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Lot's of you have asked for it so its time to do a Legendary Marketer Review!

For the longest time possible, you’ve had a niggling though at the back of your head.

What if you didn’t have to work to earn money?

It seemed like a pipe dream, yeah?

From the early days, people never really had to work for other people to earn a living… well, unless they were slaves or in some form of indentured servitude, or dedicated themselves to life in service to the aristocracy.

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Most people survived as farmers or traders, or technicians of some sort, whether they were blacksmiths of healers. In those days, people had the world to themselves, working on their own land, or by their own resources to make a living. And it worked for several hundred years.

Fast forward to the 19th Century and life started taking a turn. From the farms, industries started rising out of the plains. These industries required workers and therefore, the erstwhile farmers, blacksmiths and other workers trooped into industries to give up their time in exchange for a stipend after a given period. That is how the work week and the salary were born. Well, there’s a long story in between but this is not the place for it.

As the 20th Century wore on, various major wars, diseases that threatened to wipe out entire nations, economic depressions and other things influenced how life would be lived. From these issues, great discoveries were made, and other equally greater innovations were made.

One of the innovations that came out of all of this was the Internet. Literally, a connection between individual computers across the globe. This allowed for communication to be conducted on a scale never seen before in the history of the world.

This innovation began to change the lives of everyone across the world. From the need of having to go several miles in search of a library, to making information available in the palm of your hands, the internet was slowly becoming a revelation, and a revolution to how the world conducted business.

Every sector imaginable was affected by the capabilities of the internet. From education, to entertainment, to medicine nothing was left untouched. Yes, nothing was left untouched, including the sales industry.

Whereas before it would take various forms of advertising in the media to drive sales, or have people walk into a store and receive a pitch from the salesman, the world of sales was about to meet a new way of doing things. Affiliate marketing.

Before the rise of the internet, marketers had to rely on traditional forms of marketing to drive sales. Then came PC Flowers and Gifts with their innovative ways of conducting business. Recognizing that there is a whole slew of people out there who would be capable salesmen even though they were not employed by the company, they would earn a commission from the business they drive to the company.

This model was particularly successful for PC Flowers and Gifts, to the point they were earning more than $6 million a year, and this was starting from 1993! Those are serious amounts just from utilizing a network of marketers who are not employed by the company in any way.

Affiliate marketing had proved that a person who has never set foot at the premises of a company, can earn money by helping sell the products of that company, just by using various tools over the internet.

The success of affiliate marketing would mean a change was coming to many people. No longer will they be required to get up early in the morning to commute to a job that they probably don’t love. They just do it because it’s not fashionable to be poor in the society they live in, or probably because they already have responsibilities that require dedication and sacrifice.

With affiliate marketing, it’s just a matter of earning money while you sleep, a side hustle that pays handsomely. You’ve probably been inspired by people who are posting they’re metrics on social media and you want to get in on the action.

But first, you need to have a total understanding of what it is and how it’s done before getting into it. Lets dive into my Legendary Marketer Review.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money over the internet. What happens is that you, as an individual, will partner with a business or a company. You will then proceed to promote their products over the internet. When someone makes a purchase, you get a cut. In other terms, it is an arrangement where a business or company will pay a commission to an external entity for traffic, or sales that have originated from the external entity.


It might sound simple enough. But that’s where the simplicity ends. Now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you have to have intimate knowledge of the area you’re getting into, and the product of choice that you want to market.

Aside from that, you also have to understand that although you as an affiliate will be selling a product from a company, you are not the only people involved in the transaction. In fact, there are four of you.

  • The Merchant: This is the first entity involved. They are also known as the creator, or the seller of the product. Anyone, whether it is a Fortune 500 company, or an individual who is selling pairs of therapeutic socks, as long as they have the product to sell, they will be the merchant.
  • The affiliate: Also referred to as the publisher, these can also be companies or individuals. These are the people responsible for marketing the products, either form one merchant or several, depending on the scope of operations.  This is where you come in.
  • The Consumer: Probably the most important component of this relationship. If they don’t spend, the merchant does not earn, and you as the affiliate do not get any commission from the sale you helped broker. Getting to the consumer will take some creativity from the affiliate, where they will have to advertise on platforms such as social media, or their own blogs. Whether the consumer will be apprised of this is up to the affiliate. In some cases, the merchant compels the affiliate to let the potential consumer know that they are in an affiliate website.
  • The Network:  Though not traditionally part of that affiliate marketing relationship, these have evolved to become an integral part. These have become a go-between in the relationship between a merchant and their affiliate. In some cases, the merchant will only work through a network as that’s where they manage their affiliate program.

What Is Legendary Marketer?

As much as it sounds exciting, the work of an affiliate marketer is hardly straightforward. For some who are not naturally inclined to pushing sales, that can be an extra hurdle to achieving the financial independence goals they have set for themselves.

Inside Legendary Marketer

Going back to university for a marketing degree will have some sort of success for those who may have an idea of what to do. But what about those who have no idea where to begin, and what to do? Where are they going to get the information necessary to succeed as an affiliate?

From Legendary Marketer, of course.

This is a course that has been carefully compiled and curated to give people interested in affiliate marketing a place to start in their journey towards earning money while they sleep. That’s the dream, right?

Well, there are people who decide to rough it out and look for all the information they can on affiliate marketing and what they can do to succeed. Usually, these people may end up taking quite a long time to get to where they want to be, as they are relying on experience to get them there.

Some may not even make it past the first few months of trying as the road they’re taking is not for the faint of heart.

Well, you don’t have to take that route. You can rely on the experience of a master digital marketer to get you to where you want to be as a marketer and an affiliate. This master marketer came up with this course and has put it out here for you to take advantage of.

The course is designed to cut through all the fluff and deliver you pure educational gold. But that’s not all, you’ll also get to learn one-of-a-kind techniques that will have you achieving your goals faster than you had been expecting while tempering your expectations.

The Legendary Marketer course material is not just good for people who are starting out, it’s also meant for the intermediate marketer who is looking to level up their online business and start earning the big bucks that they have been working so hard for.

But that’s not all it is. Aside from just teaching you what to do as an affiliate, you also get the chance to practice the skills you’ve learnt in the program. Legendary Marketer also has a single level affiliate program that you can take advantage of. Want to earn a commission? Simply get other people to sign up to the program.

There are various products on the Legendary Marketer program, which will be looked at later. The various products could earn you commission of between 50% to 60%. Those are insane amounts when hard work is put in to signing up people.

Next in our Legendary Marketer Review we will show you how long it has been around for.

How Long Has Legendary Marketer Been Around?

Some years back, there was a multi-level marketing program known as Empower Network. As an MLM, people did make money, but as the story goes, this did not last.

The Empower Network did work for sometime, yes. But it came crashing down engulfed in flames and leaving a lot of people disappointed. Luckily for David Sharpe, either through foresight or for being ethically astute, he had noticed that things were not going well at the Empower Network and chose to leave. This was two years before the collapse of the MLM.

His departure from the MLM was also shrouded in secrecy. Although they had initially told the public that David had left the Empower Network as a result of an illness, the actual truth came out some time later, and the reason was David was worried about his reputation.

And what a reputation he does have. David Sharpe is one of the most experienced, and one of the most successful digital marketers to grace the internet with his presence. It was a good move leaving Empower Network.

Aside from just launching the Legendary Marketer program, he has also built three multi-million dollar companies based on digital products, all from scratch.

Who Is Legendary Marketer For?



Literally everyone who is interested in digital marketing as their big ticket out of the rat race. This program is first and foremost geared towards the amateur who is just beginning to cut their teeth in digital marketing and wants to start an online business.

But the amateur is not the only one targeted in this program. For the intermediate marketer, it’s always a good idea to level up your skills and level up your game in turn. What’s more, depending on the education you got, you may also get lessons that will change how you look at things, and get you to relearn and earn more than you ever have.

The program focuses on giving the intrepid marketer the fundamentals of a good online business and how to use them to succeed in your business and affiliate programs. The material goes in depth and provides insights that can only be gleaned from someone who has experienced the industry for many years and has learned it through and through.

The expert marketer is also not left behind. There is always something for the expert in terms of opportunity. The affiliate program is at par with what ClickFunnels offers.

This makes them some of the best affiliate marketing programs on the market. There are a couple of low-end products which give you the perfect opportunity to introduce people into the program.

What Does Legendary Marketer Include?

To fully understand how Legendary Marketer works, it would be prudent to first take a deep dive into what’s on offer before moving on to how the products work. There are alot of products to go through, so this may be jarring at times.

As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of programs through which you can use to get into the program without having to break the bank. These two are just the beginning as there are seven products to look at.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge


The first and most accessible bit of the program is known as the 15-day Online Business Builder Challenge. As the name suggests, this course is taken over a period of 15 days, and it is meant to set you up to start taking on the world, and raking in money within the shortest period of time possible.

This program recently underwent some changes to make it relevant for 2019 and the years to come. The changes also meant that a price had to be introduced to get the information. Whereas before it was free to sign up and start learning, it now attracts a fee of $7 to cover the course. This is a one-time fee, and actually a very fair cost for what you’re going to learn in the program.

The lessons are a great way to start for someone who is just starting out to make money online, and potentially an eye-opener for the intermediate marketer who is looking to rebuild their foundations and launch for the stars.

But that’s not all. As part of the program, you will be assigned a mentor. This mentor will call you some time as you progress through the lessons. This is usually around the 10th lesson of the course.

The main purpose of the mentor is to guide you through the course, and answer any questions you may have, or help you through sections you may not have understood.

They will also give you advice on how and where to implement the lessons you’ve learnt to your advantage.

As standard procedure though, they will try to upsell some of the other products from Legendary Marketer.

Don’t worry.

They won’t try to pester you or use underhand tactics to try to get you to sign up for he other products in the range.

Legendary Marketers Club


This is the other way you can use to get into what Legendary Marketer has to offer. Unlike the 15 Day Online Business Builder challenge, this is not a one-time deal. Access to all the information in it is via a $30 per month subscription. And that subscription is absolutely worth it. The videos in this bundle are marketing training gold.

The crux of this bundle is to get you to start a business and see it thrive through your efforts in digital marketing. You will learn how to leverage the various online tools available to get your business off the ground and running with the best of the pack.

The videos include lessons on Facebook Ads and how to best utilize it, how and where to generate quality leads, and how to follow up on sales that you’ve already made. You’ll also learn how to put social media to good use to attract business among many other things.

Before the revamp, Legendary Marketer offered the lessons through eight courses, jampacked with the information and strategies necessary to ensuring success on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram,  as well as marketing on Facebook.

The revamp though, brought in a new way of delivering the courses. It brought with it several new categories, which ended up jumbling the videos from their previous categories into new ones. Let’s take a look at what this course contains.

Live Webinars held weekly

This is one of the most prominent features of the page. Once you log into the Legendary Marketer page, a banner at the top of the page will draw attention to itself. The purpose of the banner is to remind you that when the next live webinar will be happening. The endo of each webinar will result in an important online marketing skill being taught.

Now, the webinars aren’t just handled by David Sharpe himself. He has managed to rope in several other highly successful digital marketers who bring in their own flavor to the course. However, unlike the 15 Day Challenge, not everything is put there for you to follow. The courses are released to you weekly. This is so as to give you ample time to go through each lesson and understand, before jumping into the next.

This also makes it worthwhile, as it ensures that the content is always relevant to the times, and also a way to gather new skills to present to you every week.


Well, here’s the part that makes the $30 a month a worthwhile investment. The webinars are already pure gold in themselves, and it is possible to start your business and accelerate it out of the atmosphere just by going through what’s in them. Think of the interviews rocket boosters to add to the main spaceplane assembly. Their presence is adding precious stones to an already precious material.

The interviews are of business magnates, who are excellent digital marketers themselves. They breakdown everything they have and give you excellent tips and methods on how to run a business effectively, and also how to use some of the best tools in marketing in tandem with proven strategies.

Kevin Harrington.


The first interview is of Kevin Harrington. You may know him during his stint on the television show Shark Tank, well, if you watched the earlier sharks in their element. He has earned a variety of plaudits, as well as being the founder of brands such as As Seen On Tv and The Entrepreneurs Organization.

His products have earned his businesses a lot in terms of sales and growth. Each of his companies has grown to be over $100 million in value, and in the process has helped hundred of people become millionaires. Through over 500 products, his companies have earned billions in sales.

In his interview, he talks about how he started and what he did to become successful. As he wends his way through his story, he will also be dropping gems that you could implement in your own ventures. The interview is always available to you to re-watch as long as you remain a subscriber of the Legendary Marketer’s Club.

The main focus of his interview is on how you can create the absolute sales pitch that will have your leads flocking to you. It also stresses majorly on the mindset you should have when you’re crafting these pitches. What you hold in your head will absolutely boost or undermine how you work.

That’s not all though. He shares the cheat sheet he used to earn his companies billions in sales. He calls it the Perfect Pitch Cheat Sheet. It’s quite a mouthful that will have you powering your business to match your dreams and ambitions. His interview is spread across seven lessons. These are;

  • The Entrepreneurial Pitch.
  • Learning from your mistakes.
  • Finding Capital For Your Entrepreneurial Venture.
  • Talking Marketing and Taking Action.
  • Advantages of Media Today.
  • Leadership Mindset Leads To Best Pitch.
  • Advice on Entrepreneurship

Mark Harbert


Here is someone who had dedicated his life to serving the nation through the US Navy. Somewhere along the way though, he felt he wasn’t doing enough, and needed to find a way to do more. Well, he found what he was looking for when he came into contact with network marketing. This was the beginning of a wonderful story. He has gone on to earn six figure amounts every year since he got serious about it, and has taught hundreds of people as well.

Mark Harbert is known for using online videos to drive sales, and that’s exactly what he will be teaching you through this course. He will teach the importance of having, and using online videos. He also delves deep into using online marketing strategies, of which videos are a big part of.

He also goes in on the importance of having and using several approaches when it comes to advertising, why it’s important that the content you come up with is relevant to what your leads are looking for, how to automate a number of these processes as well as other topics that are beneficial to you. The lessons he talk about include;

  • The Entreprenurial Itch.
  • The Big Break.
  • What is a lead?
  • Advertising approaches.
  • Timeless content.
  • The advantage of video.
  • The quality of leads.
  • Paid strategies.
  • Re-targeting.
  • Delivering value.
  • Advantages of using solo ads.
  • Various ways to outsource.
  • The Magic of Automation.

Nathan Lucas

Nathan Lucas Legendary Marketer Interview

Nathan has been making money on the internet since 2014 after being introduced by a friend. Aside from being a businessman, he focuses his energies mostly as a YouTuber and internet marketer. He may not have the accolades of the two previous interviewees but his methods are still killer enough for you to use to build your own business.

He is the YouTube guru of the course and he will show you how to leverage YouTube to your advantage when it comes to promoting products. He also dives into generating traffic, and turning this traffic into leads for your business.

He doesn’t just dwell on what YouTube can do for you. The videos in his interview include;

  • The entrepreneurial bug.
  • The power of video.
  • Free isn’t free.
  • Not perfect but consistent.
  • I am here to stay.
  • What’s worthwhile to create.
  • Finding your way.
  • The methods behind video.
  • Call to action.
  • Question and answer.


Since most of the lessons are conducted live, it’s obvious that people who join the program after several lessons have passed will miss them… well, that’s what should happen, ideally, but not in this case. The platform has a record of 21 previously recorded videos that you can throw yourself into and learn more from them.

As these are pre-recorded videos, it won’t be possible to interact with the teacher of the lesson. If you do manage to catch one live though, ask away all the questions you have.

These lessons are overseen by Matt Heltzel, who is the program’s director of training. He began his trade in 2009 when he first learned of internet marketing, and made great steps towards becoming the successful internet marketer that he is today.

Like the others before him, he also decided to pass his knowledge and experience to the upcoming generation of internet marketers through the very same way he learnt; marketing webinars.

The Journey to 250k YouTubers


Well, by itself, having that many subscribers on YouTube means you are doing something right… or something terribly wrong that you have garnered a following just for it. Either way, achieving such numbers these days is a herculean task, what with everyone wanting to grab the attention of anyone with a screen and internet connection.

As this is YouTube, Nathan Lucas is the go-to expert for this lesson. He breaks down how you can get 250k subscribers on YouTube by giving you golden nuggets that you definitely should implement. He also emphasizes on why YouTube is the best place to start for someone looking to get into affiliate marketing, as it is the best place to earn big bucks from.

However, before the money starts rolling in, you have to get a few things right. First and foremost, getting comfortable on camera. He goes on to list various valid points that should inform your journey from amateur to highly rated YouTuber. In the lesson are the following videos;

  • Addressing the fear of appearing on camera.
  • How ready are you to change your life with video?
  • How to find other YouTubers who are becoming successful.
  • Statistics from YouTube will blow your mind.
  • YouTube tools and Resources, which of them must you have?
  • Optimizing Your Videos to Be Viewed Multiple Times.
  • The “It’s Saturated” Objection.
  • Video Optimization Tools.

There are other videos in this course that are definitely worth checking out.

Things to Do and Say to Increase Your Sales Traffic

This course is where David Sharpe himself comes in. This course also majors mostly on video, but this time it’s with a different angle. Yes, looking natural on camera is a good way to go in convincing potential leads, but whatever comes out of your mouth will have them scrolling through YouTube’s suggestions just to get away from you.

He will focus on teaching you the things to do, and the things you say, and how you should say them on video. Apart from that, he will also provide tutorials on how to use various video editing software such as ScreenShare Software.

You’re One Story Away

This course is taught by Michael Yantovsky and Polina Klyukach. These two met David Sharpe when they were at absolute rock bottom. The proceeded to hang on to every word that David gave, and their mentoring of course, and they grew into what they’ve become today; successful internet marketers.

They major on one thing; how to tell your story, and win the hearts and minds of the people you want to sell to. They also teach you how to use a software known as ManyChat.

This software will help you open a Facebook Messenger Chatbot which have an opening rate o 80% and a 25% clickthrough rate. Impressive figures.

Traffic Rolodex

No matter how well you craft your websites and your videos, they need an important ingredient for them to work; traffic. However, driving traffic to your website and videos is no walk in the park. The right strategies have to be put into good use to get some results from.

This course is all about how to use some of the most popular paid traffic sites such as Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and many more.

The training for this course is conducted by a company known as AdSkills. This company was founded and is managed by Justin Brooke, who is also a very accomplished member of the star studded lineup of the Legendary Marketing program.

The program would usually cost $5,000, but since it is being conducted by AdSkills, there is a massive discount that puts the price at $247. What a steal.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

The Business Blueprint is alluded to in the second day of the 15 Day Challenge. Basically, there are four main ways in which you can make money as an internet marketer. These are;

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Digital Products.
  • Events and Masterminds.
  • Coaching and consulting.

The purpose of this business blueprint is to get you more customers, be able to do repeat business with customers, and also be able to sell higher priced products to increase your revenue.

Each of the blueprints costs $2,500. However, if you do take an upsell offer from your mentor during the 15 Day Challenge, you could have all four, for the price of one.

Live Events

These are the most interesting products that Legendary marketer has to offer. You will learn how to plan your own events, how and where to host them and also how to turn a profit from them. You will also learn how you could be able to run a cost effective program by knowing which services to hire, and also venues where the events should go down.

You also get four products. These are the:

  • DFY Brand Builder.
  • The Legendary Marketer Mastermind.
  • The Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind.
  • The Legendary Leadership Group.

Of the four, the DFY Brand Builder is the most interesting. This is not just an event. You get a proper cheat sheet on how to set up a business from scratch and build a brand as well. Here’s the interesting part; the Legendary Marketer team will do it for you, if so choose. This will be conducted at the hands-on workshop.

Is There A Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

There are only two ways in which to become an affiliate. These are the;

  • The Basic Plan: This is free to join when you apply for a free affiliate account. You can sell any of Legendary Marketer’s products, but the payout will be much less for each product, with the payouts ranging from 10% to 30%. All the affiliates who pass the affiliate authorization process will immediately be enrolled in this plan.
  • The Pro: This is a paid subscription plan. It will cost you $30 a month to become a pro affiliate, but it does come with its perks. For starters, the rate of payouts for the products is increased to 40% to 60%. Those are massive amounts for people who are looking to get into internet marketing as their main income earner.

There are also a number of useful features available for you to put to good use. These include the ability to add a tracking ID. This allows you to track where the source of traffic is coming from. If you’re not confident in your skills yet, you can have Legendary Marketer draft and send follow up emails for you.

If you’re working with the aid of an email autoresponder, as you should, you have the ability to upload all your email data from a CSV file, and also to download all that data onto a CSV file if you want to.

Final Thoughts: Legendary Marketer Review

Now that you made it to the end of our Legendary Marketer Review, what do you think of the program? Is it something you want to take on?

What program would you like to do?

The dashboard provided by Legendary Marketer is also intuitive as it allows integration with other affiliate marketing tools. These include Aweber, Clickfunnels, GetResponse among others.

If one of your leads does join from these lists, then you’d earn a commission on the sale.

And just to motivate you to put some elbow grease in, there is a leaderboard listing how people are faring and what’s more, it gets updated as progress comes in. Definitely a way to get the competitive juices flowing.

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