10 Tips For How To SEO Your Sales Funnel Page

The first step in knowing how to SEO your sales funnel page is understanding the concept of the funnel.

The sales funnel is a reflection of the buyer’s journey: right from the buyer realizing they have a need, being aware of the product you are offering that will satisfy the need, considering buying it from you, then finally making a purchase of your product.

To be able to make successful conversions, you’ll need to understand the customers at each stage of the funnel.

Once you grasp the client’s behaviors and intentions, it will be easy to determine what stage of the funnel they are at and what SEO strategy to employ to get them to purchase the product.

SEO is more than driving traffic to your website. It is about matching your web visitors’ needs to the relevant pages.

Here are 10 ClickFunnels SEO tips on how to optimize your sales funnel page and rank higher on the search engine results.

Make the landing page suitable for SEO

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Most ads usually lead to a landing page, so why can’t they also be optimized for SEO? Optimizing the landing page for SEO can see an increase in leads generated in the long term.

The home page may be important, but studies have shown that most clicks lead to the landing page more than the home page.

Ensure that the landing page contains useful content that is based on relevant keywords and has a call to action.

For a sales funnel, the call to action can be for the visitor to subscribe to email notifications of new products and offers or contact you for a free quote. 

When possible, the landing page should have as little navigation as possible because you want the visitor to stay on it.

Generally, any SEO Company that deals with small businesses will be able to do SEO for your main landing pages. This is an untapped traffic source that most funnel builders don't even think about!

Make use of long-tail keywords

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SEO needs patience as it takes time. Search engines give priority to older sites so it may take a few months before you see the results of your SEO campaign. However, you may shorten that waiting period if you use long-tail keywords more than short-tail keywords. Long tail keywords contain more words and are less competitive, and therefore easier to rank. This is one of the most common but mostly ignored tips on how to SEO your sales funnel page.

Another thing to remember is that long tail keywords generally convert better!

Go for long-form content (when appropriate)

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Search engines prefer long-form content. The higher the word count, the higher chances you have of making it to the search engine’s first page. The logic for this is simple. Long-form content generally means more research and more information, therefore more value to the person searching for information. However, not all keywords require long-form content.

Your best bet is to research what high ranking competitors are doing and imitate it. Mike from Mallery Online Marketing said that the optimal long form content is at least 1,890 words is the optimal content length for most content, however it is different from niche to niche. You need to use a word counter to check how long the top performers are.

Keep RankBrain in mind

Google’s RankBrain is very important to a sales funnel. Google uses the RankBrain algorithm to analyze and measure the interaction of users and search results for keywords. This ensures that pages that are liked more by users rank higher. The RankBrain puts into consideration three factors before ranking websites on the search engine.

The first thing it considers is the click-through-rate. This means that the more people click on your webpage when it appears in the search results, the more likely you are to rank higher. The second factor it considers is the bounce rate. If users leave immediately after landing on your website, then it may not contain relevant information and may be down ranked. The time spent on the site also matters as it means you have useful and interesting information compared to your competitors if they spend more time on your website.

If you are serious about understanding how to SEO your sales funnel page, develop your content around these three factors.

Have a Social Media strategy

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Social media and SEO go together. You can use social media for networking and creating awareness about your sales funnel. It is an underrated avenue for search engine optimization as search engines also take into consideration presence on social media when ranking websites. Google basically uses social signals as a way to justify all the other links you may be building to your sales funnel.

Update old content that performs well

Every website has content that was created ages ago that performed extremely well. Updating that content gives it a boost when it comes to SEO while adding more value to your website visitors. It can lead to an increase of between for that particular piece and your website in general.

If the piece is already a part of your sales funnel, then it’s an easy win. Otherwise, it shouldn’t take too much creative thinking in order to find a way to redirect it into your funnel. This is a little-known hack on how to SEO your sales funnel page.

Network with influencers

Influential people and websites would be good for you to SEO your sales funnel so it’s time to start networking. Not only can you get traffic and leads when the influencers share your content with their followers, but you are also likely to earn a powerful backlink that will boost your long term rankings.

Have a mobile-friendly site

More than 60% of searches are done on mobile devices, according to Google. Having a mobile-friendly and responsive website will most likely result in a higher ranking on search engines as the bounce rates will be lower (remember RankBrain). The good news is that Google provides a Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool that will give you insight on how responsive your site is.

Try guest posts

Guest posting plays a great role in SEO for sales funnels. Apart from reaching out to new audiences and catching their attention, it also establishes you as a thought leader in your industry which adds to your credibility. Guest posting on other sites builds your brand and is a great way to improve traffic and links back to your own site. Other industry leaders doing guest posts on your website are likely to share the content with their followers and drive traffic to you.

Give supplementary information

Long-form content is great, but it can take long to develop and some visitors may find it dull if you don’t format it correctly.

You can make it interesting and even more informational by providing your visitors with supplementary media such as infographics, videos, and podcasts.

This expands your reach and leads to better SEO for your sales funnel as search engines will prioritize media-rich content. The supplementary media is also bound to keep your visitors locked on the site.

While some people will promise you a shortcut to rank in Google, it is important to note that SEO takes time.

So implement these tips on how to SEO your sales funnel page, stay patient, and watch your rankings increase steadily. This will especially help you with your Clickfunnels SEO.

Remember, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

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