Keap Review (Previously Infusionsoft): IS IT A CLICKFUNNELS KILLER?

In keeping your business afloat you need to go in the tide and make the most out of different technology out there that could help you. Online marketing and custom relationship management are one of them, applications with these types of services. They are all over the place and it is kind of hard to choose what suits you best. In this write up, I will tell you about a smart client management service called Keap formerly known as Infusionsoft. Stay tuned for my Keap review if they stayed true to their word that they will keep on going, keep serving and keep growing. 

What is Keap?

Keap is all-in-one Customer Relationship Management, sales, marketing automation software. It is perfect for small to medium-size businesses. It has a lot of features including client, appointment and quote management tools, plus invoicing and payments, pipeline management and integrations. 

Aside from those features, the platform also offers access to over 230 native and supported integrations that able users to sync data automatically to all of their different apps like QuickBooks, Xero, WordPress and Gmail. 

Why use Keap?

Keap efficiently automates your sales, marketing, and business processes in one place, they can do it all. It will give you more flexibility and power you need to gain more confidence when it comes to your business.

With its custom automation, it will easily deliver the right message to the right customer as well as managing your sales process with customizable stages and workflows. It will improve your marketing and sales performance with insights and reports. 

Keap platform provides users with approachable tools that organize their customer information and daily work in one place. It also helps users manage follow-up tasks and update client records. The best thing about it is that it utilizes personalized communications with client management and communication tools as well as giving its users central access to all of their client information. These include contact information, shared documents, and contracts, records of meetings, payments, and emails.

Keap is a powerful CRM and Marketing Automation Platform that helps level-up your business efficiently.

Best Features of Keap

Keap’s Campaign Builder is their best feature as it is the most useful. 

A flowchart tool that lets you visually design marketing campaigns based on your prospects, goals and what are the customers are leaning into. This also has the ability to automate triggers like when a product is purchased, a tag is applied, webpage on your site is viewed, webform is submitted, etc. When those triggers are fired, it can automatically do these things like apply a tag, create a note or task, send an email, integrate with a 3rd party and a lot more.

It is easy to use tool with its drag and drop feature that allows you to make your own flow chart and is highly visual. It is much more delightful to use and pleasure to look at.  

Other Features of Keap

Keap’s Leadscoring, it set up a system-side rule determines if contact is ‘hot or not’. Its system is set up by the user and create a strategy. This can be very helpful in helping identify hot prospects by their engagement.

Also, Keap’s Tag system is very powerful as it can let you be very gritty in segmenting in your database. This is an all-in-one that tags can be automatically applied or removed from your contacts as they move through your sales and marketing.

In addition, Keap has strong Dashboard features as it allows you to create saved searches and reports. However, it lacks visuals reports as everything is number based.

Last but not least is Keap’s Ecommerce, where you can sell through them. It is functional and has an order form functionality. They recently added checkout pages to make it more efficient for the users. 

What I like about Keap

  • Simple, functional and visual campaign builder
  • Fast and stable platform
  • All-in-one solution to launch campaigns
  • Pleasing segmentation
  • Astounding 3rd party Add-ons and Plug-ins

What I don’t like about Keap

  • It gets expensive
  • No A/B testing
  • Average email templates 
  • Poorly displayed data

Keap Pricing

They have 3 price options:


The Grow plan costs $39 monthly and it includes everything you need to manage sales and impress your clients.


The Pro plan is the most recommended plan that costs $74 monthly and it includes a complete sales and marketing toolkit to help you win more in business


The Infusionsoft plan costs $99 monthly and includes an all-in-one CRM, marketing and sales platform

Final Verdict

Keap may not be the perfect tool for your CRM, marketing and sales for your business but it is a powerful one. When it changed its name from Infusionsoft to Keap, it made a lot of improvements when it comes to its user interface. It is cleaner, super easy to use and is perfect for small to medium-size businesses. This platform can reach a broader audience with its e-commerce feature along with its campaign builder, lead scoring and tag system. You can focus more on your goals and personalized your tagging system as it comes along with a lot of triggers that will help you with your business campaigns. 

I have mix feelings while writing this Keap review as the platform has a lot of strengths and also some weaknesses as we say not perfect. It is not for everyone as every business is also unique in their own way and have different needs when it comes to growing their companies. It is just a matter of what platform suits your company best. This may not be good for start-ups as there is a lot of bad feedbacks with it but it is good to small to the medium enterprise as its features are used most efficiently.

There may be a lot of email marketing platforms out there and but I must say Keap company is one that can help you in keeping your business grow. They stay true to their word that will keep on going, keep serving and keep growing. 

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