7 Best Fiverr Alternatives To Signup To If You’re A Freelancer

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Do less work and make more money by becoming the “freelancer of freelancers”. Leverage Fiverr and our #1 favorite Fiverr alternative to launch a drop servicing (not drop shipping) businesses.

Fiverr is a great place for working online, but what other Fiverr Alternatives are there? Being a freelancer is awesome, work on your own terms and be your own boss, however you need to get your service in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

In the year 2010 in Tel Aviv Israel, an online marketplace Fiverr was founded. It is an online platform that allows freelance services to flourish hence creating a gig economy. Freelance contractors can advertise their services and get clients who then pay them after completing their jobs to the standards of the client.

Why Choose A Fiverr Alternative?

I know what you're asking, “Fiverr works so why don't you just use that!”. Reality is, Fiverr is a very biased platform towards the buyers and does't really protect the sellers. While this is amazing for buyers, for sellers and freelancers, it can leave you out thousands of dollars over the long run.

We are also a firm believer in choice. There are some great up and coming platforms that are about to take the marketplace by storm. Making it faster and easier for freelancers to get jobs.

Now let's take a look at some of the most lucrative freelance websites that you should know of.

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An up and coming true alternative to Fiverr that is built by people who are ACTUALLY freelancers themselves!

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Unlike other freelance marketplaces, Legiit is a platform that is majorly inclined towards the SEO space. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot get other quality services that are not SEO based on Legiit. There are fantastic video editors, graphic designers, virtual assistants, and programmers on this platform.

Even though Fiverr has more traffic than Legiit, it is much easier to sell services on the latter one because there is less competition. The process of opening an account on Legiit is less time consuming and easier than most freelance marketplace. Once you have verified your email address, you can post the services you provide on your profile and start working as a seller. The account you hold can both function as a seller and as a buyer.

Legiit has an official Facebook group that is coordinated well by the group administrators. You will not get spam posts and irrelevant information when navigating through this group. On this group, you can post a question on the services you are looking for, and you will get recommendations of various sellers that can provide it. There is a weekly roundup which allows all sellers to post their services on the group to reach new potential customers. You can also post discounts or latest offers that you are going to provide on that day.

You might be wondering, what does Legiit have to offer in terms of affiliate marketing? Honestly, Legiit has beaten Fiverr hands down when it comes to affiliate marketing. You will be able to earn as an affiliate on Fiverr only when there is a new signup. On Legiit you will earn a commission on any service purchased by an existing or new user. You can use the weekly round up on Legiit official group to market other services as an affiliate. That’s not all, you can also post the affiliate link to relevant platforms such as reddit, warrior forum and black hat world.

Legiit is designed with features that resemble most gig platforms. It has been built with a UI/UX that is relatively simple and easy to navigate. While the early versions of Legiit required some minor adjustments, it has been improved progressively by Chris M Walker. We have even recommended certain features to him and he has implemented them within a few weeks!

Currently, the platform accepts payments via Credit Card and Paypal. As a seller or affiliate marketer, you can easily withdraw your money once it has been released from the escrow.

The platform really works well and always follows the best security practices. There is a 24-hour customer care service that will help you in sorting out issues that you might experience when using the platform.



Its stand out is its simplicity in the doing work fast and its true cost in hiring and payment to its professionals

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This is among the best freelance platforms in the internet right now. It was formerly known as odesk.  It can be accessed globally although its headquarters is based in California united states and was founded in the year 2015. It has about 17 million freelancers, both registered and unregistered. Business owners can get independent professionals who work remotely.

It allows clients to interview freelancers before hiring them, and also agencies go through the same process. It has a real-time chat on the platform that reduces the time used in vetting and hiring freelancers. Services like web development, SEO, design graphic and social media marketing are available on the site. Time used in doing a project is tracked using a timesheet application and has verified screenshots hence accountability.

In April 2017 its CEO announced that Upwork was putting in place filters of freelancers from the United States and in September 2018 UK only filtered was also established. Since it started, the revenue of the company has grown from $1bn to around $10bn. Most of its services are more else the same as Fiverr. What makes it stand out is its simplicity in the doing work fast and its true cost in hiring and payment to its professionals. It has been able to attract great talent that has made create economic opportunities to a wide range of people in full-time contracts and also part-time.

There are also challenges to the platform, and one of them is due to its global availability, freelancers in the United States have to compete with freelancers from countries with low cost of living that accept low wages hence reducing the level of payments. High skilled professionals from the United States that bill higher salary doesn't use the platform relying on word of mouth because of lower pay.

Upwork also has terms of service that a freelancer and clients should go through before agreeing to work on the site. For instance, all the payments paid for work done should go through the website and no under the table deals. Any client and freelancer circumventing this process are the contravening the agreement.

The work, a freelancer, does on the platform should be confidential between the client and the freelancer unless is a research that the client wants to publish in a journal. A non-disclosure agreement is signed before the start of a project. Intellectual property also is an issue in the site and is dealt with well and disputes, and arbitration is a lot are resolved well.

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Know more about employees work by allowing them to ask for samples of freelancer’s previous work

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It was founded in 2014 and headquartered in New Delhi, India. Truelancer is rated the 2nd largest platform, with over 15 million users. It is an ideal place for remote developers, content writers, graphic designers and many more. Projects are posted all the time on the platform with the requisite information needed to solve the work. A freelancer is required to have a profile that details his/her work experience and expertise so that they can be attached to the service or work they can do.

The government of India has put much effort in empowering freelancers by making a digital India platform that will digitize all government documents and freelancers will be hired to carry out the tasks. One will be required to have a computer with internet access and a valid Aadhar card and therefore eligible for the job.

In India, it has been beneficial to the female folks, especially the educated mothers at home attending to their young kids. They can be able to work at the comfort of their homes and earn their wages. The only challenge is that their male counterparts still earn more than them. A male freelancer makes $19 an hour while a female one gets $17. This is not a good thing in the wake of gender equality, and it should change and treat everyone well.

Truelancer helps employers know more about employees work by allowing them to ask for samples of freelancer’s previous work to ascertain their competence or give them a small test. The site is filled with non-native English speakers, so the language cans a bit confusing.

There is an 8-10 % service charge, but the site owners charged on the workers, not the employee. These could be passed to the employer through higher bidding. The site has five levels of membership plans starting from free, intro, basic, pro and plus. Membership change from one to the other according to hierarchy, privileges increases in that you are given more listing, portfolio slots, proposals, and skills. In addition to the fee paid, project fees and payment processing fee is added to the amount paid.

Professionals are also rated so that the clients can know the level of the expertise, the higher the quality of work rendered, the higher the score, and therefore the more the job and more money made. Customer support is excellent, and any problem encountered is resolved very fast.

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Freelancer is very flexible in its payment platforms, lots of banking systems are allowed by the company

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It was formed in 2009 in Sydney, Australia. Jobs are posted to its platform and can be accessed by freelancers who have an account on the platform. Every freelancer needs to go through a competitive bidding process to get the work. The site allows clients and employers to rate and write reviews of each other and therefore increases one chance of working or offering work.

Most services range from virtual assistants, product manufacturing, graphic design and web and app development. With freelancers, up to 28 million online works done is made safe and straightforward, and any business can find gigs in many categories with a secure payment system. Freelancer takes up to 10% of earnings in a given month, but it is also reduced through the payment of monthly subscription fee. A freelancer can be given the benefit of working on a preferred freelancer. All those who have registered are all to access all its projects. Most users of the site are United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, India, Australia and Pakistan.

Freelancer has acquired other upcoming freelance companies in like booking centre in Germany, webmaster talk in the United States, freelancer.co.uk in the United Kingdom. For one to be eligible to use freelancer, they should have legally binding contracts, be the age of over 16, must hold a valid email address and must be allowed by the laws of Australia to render services.

User logins shouldn't be shared with other people because any activity is done by the account the owner is liable. When using the sites, some rules and regulations guide interactions there. Posting of false information and offensive comments is prohibited after services are offered payment should be made promptly, harvesting of users data without their consent is a criminal matter, and failure to provide services for a fee given will be met with stern action.

Advertising is prohibited on the site, and any external website posted must relate with the content of the project. Contravening this will lead to penalization or expulsion. Tax payment is mandatory depending on the tax system of the country of your stay. Freelancer is very flexible in its payment rendering platforms, online payment and banking systems are allowed by the company. Users are required to conduct themselves with dignity and communication through text, video call or audio should not have profane language — any issue arising reported to the personnel of the site so that it can be dealt with.

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This site is ideal for start-ups and growing companies.

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It is a popular site used to connect mostly clients with a designer, software developers, consultants, product managers, project managers and finance experts all over the world. It was started in 2010 by a Princeton university undergraduate. Its name comes from to top talent. Before a freelancer is accepted to the platform after a rigorous screening process is done to verify their skills and high expertise of 3% of the applicants is taken.

This site is ideal for start-ups and growing companies. The company has done excellent work, and there is seamless and painless communication. Working with total will allow you to find the perfect match to do your work or to work for, working with minimum risk, they become part of your team and offer superior work.

The cost incurred in Toptal is less for companies involved .freelancers can work for free for some time until the company is satisfied with their work and they can be incorporated and paid for the services.

The main benefits of Toptal are its flexibility and value for the money. Employers will have a large pool of access of top talents with fluency in English language, pleasing personalities and highly skilled in the line of profession. Quick turnaround time is beneficial for employers; they don't have to go through the recruitment process of interviewing employees and screening.

The tools on the company's site used are easy and flexible, so integrating new talent is easy and fast. Onsite skills make a change in time zones all over the world less of a nightmare. If need be the platform can relocate freelancers in a short period of one week, and they will be no disruption in workflow.

The risk involved in using the company for your work solutions is minimized. The company would refund your money if you chose not to continue with the hiring process. A trial of two weeks if offered to try if you like the services and just in case you want you can opt-out. Only in case a freelancer does not meet the expectations of the client and money has been paid Toptal will be liable for the payment and a refund will be made. A free trial is free while the initial deposit is $500 and freelancers' fees are $60 an hour. The company can be accessed online through a smartphone or a computer.

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Guru advocates the kind of growth that is organic that is neither slow or fast.

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It is one of the largest platforms for freelancers and project creators. It was founded in 1998 in Pittsburgh. It has million users globally. It offers collaboration by connecting users to work flexibly and securely. Programmers, writers, artists, engineers, architects and lawyers have their ideal place there. It easy to track payments by tasks, hourly pay and recurring fees. Progress is easy to follow, therefore giving excellent customer satisfaction.

The company has an employee profiling system that uses organizational psychology to know employee suitability for a particular job. Guru can manage a large pool of people with multiple talents and offer personalized services.

The fee charged on facilitating payment on the platform is very minimal but know the amount on job poster, listing or receiving proposals. This is a cost-saving strategy for the business or organization.

Multiple payment methods, apart from electronic cards, help companies choose the kind of way that is suitable for them. Payment is very convenient for everyone, including the freelancers. Clients have a dashboard where they can control every aspect of their projects and track progress. They can share information and files and streamline workflow.

Some projects are given priority depending on urgency and put on top search results for more proposals from gurus. The project will be charged more around $29.95.  The hiring process is fast and easy a client chooses a freelancer they deem fit, and they start working on the project right away. It saves time and project will be ready on time.

Long-term partnership is encouraged between clients and employees; this enhances quality and effectiveness. Productivity is also enhanced because browsing on freelancers profiles is minimized. Guru offers dedicated support and customized workflow management system and even personalized training. Guru can help start-ups by making sense of their data for decision making in their companies. Due to the bright future of Guru Company venture capitalist has been able to pump money for its expansion and many organizational problems and offer solutions.

Guru advocates the kind of growth that is organic that is neither slow or fast. That takes time but eventually wins the race. As the saying goes easy comes easy goes. Building a network is very fundamental, and better service builds credibility and trust, and money incomes come in, and profits are made.  In the times of many freelance platforms, the guru has been able to play in cards right and be able to win at the game.

Peopleperhour logo


Financial protection to both the client and the freelancer is also guaranteed.

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It is a UK based company started in the year 2007. The self-employed population of the economy can use the site to conduct their work. It is an ideal place for small and medium enterprises, gig economies and freelancers. A growing business has a platform here.

The company over time has been able to get the backing of investors and has been able to be in the Europe hottest start-ups of 2012. A vast pool of freelancers around the world with various high-level skills is available on the site. They deliver quality work require by the clients and businesses without any delay.

Payment is made on hourly pay. Their projects can be done in just one hour and amount remitted. The site has artificial intelligence programming asks the client the right questions concerning a project or product so that they can be matched with the freelancer with the right skill.

The hiring process is rigorous and mediocre work is not entertained. Curated professionals are found on the platform. Quality and integrity are at the core of the company. Projects are done swiftly, and time management is a crucial virtue. Clients also have full control of their budgets; they can give a fixed price for a project or a negotiated price range depending on service and quality of the work.

Financial protection to both the client and the freelancer is also guaranteed. A down payment before the project start of the project for security purposes and also the platform makes sure the project is finished at the stipulated time so as the employers do not lose their money. Some companies need off-the-shelf services that need to be personalized and tailored specifically for them. In this instance, flexibility is highly required to give the service requested.

Company size, needs, and business integration will determine how you will use this platform. Productivity and efficiency are very important to the organization. This platform does not have a free trial membership, and the enterprise solution is by the quote, and it works as a single monthly invoice. Full market access and dedicated account management are some of its features. Posting on the site is free while buyers are charged a 5% service fee and payment can be accessed through all electronic and non-electronic payment convenient to the interacting parties


There are many freelancing sites and companies apart from Fiverr. Most of them compete for clients and freelancers. Quality and wide array of services is a stand out factor. Customer support is critical. The site should easy to use and navigate. It should be friendly and does not charge more membership and service fee.

They should strike a balance on impressing the customer and making a profit. In this digital age, everything can be accessed online at the comfort of your home, and it has improved service delivery tremendously. They could be some disadvantages, but the advantage outweighs them all.

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