URL Shortening Game: Pixelfy.me vs URLGenius

A Complete Side-by-side Comparison on Who has been Changing the Game Completely!It can be a hassle to choose from the various URL Shorteners available online. I did a lot of digging and have narrowed it down to 2 best URL shortening service providers: Pixelfy.me and URLGenius. Although both are best at what they do, there still are some pros and cons to consider. To save you some trouble, this complete guide will teach you all there is to know about URL Shorteners along with a side-by-side comparison of Pixelfy and URLGenius.Let’s get started!

What is a URL Shortener and What is it used for? 


URL shorteners go by many names like link shorteners, link shrinkers, link compressors, etc. They all serve the same purpose: turn a regular, long URL into a shorter URL. There are many reasons to use a URL shortener. For starters, long URLs are aesthetically unpleasing. Sellers shorten URLs for advertisement purposes. Long URLs can only be copied and pasted, not written down on printed media. Most importantly, they look really unfriendly on social media ads and make their text unnecessarily lengthy. This can even result in lower click-through rates for your ad!Now-a-days, there are several URL shorteners available online but not every option is reliable. Some of the best URL shorteners now also provide other useful services like deep linking, tracking, etc. It can be a hassle to choose from the various options available online. However, to save you the trouble, I did a lot of digging and have narrowed it down to 2 URL shortening service providers: Pixelfy.me and URLGenius. Although both are best at what they do, there still are some pros and cons to consider. Let me first explain how they both work individually:

What is Pixelfy?


Pixelfy is also a URL shortener but it is much more than just that.Pixelfy can generate 12 different kinds of links, each serving a different purpose. Pixelfy also provides deep linking services, but their speciality lies in embedding a retargeting pixel into each link that you shorten. A retargeting pixel turns your link into a tracking link. This allows you to collect data of every single person who clicks on your link. You can later use this data for a number of purposes like analysis, remarketing or retargeting, hyper-targeted remarketing, etc. through various social media channels. Generating very specific URLs like this is especially beneficial for Amazon sellers as it helps them with keyword ranking!

What is URLGenius?


URLGenius basically provides deep linking services alongwith being a URL shortener. Deep links are used to point to specific content within an app. With a regular link, the clicker is directed to the destination on a web browser even if they have the app installed. On the other hand, a deep link takes the clicker to the right destination within the app – if they have it installed. If the user does not have the app on their phone, this link would either take them to the App Store/Play Store or another landing page that displays some message.Being a deep link generator, URLGenius is mostly used for mobile apps. They generate links for all sorts of apps from social media apps to brand apps and even your own app.

Which is More Beneficial? – Pixelfy.me vs URLGenius

Now that you have a basic idea of what Pixelfy and URLGenius are and how they work, let me take you through a side-by-side comparison of both these URL shorteners.

Deep Links vs Tracking Links

Let’s start by first comparing the expertise of both platforms.URLGenius composes deep links while Pixelfy generates tracking links. Deep links serve the sole purpose of improving the user experience of someone who might be reaching your site on their mobile phone. They do not collect the clicker’s data in any form, so they cannot be used for retargeting purposes.On the other hand, tracking links serve the purpose of collecting the clickers’ data. The retargeting pixel embedded in these links lets you pixel your customers. This is a highly valuable tool for anyone who is trying to generate traffic or sharing links to potential buyers.

Amazon Tracking – Learning about Your Audience


Let’s discuss the advantages of tracking links in detail, especially for Amazon sellers.Like I mentioned earlier, tracking links collect data that can be used for a number of different purposes. This data is obviously useful for all sellers, but it is especially beneficial for sellers on Amazon. Here’s why: Amazon is undoubtedly the most widely trusted ecommerce platform around the world. Amazon’s massive, loyal customer-base makes it the best platform to sell your products on. However, like other ecommerce sites, Amazon is also mostly customer-oriented.What this means is that Amazon makes customer satisfaction their #1 priority and does everything possible to protect their customers’ privacy. This, however, makes things a bit difficult for sellers.Amazon sellers do not get any data about their buyers that may be used for remarketing purposes. They cannot even contact their buyers in any way as Amazon does not even disclose the buyers’ email addresses to sellers!This is where tracking links come in. These links enable Amazon sellers to keep track of who is viewing their products, learn which group of people are interested in their business, who their audiences are, where does their audience reside, and much more!



Tracking links create a whole new world of opportunities for sellers – especially in terms of marketing – and the best thing you can do with a tracking link is retargeting.Retargeting ads can be shown on Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and basically anywhere you want. The main difference between retargeting ads and regular ads is that the former targets warmer audiences while the latter targets colder audiences.While retargeting, you are reaching out to people who have already interacted with your brand in the past. They are thus already familiar with your brand and may have even made a purchase in the past. This is why it is easy to grasp their attention again.On the other hand, regular ads target audiences that you hope would be interested in your business. These people would most likely have zero awareness of your brand and would thus be reluctant to make a purchase. Pixel-embedded links make retargeting a whole lot easier by facilitating personalization of ads and providing useful demographic information related to customers.



Now, let’s see what Pixelfy has to offer. They have 5 pricing plans:

  • Starter – $3.99 user/monthIn this plan, you will get 1 retargeting pixel, up to 500 clicks/month, unlimited tracking links and unlimited analytics.
  • Essential – $9.99 user/monthThis plan includes up to 5000 clicks/month, A/B Test Rotator, unlimited retargeting pixels, custom URLs, Amazon URLs, shortened links and analytics. 
  • Professional – $19.99 user/monthThis is Pixelfy’s most popular pricing plan. It also offers unlimited retargeting pixels, tracking links and analytics, in addition to up to 20000 clicks/month and unlimited Super URLs for Amazon sellers. 
  • Business – $49.99 user/monthIn addition to unlimited retargeting pixels, tracking links, analytics, and super URLs, this plan also comes with unlimited branded subdomain URLs and up to 150,000 clicks/month.
  • Enterprise – $99.99 user/monthPixelfy’s most advanced pricing plan offers up to 500,000 clicks/month along with all the features included in their Business plan.

Further details are available on Pixelfy’s website.

URLGenius offers three pricing plans:

  • Basic – $0/monthThis free plan comes with all basic-level deep linking services like customizable link names, conditional routing for different types of devices, adjustable fallbacks, etc. However, the total number of clicks is limited i.e. 1000. 
  • Pro – $0.01/clickThis plan comes with an unlimited number of clicks because you would be billed monthly at the rate of $0.01 per click.  Along with all the features available in the Basic plan, the Pro plan also includes more features like automatic QR codes, geo-routing controls, optional landing pages, and much more.
  • EnterpriseThis is URLGenius’ most advanced pricing plan that includes every feature they have to offer – from basic to professional level. It comes with automated link creation services, programmatic generation of personalized links/QR Codes, and much more. The exact pricing details are decided based on your specific needs and demands.

For more details about their pricing plans, click here.

Final Verdict – Which One to Use For Your Amazon Business?

Now that you know everything you need to make a choice, let’s reach upon a final verdict.URLGenius are best at what they do: Deep Links. Their pricing plans are also quite reasonable according to the services included and their $0 basic plan is perfect for someone only looking to generate a deep link for their app.However, URLGenius does not offer any sort of tracking services – even in their enterprise plan. You do get amazing deep linking services but not any data on the clickers. On the other hand, Pixefy is more of an all-in-one solution. They also offer deep links but their retargeting pixel is what makes them unique among other URL Shorteners. As mentioned above, Pixelfy greatly facilitates retargeting campaigns in addition to being a URL shortener. So, it is safe to say that if you’re an Amazon seller, Pixelfy is undoubtedly the better option here. Pixelfy is the only URL shortener that offers a wide range of Super URLs for Amazon sellers to achieve very specific outcomes. Super URLs work by embedding keywords so that Amazon attributes sales against the targeted keywords. These URLs help you generate external traffic, improve conversion rates and keyword ranking, boost Amazon’s A9 algorithm and much more!

Wrapping it Up

Amazon sellers are always on the lookout for new tools and strategies to get ahead of competitors. Pixelfy is definitely a valuable tool for any Amazon seller who wants to generate traffic to their listings, and build a strong brand image on social media as well. It is an all-in-one software that takes care of a number of seller needs – especially in terms of marketing.Pixelfy gives great value for money in their packages but if you’re sure that deep linking is literally all you need then I’d recommend URLGenius over Pixelfy. However, it’s unlikely that any seller would want to miss out on an all-rounder service like Pixelfy. Think we missed something out? Let us know in the comments section. Happy selling!

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