that would like to sell memberships, digital downloads, online courses and any type of similar options that they would get from the platform. It enables users create a site for any of the above functionalities and eliminates all the clutter that comes with traditional e-commerce.

On your first encounter with Podia, you realize that it has a clear interface that enables you design an interface quite easily and effectively. This makes it an ideal option for entrepreneurs who are just beginning and do not have a lot of knowhow on how to make their way through such platforms.

It is also a great idea if you have limited resources and would want to try it out first before venturing into it wholly.  This is because the price is pocket friendly. You are also highly likely to have a great experience with Podia because of its easy to use features that turn out to be quite effective. You can format your website easily and are able to design one which is elegant by using simple but effective web design tools.

Most designers and creators want to deal with a platform that is quite effective and easy to use. That is why they prefer Podia as it is designed with features that are quite effective and efficient. Quality results are also ensured when you want to design an online course, membership sites and even digital downloads.

Features of Podia

There are four main features of Podia, and they are;

  • Online courses
  • Memberships
  • Digital downloads
  • Email marketing

Membership sites

This is a feature that enables you build a site that is capable of bringing all members on bboard. You are capable of designing and offering numerous plans with varying pricing levels, content and even perks. As an entrepreneur, this feature gives you the ability of communicating with your members through emails and   even using media such as images, videos and audio updates.

In the membership package, you also get bundling products which support either digital downloads as well as online courses.

The good thing with Podia is that you do not need to be good in coding in order to design an elegant membership site. You are also able to work with a variety of file formats when you want to upload them. These include video, MP3, text, PSD and even PDF.

The membership content site is organized in such a way that communication is done effectively. There are no barriers in the process even when a member would like to pass a message across to the admins. Peer to peer communication is also enabled through a smooth process.

Online courses

In this feature you get all the elements that are required to create any type of online course. Its seamless styles enable you build an unsurpassed online course that is intuitive for any type of user. You will also be able to host unlimited files and can have any type of payment plan that you wish to work with, quizzes, drip content, upsells and any other element you might need.

Podia works for you if you are the type of creator that would like to design something unique.  This will enable you improve your online sells remarkably. The elements in Podia enable you design, market and sell your online courses.

You have the following elements at your disposal;

  • An online course builder
  • The storefront
  • Sales pages
  • Email capture and email marketing tools
  • Live chats
  • You can sell tools ice coupons, upsells and affiliates
  • Quizzes and comments for student engagements
  • An efficient payment collection method
  • Ability to manage the students

Digital downloads

This feature gives you the ability to download almost anything; from eBooks to even music files. You can also distribute checklists, eBooks, videos, audio and even cheat sheets.

With Podia, you get a checkout that is quite effective when compared to what you get from rival applications. This is because it is optimized to increase the conversion rates. Your buyers also do not have to struggle through the account creation process as accounts are not mandatory in the checkout process.

You also get a complimentary sales page that makes marketing and sales quite easy. Through this you can include a video, FAQ or even an email opt-in form. You also get one feature that gives you the ability of selling digital downloads or even just giving them at no charge at all.

Email marketing

This feature is well-integrated in the other features; online courses, membership sites and digital downloads. This helps when you want to communicate through emails with your audience; whether students or any type of members depending on the type of business you are dealing with.

In this feature you can track your audience using click rates, open rates and even unsubscribe rates. You can also send out drip campaigns through emails in an automated manner. You also have email newsletters at your disposal that help you develop content and increase the level of engagement of your audience.

Podia Pricing

With Podia you are provided with a 30-day free trial period where you will not be asked for your credit card details. This helps when you just want to try it out and compare it with other types of rival platforms.

Secondly, if within the first five days of the 30-day trial, you upgrade to an actual plan, you will be offered a 15% lifetime discount.

Podia provides a discount on the basis of how payments are made. You will realize that if you make payments on a yearly basis, you get to pay less than had you paid for it on a monthly payment basis.

Podia does a recommendable job giving you value for your money by enabling you have at your disposal quality features that although are simple and easy to use guarantee quality end results. You can choose from two plans when it comes to Podia, unlike some plans that are rather complicated offering numerous plans that are difficult to comprehend, these are;

  • The Mover Plan; you get to pay $33 each month and get to use each Podia feature together with the drip course content
  • The Shaker Plan; you get to use all basic Podia features, advanced traffic, on boarding, migration assistance and other advanced features for only $67 per month

As seen above the payment plans that come with Podia are straightforward and direct just as the elements that you get with Podia.

You will realize that for any of the above plans, you get;

  • No charges on transaction fees
  • Email newsletters that are used to send out emails, both manual and automated
  • No limit on the course you include
  • No limit on the number of digital downloads
  • Drip email content
  • Customer tracking
  • A high-conversion checkout page
  • Pay-outs that are connected to your bank easily
  • Tools for data exporting
  • A plan for payment protection
  • A custom domain that helps to sell products from your website

Templates and Design

The templates in Podia are designed to enable you build a well-customized checkout, sales page, membership pages and course pages. You should be able to have your way with these templates as they are designed to be easy and simple to use.

You get an already organized user content and you can work with present user templates that are attractive an elegant altogether. The templates here are ideal if you are either a beginner or established in this field.


Podia provides users with a 14 day trial period where they can try out its features for free. This enables them get used to the features and how to manipulate its elements before they start paying for it. However, rarely would one complain that Podia is difficult to use.

The user experience with Podia is developed to be an excellent one since it is designed to bbe easy to use. This is the case for any level of users, either beginners, intermediates and even experts. Each and every element is simply straightforward and enables you work with Podia quite effectively.

You can get quality hosting when it comes to Podia. The dashboard you have to use in Podia is also designed to be interesting to deal with. The elements within are easy to use and are easily understood hence giving you an easy time when designing a website. For instance, it is so direct that when you want to begin making an online course, you just click the online Course button.

Most of the features are on the first pages, so you do not have to go over the pages perusing for a feature that you would like to use. The most used tabs of sales pages, settings and sales are also clearly exposed. You can also observe statistics such as the number of sales done and even look at your website by clicking on the preview button.

What Courses Can You Create With Podia?

You will realize that podia provides a solution for creating any type of online course that you may want to design. Its features enable users to accomplish this as it smoothens the whole process of designing an online course with its straightforward features.

Its ability to create courses that are suitable for any type of business and which fit well for all customer needs, can support any type of file and allows for limited content hosting. The following are the types of online courses that you can design well using Podia;

A single course

Podia gives you the ability of creating your online courses and adding any type of content you might want to upload. You can upload content such as text, images, videos, audio, MP3, quizzes and even PDF files.

Drip courses

This enables you deliver content to your students as time goes by.  Some courses have to be delivered one section at a time, and Podia allows for this by giving you the capability of delivering content to your student’s piece after piece. This can be done at once, you upload the content and specify the delivery time or procedure and it will be done as you wish by using the features of Podia.

Bundle of courses

This is when you are dealing with more than one course and would want them bundled as one.  This is seen for advanced courses or courses where you would want to offer as a complete learning option for the students you are dealing with.

Pre-sell courses

This is for the case that you have a curious set of audience that can’t just wait for the launch of the course before they access it.  using this feature, Podia allows you to pre-sell courses effectively before they are officially available for the audience at large. Some courses will require students to go ahead of the schedule if they are comfortable and you can get this from Podia.

Pre-launch courses

This is used to test a certain type of course before it is available out there. You can use this opportunity to test the course on potential customers and get their feedback on the course. Thereafter, you can use this information to design a course that will be suitable for the larger part of the audience. This is some sort of pilot run that enables you sell effectively without failing in your selling strategy.

Who Is Podia For?

Podia is a digital home for a variety of creators; all of whom are quite different in how they perceive creating membership and online courses sites.

For instance, a set of creators love Podia for its user-friendly interface while some go for its effective and unlimited elements.

Some creators would want to create an attractive site that goes with the reputation of their business brands. This they might want to accomplish without having to deal with a platform that offers complex mechanism before they get this done. this makes Podia an ideal option to achieve this.

Some creators would want to create a thorough professional site that will suit their audience which is mainly comprised of professionals like teachers or even lawyers. This they may want to achieve without having to go through the headache of dealing with hosting, coding in programming languages and the technical part that comes with most rival platforms.

Podia also comes through with creators that would love to deal with the technical part of creating an online course. Such people are enthusiastic about coding and dealing with other technical bits of such platforms.

Then there are creators who do not have a lot of resources at their disposal. Before Podia, such creators would not be able to make enough sales as most rival platforms do not charge pocket friendly prices when you use them for this function. However, with Podia you get an affordable option that has payment plans that will suit you even on a tight budget. Podia comes through as it does not also charge transaction fees when you make payments on the set out plans.

All in all, if you just want quality results directly without beating around the bush in the platform then Podia has got your back. This is because its features are straightforward, simple to understand and easy to use even as they offer quality end results. This is unlike most platforms that require you to master coding languages to create an online course that is valuable.

Finally, there are those creators who are attracted to Podia because of its seamless features that enable you accomplish quite a lot with just a simple set of steps.  This is because of the availability of effective tools in Podia that enable it perform unlimited functions. This enables users make limitless sales using the available features and elements that Podia has to offer.

The design options at your disposal in Podia

Podia provides you with a number of design options that will enable you create a fully customized online course like no other. This is made possible with its seamless features and elements that are not only easy to use but are also highly effective. Customization can be done on the storefront and pages of sales. This helps when you want to create pages that match with your brands theme and nature.

The following elements can enable you achieve a customized platform for your brand;

  • You can add unlimited media on the sales pages of the platform. Videos and images enable you pass the information to the user on the other end of what to expect when they deal with your brand. The media, images and videos, should be native in that it shows the nature of your brand.
  • You can add logos on the sales pages of your platform that define your brand. The Podia platform you are working with can be designed with your brands traditional colours so that clients get fond of the theme of your type of business
  • You can also get to deal with live previews. This helps when you want to test how your effort is perceived by the user on the other end. In normal designing, creators are just going through a series of trial and error stuff. Live previews give you the real-time image of how your work is perceived by the clients and students on the other side.
  • The layout in Podia is so flexible that you have maximum control of how you want things to look like. This enables you design a highly customized platform quite easily using the elements in Podia.
  • Podia has the capability of designing online courses that will be suitable for use in any type of device. the students will have an easy time whether they want to use Podia on a desktop, smartphone or even a tablet.

How to market your online courses to your audience?

Podia give you the ability of popularizing your online classes without the need of other platforms to accomplish this. This helps avoid extra charges when it comes to marketing. The following elements of Podia enable effective marketing to the audience;

  • Pre-launch courses allow you test your idea of an online courses to perspective students before actually launching it. you can then receive feedback through emails that will enable you improve it. in this way, a large section of the audience will be aware of your online course and you will be able to invest your time and effort on an online course that will be profitable
  • Email marketing enables you maintain a peer-to-peer relationship with your target audience. In this way you can effectively send newsletters and drip campaigns to the students and also keep track of the performance of your creation at all of the steps of the way.
  • Free lead magnets enable you attract a good number of clients. This is done by you uploading free content and then building a following that will on one occasion buy into your online courses.
  • Pre-sell courses are an idea that lets you get paid for an online course even before you complete creating it. this is a great way of getting to realize the response from your potential students so that you can plan on how to design your platform better.
  • Affiliates might just come through for your marketing processes. Affiliates are a good idea when it comes to marketing as you will be increasing your area of influence by working with them. You can offer the commission for every new client, customer or student that they bring on board. Most of them are resourceful and can gather a significant number of students that will enable you realize profit for your efforts.
  • Being keen on the feedback from the students and the customers enable you be popular to audience as they feel they are part of the system.  This is a form of interactive action that brings all parties on board effectively well.

The above tips help you attract a significant enough following for your online classes, some of which may come even before you complete the creation of the online classes. This is an ideal step if you want to realize success as the audience is what is most important and maintaining them is ideal if you want to have a fruitful experience with Podia and when you are creating your online courses.

Why Podia would come through for you

There are a number of options to go for if you are seeking a good one to sell your online courses, digital downloads and membership sites too. Podia might just be on top of this list because of the following features;

Podia is a great option if you want to work with a simple application that gets the job done effectively without you having to put in a lot of effort and time. This is because most other competing applications are complex. This activity does not have to be a complicated one especially when you want to pass information across effectively.

Podia is a platform that is designed to be straightforward and intuitive. There are not a lot of functionalities that need to be performed through mastering of codes of programming languages. These limit the level of your sales and can also be destructing altogether.

Secondly, you will realize that Podia is quite affordable as compared to most of its competitors like Clickfunnels. This makes it an ideal option to go for if you do not have a lot of resources at your disposal. Its affordability enables you save and use the resources for other activities. Most other platforms will charge you extra fee if you are successful in your efforts. There are also no hidden costs when it comes to Podia.

If you have other business tools like Google analytics, social media platforms, Convert Kit or even Mailchimp then you do not have to worry about connecting them with Podia. This is because Podia enables them to function together without any major hitches. The mechanism in Podia supports the integration of these tools and enable you run your online business quite easily.

With Podia, you are guaranteed a wonderful user experience as every functionality is designed to smoothen the time of a user. This is achieved with its effective rapid processes that are designed for online courses, digital downloads and membership sites.

With Podia, you have at your exposure, personal support from real users. This is availed to you at any time and any day of the month. Unlike with competitors who make use of boots and an automated system to offer you the support and advice you need; Podia connects you with actual people. These people are able to offer you support and even share with you their experience with Podia on real time basis. This helps when you are stranded and have no idea about what to do.

Podia is one platform that offers variety of features and functionalities in one platform. It is designed as an all-in-one house as it provides features such as what you need to build and host your products, manage your email marketing, observe payments being done and whatever you need to manage your online customers and clients. This makes it easier for all users as they are able to manage all these features easily under one roof.

Podia is designed to support numerous languages that are used around the globe. So as a creator you should not be worried about reaching out to your clients who speak either French, German, Dutch and other languages. Podia also deals with 22 different currencies that are popular around the world markets. The good thing is that Podia is working on integrating several other languages and currencies so that more and more creators will feel at home when working with Podia.

There is no such thing as limits on the content, number of customers or quantity of sales when it comes to Podia. With podia, you get unlimited amounts of the above so you can enjoy dealing with as much products as you want. You can also have unlimited number of students for the online courses, customers, content uploaded, emails and sales. Podia also includes quizzes that are an interactive way of testing the level of understanding of the students in the online courses.

Podia offers a secure platform as the details of each and every one of your clients is protected. This is in the case where the client or customer makes a payment through online means such as through a credit card. Their information can get into the wrong hands of hackers who can then use this information to manipulate them financially. You also get a secure way in which your clients can make payments for the products they are purchasing and all the information and details about these transactions are recorded.

Podia is also a suitable platform that will work for both creators on one end and students on the other end. This is because the creators will be able to enjoy a user friendly interface while students will cherish working with a simple platform that is not so challenging like most other rival platforms.

Podia has the ability of designing online courses and membership sites that will suit any type of device that they are used in. the platform will be suitable for use on any device whether a desktop, smartphone or even tablets. This is because of its flexible nature that makes it sync well with all the devices thus making it popular for use by any type of client, customer or student.

Podia has the ability of providing you with a digital home rather than just a basic platform. This is ideal for those entrepreneurs who are more than that, those who would like to be creators. Podia provides them with usability that is effective in making them realize their dreams in easy steps through its design as a digital home.

How to earn as much as possible from Podia

It takes a little but strategy and effort to make a significant margin from Podia. This is unlike most other platforms that will require you to put too much effort and a lot of work. The following tips will enable you get as much as you can from Podia;

  1. Accept payment made through online means

When clients opt to pay through online platforms, you should accept and encourage the same.  This is through PayPal and other types of credit card payments. This will also come in handy when you need the customer’s payment details and in future purchases needs

  1. High-converting checkout

The checkout in Podia is designed to be quite simple and fast. This ensures that you are dealing with an efficient checkout. It therefore allows the students to pay for online courses through making few clicks.

  1.  Embeds

This streamlines the whole payment process and makes it an easy experience for the students when they want to purchase an online course. You can design your website and embed a “purchase” button.

  1. Payment plans

You should design your payment plans so that you do not inconvenience your customers. One way is allowing them to pay through set out instalments rather than paying a wholesome amount at once. This gives them time to plan for the payment even as the courses resume. You will realize that this will attract more students as they are probably paying for more than one course in a year.

  1. coupons

coupons attract customers as it gives them desire to buy as they get discounts for valid coupons. The coupons you give can undergo customization and have time and usability limits.

  1. Bundle products

This tip enables you attract clients who would like to pursue several online courses at once. Therefore, bundled products will be ideal for this sort of online clients. This will work for products that appear to be similar in nature and that can fit in one bundle.

  1. No transaction fees charged

Unlike most of its rivals, Podia does not charge transaction fees on the creators. In this case you are able to save more as you will not be charged for the payments being made on this platform.

  1. Instant pay-outs

When you request for your money from Podia, you will receive it as quickly as possible. with Podia you will not have your patience tested through long waiting times as the payments are made instantly on request.

  1. Investing on affiliates

Affiliates are required to make your business popular by spreading the gospel. They therefore help you to win the hearts of clients and customers and widening your profit margin. You can motivate them by offering them commissions for each and every client they direct to your online course.

  1. Cross-sell products

This is achieved by examining the products that mostly appeal to the clients. You can use this information to design similar products as they are more than likely to appeal to them in future.

  1. 1-click upsells

You can offer upsells, such an extra product, for each and every product that a client or customer purchases.

As seen from the above, Podia is a platform that is defined in a way that users or rather the creators are able to reap maximum profits for their efforts. This is due to the fact that there are no charges made on any transactions performed in the platform. The payments are done through a secure network that prevents issues like fraud and similar ones. The details of every customer that goes through your online course are also stored in a protected part of your dashboard on Podia.

The tools in Podia are also designed to maximise the level of sales that one can make. You are also given the opportunity to offer coupons, course bundles and even upsell offers. In Podia, you can also hire affiliates from among your clients and customers who will enable your platform get popular with time.

Does Podia Intergrate With Other Tools?

You might be wondering how tough is it to integrate your activities in Podia with your other business applications like Google analytics or even Convert Kit. This is not a big problem as Podia is a platform that makes this possible as it is deigned to integrate quite easily with other tools and even social media platforms. this comes in handy when you want an easy time connecting the functionalities of either of these with Podia.

Conclusion: Podia Review

A great ecommerce platform that combines simple and direct user interface with quality results. It is a one-of-a-kind platform that goes the extra mile to work out for all types of users. It also has the ability to appeal to both users on either ends; the entrepreneur and his audience on the other side. It also does a recommendable job of offering users with an all under one roof platform.

Podia provides users with an option for creating online courses, digital downloads, email marketing and membership sites that is simple from most of its rivals. As discussed above it has a simple usability   that makes it ideal for user who are just beginning. It is also recommended if you simply want to try it out before making any payments; from its one-month free trial program. Its payment plans are also designed to be simple and have the ability of fitting both types of user; those who want a simple platform to use and those who want to exploit advanced settings.

Although Podia is quite cheap than most of its competitors, it guarantees quality results when used. This is because effectiveness is a key component in Podia that makes it top the list of applications that offer such services. Podia is ideal for you if you want to deal with a platform that is comprehensive and also direct, so you can choose it if you want to work with one of the best in the business.

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