The e-learning sector is in full swing. According to a report published by routers, the global e-learning market is expected to grow from $176.12 billion in 2017 to $398.15 billion in 2026. That's about 9.5% growth on an annual basis.

One of the key contributors that is actually spurring the growth in this market is the increasing willingness to learn, given the fact that e-learning on virtually any subject appears to be almost free and accessible.

The growth can also be attributed to the flexibility, low cost, and effectiveness that e-learning offers its consumers.

It is therefore evident from the facts above that e-learning is a booming industry. And anybody with the skills and knowledge relevant to the field can generate additional revenue by creating and sharing their knowledge with the mass audience.

This leads us to the question of how to build a successful e-learning business?

Thanks to its popularity, this niche is no easier to compete. The fierce competition in the market is also attributable in part to the large multinational corporations that are investing billions of dollars in leading e-learning platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda, etc.

This brings us to the second question of how solo infopreneurs can legitimately generate revenue in this highly competitive market?

The answer is Kajabi.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a prominent player in knowledge commerce and promises to provide all necessary tools and features needed to create, teach, and operate a successful e-learning business.

At its core, it's pretty much similar to some of the popular content management and blogging platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc., except with a focus on the tools and features that an educator will need to create, sell and teach their global audience.

Unlike other free alternatives, where you have to take care of search engine optimization, design, and analytics, etc., Kajabi comes with all important marketing tools such as page builder, conversion-optimized squeeze pages, integrated video streaming services, sales funnels, robust analytical and much more.

Kajabi Is an All-In-One Solution – Here's Why

To build up your online reputation, you need three essential things. A domain, hosting, and website.

You can get the domain name from any domain seller like Go Daddy, Google domains, name cheap, etc. similarly, getting hosting is super easy and inexpensive. You can either choose to go with Sarah hosting that will cost you anywhere between $4 to $25 a month (depending on the quality of your host), or you can choose to go with the VPS or dedicated hosting.

Now, when it comes to creating a website, as I told you before, there are many blogging platforms out there that can help you create your site at no cost. In addition, many shared hosting packages have an integrated cPanel that lets you install dozens of scripts with a single click.

But do you think that's enough to run a successful business?

To your surprise, no. To be successful online, it is essential to generate traffic to your website. And, guess what the best way to generate free targeted traffic is?

Its search engine optimization.

However, when you opt for an option other than Kajabi, it's up to you to manage your SEO, conversion optimization, marketing, web hosting, streaming, and more.

Another great benefit of Kajabi to you is that it comes equipped with an integrated blogging feature. That means, like WordPress and other blog platforms, you can create a blog and share useful content with your audience while generating free targeted traffic from Google and other search engines.

Anyway, all these features are not cheap.

Kajabi pricing

How much does Kajabi cost is one of the most common questions people ask themselves after learning everything about its usability and other essential features.

When it comes to pricing, everything depends on your requirements and the plan you want to subscribe to. For example, if you are just starting out in knowledge commerce and only need basic functionalities to get started, the best plan that suits you is the basic plan. The cost of the base plan is $149 per month.

If you are already familiar with e-learning niche and think that you need some additional features, then you should consider subscribing to the growth plan that will cost you $199 per month.

If you want to have access to all the features of kajabi while ensuring that you have enough project and pipeline quota, then you must subscribe to Pro plan for which you will have to shed $399 per month.

Note: All plans are in exclusive of all transaction charges so when it says $199, it really means that you have to pay the amount and not a cent more.

Now let me walk you through all the pricing plans and the functionalities that you get access to with them.

Let's start with the initial plan.

Basic Plan

Tailored for beginners, this plan comes with all the essential features such as unlimited video hosting through a third-party service called Wistia, custom video player themes, website builder, content dripping, email marketing tools, etc. included.

As it’s a starter plan, you will be limited to the number of products, pipelines, contacts, and members you can have on your website.

The basic plan allows you to create one website and assign one administrator. In addition, you are limited to creating and hosting three products and three pipelines. You also have 10,000 contacts and 1000 active members limit, but you can create unlimited landing pages and email marketing campaigns. So, taking into account the limitations, you can understand that this plan is really designed for those who are just beginning with knowledge commerce.

Apart from them, you get access to Hero University, webinars and events, pre-built templates, and integrated support for assessments.

In case after subscribing to this plan, you need any assistance with your account or in understanding the full functionality of kajabi; you get access to limited chat support.

Growth Plan

According to Kajabi, the growth plan is one of the most popular plans on their platform and usually people who have a good understanding of e-learning, course creation, and teaching choose this subscription option.

The plan will cost you $199 per month and will allow you to create, share, and manage 15 products and 15 pipelines.

In terms of user or student management, you are limited to 25,000 contacts and 10,000 active members. This means you can have at most 10,000 students paying for your courses on kajabi. Other than that, you can only create one website, but unlike the basic plan, you are allowed to assign up to 10 administrators.

Understanding the importance of personal branding and its impact on the business you will be handling, kajabi in this subscription plan allows you to remove their branding from all your course videos and website. Furthermore, you get access to two unique functionalities, and that is the automation and affiliate program.

What do I mean by automation?

Automation is a unique and powerful feature of this platform. As an example, it allows you to automatically create a new coupon code for any user on your website.

Let's say a user has just purchased a course or a digital product on your website. To persuade him/her to make another purchase, you can create an automation to automatically provide this user with a 25% or 50% discount coupon code.

You can also use automation to get feedback from your existing customer base on your new digital product or course. This way, you will have all the necessary feedback (both good and bad) about your product before making it publicly available. This has two significant advantages. First, you can work on the cons and can improve your product to match your customers' expectations. Second, when you launch your product publicly, you will have positive reviews and people who will be willing to promote your product for free or for a commission. And, that leads us to its another feature that is an affiliate program.

Note: All basic plan subscribers have access to automation but with limited capabilities. For example, basic users have access to automated response and conditionals but aren't allowed to create automated pipelines, events, offers, email campaigns, or posts. The only way to access automation without any limitation is to subscribe to either growth or pro plan.

What is an affiliate program in kajabi?

The possibility of creating your own affiliate program will certainly open up many opportunities for your company and for its free promotion.

The affiliate program is nothing new and has been continuously used by all popular e-learning platforms and even by global giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, etc. for the free promotion of their products and services.

In exchange for free advertising, you, as a content creator or business owner, must pay a certain percentage of your income to your affiliates.

Most companies offer between 5% and up to 50% commission to their affiliates each time they generate sales.

Kajabi's integrated affiliate program allows you to create customized links that will lead your affiliate's audience to a specific section of your websites, such as a pipeline page, payment page, or offer page.

Each affiliate will receive their own unique link and each time a person makes a purchase on your website within “30 days” of clicking on that link, they will receive a certain percentage of the initial selling price.

To ensure security and prevent fraudulent activity, you, as an administrator, can manage each individual affiliate who registers for your program. Not only can you track their sales performance individually, but you can even track other essential actions such as conversion, conversion rate, form submission, and clicks.

Pro Plan

As the name sounds, this plan is meant for professionals who have been in the business for years and have got tons of digital products or courses to offer to their audience.

So, what's the difference between the Pro plan and the Growth plan?

Well, the only “significant” difference lies in the number of products, pipelines, contacts, users, and websites you can manage.

In this high-end tier, you can create and manage up to 100 products. Furthermore, you can also manage up to 100 pipelines, 100,000 contacts along with 20,000 active members. Apart from that, you are allowed to create three websites and assign up to 25 administrators. These administrators can be your staff members or the content creators that you have hired in your company.

There is one another interesting difference between growth and pro plan. While in growth you are allowed to send unlimited marketing emails, in Pro plan which will cost you $399 a month, you are tapped to 2 million emails. Though anything that is beyond the million is not a small figure, still, it's quite interesting to see this limitation.

Now, in terms of extra features, with the Pro plan, you get access to the theme editor. Theme editor might not be something interesting or beneficial to all kajabi's users, but those who want to add personalization or optimization (both in terms of SEO and page speed) can certainly take advantage of this feature.

My Personal View on The Pricing

Pricing of any subscription plan offered by kajabi is definitely higher than other competitors in the market. But, considering the set of features that this platform offers to its user, it's also quite remarkable. Furthermore, the authority and the stability that this platform offers are absolutely unbeatable.

There are hundreds of thousands of active users on this platform who bring in hundreds and even thousands of visitors to their websites on a daily basis. Then all of these active users view videos and download documents from websites managed by Kajabi without facing any issues.

Considering the fact that so many active e-learning course creators are depending on their whole online business on this platform proves the fact that kajabi is definitely doing their part of the job in the most professional and customer-oriented way.

The only negative thought I have for kajabi is regarding their basic plan. The limitation of three products and three pipelines is quite restrictive. I feel that it really limits the creative power of the content creator. I would be really happy if this plan would offer a limitation of at least five products, but again that's my personal thought, and I have no insight on how many basic plan users create and manage more than three products on their website.

Kajabi Pricing Vs. Other Competitors

Kajabi undoubtedly is the market leader when it comes to the e-learning management platform, but still, it has two main competitors, namely teachable and thinkific. ClickFunnels is the third competitor with which kajabi is quite frequently compared with.

One major differentiating factor between kajabi and the other teachable and thinkific is the free plan.

So, as I have already discussed kajabi doesn't offer any free plan on its platform, but both of its competitors offer free tier with a whole lot of limitations on both content creation and management. But that's definitely a different topic of discussion.

The fact that kajabi doesn't have any free tier is probably the main reason why both of its competitors have been growing their subscriber base.


Before making any comparison, let me make it very clear that teachable offers a different set of features and in certain areas far exceeds kajabi, especially in terms of marketing and customizability.

One significant difference between teachable and kajabi is the fact that on teachable, you really don't need to have your own website to manage and teach your audience. You are free to create your product and share it with your audience directly on teachable's platform.

Now when talking about the pricing plans, it's necessary for you to understand that teachable has two pricing options. You can either choose a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. The difference between the two-pricing option is obviously the price difference, and that will be $10 for the basic, $20 for the professional and $100 for the business plan.

The Basic:

This plan is well-suited for individuals who are planning to create their first online course. Anyone wanting to join this plan will have to shed $39 a month (when paid monthly) or $29 when paid annually.

Now, an important point to note about this plan is that transaction fees. While choosing this plan, remember that teachable will take a 5% cut from every sale you make on its platform.

How to get rid of it? Choose the next plan.

The Professional:

You can get rid of transaction fees by paying $99/month (when paid monthly) or $79/month when paid annually. With this plan, you get access to all the features in basic plus you get to remove teachable's branding, access to advanced reporting, theme customization, and so much more.


A plan best suited for professionals who love creating online courses and teaching their global audience. To get access to all the features of teachable, you will have to pay $399 a month if you choose the annual subscription or $499 monthly.


The pricing at Thinkific and Teachable seems to be surprisingly common. The only difference I could notice was the pricing of the basic plan and that when paid monthly. It's just $10 more than what you would pay on teachable. Apart from that, there is absolutely no difference, but again do remember that all of these platforms have their own set of unique features that they offer to their global user base.

Note: If you choose the annual subscription plan then no matter which plans you choose (except the free plan) you will get a 20% discount.

Basic – $49

Pro – $99

Premier – $499


If you are familiar with Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. then you must have heard of Clickfunnels. Hands down, it's one of the world's best platform for creating sales funnels, sales pages, A/B split testing, webinars, and so much more.

Most often, Kajabi is compared with this platform, and I seriously don't understand why.

Kajabi is an e-learning management platform whereas Clickfunnels is a sales funnels creation platform. There is a massive difference between what both these platforms are created for.

Still, below is the Clickfunnels pricing plans:

1. Basic

Starts at $97 per month, giving you the ability to create 20 funnels, 100 pages, and manage up to 20,000 visitors and unlimited contacts along with many other features.

2. Etison Suite

This premier plan will cost you $297 a month and gives you 100% access to all of its features without limitations on any except the magic social contact profiles and the SMTP integration.

Now, after going through the pricing options of all the three competitors, you might feel that kajabi is overhyped and overpriced.

If you as a content creator who needs a platform to just host and teaches your audience, then you should definitely go with teachable or thinkific. But, if you are really serious about your passion and want to create a successful online business, then kajabi is the only platform that is capable of managing your audience and all your marketing needs.

Which Kajabi Plan Is Well-Suited for You?

Honestly, it all depends on your needs. Whether you are just starting as an infopreneur or are an experienced professional with years of experience under the belt, will actually define what plan is well-suited for you.

Now, if you are new and unsure if this platform is really worthy of its price, you can take its 14-day trial without risk. The trial is available for all subscription plans, and only after 14 days; you will be charged. So, if you feel uncomfortable or if you find that this platform does not meet your expectations, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days, and you will not be charged a penny.

Note: Remember that the basic plan trial period is extended to 28 days.


Kajabi is a powerful platform, and its developers have ensured that it is equipped with all the essential features that any Infopreneur will possibly ever need to build a successful online business.

Not only is it search engine optimized and looks good, but it also boasts advanced features such as automation, email marketing, easy customization, and much more.

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