Landingi Review: What Secrets Is This Page Builder Hiding?

Today we will be going over our Landingi Review! Over the past few decades, the business sector has been experiencing tremendous growth. Now and then, new entrepreneurs join the bandwagon intending to grab a share of the market. This growing trend has, in return, filled the market and thus, competition. Currently, survival in the so-called world of business can be challenging.


Working with many landing pages can be a tedious and yet confusing task, for digital agents, especially. Sooner or later, Landingi will see that problem disappear as it will be launching a landing page folder feature in their plans. The most-anticipated feature will allow the user to organize his or her landing pages and thus make it easy to work along with the pages. This feature will significantly help digital agencies looking to expand their business.

Thankfully, technology has brought with it some good news for the entrepreneurs. Currently, almost every business has a website or two for the sake of making things better. If you don’t own a site, as a business person, you must be missing a lot. Websites have seen entrepreneurs win new clients from all over the world and thus increase sales. The same sites have turned into stores, where one can keep in touch with the customers and thus winning their trust.

​When it comes to establishing an online presence, it’s not all about launching the website. Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that you need to work on the site for it to return the favor.

Say, for example, you’ll need landing pages for the website to succeed. Thanks to platforms such as Landingi, today, creating a landing page for your website is as simple as the letters of the alphabet.

To start our Landingi Review, we will be looking at what exactly are landing pages.

What Are Landing Pages?

The high chances are that you’ve come across the term as it has been there since the launch of websites. Online businesses and affiliate marketers have termed it as a marketing strategy aimed at wooing people into taking a specific action such as buying.

Many of these marketers will tell you a lot of things on why you should have a landing page (Or sales page, like in Clickfunnels). But, what they mostly forget to say to you in detail is what the pages are all about. Failure to understand the concept in detail can see you come up with an ineffective landing page, which is wrong.

Landingi Review

​Landingi is one of the few companies focused on ensuring that you come with not only a landing page but one that will deliver results. A landing page is a page that your visitors see first because an email or ad directed them there. According to Landingi, a useful landing page should be straight to the point. It should tell the visitor exactly what they will get from the page and how they can get it. By digging shallowly over the internet, you will find many articles giving ideas on how you can come up with a working landing page. Well, Landingi ensures that you come up with a successful landing page and that lets you stand out from the rest like a pro.

​Coming up with a working lead page isn’t as easy as it appears. There is some little coding knowledge needed. The fact that there is some coding required has seen many potential entrepreneurs scared of trying what the pages have in store. Landingi is one of the few companies that understand the importance of landing pages. As a result, the tech company helps willing entrepreneurs, with zero-tech knowledge, come up with their landing pages.

Who Is Landingi For?

​Currently, Landingi is trusted by more than 4000 companies, who depend on them to come up with useful squeeze pages. The company is focused on helping businesses convert their digital campaigns into loyal customers. Landingi takes into consideration the old-school lead page editor, combines it with a lead generation service and as a result, an excellent page that will deliver results.

Landingi provides a user-friendly editor that you will use to come up with a landing page of your desire. At first, most people may find the tool complicated, especially for those who know nothing about websites. That should not be the case because the platform is specially designed for those without any coding skills.

Also, if you’re looking forward to saving time when coming up with landing pages, Landingi got you covered.

Next up in our Landingi Review, we will be looking at some of the features that seperate it from the rest.


​Now and then, online marketers emphasize that the reason why one should create a landing page is to help with the collection of data from your visitors. Building an email list, for instance, is vital when it comes to surviving in the online market. The records help keep tab with your clientele. Say, for example, with an email list, it’s usually easy to keep your customers updated when a new product or service hits the market. The fantastic thing about using Landingi to create a landing page is that it avails many ways in which you can collect the emails.

Landingi lets you control the digital campaigns

​Digital campaigns are an essential part of online businesses. They help boost one’s online presence and thus growing your business. It’s for this reason that successful entrepreneurs always advise people to ensure that their campaigns are kept in check.

Landingi helps you, the client manage your digital ads, from creating the landing page to getting leads and winning clients. The platform has every other tool you may need to succeed in the digital campaigns.

Plenty of landing page templates at your disposal

As stated earlier, coming up with a landing page requires some skills in coding and programming languages. If you’re lucky enough to have an understanding in the languages needed, creating the page may be a walk in the park. However, it may end up costing you too much time. The good thing about using Landingi is that you save plenty of time that you would have wasted coding.

​Also, Landingi comes to the rescue of those designers who are good at coding, but poor when it comes to picking the designs. The platform has not less than 200 landing pages templates, which you can customize using their editing tool. You can check the many models available on their site. The fantastic thing about these templates is that they are designed with your business in mind. All that is needed of you is to drag and drop the templates around to come up with a landing page that suits your needs.

​When designing a website by self, there are plenty of limitations. For example, one is usually limited to several icons, and images to use on the page. Luckily, with Landingi, you can enhance your pages using built-in icons, fonts, and even photos. This feature enables the page to serve its primary task, which is attracting new leads.

​A right landing page should be compatible with every device a client may use to access the internet. With Landingi, you can be sure to come up with a page that works perfectly on every electronic device that your clients may use to browse the internet. Last-minute touches are vital when it comes to designing a landing page. They are what ensure that your lead page is in its winning state before going live. Landingi allows you, the user to check your work thoroughly before going live.

Eases the duplication of landing pages

​Duplicating a landing page is a hell of a task, especially when there is some coding involved. Landingi allows you to create a duplicate of your lead page with just a click of your mouse. With this feature, it becomes easy for the user to analyze the performance of various keywords or strings. Remember, the primary goal of a landing page is to deliver new clients.

Landing page importation made easy

Importing a landing page can be a hell of a task. But for Landingi, it’s an activity that shouldn’t bother you. The company believes that you, their client, should be focused on running the business, while they deal with the workload. All that is needed of you is to send them the page in one of the following formats; JPG/PNG, HTML, PSD. Also, you can send them a link to the page you wish to import. In return, the platform launches a ready site on your behalf. This feature works best for those who find themselves under busy schedules, and can’t find time for a landing page.

Teamwork is vital

When it comes to websites and stuff, having a team is essential. As a designer, you need people’s ideas and assistance to go with a useful site. Remember, a website may be pleasing to your eyes, but awful to the eyes of the other person. It’s for this reason that you’re always advised to bring people on board to help with the workload, decisions, or even ideas.

Landingi allows you, the user, to invite colleagues and even friends to review the work and offer help where possible. This feature has enabled the new entrepreneurs mostly, come up with a lead page that visitors will love. Besides, it helps fasten the whole landing page thing. With the input of your friends or colleagues, you will have some confidence when launching the pages.


In the recent past, popups have become a big deal for online businesses. They have helped increase traffic to their sites and thus sales. However, to achieve their job, they have to be done correctly. With the rising cases of cyber-attacks, popups are easily ignored.

Most people have popup-blockers installed in their browsers. You would ask why? Well, some people tend to overdo the popups, making them a nuisance to the computer user. Landingi, on the other end, helps you, the online marketer come up with advanced popups that your clients will find hard to ignore. The platform helps one come up with timely popups professionally.

Publishing the landing page is just a click away

With Landingi; landing page creator, you don’t have to stress out when it comes to publishing the site. After you reviewed the page and consulted with friends, publishing it is just a click of a button. According to Landingi, anyone can do the publishing no matter their coding experience.

CRM in place

Well, landing pages may do the magic and win you clients as per the expectations. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end with gaining the customers. According to successful entrepreneurs, you have got to put in some work to keep the new customers. This is where customer relationship management (CRM) comes into play. This tool helps in managing the company’s interactions. Landingi has a tiny CRM for you, which you can use to summarize and manage all your new clients.

Security is paramount

Online security is vital for both entrepreneurs and customers. There is nothing that feels good than knowing your pages are generating genuine leads. Landingi understands the importance of high-quality leads, and that’s why they have their forms protected by anti-spam rules.


Integrating a landing page with services such as SalesForce, HubSpot, and MailChimp can be a complicated task, especially when you’re the guy doing the coding from scratch. The good thing about Landingi is that it has everything under control. Integrating all these services is just a snap of the finger.

Testing and analytics tools available

When it comes to using a landing page or a website in general, results are vital. As an entrepreneur, you need a report to tell if your page is working or what changes need to be made. Landingi allows A/B testing, and that means you can use different versions of a similar landing page.

In return, the platform tests which of the pages is successful when it comes to winning the customers. Also, the platform comes packed with all the latest analytics you may need to boost your conversion rate. The testing and analytic indicators help you, the entrepreneur; get the best out of your landing pages.

Custom scripts

​Apart from the Google analytics provided by the platform, you can as well insert some codes into your lead pages. This feature enables one to add customized codes into their landing pages to help analyze the data of their desire. With such tools, it becomes easy to keep track of your goals.

Has room for the marketing agencies

​Running a digital agent can be a pain in the neck. A high number of clients mean extra work. More often than not, these clients are likely to forget some of their clients. Luckily, Landingi has room for the digital agencies out there. The platform helps the digital agency keep his or her clients organized and connected. As a result, the platform helps one stand out from the rest in the crowd. Also, Landingi helps one appear like a pro to the outside world without needing a vast workforce.

Landingi Pricing

​The price tag is one thing that you must put into consideration when it comes to accessing any product or services. When it compared to the other companies building landing pages, Landingi has the best prices. The fact that their packages come with plenty of deals makes the prices worthy.

When subscribing to the platform, you don’t necessarily need to have your credit card with you. The platform has a 14-day free trial. All that is required of you is to pick a plan that you like, and that matches your budget. Also, you can choose an annual billing to get a 25% discount. Landingi’s plans include;

Basic – $11/month

This is the lowest deal you can expect to find on the platform and costs $11 every month. With this plan, you don’t need a credit card to sign up. The package allows two landing pages and one custom domain. The $11-a-month can handle up to 1000 visitors per month and two account users.

With this subscription, you will have access to the WordPress plugin and 150 landing page templates. Also, you will have a landing page builder at your disposal. The basic package is suitable for small online businesses or those intending to try the platform. With the features, the basic plan is in a better position to hint you, the entrepreneur, on what Landingi can do to your business.

Core – $29 per month

The second plan is the core package, which can also be billed annually. It’s the lowest plan that allows one access to unlimited landing pages. With this package, you can use up to five domains and have two account users. When it comes to the visitors, the package allows up to 100000 visitors per month, which is a perfect number for starters. Also, the package considers the popups as it comes with a popup builder and allows up to 10 popups. Besides, it comes with custom HTML and Email integration.

Create – $45/month

Third on the list is the create plan which goes for about $45 every month. This plan allows the user access to unlimited landing pages as well. Besides, it allows up to 10 account users and supports Email, phone, and even chats. With the plan, you can have up to 100000 visitors on the page, every month. The create plan allows unlimited popups on the page and 50 premium templates. Besides, the user receives lightboxes, icon, and image library.

Automate – $59/month

The automate plan also does allow access to unlimited landing pages at $59 per month. With this high-end deal, one can add up to 20 custom domains and ten account users. When it comes to the visitors, your landing pages can have up to 200000 visitors per month. Also, it allows unlimited popups and supports chat, phone, and Emails. Besides, the plan has an A/B testing tool, auto responder, and campaign scheduler. Besides, the automate plan has advanced integrations and is suitable for established businesses.

Each of the plans comes loaded with;

  • Unlimited leads
  • Tracking pixels
  • Lead exports
  • Image optimization
  • A free domain SSL certificate
  • Custom domains
  • AWS cloud hosting
  • Customizable mobile view

What’s in store for Landingi?

Unless you come from another world, you know that every business is focused on taking their game to the next higher level. When it comes to Landingi, the goal is no way different. Although Landingi is focused on helping other businesses grow, it’s also focused on taking its game to a higher level.

The only way that this landing page builder thrives is by coming up with new tactics aimed at making the landing pages more attractive. Now and then, the platform launches new tools targeting the businesses seeking growth. Here are some of the deals you should expect to see on the platform soon.


Today, the term sales funnel is shared over the internet. Well, what are sales funnel you may ask? Sales funnels are merely landing pages connected and linked to lead the users to the final stage, which is buying your product or service. Sales funnels are vital as they deliver excellent results.

However, they must be designed professionally for effective results. The problem is that coming up with effective sales funnel isn’t that easy. Luckily, Landingi has some good news as it promises to launch funnels sooner or later. Therefore, you shouldn’t be left behind when this great tool comes. Imagine what you can do with the funnels in addition to the many features offered by the company.

Landing Page Folders


Smart sections


Landingi has made it easy for individuals with zero-coding skills to come up with useful landing pages. The platform allows drag and drops when customizing the available templates. No matter how easy the dragging and dropping may appear, it can be a tiring task. Landingi understands the pain and has a solution. Sooner or later, the platform is going to launch a smart section. With this feature, you won’t have to repeat the copy and paste trick. You only need to create a part and apply it to the selected landing pages. Does this sound cool to you? If you find this amazing, you’re yet to witness the many other features the platform has for you.

Pros of using Landingi

  • Friendly landing page editor
  • Unique landing page templates specially tailored for you
  • Users have access to unlimited landing pages, domains, user-accounts and lead based on the plan
  • Has analytics
  • Integrates easily with other services you may need
  • Has automation features

Cons of using Landingi

  • The testing and analytics features are only available on the high-end plans


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