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Today we will be doing a Funnel Scripts Review. Funnel scripts is an online platform that helps you automate scriptwriting process. It assists you with creating sales optimized and custom content for your sales pages, email marketing, webinars, bonus pages along with more. Let's look deeper into this Funnel Scripts Review.

As an Internet marketer, you already know the importance of conversion-optimized, compelling content. Without it, there is absolutely no way for you to connect with your readers or your audience. Your content is your only way to engage with your audience and make them purchase your product or your service.

Now, just how much you pay for a 1000 words conversion-optimized copy? $50, $100, or maybe $200.

It depends completely on the writer and your needs; I understand that. But do you need to invest so much money on just a copy when there are so many different ways to invest that money and get a better return on investment? For example, you can spend that amount on the advertisement, on improving your product quality or adding more content to your course.

With funnel scripts, you don't only save your hard-earned money, but you also get access to unlimited compelling, conversion-optimized content for your sales pages.

These processes are completely automated, and all that is required from your side involves the input of details that are associated with your business, yourself, and your product.

Once you have provided the necessary information, Funnel Scripts takes the input where it generates a brand-new copy from the original written-sales materials.

Your content might not be unique, yet this is not the primary focus as you are not aiming to rank higher on Google with content that is 100% original. Instead, your focus is on getting conversions, and this is precisely what you will achieve when using Funnel Scripts.

As a user, you have 100% control over your generated copy. You are able to alter information, along with the choice in several variations from the original copy.

Funnel Scripts will guide you through the entire process, and if you do run into any problems, it is easy to ask the support teams for further assistance. Let's look more into this Funnel Scripts Review.

Who Should Be Using Funnel Scripts?

This is the ideal application for people that do not have time to wait for a content writer or writers to produce sales pages on their behalf. It is also suitable for marketers that do not have the cash available to pay for copywriting.

If you are already involved in affiliate marketing or you sell your own products, you are aware of how important copywriting is. Without it, you are unable to convey messages to visitors, and without this aspect, you are unable to convince these visitors to buy your products.

If you are in search of a tool or method to automate the process of creating sales pages, then Funnel Scripts is definitely a platform you can benefit from in a significant way.

Important Features

Generated Copies That Are Readable and Interesting

If you are an Internet marketer, you might already know about article spinning. However, this tool does not spin anything. Rather it uses your input in the way of placing them into appropriate places within the pre-built templates.

Downloadable Wizards

Funnel Scripts is a type of online application that does always not offer a version offline for people that do not have access to an Internet connection.

Where the online interface is made for speeding up the copywriting processes, the wizards that are downloadable are designed to generate large amounts of in-depth content.

This downloadable application features 100's of built-in templates. Every time you would like to generate new copies using this application, it will ask you many questions before providing any output. Yet the output is exceptionally optimized when it comes to your specific products.


While there are many different Clickfunnels bonus offers, Funnel Scripts also provides access to 3 modules in the form of bonuses which can also be classified as three different products.

The first includes Inception Secrets, which includes a recording of a live training session by Russell Brunson. The word “inception” refers to an idea based on selling anything using any means and to anyone and how to make buyers believe the entire thing happened to be your idea.

The 2nd bonus involves a type of interactive PDF file known as Funnel Blueprints. This PDF contains all the templates found in the Funnel Scripts Application that is divided up into different sections. If you want to interact with any scripts that were previously written, all that is needed is to “click on it.”

The 3rd bonus includes Five Fast Funnels, which primarily consists of a unique collection made up of pre-built Funnel Templates over different categories that you are able to use with Clickfunnels®. This will mean that you would need to have your own account set up with Clickfunnels®.


Funnels Scripts only includes a single lifetime plan which costs $797.

You may think that this is expensive, but this will depend on how you plan to use this platform. If you only have plans to use the application for creating a few copies in a year, then this would not be an excellent buy for your needs.

Yet, if you are planning to create 3 to 4 copies every month, then this product is great value for money.

For example, if you needed three copies each month, and you were investing $50 for each 1000-word sales-page content, you would on average be spending about $1,800 each year on your copywriting.

If you were to buy a Funnel Scripts subscription, you would have already saved $1,003 in your first year. Since this product includes a lifetime subscription, you will always be profiting into the future.

However, there is one important aspect to keep in mind:

Content that is generated using Funnel Scripts will not be unique. So, if into the future you would like the sales pages to rank for specific keywords on Google or any other search engine, when using Funnel Scripts, the content you have produced will not reach the first page or even in the top 20 results.

Funnel Scripts Review Verdict

Funnel Scripts Review is not the only platform to provide these types of services. In fact, the Internet is flooded with these applications and services. Yet Funnel Scripts does manage to stand apart from the competition due to the control level that it provides you with when it comes to the content that is generated. We hope you enjoyed our Funnel Scripts Review. 

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