Maximizing Social Media Audience Engagement with the Right Amount of Characters

Social media can be a great tool to use in reaching a wide variety of people. However, it can be easy to ignore posts that look too long or lose our interest quickly. One of the best ways to increase views on your posts is to include pictures! Generally, on all platforms, posts that include visuals have an increase in views by 94%! Another great way to reach the highest level of engagement with social media is to keep within the optimal word and character counts for posts on popular social media.

Twitter | Ideal Tweet: 100 Characters

Twitter already has a limited amount of characters allowed in a post, capping off at 140 characters. This social media platform really does believe in keeping things short and to the point. But in order to create the most engaged post possible, you’re actually going to want to go below the assigned post limit. For Twitter, the best posts are about 100 characters.  And yes—spaces count.

Facebook | 40 Characters for Facebook Success

Sometimes posts need more characters to get the message across. Writing more words for a post may lose some of the engagement so it’s still important to try to limit total characters. At 80 characters or less a post’s engagement is still increased by 66 %.

Google+ | Catchy Headlines with 60 Characters

Google plus has been picking up interest these last few years and now you can make that work for you. A post that engages its audience to its highest potential should include an eye-catching headline with 60 characters or less. The following post should range between 200-400 characters.

Pinterest | A Picture’s Worth: 200 Words

Pinterest focuses more on pictures than it does on the descriptive text that accompanies it so it is important to consider logistics with the included image. For the most engaging post on Pinterest the image should be 800 pixels in height or more. Larger images tend to receive more attention.

Blogs | 7 Minutes of Engagement

When it comes to longer content, blogs are the perfect medium for your message. Whether you’re hoping to engage your audience through explanatory or a how-to, blogging can be a great way to capture someone’s attention. Blogs have a little more lee-way when it comes to word usage. The best length is about 1,600 words, or roughly 7 minutes of total reading time.




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