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Are you one of those people who work online and have a passive income? If you are then this review that I’m going to discuss here in my article is perfect for you!

As a business owner who makes his business all online, you must be using a lot of platforms that are on-trend and readily available in the market right now. I wanted to tell you an e-commerce platform that has everything you want in a platform. It is called Kajabi, and I’m going to make a Kajabi Review for you to understand and what this platform has to offer.

Creating an online business isn’t easy as you need a lot of things to do especially when it comes to platforms that you need. In my Kajabi review, I will tell you everything you need to know, what is it for, why you need to use it, its pros and cons and a lot more. We will also answer if switching to Kajabi will make your online business in a better place.

What Is Kajabi?

Kajabi markets itself as an all-in-one platform that can build and run your digital business. They offer a great feature when it comes to building a course platform. It consists of creating, marketing and selling an online course, all you need to do is be a member of Kajabi.

You will be able to build a fully-pledged website, run your own blog, create funnels and can have email marketing automation. It has everything you need for a digital business platform. It is now considered as one of the best platforms that you can use as it is a cloud-based platform that can maximize your profits while saving a lot of time.

Why Use Kajabi Over The Competition?

There are a lot of platforms to cater for people in the digital business such as Clickfunnels. In this business, you must know how hard it is to use different platforms for just a specific thing. This is why Kajabi is made, to solve the problem of using just one platform.

You will get all you need, especially when you are making your business from scratch. What you will get in Kajabi is a whole lot of features and it is a complete package. Imagine you will get to save time and money if you use just one platform for all your needs. It caters to everyone that wants to save time and focus more on their business.

Having said all that let me tell you the features here in my Kajabi review.

Best Features of Kajabi

Website Creation

In this feature of Kajabi, you will get to experience the personalized creation of your website, from the creation of your site, hosting and blogging they have it all.

You can also select themes from their large selection since it is flexible you can tweak it to your liking this will give you an edge to your competition. Since it includes blogging into their platform for online courses, it will be very convenient as not a lot of online courses offers it. This is where you get the power of Kajabi because blogging is essential especially when you are marketing expensive courses.

Email Marketing & CRM

If you have been running an online business, email marketing automation is what you need to have as it will make your marketing easier and also this is a form of getting more customers. There are a lot of email marketing automation platforms in the market right now, but you can rarely get one that is tied up with something else.

Kajabi’s email marketing offers an email broadcast for your students and personalized individual emails for discounts and other things you want them to know about your course. They also have a unique feature that can track lead lifecycle that understands why someone signs up, when and why they leave. Through this, you can understand your market and field better and get to make an action plan.

Pipeline Builder

Kajabi’s pipeline builder will let you create your funnels. Compared to other funnels builders that you need to integrate into multiple programs to work. Kajabi is different because it has all the approaches to make the funnels you need including all the tools.

It begins in its email marketing automation and then heads to timed emails to your customers that will target them to landing pages, all of which can be customized. Also, Kajabi features a webinar that can let you set events and share videos that is part of your marketing plan.

Kajabi Pricing

They have three pricing plans that you could choose from. You can either avail of their monthly plan or to save more you avail of the annual discounts. We have a full article on Kajabi Pricing here.

Basic Plan 

The regular monthly rate costs $149 if you avail the annual discount your monthly rate will be $119 monthly. This will be perfect for beginners.

Growth Plan

The regular monthly rate costs $199 if you avail the annual discount your monthly rate will be $159 monthly. This is their most popular plan.

Pro Plan

The regular monthly rate costs $399 if you avail the annual discount your monthly rate will be $319 monthly. This includes all the best features.

What I like about Kajabi

  • It can create a website and a blog
  • It has a 24/7 Customer Support
  • It has well-designed themes and can be customized
  • All in one platform for all your digital business
  • It has a great community

What I don’t like about Kajabi

  • Its blogging capabilities needs more improvement
  • It can be costly for starters
  • Some tools need to be upgraded like advanced quizzes, randomization and question banks


Marketing platforms are made to make the digital business owner's lives better. They improved capabilities and can make your business and products known. There are a lot out there to choose from and every platform has its specialization that is why it is sometimes difficult to manage all of your platforms. Kajabi solved this problem by creating a program that has it all.

It has all the things you need from creating websites, blogs, funnels, and email marketing. This is what Kajabi is unique for as you don’t need to subscribe to different ones. It has excellent features though I can’t say it is perfect. However, it does make a difference.

You may be intimidated with their starting price but this will be a great investment for your business to grow. If you want practicality and making your business life easier then give Kajabi a try!

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