Howdy Folks, Michael here, and thanks for stopping by and checking out my Funnelytics review.I want to get right to the juicy stuff in my Funnelytics review. There is something Funnelytics doesn't talk much about. I think it's because they might actually make some of the guru marketers mad that they've funnel hacked lol.One of my absolute favorite features of Funnelytics is they're “funnel hacked for you”, Funnel plans.Funnelytics literally funnel hacked the best guru funnels out there that are proven to work. All you have to do is drag-and-drop the entire funnel plan to your canvas. I mean some of these funnels are 50+ steps long. There are complicated ones and very simple ones.


  • Exploit the knowledge of the best marketers
  • 50+ Pre-Hacked funnels (Funnel plans you can import)
  • Share funnels with other peers
  • Develop live as customers watch


  • Need To Add Traffic Sources Manually
  • Inability To Indicate Email Data


Funnelytics is just what you need when working through your funnels. This is because it is designed with an easy to use interface and is quite fun to work with. It is used by marketers and other users to market funnels and to design, track and even analyse their funnels.

It just blows me away that you can drag someone's million dollar funnels to your canvas and then get cracking on building it out.

For example…


This image include 9 of 50+ funnel plans I picked out. Funnelytics funnel hacked them for you. There are general plans like the product sales funnel. There are industry specific ones for dentists, real estate, lawyers etc… There are also personal brand and corporate brand funnel plans that have been funnel hacked for you… There are even funnel hacks for affiliates.

These funnels have been specifically funnel hacked for marketing services, e-commerce, local businesses, SAS, courses / digital products, coaching / consulting, affiliate marketing, as well as other Industries. If you are a believer in the phrase “model what works” instead of “recreating the wheel”, then Funnelytics' software is a no-brainer.It's literally a simple as dragging a proven funnel onto your canvas. And then building out your funnels in your chosen funnel building platform such as Clickfunnels. I doesn't matter what platform you use to build your funnels. Funnelytics literally integrates with every platform with a simple piece of code.Honestly guys, you just simply have to sign up for a free account and give it a try. Even if you're just going to brainstorm and plan out your funnels. It's such an easy white boarding experience. It gets your ideas out of your head and onto a screen where you can quickly visualize all your traffic sources, landing pages, forms, follow-ups etc. I love seeing how it all flows together before I start building.


In addition, if you are an agency or a contractor who loves to build funnels for other people…. this tool is your secret weapon. Funnelytics even has an amazing course about creating a “funnel as a service” to attract clients, deliver results and retain clients.

The Funnelytics forecasting and results comparisons impress the crap out of clients. Why? Even before you create your landing pages and traffic sources etc… You can just white board out the funnel flow and plug-in projected numbers to show your clients their potential ROI, which just totally blows them away.

And then of course, after you build out an implement your funnels, you can compare your projected number to real numbers. This gives you a visual look at where you are succeeding and where you have bottlenecks that need to optimizing. It's a practical way to consistently improve your clients funnels month after month.As I mentioned, I can't emphasize enough how much the funnel hacking vault of done-for-you funnels is. Definitely login in drag some onto your canvas. Give it a try. It's free.

That is my absolute favorite feature about Funnelytics, however there are other amazing features that I'll get into in more detail in this post—measuring your existing funnel metrics, mapping out your marketing strategies, collaborating with teams and clients, forecasting funnel conversions and learning how to optimize and maximize your customer lifetime value.

What Is Funnelytics?

Funnelytics is just what you need when working through your funnels. This is because it is designed with an easy to use interface and is quite fun to work with. It is used by marketers and other users to market funnels and to design, track and even analyse their funnels.

funnelytics website screenshot

The canvas enables users design funnels as they imagine it in their heads. From here you can then use tracking analytics in the case of the funnel maps. This is one of the advantages that you get from Funnelytics that you would not get from any similar software- its ability to allow for user innovation.

Unlike other analytic software, users are able to exploit this particular software as there no limitations as to what one can try out. It also allows you to make detailed tracking for each and every one of your funnels.

Who Is Funnelytics For?

First of all, Funnelytics is a must for marketers and businesses out there. It is ideal for businesses of every kind whether, small or large enterprises, it will work in a recommendable manner.

Similarly, anyone can use it, they just have to make sure that they know their way around the software. This will determine the degree of success they will reap from trying it out.

The following illustrate where Funnelytics will work out for you;

  • If you want a fast and efficient way to design attractive funnels
  • You wish to conduct analysis on your funnels effectively
  • You want to put a tracker on certain metrics of your work that help in decision making
  • If as a user, you wish to make a clear vision for your marketing plan
  • You wish that your customers are able to be brought on board and see your vision clearly

Funnelytics are only not advisable for you if you rarely use funnels for your marketing. This will be useless to try and use this software as it will not have an impact on the results of your strategies. Another scenario is when you have already done the funnel part, in that you have created, analysed and even optimized all the funnels you will ever need for your business. In this case Funnelytics will not be helpful for your case.

You certainly will not need the Funnelytics software if you are used to other types of software in place of it. This is especially if this software is efficient enough and get the job done.

  • You can begin by sharing your funnels through a link or downloading them as either a PDF file
  • Exploit the knowledge of the best marketers using Funnelytics and make use of their pre-designed templates
  • Check on your referrer traffic clearly
  • Track and analyse the performance of a page regularly
  • Check on user engagement rates through the provided scroll and video percentages, and even popup and events
  • Use the features of Funnelytics to get the world to see your awesome ideas
  • Share funnels with other peers
  • Develop funnels live as clients watch

Getting Started

When you get to the canvas, you can then begin creating the work that will see you enjoy the benefits of Funnelytics. Once you click on create funnel, you will be able to see five tabs on the left side of the screen, these can be dragged and dropped on the empty space at the centre which is the canvas.

Pages is the first element you will encounter. Here you get to choose from fifteen elements and each of them has a brief description. The icons even show what it is they are so you do not get confused at this point.

Web traffic is another important element that is included here. It contains search website traffic, social media sites, emails and other items.

Actions comes across as another element that you can go for. Here, you get at your disposal eight choices that you can choose from. This are specific as they are used by the user on the other side and you need them to be clear. It is from here that you will draw your conclusions about the actions of the user traffic.

Offline is another useful aspect in this case that you might have to use. You get to work with six varying alternatives. They vary from meetings to a wide variety of marketing tools.

Templates come across as the final element. It begins as completely blank. This helps when you have a successful funnel and would like to exploit it over and over again for your activities.

The Three Main Steps

Funnelytics can be described through three basic steps that anyone can follow and get results that will enable them make the right decisions. The steps are described below;

Mapping Your Funnel Strategy

Here you will have to start from scratch as you make your way to the mapping tool. The mapping tool is a weapon that will enable you get a mile above your rivals. The mapping tool helps you in planning, presenting and eventually on the sales part. Users get to enjoy a user friendly interface that makes the whole process simple, they get to use the drag-n-drop feature that is highly effective. This also saves a lot of time and energy for the users.

Users are boosted with 50 funnel templates that are offered at no cost. This will kick-start the whole process for you as you get to familiarize yourself with the whole idea. With Funnelytics, users have the ability of customizing anything to suit how they are comfortable. This can be done on the canvas to enable them have an easy time operating through it.

The software also gives users the ability to bring on board attractive and quality funnel maps they think will enable them achieve success.

Set Targets And Strategize Your Margin

It is important to know your targets so that you are focused and always steer directly to them. Effective forecasting enables one to design stable goals and analyse certain factors such as return on investment. This should be the first step before you even begin to build anything.

At this stage, users are capable of approximating conversion rates and the size of the traffic they will enjoy. You will also be able to predict your margins as well as return on interest and any other important measures.

The calculation, forecasting and analysis enable you to plan either to intensify your marketing actions in order to get to the goals you set.

Results Are Delivered

This stage offers results and not the traditional spreadsheets that do not communicate enough about how a business is fairing on. This stage enables users know how people are moving through their funnel. It also shows what strategy is working and what is not working, in a sense you get to know if you are moving towards the desired direction.

As indicated above, the results here are quite crystal clear. There are no graphs, spreadsheets or even complicated results. You get to see the exact figures that you need, the figures are actually updated in real time on the funnel map. You get to compare and are able to know what needs to be fixed to remedy the situation. From here you can them come up with a simplified report that the clients can be able to work with.

Funnelytics do not require one to be a data scientist for them to be successful while working through them. Rather one must just know their way around it to be able to succeed. They are hailed for their ability to enable almost anybody to plan and sell funnels and achieve significant profits. This is accomplished by its ability to allow one make decisions based on the analysis performed using the little data they have. Funnelytics was designed as a solution for a variety of problems that marketing teams have when doing their analysis. With Funnelytics they are now done with issues such as;

  • Using murky and not so clear funnels that leave clients doubting your credentials
  • Complications that arise in launching where coordinators are unable to get their clients and their team to work towards a common goal
  • Launching funnels without being sure on which figures will lead to a suitable margin in the end
  • Lacking sufficient and appropriate data that can be used in the funnels strategy
  • Working through spreadsheets and graphs to ascertain the results realized in funnels
  • Working with analytics that are not clear on what is legit or not

Major Features Of Funnelytics

Let's take a look at some of major features of Funnelytics

Funnelytics Vaults

This is available under the free version of Funnelytics even though it is a highly useful feature. Here you get a number of pre-designed funnel templates that have been tested by big marketers out there. The probability of failing when using these templates is zero.

You see, with Funnelytics you actually do not have to start from scratch as the Funnelytics vault gives some templates you can learn from. The good thing is that new professional funnels are always added every thirty days. You also get videos explaining how each funnel works and how you can use it for your activities. This is probably a good idea to go for before you know your way around things.

Drag And Drop Interface

The drag and drop feature makes Funnelytics easy to work with. You save a lot of time using this feature than you would if you had to use other means. One does not need instructions or a video to tell them how they can go about this-probably one of the reasons that makes Funnelytics user friendly.

From here one can learn on how they can design their funnels. On the canvas, one can see icon options for pages, traffic, actions, templates and other basic items they can use to come up with a comprehensive funnel.

Analysing User Activity

Once you click on the “Analyse” option on the canvas, you get to see traffic and conversion metrics on your screen. These show how customers flow through the content you uploaded, say an ad. It is here that you get to see what is scaring customers so that you correct on that.

Track External Traffic Sources

UTM tagging gives you the ability to track and analyse external traffic to your funnels and pages. This enable you track the activity of a user every time they click on your site.

Engagement Tracking

Google tag manager is used in analysing user engagement in this step. You can use it as a hub to track analytics scripts even in Funnelytics. You will have to perform a number of installations before you can use it in Funnelytics, but once it is set, it will be able to work for you.

Tracking Revenue

The Pro version of Funnelytics gives you a figure of the revenue that you have accomplished on each phase of your funnel. It also shows the revenue achieved in aggregate over the whole campaign.

The Benefits Of Funnelytics

  • You get to work with a software that enables you organise both your team and clients easily
  • Drag-n-drop feature makes it easy to work with. This makes the whole process effective and time saving
  • You get six basic funnel templates for free. This enable you fasten the mapping and customizing of your funnel
  • The Funnelytics vault gives you pre-built templates that have been proven to work in the past
  • Capability to add notes and checklists on every step of the funnel so that both clients and the team understand what is taking place in each step
  • Teamwork is encouraged as you are capable of adding almost everyone on board so that they can follow up and even contribute where they can
  • Forecasting is enabled as you get results that enable you calculate vital statistics.  You also get a chance to compare your real data in a way that enables you optimize your activities
  • You get quality results that are easy to work with unlike spreadsheets
  • You get to visualize conversion rates directly on pages and even user actions and not on a spreadsheet that may not always tell the true story.
  • You get to follow user actions such as when they make a purchase or even when they fill a form
  • You get a number of leads on the customers that are important in making sales
  • You can get to indicate to your clients the most effective emails, uploaded content and any other material that is driving in revenue.


Funnelytics is the first of its kind and it has turned out to be one of a kind software. This is probably due to its ability to give you full control while at the same time enabling you perform seamless analysis at a go. The following illustrations show why Funnelytics is a great option against other rival software;

Funnelytics is designed with a good number of professional funnels designed by professionals. The funnel templates have been tested and seen to be successful and you get this on a silver platter. This enables you achieve success quite easily and you also learn on how to develop a successful funnel on your own.

One has the ability to download numerous designs for themselves. This is through the sharing platform that allows designers share their ideas as well as funnels they think could be of great use to other users of Funnelytics. This helps users when they are in a dilemma and cannot think of an appropriate funnel design that could meet their demands.

One is able to view the performance of their funnels; this helps them correct where they can. Performance can be spotted by checking on the detailed analytics which are reported for each and every funnel you are working with. You can then decide to correct on areas that are slowing down development.

The drag and drop feature makes this software easy to use by anyone who would wish to use it. one is therefore granted seamless freedom in this software as they get the drag and drop feature that allows them add and remove whatever they feel like on the canvas.

One is able to track their revenue. This helps as you may want to know whether your efforts are actually bearing fruits or not. You get to know just what is exactly raking in money and what is not as seen in the revenue mode. This helps in strategizing for the future.

This software has seen users come up with quality and effective funnels quite faster than before. The sea of tools and the fact that this is an easy to use feature has made users design funnels quite faster than they did before.

One is able to come up with presentation maps that they can share with their clients. This instils confidence in the clients when it comes to the work they do with you. They are assured that you have the skills of a marketer and hence they cherish every occasion they work with you.

The shortcomings of Funnelytics might be because of the fact that they are actually just beginning. They might have a few flaws here and there but they will correct them in later versions. One such flaw is their inability to integrate with any other software. This might be quite disappointing when you want to connect Funnelytics with other analytics software but you just can’t.

Funnelytics makes it hard when you it comes with payment processors. This might just be the biggest headache when it comes to Funnelytics. Its lack of integration with payment processors and shopping carts is a huge let down especially when you want to access the revenue you earned.

Funnelytics does not allow users to design and host their pages and funnels within the platform, Funnelytics. One has to use tools like Thrive Architect or ClickFunnels if they want to do this.

Email marketing becomes a headache when it comes to Funnelytics. This is because it is designed to link with them in a way that working with them is smooth.

Setting up the tracking for specific on-page events can be quite difficult. This will be even more difficult in the case of those who are not that tech-savvy. The process requires one to know their way around the such software for them to be successful with this task.


The following shortcomings make it difficult for you to get the most out of Funnelytics when it comes to analytics. You will realize some limitations as well as a number of challenges that make using Funnelytics kind of difficult. However, these do not drop significant marks for Funnelytics as it remains to be one of a kind software that you can use for your marketing activities.

Need To Add Traffic Sources Manually

As indicated above, funnelytics is poor when it comes to integration with other media sites. This is seen when you have traffic flowing in from a blog or a Facebook page. You will realize that you have to add the traffic source manually, otherwise, it will not be tracked in the funnels.

Inability To Indicate Email Data

Even though email marketing has become a big thing in the recent past, Funnelytics has failed to integrate it well into its operations. It is unable to show the successful email- as which ones are being opened and read. This will be quite helpful in understanding which email is successful and which one is not.

However, it enables one to see emails in their funnels by use of the graphics. It also provides UTM parameters that enable you track the traffic flowing into a page, here you get to know the traffic coming from emails.

Difficulty In Tracking Particular Events

Advanced tracking can be quite a headache when it comes to Funnelytics. This is the case for one page events. This prevents one from getting what they desire from the whole process as in a way they are limited in terms of what they can get from Funnelytics.

Even though Funnelytics has the above challenges, it is still the one to go for as it has a number of great features that you will enjoy working with. For instance, it is one of the easiest to use software of its kind even though you can do quite a lot with it. It also has the ability of providing quality and effective results you can use for your strategy planning.

Funnelytics offers one the ability to share their funnels with either a team member or even a client on the other side. This is easily done by clicking on the share icon that appears on the top bar. This enables the receiver to view the funnel and even save it into their account.

Funnelytics offers users the ability to work with funnels designed by pro marketers and which have been proven to be successful. This enables beginners learn quite a lot and even get a hint of how to design a promising funnel for themselves.

Another thing is the availability of a free version that users get to enjoy. This is important for your early days before you start raking in money from your activities.

Funnelytics Alternatives

Funnelytics was designed with the sole intention of filling the gap of dealing with funnels for marketing purposes. There are a number of other software out there that were initially used but which could not produce quality results as Funnelytics can. Some of them are mentioned below;

Google Analytics

Google analytics is one such software, was a good invention but lacked in some aspects that Funnelytics performs quite well currently. For instance, it is not that great when it comes to funnel mapping, non-linear visualization and providing quality customer profiles. All of these functions can are done in a recommendable manner by Funnelytics.


Kissmetrics is a good software for tracking actions, events and even revenue. It also does well in areas such as cross domain tracking. However, it scores significantly low when it comes to funnel mapping, email tracking and making a reporting on user path flows.

Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports is another quality software but like many other it does not perform the function of funnel mapping like Funnelytics does. It also scores poorly when it comes to user path flows and non-liner visualisation. However, it beats Funnelytics hands down when it comes to tracking ad expenditure as well as giving reports on custom and return on investments.


Hotjar beats Funnelytics when it comes to heatmaps but is poor in the aspect of funnel mapping and tracking of events, actions and revenue. It performs just as well as Funnelytics when it comes organization of client sub-accounts.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel concept has been around for quite some time now, yet few people understand how it works. Most of internet marketing professionals who do not understand this concept are the biggest losers.

The sales funnel is a term that can be used to refer to the process of converting a site visitor to a lead. In simple terms sales funnel involves the whole idea of maintaining a simple site visitor to actually buy into your products and services.

Looking at the funnels, businesses and marketing teams are able to spot exactly where the visitors are in the purchasing procedure. Businesses can be able to ensure that there their sales process is efficient by simply specifying a collection of stages that the guests need to attain at each of the levels of the funnels.

The business is then able to track the location of the visitor in the purchase process. It can also calculate the conversion rates amongst each of the levels.

As indicated above funnels are quite important for companies who would like to gauge the performance of their marketing strategies. They can therefore correct any step that seems to be lowering the conversion rate.

Back before the invention of Funnelytics, internet marketers would assume that their websites were not effective because of poor traffic. This was not always the case as there was no means to figure this out for the funnels. This was the case until the invention of funnelytics- which does a commendable job incorporating a business’ sales funnel and the analytics it has. Funnelytics has come to the rescue of online marketing professionals even those who are not good in computer science as it has simplistic features like the drag and drop feature used in the canvas.

Marketing teams have made Funnelytics an important software because of the edge they get from it.  A major one is that they are able to visualize the whole process and hence have the ability to make enhancements wherever they can.

Why Do You Need A Funnel?

As has already been illustrated, as sales funnel is crucial to the growth and development of your business. Every business person has dreams of what their business can, and should be. However, all these dreams will be highly dependent on how your business does.

For others, they may have been lucky to get into a business and provide an innovative service. That was all they needed to get them off the ground and into serious business. But those stories are almost legendary.

For you, putting in elbow grease into growing your business will be the only way for you to make it as a businessperson. This takes meticulous planning, and continuous learning. This will help you adapt to the prevailing conditions, and also a fighting chance in the business environment.

One thing that you will have to learn how to put to good use is a sales funnel. This will streamline your sales process across multiple channels, and also be a guide on what to do, and where to move to next to maximize the exposure you get.

However, a sales funnel isn’t a magical fix to a business that’s already faltering. It may help a fledgling business get off the ground and start taking care of the bottom line. This, though, will require some serious introspection into what you, and in turn, your business is offering to the people who come across your product.

If your product was already poorly set up to begin with, a sales funnel won’t be a fix to this. A good indicator of whether your offering is good or has issues is to look at your current sales. Even without a sales funnel, a good enough offer will have made some sales, even if they’re not as much as you had hoped.

A good place to start is to ask yourself this crucial question; this product that you are selling, is it doing badly because there aren’t enough people to buy it, or is it because the product itself isn’t something that people actually need?

If your answer is the latter, then you have some work to do. You will need to have a sit down, either with yourself or a business partner, and take some strong Guatemalan or Kenyan coffee to help you deal with what is to come next.

You will need to put serious thought into redesigning the product. The product, ideally, should be something that someone would want to use. If it’s not every day, then the few occasions that they would like to use that product, they would come to you and not your competitors.

After the brainstorming and redesigning, you will need to do a little test. This test is as simple as going live on a small scale. This will let you know whether your product is something that customers will use every day. If not, you’ll also need to consider whether this product is something that can be considered evergreen.

These types of products are much harder to sell. This is because the customer realizes that this product is within reach, should they need it. As humans, we tend to pay attention to the things that we don’t have, while neglecting the things that we can get to easily.

A live launch will spur people into thought, and even action. They will want to jump on the bandwagon before you take away the product, or even hike the price to someplace they wouldn’t be willing to follow you to.

Once the sales start rolling, now you will need a sales funnel. But why is it important to you and your business?

Building Familiarity With Potential Customers

One part of the sales funnel focuses on making you, your brand and your product familiar to the potential customer. This helps them know you, start to like you, and eventually trust you.

The more your brand is visible out there, the more they associate your product with positivity. This makes it more likely they will purchase what you’re selling.


Creating a sales funnel means everything that you put together to support your product will now have a purpose within a framework. This is especially true of content that you put out there. Your blog isn’t something that you should treat as a hobby, but as a serious partner in helping you drum up business.

You Are Providing Solutions

Let’s face it. If we had all the answers, we wouldn’t need each other. Luckily for you, the opposite of this case is what’s true, and what will get you customers. The content you provide will give insights into what pet peeves are bothering people out here.

This gives you the opportunity to provide a solution, and make yourself indispensable to them.


It’s often said that being an entrepreneur means having the knowledge and resilience to push through the feast and famine cycles that business tend to go through at some point. A sales funnel means that you can break out of this cycle and start enjoying consistent income.

A sales funnel means that you are automating your marketing, and thus are able to attract paying customers regularly.

Allows You To Scale

Let’s face it. Being the proprietor of a young business is really exhausting. Aside from having to run the business, you also have to do everything by yourself. You’re the president, CFO and worker all by yourself.

A sales funnel means consistent income, which means you can now hire help. As the new people take up the responsibilities, you’re free to kick back and plan the growth of your company. And as it grows and more employees come in, you then get to have serious amounts of free time to yourself.

This means you now have the time to do the things you live, whether it be painting, or busking at the train station just to wow people with your skills.

Conclusion: Funnelytics Review

As seen above an experience with Funnelytics is one to remember. This is because it is an easy to use feature that offers more than any other similar software. You will also realize how much control you will have when using the settings in the Funnelytics canvas. It also gives quality results that one can use in their analytics of the market and strategize. Funnelytics is a software that is at its early stages but one which has a lot to offer in the future. Its ability to perform quite well than its rivals makes it among the software that are a must to work with. There is a lot of work being done in order to improve the functionality of Funnelytics. This will see it perform better in the fields it was lagging behind and hence beat its rival software hand down. The areas that might be probably be covered include split-testing, heat maps, ad expenditure tracking and giving of reports on custom and return on investment.

Enjoy our Funnelytics Review and want to put it into action? Then check out Clickfunnels!

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