Metorik Review: The 7 Features I Love (With Examples)

I am a Metorik user. And quite frankly, I’m addicted. Metorik’s Woocommerce sales dashboard is the first and last thing I look at every day. I spend more time in Metorik's app than I do inside of Woocommerce.

Metorik is three things at its core: (1) A beautiful Woocommerce sales dashboard to keep an eye on your KPIs, (2) a customer analytics tool that segments customer/order data for deeper insights, and (3) a Woocommece email automation platform.In this Metorik review, I’ll dive into my journey using Metorik. Likes and dislikes. But If you’re short on time, I'll save you the trouble of reading my entire Metorik review.

Here’s a quick summary of my Metorik experience:

Instance 1

  • Speed: 5/5
  • Segmentation: 5/5
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Dashboard: 5/5
  • Product Insights: 4/5
  • Email Automation: 4/5
  • Data Accuracy: 5/5
  • Affordability: : 5/5
  • Customer Service: : 4.5/5
  • Would Recommend: 5/5

You can try Metorik free for 30 days. It takes about five minutes to sign-up and sync-up your data.

The Seven Metorik Features I Love

1. Lightning Quick Speed 

Once you install Metorik’s helper plugin into WordPress, you get to spend the rest of your time inside of Metorik’s snappy stand-alone-app, slicing and dicing customer/order data. You can segment by almost anything. Just hit a plus sign, select your criteria, conditions, and save the custom segment. For example, I wanted to know which customers had placed at least two orders in the past, but who hadn’t placed an order again within the last year. Then I used this custom segment to create a campaign to win back these customers by getting them to order again.

Metorik Win Back These Lost Customers Using Woocommerce Customer Analytics Tools

2. Customer Analytics & Insights

The pain point that motivated me to review Metorik was that I needed to gain better insights about our customers. Google Analytics doesn’t provide personally identifiable information and I needed a solution that did. So I Googled “customer analytics solutions for Woocommerce” and found Metorik. Since I learn more by “doing” rather than “reading” I decided to give it a try and do a Metorik review. I had nothing to lose because Metorik’s 30-day free trial doesn’t have any strings attached.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to sign-up and sync-up our store. Metorik quickly grabbed our past Woocommerce customer data and order data. Soon it was available to slice and dice. Whatever questions you have, you’ll be able to create a custom customer segment that gives you an answer. For example, What is the average order value of business customers versus non-business customers? To answer this question, I created the following two segments and Metorik shot back the answer I was after.

Segment One (Non-Business Customer Orders)Average Order Value: $57

Metorik Customer Analytics Segment Average Order value Individual Customers

Segment Two (Business Customer Orders)Average Order Value: $110

Metorik Customer Analytics Segment Average Order value Individual Businesses

The best part is, all of the data can be exported and imported into your thirty party application.

3. Export Anything to a Spreadsheet

You can export anything from Metorik: Orders, subscriptions, customers, products, coupons, carts, etc… The best part is you can choose which columns you’d like to export.  

Let’s build upon our previous example from the “Customer Analytics & Insights” section. We used Metorik to split the data into two lists for Business Customers and Non-Business customers. 

What if we want to know the average time between each order for each of those segments?  We could just export each segment to a CSV file, open in a spreadsheet and run a simple formula to get an average from the “day_between_orders” column. This information would be useful when timing your replenishment email campaigns.

Exporting Custom Columns to CSV Spreadsheet Using Metorik

Example: Choosing custom columns to export to a spreadsheet.

4. Data Visualization Dashboard

I spend 80% of my time inside Metorik reviewing the beautiful Woocommerce dashboard. The default dashboard displays your key performance indicators and a real-time feed of the Woocommerce activity (failed orders, abandoned carts, new orders, new customers, new subscribers, canceled subscribers, subscription renewals, etc… You can even customize the dashboard. I copied the default dashboard, rearranged some things, and renamed it “growth” so that I could focus on the KPI’s that matter the most to me.

Metorik Dashboard Example for KPIs and Key Metrics for Growth

5.  Quick Contextual Customer Profiles

There's nothing worse than waiting for a new search results page to load only to find that the query returned bad info. But with Metorik, tracking down information is a breeze. The search box at the top of every page gives you automatic feedback as you type your search (name, order number, product name, email, phone, domain, whatever). 

Metorik Review Autocomplete Search Feature

I use the search feature a lot. Especially to pull up customer information. It gives customer service and sales conversations more context.

For example, when a customer emails me a question and doesn't include the product name they ordered, I just copy/paste their email address into Metorik's search box and it finds it instantly. No hunting and waiting around for stuff to load like I normally would in Woocommerce.

Also, if you have a customer on the phone and you know their name, you can pull up their profile and see a snapshot of their account… see the products they've purchased in the past, see when they last ordered, and a bunch of other cool stuff.  The visual context helps me make better recommendations and personalize our conversation.

Metorik Review of Customer Profiles for Quick Visual History and Context

Customer Profile Example

6. Product Grouping Insights 

Think of product grouping just like you would product categories except you get to create them in Metorik without effecting your eCommerce store structure. For example, if you sell books, you probably created one product inside of Woocommerce and then used Wocommerce’s product variations feature to allow customers to select a Paperback or PDF format. But it’s now the end of the month and you want to know how PDFs sales and paperback sales compared. Was it worth the time and effort to add the PDF option to the website? All you have to do is create two custom product groups. In Metorik, name your group, select the products (or product variations) to add, then save it. Now you can quickly see that PDFs were a great idea. It’s only been a couple of months and they already account for 33% of your overall book sales! Learn more about Metorik's product reporting features.

Metorik Product Insights via Product Grouping Example for Woocommerce

7. Smart Email Automations for Woocommerce

Metorik's optional email automation feature is deeply integrated with Woocommerce. Metorik isn’t a “bulk” email service provider. So keep your ESP. But do use Metorik to trigger email automations based on Woocommerce guest, customer and order events. Don’t be fooled by other ESP's who have a general Woocommerce plugin and are biased to Shopify. For example: If you’re using Klaviyo, it won’t sync up your customers who checkout as guests. It will only sync up your customers who created accounts.

Another example: Metorik goes deep into the core of Woocommerce and will move the customer's “email address” box on checkout pages to be the very first field. When guests start entering their email, Metorik captures it, even if they don’t complete the checkout. This allows you to send an automated shopping cart abandonment email sequence to recover their lost order.

Metorik Abandoned Cart Email Sequence Stats Example

A third example: Metorik will generate a unique Wocommerce coupon code if you’d like to offer customers extra incentive to buy. All other ESP’s I tried didn’t integrate deeply enough with Woocommerce and would tell me to use the same general static coupon code for my emails. Give Metorik a review and see how it works.

Alright, so that’s the highlights of this Metorik review. Soon I’ll be updating even more of my Metorik journey below with screenshots and tricks I've learned along the way. Come back later to see updates about my Metorik journey. Until then, here’s a general overview of Metorik and what it has to offer:

What is Metorik?

Running an eCommerce store isn’t easy. You need a lot of data and suitable tools to manage it right? There is currently a tool out there that will help make your store management can just be a walk in the park.

I would like to introduce to you Metorik. If you have heard about WooCommerce then you definitely know Metorik! I will tell you how awesome this product is in my Metorik review.

Metorik is branded as WooCommerce’s co-pilot, a cloud-based reporting and analytics especially made for your store that gives your data more flexibility and gives you full control of your segmentation.  

In addition, Metorik was developed by Bryce Adams a former engineer at WooCommerce, it means that he knows what’s lacking with WooCommerce’s product and would like to enhance it for the users. The plug-in offers business owners a clearer view of their store’s performance that will make them act on it and make better business. 

Why use Metorik?

If you’ve been using WooCommerce as your store, you might observe that there are things missing on the product and you might think they could do better. Here comes Metorik that will save your day and solve your WooCommerce woos. This plugin is made for WooCommerce alone.

This plug-in unifies your data, extends its analytics and has great engagement features. It offers a lot of features that will work on your store much easier.  They have user-friendly KPIs, reporting tools, product insights… plus store and customer management can be integrated with Google Analytics, Gmail, MailChimp and a lot more. They can also produce email reports.

Features of Metorik

Metorik Dashboard

Its dashboard gives you an overview of important information about your store and you’ll be able to see activity feed as well as your KPIs. With its platform and the way they designed it, you will easily compare numbers with any time period so that you can quickly figure out how your store is trending and what can you do about it. It has the same feel with Google Analytics because of its similar functionality and implementation.

Metorik’s dashboard is also customizable as you can edit every element one example is by adding or removing cards and you can create multiple screens for you to easily switch between different views of which you think is more relevant.

Pre-Built Reports

Knowing everything about your store is essential as every information is important. With Metorik’s Pre-Built reports you will be assured that you will see everything and its a plus that it is well managed and organized.

You can easily have access to your revenue where you can be able to view your taxes, revenue over time, shipping fees and a lot more. Everything will be transparent when it comes to your orders, refunds, devices, sources as well as you will be able to give you a sales projection through its forecast.

Not only that, you can even see information about your customers. Their location and lifetime value of each one. Their customer retention can also see your high-valued customers which will be a great help to your marketing campaigns. The product comparison will be a great help too as it can compare what’s best among your products. 

Management and Segmentation

The main feature of this, it's their management of separate sections such as orders, coupons, products, and customers. You may also use this from your WooCommerce dashboard.

 It will help you create detailed segments and the cool thing about it is that it automatically update your list without reloading the page. It also saves the segment you create and can be you can easily get it later on.  With their features on this platform, it will make you understand more your store patterns and not only that, it will be easy to export data from your segments. Awesome right?

Email Digest

This will help you manage your emails even without checking on it every second. It will help you keep track of your KPIs and it will help you balance things by automatically sending yourself essential metrics via Slack or email.

There are two options that you can choose from the digest. The General which includes your overall KPIs and Products that shows your top product depending on the time period. 

This feature definitely will help your time management especially if you are juggling a lot of things.

Pros of Metorik

  • Easy to use
  • Great Customer Support
  • Organized interface
  • Very detailed
  • Segments data
  • Easy period comparisons

Metorik Pricing

There are four main pricing options and one starter option that you can choose. Metorik also offers a 30-day free trial so that you can get to know their platform before subscribing.

Their pricing is based on the number of orders per month. That means you can have multiple stores, but still just have one subscription billed based on the number of order for all stores combined.

You can use all of Metorik's features regardless of the plan you choose. Just keep in mind that you must pay an additional monthly fee to utilize their optional “Engage” feature for automated emails and abandoned cart emails.

Instance 1


500 Monthly Orders





2,500 Monthly Orders





10,000 Monthly Orders





25,000 Monthly Orders




If you are in a budget or you are just starting with your store their is also a $20 per month plan, which includes 100 monthly orders.

Final Verdict

Metorik is must-have for Woocommerce store owners. The features that come along with its platform is superb as it addresses the needs of an eCommerce store. You will definitely get the best out of it!

Their interface is clean and organized and faster-loading compared to WordPress dashboard that makes it easier to work on your data. Also, I really like their segmentation feature as well as their integrations that make you easily connect your segments and data for much easier customer support and marketing.

What makes me more attracted to products is how the interface is well organized and user-friendly which Metorik has. It just too bad that it only works for WooCommerce as I think this kind of plug-in should also be used for other platforms.

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