Helium 10 Review: A Good Product Research Tool?

If you have chosen an Amazon business as a way for you to make money online, I will introduce to you a fantastic tool that will help you improve your online business called Helium 10. Let me tell you more about it in my Helium 10 review.

If you’ve never heard of Helium 10, it is a powerful platform that will let you become successful in your Amazon business. I’m going to go through in in-depth with this Helium 10 review by discussing what is it all about and how it can help you boost your sales.

In addition to that, I will also tell you the pricing and pros and cons of having helium 10 as your go-to platform when it comes to your Amazon business.

What is Helium 10?

Have you ever wonder what kind of platform will help you to be successful as an Amazon seller. Helium 10 is the answer as it can provide you information that you need to give you a boost in your sales in Amazon. 

Helium 10 has a suite of tools made for Amazon sellers that can be used in finding product ideas, know the competition, and can track the success by keyword rankings. It is packed with features as it has 13 tools that you could use. If you avail Helium 10 you’ll get these powerful tools that can be accessed through their website, and they also offer a Chrome extension that smoothly integrated with Amazon’s marketplace. 

This software will help you eliminate the labor-intensive factors that you will experience with Amazon as you can have access to every data that you will need for your business.

Why Use Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a must-have if you are an Amazon seller because it has all the things you need to make your life easier and to make more sales. If you compare it with other tools, you need to subscribe to multiple platforms and put together information, but with Helium 10 you’ll get every single device in just one platform.

It has product research, keyword research, product launches, competitor spying, listing optimization, keyword tracking, refunds, and more. All the information that you’ll ever need exist in its dashboard, and you will no longer need to open multiple tabs and browsers to get the information you would want.

Tools Of Helium 10

  • Black Box (product research)
  • Xray (product research for competitiveness)
  • Review Downloader (product research for filter reviews and customer insights )
  • Inventory Levels (stock alerts) 
  • Trendster (product research for trends and popularity of products) 
  • Profitability Calculator ( pricing and measuring)
  • Magnet (keyword research)
  • Cerebro (keyword strategy)
  • Scribbles (product listing optimization)
  • Frankenstein (keyword management)
  • Index Checker (keywords indexed for Amazon)
  • Keyword Tracker (rank tracker)
  • Profits (tracking of profits)
  • Alerts (fraud and listing hijacks)
  • Inventory Protector (inventory management
  • Refund Genie (Amazon refunds)
  • Follow-Up (email and feedback management)

Pros of Helium 10

  • Every tool is appropriate for Amazon
  • All in one platform
  • Product and keyword search tools are fantastic
  • Creation of plan is free
  • Easy to use and accurate data

Cons if Helium 10

  • The free plan is limiting
  • Expensive plans are the most useful
  • No Amazon PPC Manager

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 has four pricing plans that you can choose from.

Free Plan

Helium 10 Free plan cost $0, and it has a keyword tracker of 20.

A la Carte Plan

Helium 10 A la Carte plan costs $17-$97 monthly, and it has a keyword tracker of 2,500.

Platinum Plan

Helium 10 Platinum plan costs $97 monthly, and it has a keyword tracker of 2,500.

Diamond Plan

Helium 10 Diamond plan costs $197 monthly, and it has a keyword tracker of 5,000.

Final Thoughts: Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 is like a holy grail that all Amazon sellers should have. It has all the tools that you will need for making sales and strategizing your next steps in your Amazon business. What makes it more impressive is that it’s easy to use, and you can use it for free.

Any Amazon seller can use this from start-ups that have a limited budget to mid-size to big size sellers that can use its expensive plans. If you are an Amazon seller that wanted to explore tools that is functional, effective, and easy to use. I’m sure it is no coincidence that you ended up reading this Helium 10 review because it is the right moment for you!

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