Bluehost Review 2022: Pros and Cons Is It Really the Best Hosting?

Bluehost Review 2022: Many say Bluehost is the best hosting of foreign sites right now. Is that true? We bought bluehost hosting and tested it years ago. In this review, learn how good Bluehost has been based on the experience of dean's hosting team over many years. We present you in a detailed list of the most prominent bluehost hosting flaws and features we have encountered, and you will get the lowest possible price for Bluehost services using the exclusive Bluehost discount coupon for the Host Dean!

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Bluehost  is a very well known American web hosting company that you have probably heard of before.
Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies known these days and the lists of the best hosting companies are not without them.

Given the popularity of this large company, we decided to do a comprehensive review and analysis of BlueHost so that you can determine if the company is right for you before you buy hosting from Bluehost.

company Bluehost
Year Founded 2003
founder Matt Heaton
chief executive officer Sohaib Zaheer
Headquarters Provo, Utah, America
main company Endurance International Group
Number of Employees 750+
Bluehost phone 001801-765-9400
Money Back Guarantee 30 days
control Board cPanel
Shared Hosting $2.95
VPS Server $18.99
WordPress Hosting $9.95
WooCommerce Hosting $12.95
full servant $79.99
Special Discount 70% off + free domain
Bluehost coupon Activate the coupon

In this detailed review, we will talk more about Bluehost hosting in general, its history, services and prices.

And in this Bluehost review, we will also mention most of the advantages and disadvantages of Bluehost in detail in all impartiality as we usually do in web host reviews .

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Bluehost Review: What is bluehost?


Bluehost ( ) is a world famous web hosting company that also provides domain and server hosting service.

Bluehost was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and is therefore one of the oldest web hosting and web hosting companies still operating today.

Bluehost is currently owned by EIG Global Group of Web Hosting Services and Hosting Solutions which is a huge US listed company. EIG is the largest web hosting company by volume with dozens of web hosting companies, domain name registrations, and related services.

Among the most famous and largest hosting companies owned by the group are:

  • HostGator
  • iPage
  • FatCow
  • HostMonster
  • Search Host JustHost
  • It is blue
  • And dozens of others…

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How popular is Bluehost hosting

Bluehost hosting is one of the best and most popular web hosting services ever, especially in the field of shared hosting.

Where we find the company in one of the top three ranks in the lists of the best global hosting companies , due to the very good reputation of Bluehost hosting with customers.

Facts About Bluehost Hosting

Here are some facts and information that you may not know about Bluehost hosting .

Recommended by

Bluehost has always been the only hosting company recommended by the official WordPress site that develops the WordPress script. That is until they added other companies to the list later, such as Site Ground and Dream Host Company .

Bluehost Hosting page
Bluehost Hosting page


Block Bluehost Hosting Porn Sites

Bluehost does not host any adult-only sites such as porn sites.

Matt Heaton, the founder of the company, had announced on his personal blog that Bluehost would not host any sexual content on its servers, and he wished that other hosts would too. Here is what Heaton had to say on this point.

Sometimes the priority of making profits comes second after personal responsibility and ethics, and I am not urging other companies not to host sexual content, but I hope that they do so out of their belief in ethics and the need not to provide such content.

Matt Heaton – Founder of Bluehost

Not the only success for Heaton.

Blue Host isn't the only successful hosting company that Matt Heaton founded. Heaton founded Host Monster, which is the sister company to Bluehost, which was also acquired by EIG Group.

Hundreds of thousands of users

Bluehost is not a small hosting company, it hosts more than 2 million websites on its servers and the number is constantly increasing and it has a large number of employees serving this large number of customers.

Therefore, you will not be the only user of the company and you should not worry about the collapse of the company or its closure, as happens with most Arab hosting “companies” that may close between day and night. This is because Bluehost is owned by a large US-listed company, Endurance International Group.

Best hosting With Bluehost Services

Bluehost offers  a variety of web hosting, email, and domain products, solutions and services, including the following..

  • Shared Hosting : For small sites looking for low-cost hosting at the beginning.
  • VPS Hosting : Bluehost offers VPS hosting for mid-sized websites that are looking for more powerful hosting than shared hosting.
  • Dedicated Servers : The company provides these servers for those who want to rent a complete server of their own that no one shares with, and Bluehost will manage, protect and update it.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting : WordPress is the most popular website content management system ever used, which is why Bluehost has launched a dedicated hosting service for the websites you are using and looking for better performance and additional features.
  • WooCommerce Hosting Sites that use WooCommerce to build an online store and are looking for dedicated and optimized hosting can use this service from Bluehost.
  • Domain Names Registration : The domain is the website address that visitors use to visit the site. Bluehost provides a domain name reservation service and provides a control panel to manage it.

Bluehost hosting features

Bluehost hosting has unlimited resources

BlueHost offers unlimited resource hosting, meaning that it does not place limits on the resources (storage space, bandwidth , etc..) that you can use.

This feature is very useful because if your hosting is limited then there will be a certain rate of resources which if you skip the company may pause your site or make you pay extra for the extra resources you use.

But this does not exist with Blue Host because it does not set limits on use, but you should know that there is a fair use policy so as not to affect other accounts with you on the same hosting server .

You probably won't have any problems unless your site is a file upload center that consumes a lot of hosting resources or you have a software issue or your site needs more powerful hosting than shared hosting like VPS hosting or full servers.

Bluehost Hosting Optimized For WordPress

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting companies , because the hosting service provided by the company has proven its worth, especially for sites that use WordPress script .

This made it the only hosting company that the official WordPress site has been recommending for a long time before adding other hosting sites to the list some time ago, but it kept Bluehost at the top of the list as well.

Bluehost has developed a dedicated WordPress dashboard that makes it easy to control your WordPress site and hosting from one place. It also includes many useful tools as well as the ease of creating a WordPress site on Bluehost .

Fast Bluehost Hosting

t it uses the latest web hosting technologies and upgrades the hosting infrastructure. In addition to a number of other technical features that make Bluehost one of the fastest web hosting companies .

In late 2017, Bluehost announced that their hosting was powered by Solid State Drives. SSD disks are characterized by their high speed compared to common HDD disks, as SSD disks are up to 3 times faster than HDD disks because they do not contain moving parts.

But the disadvantage of SSD disks is their high price as well, which makes moving to them expensive, especially when a web hosting company has thousands of servers that need to change thousands of disks with huge storage spaces.

Since the response speed of disks is high, it will directly affect the speed of your site, because the response speed of the server will increase significantly.

Low Price Bluehost Hosting

One of the main advantages of Bluehost is that it is one of the cheapest web hosting companies which makes it one of the best choices for beginners.

Bluehost offers an outstanding variety of hosting packages to suit all needs and all sites at competitive prices that include most of the features your site needs.

Technical support is free and available all day long

Bluehost hosting company provides hosting technical support service to all its customers free of charge in several different ways:

  • Live chat.
  • Toll-free phone from within the United States of America.
  • International phone from the rest of the world.

However, the technical support service provided by Bluehost is in English only and does not support the Arabic language. But of course you can use Google Translate or any other translation services to translate the messages and if you tell the support person that you are not an English speaker, I am sure they will understand.

In addition, most of the company's technical support are Indian employees because the company has moved its technical support service to India in order to reduce expenses and appoint new employees in order to improve the speed of response and therefore they are not native speakers of English because it is not their mother tongue and communication with them will be Fairly easy.

Supports PHP7 Hosting

Bluehost was one of the first hosts to support PHP 7 version of the famous programming language “PHP”, which is known for its higher performance than its previous version 5.6, where the code execution speed increases by twice while consuming less server resources by half compared to the previous version.

Thus, Blue Host joined the list of companies that offer PHP 7 hosting, such as Hostinger , Inmotion Hosting, and others.

Bluehost has announced that all new WordPress hosting accounts will use PHP 7 automatically. In addition, all other users, whether existing or new users, have the ability to easily change the PHP version from the control panel.

Ease of use and control of hosting

Bluehost hosting control panel is very easy, which is the normal cPanel control panel, but with an elegant and simple design that Bluehost designed to make hosting management an easy task for you.
The control panel supports the other languages, and you can also manage the domain from the control panel and create databases, email accounts, subdomains, and others with ease.

bluehost cpanel 2022
bluehost cpanel

In addition, you can easily install WordPress on Bluehost hosting directly from the control panel without the need to upload script files to the hosting or create a database or other tasks that may be difficult and complicated for beginners.

And other features and other advantages that make managing your website hosting an easy task. And if we add this to the other features of Bluehost, it will become clear to you why a large number of users consider it the best cPanel hosting .

Free hosting and domain

Bluehost is one of the few foreign website hosts that offers its customers free hosting and a domain with it without additional charges. Bluehost hosting offers a free domain for one year as a gift to the visitors of the hosting dean's site, so you can save about $10. You can register a new domain or transfer the domain from another company to Bluehost.

Various web hosting services

Bluehost offers a variety of web hosting services such as shared hosting, virtual servers, full servers, in addition to the possibility of purchasing domains. The presence of this diverse package of services and the ease of moving between them easily from within the control panel is useful for site owners because there is the ability to upgrade the hosting and move to a stronger hosting service when the site grows easily without the need to move to another hosting.

You can cancel the hosting and get your money back

Bluehost offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the hosting service within 30 days of booking Bluehost hosting and you will get everything you paid for hosting with a discount on the value of the domain and the domain will be yours for a year.

Thus, Bluehost gives you an opportunity to try its hosting service for free without worrying about losing your money if you are not satisfied with the service, which also expresses Bluehost's confidence in the quality of service it provides and its ability to satisfy users.

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Disadvantages of Bluehost hosting

Technical support over the phone is not the best

Some Bluehost users are complaining about the technical support over the phone where customers have to wait for a long time before receiving a response. But this is very different from the technical support service via e-mail and online chat.

And most likely, you will not use technical support over the phone at all, but we had to mention this point so that you have knowledge of it.

Bluehost servers are in USA only

Download speed is very important for most if not all websites and apps.

One of the factors that affect the site loading speed is the proximity of the hosting to the visitor's place. The closer the server is to the visitor, the faster the site is due to the shorter path the data travels between the visitor's machine and the hosting server.

That is why many hosting providers are now offering the possibility to choose a hosting location, such as SiteGround , A2 Hosting, and others.

We always advise sites that target visitors only to the Arab region to have servers in Southern and Central Europe.

Unfortunately, Bluehost does not provide the ability to choose a hosting location, as its servers are located in the United States of America only.

But that is not a big problem since the vast majority of global websites are hosted in America and the quality of the internet infrastructure in the USA is among the best in the world.

Therefore, any website whose visitors are from all countries of the world would be better for it to be hosted in America.

Also, don't forget that you can use a CDN to distribute your site's files to a handful of servers around the world. Which is the same or even better than local hosting in most cases.

There are companies that offer a paid CDN service such as StackPath, and there are companies that provide a free package such as CloudFlare .

Limited Bluehost Micro Hosting Package

Bluehost offers unlimited shared web hosting in terms of site file storage, bandwidth consumption, number of sites that can be created on the hosting account, professional email accounts using the site's domain, and many other hosting resources.

Although this is a great generosity from Bluehost and a great gift to its customers, it does not extend to Bluehost's micro-shared hosting package, unfortunately. It allows you to create only one website, gives you 50 GB of storage for your site files, and gives you the ability to create 5 email accounts, but the bandwidth is still unlimited.

But, to be fair, this is quite common and almost a pricing staple in the web hosting market and not limited to Bluehost alone. Almost all web hosts only allow one website on the smaller package and also put limits on hard disk and email capacity.

Also, don't forget that Bluehost gives you many options and the ability to expand and increase those resources in the form of larger shared hosting packages or even other web hosting services such as VPS hosting servers, full servers, and other web hosting products.

Also, the term “unlimited hosting” is really not what you think, and we explained this in detail in one of the hosting basics lessons on the Dean of Hosting website, which is a lesson on the reality of unlimited web hosting .

There is no free site transfer

If you want to switch from another hosting company to Bluehost hosting, the company will not transfer the site to its servers for free. But if you want the company to do the transfer, you will need to purchase a paid service from them worth $150, and the maximum number of sites that can be transferred is only 5 sites and 20 email accounts.

In addition, they do not transfer virtual servers, Reseller hosting accounts, or entire servers to them.

Good news Bluehost is now moving the WordPress sites of Dean of Hosting visitors for free with a special offer!

No Windows Hosting

Bluehost offers Linux web hosting only, not Windows hosting. This has nothing to do with your computer but rather the Bluehost hosting server. You can use the hosting and control it from any device with any operating system as long as it is connected to the Internet.

In fact, this is not considered a defect because most of the well-known companies do not offer Windows hosting due to the low demand for it in the field of web hosting. But we preferred to mention this information in case you are looking for Windows hosting and you are asking whether Bluehost offers it or not.

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Shared Bluehost Hosting Packages

Basic . Package Plus . Package Choice Plus . Package Pro . Package
SSD storage space 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
number of sites 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
mail accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free gift domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backup Free Free Free Free
Dedicated IP There is no There is no There is no Yes
Paid SSL Certificate There is no There is no There is no Yes
from CodeGuard
There is no There is no Free Free
Domain privacy certificate There is no There is no Free Free
Price per month $7.99 $10.99 $14.99 $23.99
The price after discount $2.95 $5.95 $5.95 $13.95
Discount Purchase Purchase Purchase Purchase

Bluehost hosting explained

Follow this video explanation to learn how to buy hosting from Bluehost in addition to getting a 70% discount on the value of hosting with a domain for free, step by step, by discounting Bluehost for visitors to the hosting site only, available via the Get the following discount button.

The exclusive discount gives you hosting at only $2.95 instead of $7.99 in addition to a free domain with hosting without additional costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bluehost Hosting: 
Here is a collection of frequently asked questions about Bluehost hosting and the answers to them.
If you have a question or other query use the comments below and we will answer you.

Is Bluehost One of the Biggest web Hosting Providers?

Bluehost is one of the largest website hosting providers and powers millions of websites

Does Bluehost Supports other languages?

Yes, Bluehost supports Supports other languages and the hosting control panel interface is also available in Arabic.

Does Bluehost use cPanel?

Yes, BlueHost uses the famous cPanel control panel that supports the Supports other languages.

Does Bluehost accept monthly payments?

No , Bluehost does not accept monthly payments in shared hosting and therefore you cannot buy hosting for less than a year. 
If you are looking for a good hosting that accepts monthly payment then you can use  
A2 Hosting .

Does Bluehost offer a free domain?

Yes, visitors to the Dean of Hosting website get a free paid domain from Bluehost through our discount.

What are the payment methods on Bluehost?

Bluehost accepts all credit cards (Visa, American Express, Master Card and Discover) in addition to PayPal as well.

Does Bluehost accept PayPal?

Yes, Bluehost accepts payment using PayPal.

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