Legal Transcriptionist Training: What Is The Best Course To Take?

Looking for Legal Transcriptionist Training? Want to make genuine money while sitting on your chair listening to audio files and writing down what they're saying?

Well, that's exactly what you get to do as a professional transcriber. Unfortunately, the path to be a professional transcriptionist is not easy. It involves a lot of regular practice, vocational training, command on typing, and proper understanding of the concerned language.

But let's say you have all the qualities that any company would like to see in its transcriber, the main question is how much you can do in this profession?

Are you paid enough to maintain a healthy and adequate lifestyle?

Let me present to you some essential facts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average salary of a transcriber is around $13.28 per hour. Sounds decent, doesn't it? Well, you have to take into account that it is an average salary, which includes 80 to 90 percent of the beginner's or transcriber's salary.

Legal Transcriptionist Training
Legal Transcriptionist Training

How Much Money Does A Legal Transcriptionist Make?

According to various surveys, professional transcribers and especially those in legal and technical field bags anywhere between $25-$30 per hour. That's around US$60,000 to US$72,000 annually.

The best thing about this profession is that you are free to decide whether you want to join a company on a contract or work for different companies as a freelancer. Of course, in a contractual job, you will receive a higher salary, employee benefits and some kind of job guarantee, but you will then be blinded by a 9 to 5 hour schedule. As a freelancer, you will have the freedom to decide your schedule and transcription rates.

What Does A Legal Transcriptionist Do?

The daily work of any transcriber is to listen, understand and write what he has heard. The same holds true for a legal transcriber. The only factor that differentiates a legal transcriber from any other transcriber is legality and the work environment..

A legal transcriptionist is essential for legal systems to function at their 100% efficiency and to maintain a proper channel of communication between various departments. Without a doubt, this profession is highly respected and is considered to be a stable carrier choice.

Most individuals who try to get into this line of work eventually ends up working as legal assistance and even lawyers. Anyone interested in understanding and gaining experience in the legal system of the concerned nation must evaluate every possible means to get into this job. Why? Well, because you get massive exposure in front of well-established lawyers, paralegals and sometimes you even get to experience the intense conversation of the courtroom.

But do understand that legal transcriptionist’s job is very intricate due to the profession and the environment in which they are. Most of the times a legal transcriptionist job is to transcribe a conversation between a lawyer and a client, lawyer and the culprit, discussion in the courtroom, etc. while maintaining utmost accuracy and making sure that legal terms are intact.

A single mistake in understanding any legal term or a single faulty statement can result in severe consequences like legal fines, brand damage, etc.

How Do You Become A Certified Transcriptionist?

Just like any other professional job, to become a legal transcriptionist, you need to have a certificate, and for that, you'll need to go through a dedicated course, training, and certification tests.

If you have set your sights on this career path, start building up competitive qualifications as they are of utmost importance to get a decent contractual job at any legal firm. Nowadays, even freelancing sites that offer legal transcription services require you to submit your certifications and go through their evaluation tests, which in some cases also includes live interviews.

So now you know that you need a certification, the question is how to become a certified transcriptionist?

To help expand employment options, today, many vocational and technical schools offer their students with legal transcription training programs. Most of these programs are 5 to 6 months long and gives you the opportunity to earn a certificate and become a certified legal transcriber within a year of full-time study.

If you are dedicated, you can earn an associate degree with two years, of course. With an associate degree, you get better exposure as you are given better and in-depth knowledge of the legal system, and obviously, you get more time to improve your typing skills.

There are also a few online training programs that help you get certified as a legal transcriptionist. One of such programs is offered by TranscribeAnywhere, which is the only transcriptionist school to be approved by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers. Let's look at the Legal Transcriptionist Training course we suggest you take.

Transcribe Anywhere Legal Transcription Course

Transcribe Anywhere is a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to become a certified legal transcriptionist and that without having to go anywhere. It's also a perfect course for those who want to make legit money from home as a legal transcriber.

Janet Shaughnessy, a professional with over 10 years of experience as a transcriber, will be your course instructor, and she promises to help you evolve from being a newbie to polished professional transcriber in 4 to 6 months. The is the perfect mentor for legal transcriptionist training.

Unlike most other courses available on the Internet, TranscribeAnywhere is not yet another set of slideshows and e-books, but instead, it's a full-fledged multimedia experience. You, as a student, get to learn from videos, quizzes, documents, tests, templates, and so much more.

The course has 15 modules and is available in three different levels.

  1. Introduction to legal transcription.
  2. Tools of the trade.
  3. Transcriptionist punctuate, and lawyers litigate.
  4. Legal transcriptionist using Microsoft Word.
  5. Practice dictation and basic legal correspondence.
  6. Court procedure and legal process.
  7. Templates and forms.
  8. Court proceedings practice transcription.
  9. Depositions
  10. Law enforcement.
  11. Legal Association and conference meetings.
  12. Legal transcriptionist time coding.
  13. Final examination and resources.
  14. Starting your transcription business.
  15. Conclusion

Level I: Learn

It's most suitable for individuals who want to get a basic idea of what this profession is all about and what tools and applications are needed to maintain a proper workflow. Furthermore, you also get basic concepts of how essential punctuations and sentence structures are.

The cost of this level is $197, and it gives you 30 days access to the first four modules of the entire course. Do remember that, if you choose to subscribe to this level, you won't be able to participate in the examination and thus you won't be able to get any certification.

Level II: Practice

This level will cost you $497 and will give you access to the first nine modules for 60 days. You will get everything that is included in level 1, plus you will have access to some templates and legal forms.

Level III: Build + Market

Level III is a complete package which not only gives you the lifetime access to all 15 modules of this course but also gives you complete access to marketing tutorials and advanced practice sessions.

Marketing tutorials include an introduction to PPC and various other promotional techniques that you can implement to promote your transcription service online. Advanced practice sessions give you a complete overview of how competitive this line of work can be and some strategies to overcome all the difficulties and complete your job while maintaining the utmost professionalism and accuracy.

Verdict: Legal Transcriptionist Training

Being a legal transcriptionist can be demanding as you are required to maintain 100% efficiency even under massive workload, but in the end, it can be justified with the quality of exposure and experience you gain in this line of work.

If you are planning to become a professional legal transcriber, start improving your typing skills and join a certified online course like TranscribeAnywhere. You can get some Legal Transcriptionist Training by clicking the button below.

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