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Monstercam: What is a Monstercam inspection? An inspection best camera monstercam, also known as a borescope, is a device that functions similarly to a camera, a microscope, or a telescope in that it allows you to see places that are too rough, too far away, or altogether out of reach.

A black-and-white or color inspection camera with a detachable display for remote viewing that attaches to a flexible shaft with a camera at the end. The camera often contains several LEDs to illuminate the work area. On the inspection camera screen, you can see what the camera “sees” after the cam shaft has been adjusted into position..

Why you need monstercam?


So, why would you want to possess one? Continue reading to find out.

What in the world is going on behind that wall?

This argument alone is enough to bring me to the big box in search of a monstercam camera (in my opinion).

How many times have you gotten ready to cut through a wall (or fish a cable through it) and wondered what was beyond it? Heck, I cheated and snapped pictures of my house's walls while they were constructing it, giving me a collection of “x-ray photos” of every wall in the place.

But I'm still wondering if there's a Coke can (or worse) in there from when the drywall guy didn't want to go downstairs to the garbage bin.

I'm no longer surprised.

I make a little hole in the paper, insert the monstercam camera, and take a look.

Seriously. It's that easy.

When you're pulling cable and it gets trapped on anything, it's the same thing.

You could spend an eternity wondering what it's stuck on, or you could just push the monstercam camera in and see what's going on.

What's the source of the leak under the car?

If you're lucky enough to have a lift, you may just park the automobile on the lift and inspect it. But how many of you have a garage with a lift? Even if you have jack stands on hand, jacking the car up and positioning everything so you can safely go beneath to inspect it takes a few minutes.

Did I mention it's filthy down there? You're aware that the car is leaking.

Instead, use the inspection monstercam camera. Simply twist the monstercam camera around and place it under the automobile. Take a peek around. It's completely painless and only takes a few seconds.

Looking at nooks and crannies under the hood is the same. Because your head is either too huge or too valuable, that tiny camera head will fit in places you wouldn't ever consider putting your head.

Monstercam: they're a lot of fun.


This is lame, I know. I should've provided you a different example. Instead, try this on: This week alone, I've utilized my inspection monstercam camera at least twice, and I haven't had time to go into the shop at all.

I snatched it up to see where the cat toy had disappeared beneath the couch. I slid it behind a computer in a rack to see whether there was still a cord attached (which, by the way, saved me from turning the damn computer off and pulling it out of the rack).

The possibilities are infinite.

Do you think I'm crazy? Have you discovered any unique applications for your inspection monstercam camera? Please let us know in the comments section. And over the next month or two, we'll see if we can't come up with some inspection monstercam camera reviews for you.

Monstercam Details

Monstercam Details

MonsterCam Endoscope Camera – 2.0 MP Borescope, HD Inspection Camera, Waterproof Snake Camera for iOS Smartphones, iPhones, Windows, Android – Includes Magnet, 90 Degree Mirror&Hook. Try to buy it here

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