About John Koch

About John Koch

“Fiercely Pursue Your Purpose”

What would it look like if you fine-tuned your purpose? Then, how would it feel to fiercely pursue it with your whole being, body and soul… and get paid to do it? Join me on a journey and I’ll show you how.

My business failed and I got fat

But growing a business is hard. I’ve done it five times in 17 years. Two were million-dollar businesses. Two were… meh. One failed and made me fat.

In the early years, I had no idea what I was doing…

  • I was naive. At 20, I didn’t push hard enough to get a promised partnership signed, then I was pushed out of the company at 24.
  • I was a people pleaser. I couldn’t say no to clients…and then would stress out through the night to deliver their website on time.
  • I wanted to help everyone (clothing stores to contractors), but never truly crafted a remarkable solution for anyone.
  • I lacked tech skills. It was slow learning on the fly as I designed, coded, hosted and marketed websites. My bed was the cement floor beneath my desk with books as my pillow.

I found better days in later years…

Wish I could go back and mentor myself

I wish I could go back to mentor my 20-year-old self. The entrepreneurial dream doesn’t mean you should live on gas station hot dogs, carrot cake and red bull like I did! There is a smarter way to do things, which I found in later years.

Sold my first side business to help buy my first home

For example, one small side business helped me buy my first home. I created a clean humor website in 2007 that grew to 3.2 million unique visitors and 59 million page views before I sold it. It averaged 65,000 visitors and 985,000 page views per month.

Readers found it through search engines where it ranked number one for keywords like “clean jokes,” “clean humor” and “christian jokes”. This experience taught me about email marketing, SEO, user experience, monetization and servers.

More recently…

Feel like a pinball bouncing between tasks

Nowadays, I’m growing Tomoson.com, which passed the million dollar revenue mark in 2016. Tomoson is an entirely different animal compared to the humor site. It’s like wrestling a dog sled vs petting a puppy. It was easy for one person to run my side business. But it takes 30 people to make Tomoson work. Somedays I feel like a human pinball bouncing between writing, designing, coding, marketing and management.

I'll teach you the best of what I know…

I’ve worked as a solopreneur and also managed big teams. Each pushed me to learn different skills that are a huge advantage when merged together. Now I want you to be able to build your own dream business (big or small), using the best of what I know.

And it won’t be that hard if you just focus on the right actions in the right order. For free, I’ll show exactly how to do it by distilling my sixteen years of experience (ups and downs) into a series of step-by-step tutorials.

The best way for you to learn is by watching right alongside me as I launch and grow a new business — from scratch. Just follow along with me and do the very same things for your own business.

So easy my non-techie wife can do it

Over the coming months, I’ll be publishing content that shows you exactly how to do it, as I do it. I’ll give you all of the tools, templates, and systems (100% free) I code along the way. This will help you hate the process of building a business less . You’ll quickly maneuver past the technical obstacles that typically make people quit…or make them eat too many potato chips like I did!

There is only one thing for you to do right now: join my personal email list. This is how I will deliver all of the content that you need, so that you can tackle things in the correct order. You got this! I run all my content by my non-techie wife to make sure it’s easy to understand.

Get free, get focused, get fierce

Free Focused Fierce Tutorial Series

Your path to doing more of what you love is broken down into three-parts:

Part One
Set Purpose
Part Two
Hit Publish
Part Three
Go Promote
Clarifying your niche, customer and brand. Launching your day, blog and email list. Growing your influence, impact and income.

You'll get three easy-to-follow tutorials and tools for each series. That’s nine total steps, which is about how long it will take you to launch (perhaps relaunch) your website right alongside me, as I launch mine.

Why am I doing this?

There are three things that motivate me. They are the reasons I hide the TV in the closet Monday-Thursday. And why I don’t hit snooze at 5:00 AM. I am doing this because:

  1. Making a public promise to deliver content to you holds me accountable to you. It’s hard work, but if I know you depend on me, I’ll deliver.
  2. Eighty percent of my friends own a business or want to start one. I had the physical capacity to help only two this year, which limits impact. But now they’ll have a go-to guide to do-it-themselves.
  3. Most importantly, my ‘why’ in life is “to free others to fiercely pursue their purpose.” This accomplishes that. And the selfish part of me wants an excuse to work on my own passion project! I’ll talk more about that in the first series of tutorials 🙂


Let's do this! Together…

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