OptinMonster Review: Should You Trust Your Leads With It?

In a digital marketing world, it is essential that you stay connected with its subscribers and always communicate with them so you won’t lose touch. That is why the most reliable avenue to connect and make your customers more valuable is email marketing. This is the best way to connect compared to using the traditional emailing way.

The most important thing about email marketing is building your email list, this is important to make your marketing campaign successful. Having a great email marketing would make sending emails a breeze. 

So, let me introduce to you one of the best lead-generation plugins that works with WordPress. You will learn more about this plug-in wth my OptinMonster Review. 

What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a lead generation plug-in that helps you with your email marketing, such as growing your email list. They offer a lot of features that will have a great benefit to your business. 

This software was created in 2003 and was the idea of Syed Balkhi the founder of WPBeginner and made the lead generation process progress to the next level.

Why use OptinMonster?

This plugin works best with WordPress and specially made for it but can work with almost all types of sites.  It comes with a lot of features and tools that will make your subscribers more engaged and won’t have the idea of abandoning your site.

The plugin has a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible even though you don’t have any programming background. They also have drag and drop form editor that will make creating opt-in forms easier and better. Aside from that. You don’t have to worry about making your template from scratch as it has a great selection of pre-designed email templates.

With all of the features of OptinMonster, I’m sure this will make your site a whole lot better.

Features of OptinMonster

OptinMonster Interface

OptinMonster has one of the easiest interfaces out there and also has an attractive one. It has a speedy and you can see everything is summed up in their interface page that you don’t have to worry about its overall response. 

The interface also adapts well as its goal for the customers is to help them save time and have fun using their pages. One unique feature of their interface is that it is suitable for mobile and you can make great pages that can be viewed via mobile.

Opt-in Types

OptinMonster offers a lot of opt-in form types to help increase visitor’s exposure and they could also be part to build up your mailing list. One thing special about this opt-in form that you may place in different locations on your website. 

The different opt-in forms that you can create are pop-ups that can be triggered by time delay, full screen that works great to bring attention, slide in which is a more stylish kind of pop-ups, floating bar that is locked in place of a screen and inline that gets the attention of your website visitors that will lead them not leaving the page and join your list.

Opt-in Layouts

It isn’t easy to start everything from scratch that’s why OptinMonster decided to offer premade templates to make your life easier especially if you are new to the email marketing business. They offer a lot of pre-made templates to choose from and you can even customize it to your liking. It is also easy to customize the templates you may adjust fonts, change its colors and a lot more!

Exit-Intent Technology

This feature will an opt-in form boost your conversion by 200% or more by detecting the user’s mouse behavior and will show them a targeted message when they are about to leave.

This is a technology that will find out if a visitor to your site will leave and with this trigger you will be able to make more engagement by sending them messages that make them come back and visit your site again. 

A/B Split Testing

OptinMonster offers A/B split test that helps to improve the effectivity of the opt-ins that you made by comparing it to another. By testing this you will be able to see which one performs better that you will use for your page. With the use of this test, it will greatly impact your campaigns and possibly increase your traffic. 

Aside from these features, OptinMonster also has a special feature called Display rules engine which offered detailed triggering and display rules which makes it stand out compared to other opt-ins tools out there. 

Lastly, since the OptinMonster is cloud-based and Saas product. You need to know, while integrating it to WordPress you may add custom code to your site or install OptinMonster itself to your admin panel. 

OptinMonster Pricing

OptinMonster has 4 price points that you can purchase. As of today, they lowered their price points that make it more affordable for you to purchase.


OptinMonster’s Basic plan costs $9 per month that is billed annually. This has essential tools that will give you more leads from your existing traffic


OptinMonster’s Plus plan costs $19 per month that is billed annually. This is great for growing business and wants to level it up more. 


OptinMonster’s Pro plan costs $29 per month that is billed annually. The most popular as it has everything you need with great results. 


OptinMonster’s Growth plan costs $49 per month that is billed annually. This has all the tools that you need for your ever growing business. 

Final Verdict: OptinMonster Review

OptinMonster is a great and powerful stand-alone plugin when it comes to lead generation. I must say it has all the necessary features that will make your email marketing effective and reliable. It maybe a stand-alone but it is not alone when it comes to generating more leads, making your site incredible and can deliver results. It is also assured that using this won’t make your site slow down compared to others that instead of giving you satisfying results will give you the one that you are expecting for. 

This is a topnotch quality tool that may be the answer to all your email marketing needs. If you are looking for an awesome email marketing tool, that can easily be integrated into your WordPress among others, then this is the right one for you. You also want to grab the opportunity that they lowered their prices as this won’t give you anymore excuse to choose other tools out there. 

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