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cheap domain 2022: There are many Domain Names registrars and companies that provide almost the same service.. but the prices differ! Here is a list of the best and cheapest companies to buy a cheap domain for your website.. and additional gifts!

Do you want to buy a cheap domain?
This Dean of Hosting Guide will enable you to get the cheapest domain.. easily!

Buying a domain name is often the first step when you want to create a website for yourself or your organization. It serves as the address of the site and the main way to visit the site. For example, the domain of the hosting dean's site is, and to hostingdean.comvisit the site from anywhere in the world connected to the Internet, all you have to do is put the domain in the address bar of the browser and click on the enter button.

What distinguishes the domain is that it is unique and does not repeat, as there are no two sites with the same domain.

And no more than one person can own the same domain. When you buy or reserve a domain, it is not available for reservation in any way through any company.

This is because the domain is registered with your data with the ICANN organization responsible for regulating Internet domains.

If you want to buy a domain for your site or even want to transfer a domain from a domain registration and hosting company, in this guide we will mention the best companies to reserve a domain.

The guide will include detailed information on the prices of reserving a new domain, renewing an existing domain, transfer rates from another company to the company, and additional services provided by the company such as protecting the privacy of the domain owner's data, Whois privacy, and more.

After reviewing this guide, we hope that you will be able to choose the most suitable company to reserve your domain name.

What is a domain name?

Cheap Domains
Cheap Domains

Domain [ in English of the Domain ], is a site on the Internet and used to visit the site visitors address.

Every device connected to the Internet has an IP, and this IP is unique to each device, and therefore it is similar to a home address, as no two homes have the same address.

And if you have the address of any home, you can visit it, and this is the case with websites, but it is much easier.

All you need is to put the IP of the device hosting the site or what is called a Web server in an Internet browser and you will be able to visit the site.

But the IP is only numbers in IPv4 and numbers and letters in IPv6 and it is difficult to memorize and that is why the domain appeared.

For example, the site of the search engine Google's IP is and the domain is, which one is easier to remember?

Domain Extension

The domain consists of three parts Extension. Domain name. sub domain. They are separated using the dot (.) This is an example of the domain name of the Dean of Hosting, which

com : Extension Also known as TLD “Top Level Domain”, the most popular extensions are com, net, infoandedu
hostingdean : the domain name and it is the most important part of the domain because it is unique for each site. There cannot be two sites for two different people using the same domain name and the same extension.
en : a sub-domain, which means that this domain is part of the main domain, and the most popular sub-domain is www.

Domain reservation for free

The domain is usually not free, but some foreign web hosting companies offer free hosting and a domain with them as a gift within the hosting dean’s site offer, whether for a year only or throughout the hosting period.

If your budget is limited, you can buy hosting from one of these companies to benefit from the discount.

The cheapest companies to buy a domain

This is a list of the best and cheapest domain reservation companies with great discounts, purchase and renewal prices, and domain transfer from another company to the company so that you can compare between companies and choose the best for you.

And to make it easier for you to choose the cheapest domain booking company, we have changed the color of the cheapest price for each domain to green.

Note: Prices are annual rates in US dollars, and you can switch from one company to another at any time without problems.


renewal price

Purchasing price

Transfer price



  • com  Price: $15.99

  • net  price: $15.99

  • org  price: $15.99

  • org  price: $15.99

  • com  Price: $11.99

  • net  price: $12.99

  • org  price: $8.99

  • info  Price: $11.99

  • com  Price: $15.99

  • com  Price: $15.99

  • com  Price: $15.99

  • com  Price: $15.99


  • com  price: 12.98$

  • net  price: $14.98

  • org  price: $14.98

  • info  Price: 16.98$

  • com  Price: $12.95

  • net  price: $12.95

  • org  price: $12.95

  • info  Price: $12.95

  • com  price: 7.95$

  • net  price: 7.95$

  • org  price: 7.95$

  • info  Price: 7.95$


  • com Price: 7.98$

  • net price: 10.98$

  • org price: 9.18$

  • info Price : 3.98$

  • com  Price: 7.98$

  • net  price: 10.98$

  • org  price: 9.18$

  • info Price  : 3.98$

  • com  price: 8.28$

  • net  price: 10.98$

  • org  price: 10.98$

  • info  Price: 14.48$


  • com  Price: $14.99

  • net  price: $18.99

  • org Price  : 19.99$

  • info  Price: $21.99

  • com  Price: 4.99$

  • net  price: $12.99

  • org  price: 7.99$

  • info  Price: 2.99$

  • com  Price: 4.99$

  • net  price: $10.99

  • org Price: $11.99

  • info  Price: $10.99


  • com Price  : $8.99

  • net  price: $11.79

  • org  price: $10.79

  • info  Price: 12.67$

  • com  Price: 6.99$

  • net  price: $11.79

  • org  price: $10.79

  • info  Price: 12.67$

  • com  price: 8.39$

  • net  price: $11.79

  • org  price: $10.79

  • info  Price: 12.67$


  • com  price: $13.49

  • net  price: $13.49

  • org  price: $13.49

  • info  Price: $13.49

  • com  Price: 9.95$

  • net  price: 9.95$

  • org  price: 9.95$

  • info  Price: 9.95$

  • com  price: $13.49

  • net  price: $13.49

  • org  price: $13.49

  • info  Price: 9.95$

From the list it is clear that:

  • The cheapest company to reserve a com domain is this company , and the cheapest company to renew it is this company and this company , and the lowest company in the transportation price is this company .
  • To reserve a net domain at the lowest price, use this company , and upon renewal, the cheapest company will be this company , and if you want to transfer the domain to another company, this company will be the cheapest at the net domain transfer price.
  • With regard to the  org domain, the  cheapest company to buy an org domain from is this company , and to renew the domain at the lowest price, use this company . If you decide to transfer the domain, the cheapest company is this company .
  • And if you use the  info domain  , then use this company to buy the domain at the lowest price, and use this company to renew at the lowest price, and this company offers the lowest price for transferring the domain to it.

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This was a constantly updated list of the cheapest domain booking companies so you can compare the purchase price of the domain, the renewal price, the price of moving from one domain booking company to another and choose the best and most suitable one for you.

And always remember that the price is not the most important thing, as some companies offer additional services to the visitors of the hosting dean, such as WHOIS privacy to hide the data of the domain owner, and some also offer free email, and these additional services sometimes cost more than the price of the domain itself if you purchase it separately.

If you have an inquiry regarding buying a domain, buying hosting, or any question regarding web hosting, please feel free to use the comments below or write to us on the official Dean of Hosting page on Facebook and the page link is at the bottom of the site.

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