Builderall Review: IS 3.0 ALL ITS CRACKED UP TO BE?

Howdy, sellers, Michael Pedrotti here, and thanks for dropping by to check out my Builderall Review!

At this time, I can no longer recommend Builderall. I wrote this Builderall review a year ago when things were much better at Builderall's company and with the Builderall software.

If you're looking for the best software to sell and market your products/services online, I love ClickFunnels. It's what I use currently. They have the best overall software and step-by-step training (called Funnel Flix).

For the best value, give a try. It's a lot like ClickFunnels. Only it's cheaper and is more user-friendly to French and Spanish users. The main difference is that is a newer company. They don't have the community of 100,000+ active users or the step-by-step training, like CickFunnels, to coach you through building a successful online business.

If you still want to give Builderall a try, let's dive into my Builderall review below.

What is Builderall?

If you are not living under a rock, then you must have heard of online marketing. Because of the demand for online marketing, a lot of them are out there and have the same purpose, to make your business grow. You probably tried a lot of it to see if it fits your business because it could be a hit or miss. Now, this Builderall review is one to watch out for as it discusses a lot of what you would want to have in a marketing platform. 

Builderall is an unlimited all-in-one Digital Marketing platform created by Erick Salgado which he launched in 2017. It has all the tools you need all in one place, versus buying each of the tools you need for an online business.  From landing pages, sales funnels, sales pages, website builders, sales pages, click map auto-responders, heat map to analytics and so much more. 

Why use Builderall?

This platform can be perfectly used by all affiliate marketers, product creators, business owners, product creators, and website services and is very ideal for users who want to build landing pages or website selling products. 

It is a one-stop-shop for all your online marketing needs. It can guarantee that it will make your sales grow, acquire more leads and have a great relationship with your customers. You can also have a chance to get your dream car!

Best Feature of Builderall

The Drag and Drop Site Builder is one of the highlights of the platform which can be run in an HTML5 run website, sales funnel, blog and membership site builder that will give your target audience. What makes it more convenient for the audience is that they are able to view the site anywhere, on their website, mobile or tablet.  The tool’s technology and other integrated applications allow you to build outstanding and professional websites.

Their Professional Email Marketing called MailingBoss creates and automates your customer’s contacts. This will allow you to control leads with the use of triggers and tags and run with autoresponders campaigns and you’ll be able to send unlimited emails

Other Features of Builderall

There are other more features that make Builderall a powerhouse when it comes to online marketing.

The platform’s Blog Builder have hundred of templates to choose from, for all your pages needs. It allows you to manage pages efficiently and make sure that it can rank in major search engines i.e. Google and Yahoo and others.

Builderall Floating Video is another feature that lets you upload videos you made from a green screen while its Presentation Builder works just like a PowerPoint that has a lot of options to choose from and allows you to create professional slideshows for your business. 

The platform also has an Animated Video Tool that can make full animated videos where you can add text, sound and animated videos. Not only that, but this software also provides a Design Studio that allows you to add images and videos into a specific place like a mobile screen, TV screen or any areas. 

Lastly, this platform has good On Page SEO tool that examines everything. This gives you score and makes sure you know how to improve it. 

What I like about Builderall

  • Exceptional customer support
  • Multi-function website builder with lots of inbuilt plugins and features
  • Easy to use
  • No Extra fees needed for buying external plug-ins, themes etc.
  • Different marketing tools to use for your business
  • You can build your own mobile apps on the platform
  • There is built-in SSL support for all websites
  • Great Builderall Affiliate Program (Ability to win a dream car)

What I don’t like about Builderall

  • The Drag and  Drop technology experiences glitches
  • It does not have lots of customizing options
  • Not polished compared to other software

Builderall Pricing

There are 2 available plans for Builderall which has multiple payment options to choose from. If you want to test it out first before making a commitment, they offer a 7-day free trial. 

Essential Plan

The essential plan costs $29.90 monthly, the perfect solution for Digital and Marketing growth. 

It includes:

  •  Drop and Drag Site Builder
  • 10,000 leads for Professional Email Marketing
  •  Professional Checkout Application
  • Your Own Affiliate System
  • Connect up to 15 domains
  • Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
  • Third-party Integrations
  • SSL included
  • Premium local and CDN Hosting
  • Ticketing Support System
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • DDOS Attack Prevention
  • Super Fast Page Loading System


The Premium Plan costs $69.90 monthly, the complete solution for online companies, and entrepreneurs ready to launch.

It includes:

  • Drop and Drag Site Builder
  • Unlimited leads for Professional Email Marketing
  • Canvas Funnel Builder (Builderall Exclusive)
  • Email Marketing Workflow
  • Webinar and streaming platform
  • Evergreen Webinar with Ghost Audience
  • eCommerce Magento Installation
  • Professional Magazine Builder
  • IOS/Android App Builder
  • CRM
  • Directory Builder
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbox
  •  Professional Checkout Application
  • Your Own Affiliate System
  • Build Your Multi-tier Affiliate System
  • Video Tags Tool
  • Autotag Funnels
  • Site Bot Builder
  • eLEarning Platform
  • SMS & WhatsApp messaging
  • Autopost manager tools
  • Browser Notifications
  • MockUp Studio
  • Photo Studio and 3D Photo Studio
  • Animated/ VSL Video Builder
  • Floating Video Builder
  • Social Proof App
  • Video Wrapper
  • Builderall Business Community
  • Transfer Websites and Funnel
  • VA Access
  • Unlimted pages subdomains
  • Connect up to 15 domains
  • Bandwidth and unlimited visitors
  • Third-party Integrations
  • SSL included
  • Premium local and CDN Hosting
  • Ticketing Support System
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • DDOS Attack Prevention
  • Super Fast Page Loading System

Final Verdict

Overall, Builderall is a great tool as it comes with nearly all the features you need for an online business that will make it successful. It will give you the convenience you need and help you save money with the content building plugins and its sales funnel creation software and many more that it has to offer. 

With all the great features and affordable prices that you can get in just one software then you are in for a deal. If you are looking for something that is all in one and can deliver great results then get Builderall. It won’t be perfect but it will help you step by step. 

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