Bluehost Review: Why Use Bluehost In 2022

Bluehost Review 2022: A cheap domain name is required when launching a new website? Bluehost is the best option available in terms of cost-effective domain names.

For the first year, you can get a domain name for just $0.99 with a variety of useful add-ons.

Over 1.5 million websites of all kinds and sizes rely on it for more than simply domain names. Big clients like Buffer, Figma, and Imgur are included in this.

Simply said, Bluehost is a top-tier domain name registrar and web hosting provider that offers a good value for the money.

Bluehost Compared to the Best Domain Registrars

Bluehost is a no-frills domain registrar that also provides a bevy of hosting and administration options for websites.

Every domain registration includes free privacy protection, domain name security, 24/7 assistance, complete DNS access, and a comprehensive knowledge base in case you have any questions.

To help you narrow down your search, I've created a ranking of the finest domain name registrars.

I compiled a list of critical criteria, including registration renewal rates, number of domains, domain management, transfers, and extension choices, to arrive at the final decision. My personal favorites are listed below. There it is! Bluehost made the cut!

This is a closer look at Bluehost and what it has to offer for the time being..”

Who is Bluehost Best For?

Bluehost is best for you If you're hoping to get a large number of domain names at a low cost, or if you're simply looking to obtain the greatest bargain on your domain registration.

Renewing your domain registration on a regular basis is a need. Any registrar will do, but Bluehost's renewal rates are among the best in the business.

To get a domain name and web hosting at a low price, Bluehost is the best option. It offers a wide variety of hosting solutions.

Bluehost: The Pros and Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to using Bluehost as a name registrar, and the importance of those advantages and disadvantages is heavily dependent on your individual needs.


Easy to use: Bluehost features a simple user interface that allows you to buy what you want quickly and without having to jump through any complex hoops. This is a big bonus if you don't know much about Hosts. 

Free domain privacy: One of Bluehost's biggest advantages is its free domain privacy for life. Other providers, such as GoDaddy, charge an extra price for domain privacy, which you must renew on a regular basis if you wish to preserve it. 

Free migration: Bluehost helps you move your WordPress website to its hosting services for free within 24 hours. All you have to do is fill in and submit a request with a few of your site’s details.

Affordable all around: Bluehost Price sets it apart, which is ideal for new sites looking to get off the ground without blowing their budget.. 

Updates to TLDs: Bluehost Its list of top-level extensions is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that you can always choose from a variety of extensions other than the

Free apps: Bluehost offers both free and paid site-building tools that you may utilize for the success of your site, such as logo creation apps, site speed optimization apps, and even programs that assist you form a legitimate LLC..

Great support: Bluehost you the choice of a live chat or a support ticket If you're having difficulties with your site and need someone to guide you through any troubleshooting, please contact us.. 

Guides and videos: If you're having trouble and are a DIYer, Bluehost has a wealth of how-to instructions and videos, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base. 

Easy domain transfer: Do you want to move your domain to Bluehost? You may do that quickly and easily by submitting a ticket with all of the essential information. It could take anywhere from 30 minutes to six days to complete.


Downtime issues: Bluehost provides site uptime monitoring, which checks for faults every five minutes and tracks the performance of your site on your personal dashboard. However, despite other instances of 99 percent availability, some users have experienced issues with downtime.

Renewal rates: If you've worked with domain registrars before, you're surely aware that most of them charge increased renewal fees once your first domain registration period has expired. Bluehost is better than others in this regard, but it's still something to be aware of.

Domain transfer fees: While transferring your domain registration to Bluehost is simple, there is a price that varies depending on whether you have a coupon code for a discount.

Bluehost Review Pricing

It's clear that Bluehost stands out in terms of pricing. It is always one of the most cost-effective options for site hosting and domain registration.

Here are some examples of initial domain pricing for various extensions:

bluehost pricing

The following are some of their most popular extensions:

  • .Com – $8.88 with a $12.98 renewal rate
  • .Net – $10.98 with a $14.98 renewal rate
  • .Org – $9.18 with a $14.98 renewal rate
  • .Io – $32.98 with a $34.98 renewal rate
  • .Co – $7.98 with a $25.98 renewal rate
  • .Ai – $58.98 with a $68.88 renewal rate
  • .Ca – $11.98 with a $13.98 renewal rate

Certain extensions are available for as little as $0.99 on Bluehost. This is the most affordable price you'll ever discover.

When you compare these to other well-known domain registrars like Bluehost or GoDaddy, you'll notice how much less expensive Bluehost may be. After all, the term “cheap” is right there in the name.

It's also worth looking at its web hosting pricing.

Shared Hosting

  • Stellar – $1.58 a month
  • Stellar Plus – $2.68 a month
  • Stellar Business – $4.80 a month

Unmetered bandwidth, a free website builder, domain name and privacy protection, free automatic SSL certification, and a 30-day money-back guarantee are included with all shared hosting services.

Reseller Hosting

  • Nebula – $19.88 a month
  • Galaxy Expert – $36.88 a month
  • Universe Pro – $54.88 a month

Unmetered bandwidth, free cPanel/WHM, and a 30-day money-back guarantee are included with all Reseller Hosting plans.

WordPress Hosting

  • EasyWP Starter – $3.88
  • EasyWP Turbo – $7.88
  • EasyWP Supersonic – $11.88

All WordPress Hosting plans include useful features such as 99.9% uptime, faster site load times, simple backups and restorations, SFTP and database access, and simple WordPress installation.

Email Hosting

  • Starter – $0.74 a month
  • Pro – $2.12 a month
  • Ultimate – $3.49 a month

Custom domain-based email, anti-spam protection, Safe access with 2FA, Unified Inbox, POP3/IMAP/Webmail access, and HTML signatures are all included in all Bluehost email services.

VPS Hosting

  • Pulsar – $9.88 a month
  • Quasar – $15.88 a month

Though Bluehost Although it doesn't have a lot of VPS hosting alternatives, its two plans both provide full root access and OS selection, server administration of your choosing, high security standards, free website transfers, and, of course, a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren't happy with its service. 

Dedicated Hosting

  • Xeon E3-1240 v3 – $40.88 a month
  • Xeon E-2236 – $78.88 a month
  • Dual AMD EPYC 7282 – $255.88 a month

These are just a few of Bluehost's dedicated server possibilities. They aren't done yet. If you want to see all of its plans, go to this dedicated server page, where you may customize plans based on the number of CPU you require, your pricing range, RAM, and other factors. This feature is one of my favorites because it allows you to be more specific with your dedicated hosting package.

Bluehost's shared hosting services are among the most cost-effective on the market. Especially when you consider what you get when you start with the starting tier. You can start hosting up to three websites with unmetered bandwidth and privacy protection for $1.58 per month.

You'll also get a free automatic SSL installation, which will save you time and effort. If you've worked with hosting companies before, you know that installing SSL certificates can be a genuine hassle due to how clumsy and complex the procedure can be.

If you're looking for a low-cost shared hosting option, its shared cloud Stellar Business plan, which costs $4.48 per month, is a good choice. You'll have access to the following once you've joined up:

  • 50 GB SSD
  • Host unlimited websites
  • Automatic backups and cloud storage
  • Automatic backups and cloud storage

Even when compared to other shared hosting providers, it's the shared hosting plan that will provide you the most bang for your buck.

Bluehost has detailed information on each shared hosting package.

Bluehost Offerings

Bluehost provides a wide range of website management services, including hosting, inexpensive domain names, apps, and even specialized security features.

Bluehost Domains

What makes Bluehost such an excellent option for purchasing all of your domains is not just how affordable it is, but also how simple they are to administer once they've been registered, as well as the extra advantages you get via Bluehost, such as free privacy protection, which I particularly enjoy. Privacy protection is never a terrible idea and is always a benefit in the age of the internet.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost WordPress Hosting
Bluehost WordPress Cpanel

You may start hosting your WordPress site for $1 for the first month with Bluehost's WordPress hosting package.

Bluehost guarantees 99.9% WordPress site uptime and provides an easy-to-use dashboard for managing all of your WordPress sites. Because of its low monthly hosting rates, Bluehost is an economical and convenient alternative for WordPress optimized hosting, beating its competitors like Bluehost and GoDaddy.

Bluehost Apps

Bluehost Apps
Bluehost Apps

What are Bluehost applications, exactly? Bluehost apps are a relatively new option that allows you to purchase applications to aid in the success of your website.

Many of the apps they provide are free, while others may be started for a minimal monthly price. Its website builder, which costs $3.99 per month, its free logo maker, and its website uptime monitoring software, which is also free to use, are among my favorites.

There aren't many domain registrars that offer apps that go beyond simply registering a domain and purchasing a hosting plan. Here are some Bluehost apps that you can use:

  • Supersonic CDN – Ensures that your website loads as quickly as possible.
  • is a website that allows you to verify and identify online customers.
  • EasyWP — A simple WordPress site builder for those who aren't tech-savvy.
  • Bluehost VPN – Encrypts your internet traffic and keeps your information private.
  • G Suite is a consolidated email service for all of your online correspondence.
  • Maker of Business Cards – Do you require an online business card? With their business card creator, you may create one.
  • Without having to employ a designer, you can make professional logos with Logo Maker.
  • Strikingly — A simple website builder for all your web design needs.
  • Weebly – Create a website quickly and easily using Weebly.
  • Ghost Machine is a blog-building program that makes it simple to start a blog.
  • Bluehost Uptime Monitoring – You can monitor the uptime and downtime of your website.
  • Bluehost Legal – You can quickly incorporate your business and construct a suitable LLC with Bluehost Legal.
  • Canvas is a simple website builder that you can use right away.

Bluehost Security

Bluehost Security
Bluehost Security

Bluehost's commitment to privacy and site security is without a doubt one of its strongest differentiators. Two-factor authentication, the option to unblock content safely with its VPN service, as well as personal privacy and surfing protection, ensure your online safety.

Other domain registrars aren't as concerned with security, and just a few offer free privacy protection when you buy a name from them.

The Best Domain Registrars

Don't forget to check out my top recommendations for the finest domain registrars to use for all of your domain registration needs.

  1. Bluehost – Best for new WordPress sites
  2. – Best for people who hate their current registrar
  3. Bluehost – Best domain names for $1 or less
  4. Network Solutions – Best for long-term registrations
  5. NameSilo – Best for buying domains by the dozen
  6. Google Domains – Best free security and privacy features

Bluehost's motto is “affordable and easy” with a side of security and privacy protection. It offers amazing domain name costs, as well as affordable renewal rates once your registration period is up. This is why it is one of my favorite domain registrars on my list of best domain registrars.

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