ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review: New Updated Training!

What is the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review? Are you looking for a training program that will walk you through the process to become successful by promoting someone's else product?

This Clickfunnels training program by Russell Brunson is exactly what you're looking for. It's a training program that will help you generate money online by promoting one of the world's best funnel builder application called Clickfunnels.

The program claims to generate you so much revenue that you will retire within a hundred days and what's fantastic about this training is the fact that it's free to join.

In one line, if I were you, I wouldn't miss a chance to join an affiliate program of one of the world's best sales funnels creation tool.

It's developed by one of the world's most popular Internet marketer and sales funnel builder, Russell Brunson who in case you don't know is also the founder of Clickfunnels and various other mind-blowing online courses.

He created this affiliate boot camp to give detailed training to Internet marketers and bloggers to promote his products as well as his services so that they can generate massive profit online.

Below, I have discussed my personal experience and the important lessons that you will learn in this boot camp.

Honest ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review

As I already told you, the main motive behind this ClickFunnels® Affiliate Bootcamp Review is to help newbie, as well as seasoned Internet marketers, generate enough money to retire within hundred days by promoting ClickFunnels. You will be surprised to know that for every single individual you refer to Clickfunnels® you will earn a commission of up to 40%. The best part is it's a monthly recurring commission, which means you will be generating 40% of the original fee of this application until the individual has an active subscription with ClickFunnels®.

Clickfunnels® offers two different pricing models to its potential users, and they are $297 per month or are $97 per month subscription. So let's say someone registers on ClickFunnels® through your affiliate link and subscribes to $97 monthly subscription, you will get a commission of $40. I don't think there is any other affiliate program that has so much potential at the same time offer so much to its affiliates and promoters.

Similarly, if someone subscribes to $297 subscription plan, you will be getting $118 as affiliate earning.

Now let's do simple math. If you are able to refer at least a member every day to ClickFunnels® via your affiliate link through various marketing as well as promotion strategies, then you will be generating close to $4000 in hundred days (assuming that all of them subscribes to $97 monthly plan).

Furthermore, Russell Brunson pays you $500 if you can refer a hundred active users and $1000 if you can refer two hundred active users. Isn't that just so cool? I mean you are generating 40% affiliate earning, and on top of that, you will be getting paid for achieving a particular milestone. Let's continue with the ClickFunnels® Affiliate Bootcamp Review.

What Is A Sticky Cookie?

A sticky cookie is an initiative by ClickFunnels to help affiliate marketers aren't even more from this platform, and for that very reason I believe ClickFunnels® is a perfect platform for anyone who wants to generate money via affiliate marketing.

If someone subscribes to Clickfunnels® through your affiliate link, then you generate 40% affiliate income, but because of the sticky cookie, if that user purchases any other product, you will get a commission for that too. You must understand that even though ClickFunnels® is a complete software and the product in its own, there are various up sales and courses that are promoted to subscribe users from within the dashboard.

You will be surprised to know how many people want to purchase those courses and e-books mainly because they all are crafted to word this platform. Most of these courses and books provide in-depth strategies, and prebuilt conversion optimized funnels templates, and so most of ClickFunnels® users want to get their hands on them.

Apart from all these courses, Russell Brunson is also the founder of funnel scripts, which is an application that helps to automate copy creation process. Marketers invest hundreds and thousands of dollars annually on writers to provide them with easy to understand, error-free, conversion-optimized sales contents for their sales pages.

But you don't need to invest so much money if you have a subscription with funnel scripts. Funnel scripts is a software that helps you to create unlimited conversion optimized sales copy for your sales pages, thank you pages, and whatnot. The best part is, with every generated sale copy, you will get multiple variations. So, if you don't like the first draft, you can choose another copy with literally one single click.

Because of its effectiveness and requirement in sales funnel, most of the ClickFunnels® users get their subscription on funnel scripts, which indirectly means you will generate even more commission.

What do you get to learn in ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

The main objective is to guide you through the necessary steps and the strategies that will help you market ClickFunnels® and various other products to generate your commission online.

In this boot camp, you will learn two important things. The first is the process to build an online business, and the second is strategies to use Facebook advertisement properly.

How To Build An Online Business

Russell doesn't only teach you the funnel training strategies to promote a single product, but he guides you through the steps, methods required to create a successful online business. He teaches you the fundamentals of becoming a successful online entrepreneur and what it takes to maintain at that position. He then takes you further to the concept of attractive character and how to be one in front of your customers so that you can connect with them and sell them your products, services, and the ClickFunnels®.

How To Effectively Use Facebook Ads

Now that makes it very clear that in this course you won't be learning any steps to promote your products or wrestles products for free. This boot camp is mainly about a paid advertisement that by far is the best and most effective way to reach to your audience and promote your products in front of them.

Russell will guide you through every step required to set up a successful Facebook advertising campaign. You will learn the steps to sign up on Facebook ads platform, finding your target audience, creating your graphics, setting up your bids for promotion, and finally some advanced strategies on performance monitoring.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review Conclusion

So that's the end of our ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review, but the question remains, should you sign up? Well, the answer is YES. It's a free training that is a sure-fire way to get you started as a Clickfunnels affiliate.

Right now you can get more training than what Affiliate Bootcamp offers by looking at the latest Clickfunnels Bonus! Check it out now.

What do you think, are there better Clickfunnels affiliate programs out there? Let us know in the comment below!


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