iPage Review 2022: 3 most serious flaws in iPage hosting and the solution

iPage Review 2022: iPage Hosting is famous for being one of the cheapest foreign web hosting companies.. To know how good iPage Hosting is, we purchased hosting from iPage and the Dean of Hosting team has been testing and trying it for years. And before you buy iPage hosting, read this review to learn about the pros and cons we encountered during the trial. And also get our exclusive iPage coupon to get the lowest price for iPage hosting!

iPage is a famous hosting company..but

Do you know its advantages and disadvantages? Is iPage Hosting Right for You?

We at Dean of Hosting have purchased iPage hosting and put it to the test for a long time. In this in-depth review, you'll be able to learn about the flaws we've experienced as well as the features of iPage hosting in more detail.

Thus, you will be able to determine whether iPage is suitable for you or not without buying hosting or spending anything on buying a hosting or domain.

iPage is one of the best and oldest foreign web hosts , as the company started providing web hosting services about 19 years ago (the company started its services in 1998). iPage Hosting targets small and medium websites, but they also offer VPS hosting services and full servers for large and high-traffic sites.

iPage is not an independent hosting company, but it is one of the holding companies of Endurance International Group, which is the largest hosting company in the world, as it owns other hosting companies such as HostGator , Bluehost, and others.

In this article, we will review and analyze iPage hosting and mention the most important advantages and disadvantages of iPage so that you can decide if this company is right for you or not.

In this review we will also mention the details of the iPage hosting plan. In addition to getting an exclusive discount from the company worth 81% of the value of hosting with a domain for your site for free.




Year Founded

Endurance International Group

main company

Shared Hosting

Package name


storage capacity


data transfer capacity


Number of sites on the package

1 (for a year)

free domain


Email accounts


SSL Certificate



30 days

Money Back Guarantee

$1.99 per month

hosting price

Buy iPage Hosting

Explanation of purchase

Buy hosting

iPage Hosting Features

In this section of the review, I will mention the most important advantages and strengths of iPage, which became clear to me through my experience with it and from the experiences of other users.

Low price hosting

ipage homepage
ipage homepage

The most important feature of iPage hosting is its very low hosting prices if we take into account that it offers unlimited hosting resources. While most other hosting companies offer great discounts on the first hosting reservation with the company. However, iPage greatly outperforms them, as you can buy iPage hosting for three years for only $80 or less, and this makes it one of the cheapest hosting companies .

The discounts offered by the company change from time to time, but you can use the following discount coupon link in order to get the largest discount at all times because we are constantly updating it.

Want to buy iPage hosting for only 19% of its price plus a free domain?

Use the following coupon code.

Host an unlimited number of websites on the same account

As mentioned above; iPage gives you the possibility of an unlimited number of websites (domains) on the same hosting account. That is, you can create more than one site without the need to book another hosting or pay additional costs. All you need is to purchase a new domain and link it to your dpi hosting account.

Unlimited Hosting

The company offers a single shared hosting plan with unlimited resources. That is, the file storage space is unlimited, and the amount of data transfer (Bandwidth) is also unlimited. So there is no need to worry about the exhaustion of hosting resources unless you consume server resources greatly, for example if your site is a file sharing site or an upload center. In this case, you will consume server resources greatly and it may be better for you to book a VPS server or an entire server for your site in order to avoid suspending your account.

Technical support

If we take into account the significantly lower price of iPage hosting; However, they offer several ways to communicate with hosting technical support, which is not often found in low-priced hosting companies. Where you can contact technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via live chat, phone, or technical support tickets.

Website builder tool

iPage offers you a great free drag and drop website builder from within your hosting control panel. In addition, you can install WordPress and other popular content management scripts, easily and quickly from within the control panel.

Free website builder

If you want to create a site on your ipage hosting account and you do not have the technical knowledge to create a site even if you do not want to install a wordpress blog, which can be installed with ease. iPage offers a free tool that enables you to design and create websites with ease without the need for any programming or technical knowledge.

Money Back Possibility

In the event that you do not like iPage hosting, the company gives you the possibility to recover the money you paid within 30 days of purchasing the hosting.

iPage disadvantages


Of course, all companies and services have advantages and disadvantages. And after I mentioned the most important features and strengths of hosting iPage above; I will mention the most important weaknesses of iPage hosting so that you are aware of them before buying iPage hosting and whether these strengths will cause problems with you.

Private control panel

iPage Hosting Do not use the popular cPanel control panel in shared hosting and WordPress hosting that most other hosting companies use. Instead, the company uses its own dashboard called Foundation to manage the hosting account.

Although the control panel is easy, simple and elegant in design, it can be a problem for users who are used to using the cPanel control panel.

Here, it should be noted that iPage uses the cPanel control panel in the VPS hosting service, and the full servers and its own panel are limited to shared hosting and WordPress hosting services only.

Renewal prices

Although the prices of dpi hosting are very low, this is only in the purchase prices. When renewing, you will find that the hosting prices are high if we compare them to other hosting companies such as Motion Hosting .

The company also does not offer the possibility of booking hosting for a month in case you are not sure of the feasibility of your project. While most other hosting providers give you the possibility to buy hosting for a month, 3 months or 6 months, such as HostGator, which gives you the ability to reserve hosting for a month only.

Average hosting performance

Although the slowness of the site may be due to the user if he uses a badly programmed script or something else. However, the hosting company should provide powerful hosting servers that make your site work non-stop and at a high speed. On this point; iPage hosting is considered a fairly average hosting if we compare it to other hosting companies such as SiteGround .

ipage hosting plan details

iPage offers one shared hosting plan with unlimited resources, here are the most important details.

The supplier

The details

 Storage space




 number of sites




 mail accounts


 free domain



 Daily, free

 Technical Support

 24/7 FREE

 Money Back Guarantee

 30 days

 File manager


 FTP account


 Secure FTP


 hosting control panel

Private plate

 website builder tool

Exist, free

 WordPress installation

Easily from the control panel

 Price before discount

 $11.95 per month

 The price after discount

 $1.99 per month


iPage Review: Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions we received from our visitors regarding iPage hosting. 
If you have a question or inquiry, add it in a comment below and we will answer it as soon as possible.

Do you offer a free ipage domain?

Yes , all visitors to the Dean of Hosting website get a free paid domain from iPage Hosting.

What control panel does ipage hosting use?

iPage uses its own easy-to-use control panel and is considered an alternative to the  famous cPanel , but unfortunately it does not support the Arabic language.
But despite that, it is easy to use and the company's team has redesigned the control panel interface and integrated it into the company's control panel to make it easier to use.

Does iPage hosting accept monthly payments?

Yes , you can buy hosting for a month.

 What are the payment methods in iPage?

The company accepts payment with all credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) in addition to the fact that you can pay via PayPal as well.

Does iPage accept payment via PayPal?

Yes , you can pay the company via PayPal, but in some cases there may be a slight delay in activating the account until the payment process is confirmed.

How many websites can be installed on my iPage account?

You can install an unlimited number of separate sites (each site has a separate domain) on your iPage hosting account without any additional charges.

ipage hosting discount coupon

All visitors to the Hosting Dean's website get a discount of 81% of the value of iPage hosting in addition to a free domain. To get the discount, click on the Apply Discount button.

Are you an existing iPage hosting user? Have you used it before? Why don't you share your experience with us! Or do you have any question or inquiry regarding hosting iPage? Feel free to use the comments below.

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