Cloudways Review: Cloudways Hosting Is Powerful… But It Has 5 Disadvantages!

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Cloudways Review 2022
Cloudways Review 2022

You can read this Cloudways hosting review to determine if Cloudways hosting offers an appropriate solution for your site and what are the strengths and weaknesses of their services and their expected costs.

Cloudways is one of the rare cloud hosting services that offers an excellent balance between performance and costs. Its services are popular among owners and maintainers of WordPress sites and other CMSs and PHP applications in general. It is considered one of the most popular WordPress hosts .

Cloudways offers excellent hosting services in a more unique way compared to the rest of the companies, as it allows its customers to choose the right infrastructure provider for your project instead of renting its own servers or renting third-party servers to provide its services.

Year Founded2011
HeadquartersMosta, Malta
Site moveFree
BackupExternal, only $0.033 per GB
number of sitesUnlimited
Domain registrationnothing
Email accounts$1 per account
SSL CertificateFree
Money Back GuaranteeNone (monthly payment)
Infrastructure ProvidersGoogle Cloud
– Amazon AWS
– DigitalOcean
– Linode – Vultr
management levelFully Managed Hosting
Show Dean of HostingTry CloudWise services for free without a credit card
Cloudways couponCloudways coupon
get discountTry the company for free
Prices Cloudways

Cloudways has its own managed cloud platform that allows its customers to set up their servers and install their applications within a few minutes using a special control panel of its development, unlike most of the usual cloud hosting services you will get active technical support in case you face any problem.

Cloudways is also characterized by its ability to provide high-performance hosting with high flexibility without paying the usual high fees of managed hosting services in exchange for supervision services and specialized technical support.

Compared to traditional hosting services, cloud hosting offers better cost-to-performance rates and is easy to upgrade computing resources in real time.

For example, there are plenty of companies that offer high-performance WordPress hosting, but only a few offer advanced upgrade capabilities to support your site when needed.

During this review we will explore what Cloudways cloud platform and managed services have to offer, we will touch on the benefits of its hosting and we will analyze its servers performance to provide a clear view for the visitors of the Hosting Dean website who are looking for high performance, easy to upgrade managed hosting service at the lowest possible costs.

What is Cloudways?


Cloudways is a managed hosting platform with an orientation focused on simplicity and performance. Its platform is known for providing comprehensive management services from launching applications and websites to managing servers and running maintenance, allowing its clients to focus on growing their business.

Cloudways was founded in 2011 in Malta and its platform relies on five cloud computing giants as its hosting infrastructure. These services include Amazon Cloud Platform (AWS), DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, as well as Google Cloud Platform.

Although you will be using servers from one of these platforms, you will not have to register an account with them, as Cloudways will do the job. As a managed services provider, you can expect them to help launch your app or website within a few minutes. Although Cloudways is famous for providing excellent WordPress hosting, its support is not limited to the WordPress system only, as Cloudways supports all popular content management systems and PHP applications in addition to open source software and tools.

Cloudways is a platform that sets up, manages and operates cloud hosting servers and accounts, while providing an easy-to-use control panel, without complications, and a technical support service to follow up and solve hosting problems.

What makes Cloudways attractive to customers is the payment system adopted by its platform. The company charges its fees using a pay-as-you-go method, which makes it a preferred option for small and medium businesses and customers who have a limited budget to start their activity. The rest of this page will contain an explanation of how the platform works and its options.

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Advantages of cloud hosting

WordPress CMS users constitute the largest customer segment of Cloudways. So you can expect to have everything your WordPress site requires to run smoothly like installing SSL certificates, routing https connections, backups, and other tasks that require a technical background or software skills to accomplish.

This also applies in general to other PHP applications, and the following points provide more details about Cloudways's features and tools:

Excellent working time

This point is directly related to the advantages of cloud hosting which enhances the stability of the servers more than any other type of hosting. Using Cloudways hosting means that you will be hosting your site on multiple servers at the same time, allowing you to make the most of the techniques of allocating the load between the servers and redirecting visitors to another server if one of them goes out of service.

cloudways review

This system allows you to make the best use of abundant computing resources to enhance the speed, performance and security of your site. In addition, cloud servers have the ability to upgrade server resources to respond to sudden increases in visitor traffic. Thanks to this, you can expect to see 100% uptime and optimal rates for the life of your Cloudways hosting.

On the other hand, Cloudways does not provide any guarantees on uptime as it relies on infrastructure from other providers. But you won't need to thanks to the amazing test results you've recorded in Stability Indicators, as we haven't had an outage for our beta site for the past year.

Private hosting

The most important thing that distinguishes Cloudways is that it is not a web hosting company in the literal sense, as it is more like a service that manages hosting servers.

The biggest advantage of this service is that the server is yours only and there are no other sites or other users sharing the server with you, which means more security, protection and performance.

Also, the fact that the servers are primarily from hosting companies other than Cloudways means that there will be no tampering with server resources as some bad hosting companies do, most of which are web hosting distributors .

Fast Cloudways Hosting

This point is one of the most prominent advantages of Cloudways, as its service has always been known to provide high speed, regardless of the server provider you have chosen or the number of visitors your site gets. There are many reasons that justify Cloudways's ability to excel in speed and performance indicators in all the tests it has undergone, including:

Dedicated computing resources

Since cloud servers use special isolation techniques to allocate server resources as in virtual servers, you are sure to have a certain amount of computing resources allocated to your account. So you don't have to worry about being hurt by the excessive consumption of resources by other sites on the same real server.

SSD storage media

Cloudways uses SSD drives exclusively in all its packages. Thanks to the response speed of these disks, your site will get a noticeable speed boost compared to traditional disks.

Advanced caching techniques

Cloudways has designed its own performance improvement system that includes the use of caching technologies, integrating them into the Breeze extension, and making it available free of charge to all users. Other than that add-on, all its packages come with a set of caching technologies (Memcached – Varnish – Nginx) that can be managed and customized from the control panel. 

Redis technology support

You can enable Redis technology from within the Cloudways dashboard to enhance the performance and speed of database queries. This technology works in conjunction with (Apache – Nginx – Varnish) technologies to drive your site's performance to the maximum extent possible.

CDN Content Delivery Services

Although Cloudways does not provide free support for content delivery networks as well as popular services such as FastComet hosting , it has its own service, which does not cost more than $1 per 25GB of bandwidth. In return, you will get fast access to a network of fast servers that offer better performance than you can expect from CloudFlare and other free services.

Self-repair technique

Cloudways automatically implements software backup measures in the event that one of your servers goes out of business due to a problem or error in a code or software relies on automatically restarting the server in a short period of time to solve the problem without human intervention.

Stress test result when using 50 virtual visitors
Stress test result when using 50 virtual visitors

Cloudways hosting performance is not just limited to download speed. Its hosting got impressive results in our stress tests, recording an average response time of 94ms despite the high pressure on the server with over 116,000 requests over the course of the test. That's ~200 requests every second from 50 virtual visitors with no effect on the response time we got which suggests there is more muscle hidden in their servers.

cloudways review report
cloudways review report

As you can see from our speed test results, the performance of your server and the speed of your site loading will never be an issue when you are using the Cloudways platform. This will give you additional SEO points to improve your site's ranking on search results pages, which means more visitors to your site.

Excellent technical support in hosting Cloudways

Cloudways offers 24/7 active technical support in an effort to ensure the peace of mind of its customers. You can reach this technical support via a live chat with a technical support staff or by sending an email or requesting a phone call from the company.
Technical support via live chats provides the fastest response according to our personal experience with an average waiting time of 30-60 seconds.

On the other hand, the use of technical support tickets is available only to users who have active accounts, ie they are not available during the trial period. Other than that, our experience was satisfactory when we contacted the technical support staff as we got a friendly and professional treatment when inquiring about a point or when asking for help in fixing some common problems.

However, we've come across many negative reviews from other users that they tend to provide technically complex instructions, and while we haven't encountered a similar issue, customer experiences with technical support services vary from person to person, making it difficult to judge their quality.

Cloudways offers a free transfer of your location

Although cloud hosting services are not aimed at beginners in the first place, Cloudways strives to enable non-technical webmasters to use its hosting platform.

For novice webmasters, moving their site and its data to a new hosting service is one of the main challenges they face when moving from one hosting service to another. Therefore Cloudways has provided the site transfer services as an addition paid for 25 $ for each site , making it less expensive compared with major hosting services such as Bluehost and her sister Host Monster .

Free site transfer feature
Free site transfer feature

But there's more good news, as Cloudways offers its new customers a free first-time transfer of their site through tech support and without leaving your current site out of service throughout the process. The company has also designed a WordPress plugin to make the site migration process easier for people who want to do it themselves.

With this, it is easy to see why it has outperformed most of its competitors at this point in providing multiple free or low cost solutions to one of customers' most annoying problems.

Managed Security Services & Free SSL Certificate

You can be confident that Cloudways's defense system can protect your site data thanks to the set of security measures included in all of its hosting packages. Its security measures include the following points to protect your server and its data:

  • An operating system level firewall that covers all servers.
  • Regular software updates and security patches.
  • Install an SSL certificate for free with just one click
  • Techniques to secure access through 2-step verification of your account on Cloudways
  • Possibility to use whitelists to filter IP addresses that can enter your server
  • Free periodic backup of your site data and server settings with the ability to restore data with the click of a button.
Install an SSL Certificate
Install an SSL Certificate

In addition to the security measures built into their packages, Cloudways supports the installation of free and paid SSL certificates. If you decide to use a free SSL certificate from let's encrypt, Cloudways lets you install it easily with the click of a button. If you have a paid certificate from another source, you can upload and install it from the control panel smoothly. All you have to do is select the KEY and CRT files when uploading them.

Cloudways owns a lot of data centers

Cloudways takes pride in the number of data center locations you can choose from to host your site. You can choose from 65 data center locations covering the Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe. This point offers unprecedented freedom to select the right data center for your target audience, which positively affects your site's loading speed and user experience. 

Cloudwise data center locations
Cloudways data center locations

Of course, those sites include the data centers of the five infrastructure providers that Cloudways depends on, so some sites allow access to a specific server provider but not the rest. See this page for more information on data center locations to choose from.

Cloudways offers free backup of your site

As part of the Cloudways security system, which aims to enhance the security aspects of its customers' sites and manage potential risks, it allows all users to schedule backup operations from the control panel.

Using the Cloudways control panel, you can perform manual backups with the click of a button, and you can easily set up automatic daily or weekly scheduling and restore the state of your site to one of those copies for free with the click of a button.

cloudways backups 2022
cloudways backups 2022

Although both the backup and restore services are completely free, Cloudways requires you to pay additional costs for storing these backups off your server on AWS as an additional security step in the event that your entire server is damaged.

This service requires that your backups be stored on separate storage media, which means that Cloudways will have to pay for them and pass those costs on to you directly. On the other hand, these costs are relatively low, amounting to $0.033 per gigabyte of storage space consumed.

Cloudways offers multiple options and a flexible payment method

Cloudways uses a different method of calculating hosting costs compared to most competing cloud and virtual server hosting services. Hourly service costs are calculated separately depending on the resources you used.

Although the hourly costing method may make new users worry that they will receive higher than expected monthly costs, this is unlikely to happen. In addition, there is a special tab in the dashboard that tracks your monthly costs in real time and gives you accurate estimates of the cost of hosting for the next month in advance.

Using hourly costing makes it easy to upgrade your cloud server and add resources in real time as you need them. However, it should be noted that although the service costs are calculated per hour, the hosting bill is still paid monthly at the end of the month.

On the other hand, Cloudways allows you to pay using all standard credit cards and PayPal as well, and it has previously approved Bitcoin payments for a while, but it is currently suspended.

Did you like the advantages of cloud hosting?

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Disadvantages of cloud hosting

Cloudways hosting offers great performance and a lot of advantages, and its service is suitable for content management systems in particular, which caters to a wide range of users. However, it lacks some free features and is not suitable for all types of websites. The following points provide more details about the drawbacks of Cloudways:

Cloudways uses a special control panel

Although the dashboard designed by Cloudways has no obvious flaws, most webmasters are accustomed to dealing with more common dashboards like cPanel or Plesk. But if they use Cloudways hosting, they will have to learn to deal with its dedicated panel that does not support the Arabic language yet, which some users who are accustomed to using cPanel may find a nuisance.

And if you want to manage your site using cPanel , the Dean of Hosting has prepared a list of the best free cPanel web hosts .

However, in order to assist our visitors who wish to use the Cloudways platform, we have dedicated a section on this page to briefly explore and explain the use of the Cloudways dashboard. You can also use the comments section at the bottom of this page if you have a query on a specific point or need further guidance.

Cloudways does not allow email hosting

Some new customers this point frustrating may find it somewhat, as we used to the presence of free e – mail accounts within bouquets hosting for most companies in this field , such as Ai beige and hosting eco-friendly Green Jeck but in the case of Claude Wise are not those offering the service built within bouquets hosted.

Instead, Cloudways uses a third-party email service known as Rackspace. Although this service is a paid add-on, Cloudways allows you to purchase it at half the price that you will get when you go to the site of that service directly. It offers it for $1 per email address instead of the $2 that Rackspace users pay directly.

In terms of performance and security, it is best not to host email on the same website hosting and use a dedicated email hosting service.

 There is no reservation for the domain in Cloudways

Cloudways does not provide domain name registration to its customers either for free or for a fee. This means that you will have to get your domain name from another provider before using Cloudways hosting and you will need to make more settings to direct the domain name to Cloudways servers which makes it difficult for novice users to handle it.

It is clear that Cloudways's lack of this point makes it lose many customers in favor of its competitors in the field of cloud hosting and VPS providers thanks to their provision of a unified platform to manage all aspects of the site's hosting and domain . Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Cloudways is planning to include this service on its platform at least in the near future.

Although many people consider this a defect, we at the Dean of Hosting do not consider it a major flaw. On the contrary, we always recommend separating the hosting and the domain and getting them from two different companies so that all eggs are not in one basket!

There are companies specialized in booking bands such as Neem Shipp rich definition and company Jodadi , has prepared a list of the best companies registered domain Domain cheapest price.

Using content delivery networks is not free

Most hosting services provide competition such as Dream Host company known HostGator free access to a network content delivery to all its customers, usually those companies use CloudFlare free service that can be subscribed directly for free.

Cloudways, on the other hand, relies on the paid StackPath service which promises to offer much better performance compared to its free alternatives at $1 per 25GB of bandwidth consumption.

Although these costs seem low, you can get a better offer from StackPath itself that allows you to consume 1 TB of bandwidth from an unlimited number of sites for $10 per month.

Of course, this point requires more settings to activate but you will have access to the StackPath dashboard and its own set of tools to monitor and analyze traffic to and from your site.

Cloudways hosting puts some restrictions on access

Overall, Cloudways is suitable for novice webmasters who prefer a fully managed hosting service. For developers and system administrators, this point presents a lot of disadvantages such as lack of root privileges and lack of a built-in file manager in the Control Panel.

Even worse for developers, Cloudways deliberately builds a server environment that is primarily suitable for CMS and PHP applications. In comparison, other programming languages ​​don't get a lot of built-in support and they don't get the access needed to set up an alternative server environment that better suits their sites.

However, this has its rationale. Giving users unlimited access to the server threatens the security and performance of the service as the user can make some errors in the basic tools responsible for running the service.

And if you can manage the server yourself, you simply do not need the service at all, it is directed to people who do not have the ability, sufficient knowledge or sufficient time to manage and maintain the server.

Cloudways Hosting Dashboard

After you create a Cloudways account, you will be able to manage your servers using a special Cloudways control panel designed by the company itself. Of course, this wouldn't be ideal for site administrators who are used to the popular cPanel, but Cloudways is simple, efficient, and has a sleek, modern design.

By using this control panel you can easily access and manage your cloud server as well as manage your applications, team and various projects as well. This section will contain more details about the Cloudways Control Panel, its sections, and how to use it.

Managing websites “applications”

Once you have set up your server, you can easily add applications to your server at any time. Take WordPress as an example:

Add applications to your cloud server
Add applications to your cloud server

When you enter the application page, you will be able to adjust the settings related to the application through the tabs that will appear next, such as setting up your site's domain:

Domain management
Domain management

Unfortunately, Cloudways does not provide domain registration services, so you will have to prepare the domain of your site in advance or use a separate service to reserve the domain name you want to use. If you do not get a domain when you reach this point, you can use a temporary domain from Cloudways to start setting up your site and adjusting different preferences.

The side navigation menu contains a tab for installing SSL security certificates, which is one of the most important features of your site. Cloudways allows its customers to install a free SSL certificate from Let's encrypt and you can use a paid third party SSL certificate and upload it to the Cloudways Control Panel.

Activate your free SSL certificate
Activate your free SSL certificate

The side menu also has a tab for managing your site backups and restoring data with the push of a button. This feature is a cornerstone of any hosting service that seeks to provide a satisfactory user experience, and since it presents itself as a managed service you can rely on Cloudways to schedule backups automatically in the hope that you don't need to use it.

Restore backup data
Restore backup data

Server management

When you're done configuring your app, you can head over to the Server Administration section to oversee the running of your server and manage the usual processes such as setting up secure FTP accounts and managing logins and login details over SSH connections.

cloudways Documentation management
cloudways Documentation management

You can also monitor your usage of server resources via the monitoring tab and this point is especially important as it directly affects the performance of your server depending on how often you use the available computing resources.

Cloud Server Resource Statistics
Cloud Server Resource Statistics

The side menu contains a section for monitoring and monitoring of active processes and services. This page allows you to start, stop and restart any of those listed services.

Service Management
Service Management

Under the Manage Services section, there is a tab dedicated to modifying PHP settings, installed versions of MySQL, PHP, and other technical settings related to the server environment in use.

Customize your cloud server settings
Customize your cloud server settings

This section is followed by a tab for security settings to protect SFTP and SSH connections, as well as SQL databases. For example here you can block specific IP addresses from accessing the server.

cloudways security
cloudways security

Other than that, Cloudways uses an advanced firewall to protect your server from malware and different types of cyber attacks.

Finally, the remaining two sections contain settings for scheduling automatic backups, which is certainly one of the most popular features for site managers. There is also a special tab for setting up your email service.

Team and Project Management

Cloudways control panel includes special sections to manage teamwork and projects on the server individually. These sections allow project managers to add members and limit their permissions based on their roles. These sections aim to enhance teamwork efficiency and facilitate communication between team members, especially in the case of large projects.

Cloudways ensures high compatibility with version control systems such as Git and offers developer-oriented software features such as creating test environments or linking with Git repositories, automatically applying updates, and other add-ons designed to facilitate work between developers and webmasters alike.

Cloudways hosting packages and prices

Cloudways hosting costs depend on the server resources you wish to use as well as the cloud server provider you have chosen. For example, the use of Google and Amazon cloud servers requires paying significantly higher costs compared to the rest of the providers, but they are known for providing high-performance hosting solutions targeting large websites and companies.

On the other hand, cloud server provider Vultr offers the greatest balance between costs, computing resources, and performance. Linode and DigitalOcean offer less expensive cloud servers that are more suitable for small to medium sites.

Frequently asked questions about Cloudways

Here we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Cloudways and cloud hosting services in general. 
If you have a question, feel free to ask by using the comments section at the bottom of this page.

What do you mean by payment by use?

Cloudways allows you to use and pay for cloud servers from Google, Amazon, Linode, DigitalOcean and Vultr by calculating your hourly hosting costs based on the computer resources you've used. This also allows you to upgrade your resources or unsubscribe at any time without having to enter into long-term annual commitments.

Wan i get a free experience at Cloudways?

This answer depends on which server provider you will use. Google and Amazon cloud platforms don't offer the ability to try their servers before you sign up, but you can do so with other providers (Linode, DigitalOcean and Vultr) with the coupon provided by dean's hosting site.

Will there be additional costs when purchasing a Cloudways package?

yes, there are additional charges for using computer resources that exceed the resources specified in your package. also, if you want to use the content delivery network, you'll pay $1 per 25gb of bandweth. if you want to store backups outside the server, it will cost you $0.033 per gb, and the cost of adding email to your package starts at $1 per month.

Does Cloudways use the cPanel control panel to manage hosting?

No, Cloudways uses a special control panel designed to manage its service. There are more details about this control panel and how to use it within this page. You can also use our selected list of the best cPanel hosting services if you are looking for hosting to use.

Do you think Cloudways managed service suits your needs?

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