Best website builder for 2022

Best website builder for 2022: To begin developing your niche on the internet, you'll need to construct a website. What a huge stride forward this is. As a result, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. It's good news that building and hosting websites isn't as difficult as it used to be a decade ago. There has been a recent explosion in website construction software, so currently there are numerous companies offering simple and economical drag-and-drop builders. Hundreds of stunning templates are available for you to use and modify as you see fit.
When it comes to platforms that don't necessitate any web programming skills, you're spoiled for options.

However, the sheer quantity of website builders on the market creates a new issue: Which one is the best? Your site's purpose will, of course, influence your decision. Do you wish to start an e-commerce store, for example? Blog? Delivery over the internet? Or, do you want a simple online presence for your brick-and-mortar business?

The greatest website builders in the business have been examined to see if they meet your needs. You'll learn about the most common options, how much you'll spend for each, and which might be most suited to your needs in our detailed guide.

The Best Web Designers And Builder

  2. Squarespace
  3. Wix
  4. Shopify
  5. BigCommerce
  7. Weebly
  8. Webflow
  9. GoDaddy Website Builder
  10. Jimdo
  11. Site123

As you analyze and select the finest website builder for you, keep the following things in mind:

  • Detail : Does this website builder provide the freedom and functionality you need to create the style you envision?
  • Secure hosting, SSL certificates, and good uptime are all important considerations when choosing a platform.
  • In order to utilize your own domain name and not have your web builder logo plastered all over your site, even if you can start with the free plan, you will eventually need to upgrade to a program that allows you to do so.
  • Effortlessness: As a general rule, website builders that demand some coding knowledge are better than those that don't.
  • How much room does a website builder offer in terms of scalability? Can you upgrade easily? Is it possible for you to open a website?

As you read, jot down any requirements that come to mind.

Without further ado, let's get right into this review's meat. Site For Website Builder For Website Builder For Website Builder is our overall favorite website builder, and it's a good one.

At a low introductory price, it provides small businesses with web-building tools that are simple to use and don't require any knowledge of coding. With just a few clicks, you can change the look and feel of a plethora of pre-designed website templates to match your specific branding requirements.

Additionally, has all of the robust features offered by the leading website builders, such as the ability to include videos, contact forms, sliders, image galleries, social media links, map locations, and much more.

You may even add endless pages to your site, and each page in Divi can be double-customized. It's also worth noting that each of their website templates is mobile-friendly, allowing you to personalize your website design for various devices (mobile phones, tablets, and desktops).

Add 50 goods, track and manage orders, provide discounts, accept credit card payments securely with's e-commerce capabilities. As a bonus, every plan includes a free business email address and SEO tools as well as a website security solution and website statistics.

It is's unique web design service that sets them apart from the competition. Using a website builder, you can hire a professional to design the entirety of your website for a reasonable fee.

Pricing has a variety of reasonably priced paid programs to pick from:

  • This plan is designed for those who are just getting their feet wet in the online world. It costs $1.95 the first month. The package costs $10.00 after the first billing cycle of four weeks. However, during the first year, there is a $50.00 discount on the annual subscription fee. After the discounted year is through, you'll be hit with an additional $100 fee. Do-it-yourself website building, hundreds of design styles to choose from and access to thousands of saved photos are the key elements included in this bundle.
  • Marketing: The first month of's website builder package is $2.95 and is aimed at small and medium-sized organizations. levies a recurring fee of $15.00 after the first billing cycle (4 weeks). For the first year, there is a $75.00 discount on annual subscriptions. It costs $150.00 every year after the initial annual billing cycle for the plan to be renewed. More than just Bing, Yahoo and Google can be added to your search engine with this bundle. In addition to everything in the starting plan, the plan includes a work profile in many local directories.
  • For the first month, the ecommerce plan is $3.95. There is a $20.00 ongoing cost after the first billing cycle. You can also get a discount of $100.00 for the first year if you sign up for an annual subscription. A yearly fee of $200.00 will be collected at the end of the year. Customers who wish to buy products or make payments online will be able to do so with this plan. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution that includes everything in the marketing package as well as a secure system for accepting major credit cards for online purchases up to 500 products, this plan is for you!
  • Your business can go online with a professionally built and SEO-optimized website from's professionals with the Custom Website package. This strategy entrusts the creation of the website to a team of experts. A promotional setup price of $750 is being offered for the bespoke website package, which normally costs $1499.99.

Your credit card or other pre-registered payment method or account with will be automatically charged each month for your recurring fee. Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription before the end of the offer term (reduced first billing cycle).



  • With, you don't have to do a thing but sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

  • Tools for search engine optimization (SEO) are included right into this website builder.

  • Certified Google Ads specialists can assist you in managing your PPC campaigns.

  • Your website is listed in professional business directories and monitored daily for the proper information by to help you retain your credibility online.

  • With, you get a lot more bang for your buck than you would with similar services.

  • All of their business options include a marketing package for promoting your brand.

  • If you don't already have a domain, you get one for free.

  • has a drag-and-drop design interface that even non-technical users may use without any difficulty.

  • For new users,'s introductory rates are excellent, but the company's standard pricing can be too expensive.

  • Promotional discount pricing are the only opportunity to get a taste of's web-building software.

  • No money back guarantee for 30 days on

  • is fantastic for simple modifications, but if you're trying to get creative, you may run into issues.

  • There are hidden costs when you buy one of their web design packages, and you'll have to search for them.

  • The true cost isn't out in the open.

  • does not have a live chat option for customer service.

  • Their user interface is simple, however it lacks a lot of features.

  • New List Item

Squarespace Site For Website Builder

Squarespace Site For Website Builder
Squarespace Site For Website Builder

Squarespace wins our vote for the best website builder overall. Why?

The fact that it has one of the most user-friendly interfaces and editors for creating websites anywhere on the internet. It's easy to relax with Squarespace if you're new to web design and worried about the technical side of things. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 with this platform!

Premade website templates are available for free in Squarespace's extensive library. Whatever your website's goals are, Squarespace can help you reach them. You don't have to write a single line of code to create anything from a high-end digital store to a basic contact page or blog.

Pricing Squarespace

For a limited time, you can try Squarespace for free for 14 days (no card registration required). Further paid options include the following:

  • Personal: The $12/month Personal plan is suitable for developing a personal website, as the name implies. Customers cannot make online payments with this package, although it does offer many tools for the creation of wallets and simple websites.
  • If you're wanting to build an e-commerce site, you can get the Business plan for $18 a month. With a 3% transaction fee, you can accept consumer credit card payments.
  • For $26 a month, Squarespace's Basic plan offers no transaction fees. In spite of the larger monthly subscription charge, you'll really save money because of the lower transaction fees you'll be able to save.
  • That works up to $40 a month.

Squarespace's pricing is certainly competitive. Another reason why we think it's the greatest overall web page builder! Access to premium apps, such as OpenTable and Acuityplugins, is also included in the business plan (or any of the higher tiers). In addition, if you opt to pay for your subscription annually, you can save 25% off the monthly fee.



  • Squarespace It's a breeze to navigate the entire platform.

  • There are several free themes to choose from, all of which have a polished appearance.

  • There are a plethora of alternatives for organizing and storing photos.

  • With Squarespace, it's easy to start an online store or a blog and keep it going.

  • Using the Zapier app, you may connect to hundreds of web services.

  • Applications, such as Google Apps, Xero, and Mailchimp, are available.

  • It's possible to sell both physical and digital products.

  • It's easy to enable an SSL Certificate.

  • Video backgrounds can be used as your website's wallpaper.

  • Creating a professional-looking logo is easy with Squarespace's logo builder, which lets you create simple logos.

  • Some of Squarespace's competitors provide more extensive SEO capabilities. To give an example, rich snippets can be difficult to customize. This makes it even more tough to rise to the top of search engines!

  • There are no analytical tools included in the Personal plan, and you can't generate online sales with it. Aside from these limitations, you can't change the CSS or JavaScript code. For those who aren't interested in launching an e-commerce store or tinkering around with the code of their website, however, this strategy is still ideal.

  • There is only one level of navigation available with Squarespace. Use a different platform if you need to construct something more complex.

  • Due to Squarespace's lack of GDPR compatibility, you'll have to install a third-party plugin to stay compliant.

  • Only PayPal and Stripe are accepted as payment methods.

Wix Site For Website Builder

Wix Site For Website Builder
Wix Site For Website Builder

When it comes to building stunning websites, Wix has a ton of features and is really user-friendly. That's why more than 100 million people use it around the globe. With the drag-and-drop editor, you can design a website without writing any code.

There are two ways to get started using Wix: either invest the time customizing your chosen website theme or use AI to do the heavy lifting for you. Yes, you can construct a self-hosted website with only a few clicks using Wix's AI website builder.

There are hundreds of templates available on Wix, each specifically tailored to a different industry. For example, you'll see portfolios for artists like photographers and graphic designers, along with company pages for hotels, cafes, and other small companies. Wix is certain to have a model that works for you, no matter what industry you're in.

Pricing Wix

There is a free version of Wix, but like with many other freemium options, you'll have to utilize the Wix subdomain and run their advertisements on your site as a requirement.

Wix's premium plans are divided into “website” and “business and e-commerce” packages when it comes to pricing.

Wix's website plans, which there are four of, will be summarized in this review.

  • One gigabyte of data transfer and 500 megabytes of storage can be yours for $4.
  • It costs $13 a month for the combo package, which includes the removal of Wix from your website.
  • Unlimited: For an additional $17 a month, the unlimited plan is better suited for larger web properties. 10 GB of storage and no bandwidth constraints.
  • Commercial: Wix Hotels and Wix Reservations, two of the company's business apps, are available for as little as $23 per month.



  • In terms of website builder editors and interfaces, Wix is among the best.

  • It's easy to get started with Wix, and the price is right.

  • It only takes minutes to create a website with Wix AI website builder.

  • As a bonus, there are a plethora of templates to select from!.

  • The Wix App Market offers a wide range of additional functions and capabilities.

  • Wix's customer service is frequently lauded.

  • When compared to its competitors, Wix's blogging capabilities are somewhat limited.

  • It's not possible to switch templates without rewriting your content once you've chosen the theme.

  • A higher-end package is required if you want more advanced services like analytics and tracking.

  • Sites can't be moved, so if you wish to move away from Wix, you'll have to start over.

  • The sheer number of options for personalization can be a bit much for some users.

Shopify Best Ecommerce Site For Website Builder

Shopify Best Ecommerce Site For Website Builder
Shopify Best Ecommerce Site For Website Builder

When it comes to creating an online store, Shopify is the most often used website builder. This is the greatest ecommerce website builder if you want to sell widgets online.

When it comes to e-commerce, Shopify has a large range of capabilities and outstanding portability to offer. A wide range of businesses can take advantage of this platform in order to expand their customer base. There is no such thing as “too much” consumer volume with Shopify's toolkit of infinite items, inventory management tools, and advanced stores.

Professional-looking templates for active stores can be found on Shopify. For each one, you can add your own personal touch. Beginners will find it simple to get started selling online with this platform. Shopify claims to make it possible for you to be up and operating in only a few hours!

Ecommerce features offered by Shopify include:

  • Tools for Product Management.
  • You are able to receive payment from customers.
  • It is possible to change shipping costs and other information.
  • Keep an eye on the order of the customer.
  • Tools for inventory control.
  • There is no limit to the amount of products you can list and sell.
  • Product descriptions can be written.
  • Comments are welcome from customers.
  • Tools for promoting a business.
  • Tools for managing and operating gift cards, coupons, discounts, and other forms of promotional offers are available.
  • Customer service across a number of different distribution channels.
  • Multi-currency sales are an option.

For e-commerce, Shopify is one of the top website builders, as seen by this outstanding list of capabilities. Shopify handles most of the heavy lifting for you, so you don't have to worry about it!

Pricing Shopify

  • Starting a new online business with Shopify costs just $29 per month, which includes everything you need to get up and running with your own online store and blog.
  • It costs $79 a month to use Shopify's basic plan. Gift certificates, professional reports, and more are all available as a result. Additional point-of-sale functions are also available, and you may register up to five members of your staff for free.
  • You'll get all the features you need to grow your business, including an advanced report builder and third-party determined shipping costs.

If you don't use Shopify Payments, Shopify will charge you an additional 2.5% for the Basic plan, a 1.5% fee for the Basic Shopify package, and an additional 0.5% fee for the Advanced plan. On top of that, there is a 2.9 percent + 30 cent fee for using a credit card online.



  • There is no need to worry about server maintenance or security when you use Shopify.

  • Multiple sales methods are available to you, including online, in-person sales, via social media, and more.

  • Without limits on the amount of things that you can list and sell, you can sell both physical and digital products.

  • Shopify's website performance and quickness are great.

  • Self-help material for Shopify users.

  • Plugins can be downloaded and used to extend the functionality of your store on Shopify's app store.

  • Additional transaction costs are associated with using third-party sites.

  • In order to get access to Shopify's more advanced features, you'll have to pay a premium.

  • Additional fees apply to many Shopify App Store plugins.

  • Email hosting is not available through Shopify.

  • There isn't a free option accessible (trial version only).

  • Customization is limited to the theme and applications because you don't have access to your location code.

  • B2B plans are not available out of the box with Shopify.

BigCommerce – Site For Website Builder

BigCommerce - Site For Website Builder
BigCommerce – Site For Website Builder

E-commerce platform BigCommerce can let you build a store, list products, and sell them on different platforms.

For large businesses and organizations, Shopify is an excellent option for online sales. However, this does not preclude BigCommerce from offering plans that are tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. BigCommerce, on the other hand, is ideal if you're planning rapid expansion; if this describes your firm, you'll save a lot of money by not using this platform.

As an ecommerce shop builder, BigCommerce prides itself on providing the most extensive set of built-in features and analytics tools available. So, you can rest easy knowing that they've got you covered when it comes to creating a successful website. It's also claimed by the platform that employing their service, small firms wishing to expand will see an annual increase of 28%!

Toyota, Kodak, and Ben & Jerry's are just a handful of the well-known clients of BigCommerce. Isn't that impressive?

Pricing BigCommerce

It's possible to request a demo on BigCommerce's website before joining up for the service. In addition, there are four different pricing tiers to choose from.

You'll be happy to know that none of BigCommerce's plans impose transaction fees.

  • Employee accounts, unlimited items, and a monthly fee of $29.95 are all included in this plan.
  • Using this strategy, you can earn up to $50,000 per year in sales.
  • It costs $79.95 a month and works for enterprises with annual sales of up to $180. Additional features like abandoned cart recovery, customer segmentation, and credit card storage are also available in this plan….
  • BigCommerce's full feature set is available here. For $299 each month, you can use it to make up to $400,000 in annual sales.
  • Custom SSL, faceted product filtering, and a Google Customer Reviews tool are all included as additional perks as well.
  • BigCommerce offers an enterprise package with bespoke pricing and a comprehensive set of features if your firm reaches a certain revenue level.
  • This provides you with round-the-clock assistance and additional features that allow you to run multiple stores.
  • Pricing is determined by the amount of revenue generated annually. This means that your subscription to BigCommerce will grow with your business. If this plan suits your needs, get in touch with BigCommerce directly.



  • In the current market, BigCommerce is one of the most scalable solutions
    Using it in a huge company is ideal.

  • In comparison to most of its competitors, BigCommerce has a remarkable range of built-in functionality.

  • Excellent Reporting Tools are available through BigCommerce (On All Pricing Plans).

  • Braintree's integration with BigCommerce allows you to take advantage of lower PayPal transaction fees.

  • Including social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. in multi-channel selling support.

  • There are a variety of discount coupons and tools available.

  • Beginners may find some BigCommerce jargon difficult to understand.

  • Some of BigCommerce's more complicated capabilities may take some time to master and implement.

  • Accessing BigCommerce, compared to its competitors, is a pricey abandoned cart tool.

  • Even if you're content with BigCommerce's present feature set, you'll soon have to upgrade your software because of its annual sales limits (which keeps your business growing).

  • RSS feeds cannot be used with an embedded blog since they are disabled. Site For Website Builder

BigCommerce - Site For Website Builder
BigCommerce – Site For Website Builder

WordPress is a renowned household brand when it comes to website construction platforms, which comes as no surprise when you consider that this open source solution comprises more than 30 percent of the internet!

However, where WordPress really excels, is in its blogging platform and content management. If this is something you require, then might be the correct solution for you. When you start developing your website, WordPress assumes that your content is a vital element of your branding – so if you're thinking of beginning a blog, don't think so.

WordPress has two versions:

  • Hosted service (similar to the other website builders in this list). It is possible to construct a website for nothing or with a paid subscription. WordPress themes can be used in the same way as any other website builder.
  • The foundation for your website's design. all of the code on is freely available. Installing, modifying, and using it are all free, but you'll need to secure your own web space and register a domain name.

If you're looking for something that's more like a drag-and-drop website builder, WordPress isn't the best option for you. As a result, the learning curve for WordPress is far higher than it is for some of the other website builders we've looked at. If you've worked with computers before, even better! To make your vision a reality, you can go into the source code of your website.

Plugins can be installed from the WordPress app store if you have a premium membership. The fact that WordPress has a large and active community that is continually generating new themes and third-party widgets for WordPress users is a significant benefit. As a result, the odds are in your favor if you're seeking for a specific feature or tool.

Pricing WordPress

After the free plan, offers three different pricing options. The following figures reflect the yearly average cost of several types of services:

  • In order to remove WordPress branding from your site, you'll have to pay $5 a month for the Personal plan.
  • Upgrade to Premium for $8/month to gain access to more powerful design tools, custom CSS editing, and integration with Google Analytics.
  • Business: $25 per month – Here, you may access up to 200GB of storage and install plugins and custom themes.

How about the free plan?

WordPress, as previously noted, has a free version. However, this has some drawbacks, as you're forced to utilize your WordPress subdomain and branding throughout your website instead of something else. Even if you can't make changes to the code or add plugins, you don't get in the way of storage.

As a result, you should expect to have little control over the look and feel of your website. Free or Personal plans, on the other hand, may suffice if you just want to build a personal website.



  • The blogging and content management capabilities of WordPress are superior to those of its competitors.

  • If you're a programmer, you'll have a lot of control over the design.

  • With so many options for themes and plug-ins, it might be overwhelming.It's simple and straightforward to add new content to your blog, and it's just as simple to organize the stuff you already have.

  • Wordpress is widely utilized on the internet, and this is a solid indication of what this website builder can accomplish.

  • A WordPress reader is included with WordPress. You'll be able to discover new blogs to follow and increase the number of people who see yours.

  • With the Business plan, you'll be able to use all of WordPress' features.

  • Unlike other website builders, WordPress's full potential can only be unlocked if you have mastered the art of editing CSS.

  • While there are many free add-ons and themes available, you may still choose to pay for additional features that third-party add-ons provide.

  • The speed of your WordPress website can be slowed by generic code found in some themes. You may not be able to solve this yourself if you don't know what code snippets need to be removed from the site.

  • Compared to other website builders that provide drag and drop editors as standard, the UI is difficult to use.

Weebly – Site For Website Builder

Weebly - Site For Website Builder
Weebly – Site For Website Builder

Website builders like Weebly are uncomplicated and simple to use. The capability of this website builder may be restricted compared to some of the others in our list of the best website builders. Weebly, on the other hand, is a great option if you're searching for a website that's fast to design and easy to maintain.

Weebly doesn't require any prior coding expertise on your part to get up and running. In order to get your website up and running quickly, the menus and interfaces are a joy to use. In our perspective, Weebly is better suited for brick-and-mortar stores looking to develop an online presence than it is for e-commerce (and need no more than one navigation menu).

Pricing Weebly

Weebly offers a free package that includes SSL security and 500MB of storage space. ‘ But if you want extra storage, your domain name, and Weebly's branding to be removed from your site, you will need a premium subscription.

  • For about $5 a month, you may have your site linked to your own domain name. The free Weebly bundle has the same functionality and storage capacity as the paid one.
  • Weebly advertisements can be removed and site search can be enabled for $12 a month. A shopping cart and payment processing are included as well as limitless storage space and Google Ads credit.
  • Weebly will not charge a credit card for $25 a month (yay!). Additional e-commerce features, such as coupon codes, item selections, inventory management tools, and tax computations, can be unlocked through this process as well.

Many free templates are available, but you can get a professional theme for less than $50 if you prefer to fork out the extra cash. Free and paid apps are available in the App Store, which can cost as much as $150 a month on the more expensive end of the spectrum.



  • Beautiful and professional-looking templates may be found on Weebly.

  • Websites built with Weebly are known for their dependability and quickness.

  • They provide a very easy-to-use control panel and website editor.

  • You may use the Weebly app as a mobile app to keep track of your whereabouts while you're out and about.

  • Free domain names are included in all Weebly premium plans, regardless of the plan level.

  • More expensive plans can be easily upgraded.

  • In order to move your full website to another platform, you can export it.

  • Weebly is a wonderful place to start when you're building your first modest website because of this.

  • Weebly's e-commerce platform is more expensive than other options.

  • Because the photo editing capabilities aren't particularly sophisticated, it's usually preferable to work on the photos in a separate application.

  • Blogging is limited in Weebly until you purchase additional plugins. We recommend WordPress as a site builder for blogging teams, although there are many more out there.

  • Weebly's customer service choices are less than those of its competitors (unless you purchase their more expensive plans).

  • Look elsewhere if you're looking to build a high-end website.

Webflow – Site For Website Builder

Webflow - Site For Website Builder
Webflow – Site For Website Builder

Webflow is yet another web design tool that has a wide range of options. Websites can be built using the service's wide range of configurable templates and user-friendly interface.

However, Webflow's outstanding free website builder and extensive collection of self-help tools are where it really shines. Consequently, Webflow is an excellent option for anyone looking for a platform that they can learn on their own without the assistance of customer service representatives. An abundance of detailed video courses, textual content, and resource lists may be found on their website. Webflow is a safe bet if you're concerned about running into walls when creating your site.

We'd also want to note out that Webflow's client list includes Eventbrite and Zendesk, two notable brands.

Pricing Webflow

Start with Webflow's fantastic free plan. Even in its free version, Webflow's CMS features and customizability are unrestricted. As a result, it's free to use (forever! ), making it a great way to test out Webflow's capabilities. With Webflow, you don't have to worry about your budget at all when it comes to creating the perfect website.

However, you're limited to two pages and two projects, and you must use the Webflow subdomain to access your site. When you're ready to upgrade to a paid plan, Webflow offers a variety of options at various pricing points. Site plans for personal and blog sites are available, as are e-commerce plans for commercial use.

Web designers can also use Webflow's account-based software. The plans in this category include both the Divi, Dual, and Team options. Webflow includes a total of 11 pricing tiers, however we won't go into detail here. As a result, we've included a concise summary:

  • It is possible to set up a Webflow site with a custom domain, share it with other people, and provide internet access through site plans. Individual plans start at $12 per month and go up to $36 per year. There are only a limited number of monthly visits each level, so as you get older, you'll need to upgrade.
  • Plan prices start at $29 per month and go up to $212 per month, which is paid in full at the end of the year. The plans limit your annual sales volume and employee accounts, which means that developing enterprises will need to expand to a higher level eventually.
  • More websites (projects) can be created, code exported, and your logo can be published on your editor with a paid account. As a team, you may also set up a dashboard to collaborate with other members of your team.

Visit their Webflow website to see all of their bundles if you're wondering about individuals.



  • Webflow's freemium version gives you a rare opportunity to try out all of its design tools.

  • Exporting websites from Webflow can be done to other platforms.

  • Webflow places a high value on the customer's experience and offers a wealth of online tools to support that goal.

  • As long as you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, you may customize your website to your heart's delight.

  • Multilingual solutions can be integrated into your website.

  • Responsive Mobile Templates for all of Webflow

  • There is a high learning curve associated with some of Webflow's more advanced functions, and the interface can be a little scary to begin with.

  • Because of the numerous plugins and extensions required, running a good e-commerce website can be time consuming. You'd be better off using BigCommerce or Shopify if your primary goal is to sell products online.

  • Webflow has a smaller selection of templates than its rivals.
    There isn't any money back guarantee.

  • You'll have to upgrade to a higher plan if you want to keep up with demand.

GoDaddy – Site For Website Builder

Shopify Best Ecommerce For Website Builder
Shopify Best Ecommerce For Website Builder

You may already recognize GoDaddy as one of the biggest web hosting and domain name companies. However, the platform now also offers a website builder – which means you can handle web domains, hosting, and develop your own websites with the same provider. Useful, isn't it?

The platform is incredibly easy for novices and offers various templates tailored for mobile. It's excellent for any small business or divi who is time conscious and wants to establish a website fast. However, this convenience comes in a compromise, since GoDaddy's website builder obviously isn't the one with the most features on the market, but it's practical and easy — so check it out if that's your jam.

Pricing GoDaddy

All of GoDaddy's plans come with 24/7 customer service and site hosting. There are several exceptions, such as domain names, which are not included. Additionally, if you want to establish an e-commerce business, you'll need the most expensive GoDaddy e-commerce package.

  • If you're looking for a quick, straightforward, and ad-free website, this plan is for you.
  • PayPal connectivity and https protocols are included in the $15/month Basic Package.
  • It's great: $20 per month – Here, you'll have access to email marketing tools, social media integration, and a fast website.
  • For $25 a month, you get an online storefront, payment processors, and a tool for recovering abandoned shopping carts.



  • For the first month, GoDaddy's website builder is completely free to use.

  • GoDaddy has a comprehensive help center, phone assistance, and live web chat available around the clock. More than seven countries' phone numbers are included in the service.

  • Website building with GoDaddy's drag and drop tool has never been easier.

  • There isn't a lot of room for individuality or modification.

  • GoDaddy is not a good option for folks who want to sell art through their websites.

  • Many of its competitors' website-building tools are more aesthetically pleasing than this one.

Jimdo – Site For Website Builder

Jimdo - Site For Website Builder
Jimdo – Site For Website Builder

One thing that all website builders have in common is that they make the process of creating a website simple and intuitive, and Jimdo is no exception. Jimdo's drag-and-drop editor makes it one of the most user-friendly platforms. New capabilities added to current Jimdo tools are designed to be simple to use. As a result, you can expect a simple and pleasurable experience anytime you log into Jimdo's dashboard.

More than 20 million websites have been created with the help of this website builder, and for good reason. This website builder may be the finest for complete beginners because of its low cost and straightforward layout.

Pricing Jimdo

You may test out all of Jimdo's features for free. It's possible to publish a site utilizing the Jimdo subdomain here, and then test its basic capabilities. In addition, Jimdo's software is divided into two plans: “Website” and “Online Store”.

In this evaluation, we'll focus on the website's future ambitions. There are a total of four options available to you:

  1. When it comes to personal or creative initiatives, $9 per month is an excellent starting point. Jimdo adverts are no longer displayed on the pages of your website when you use this feature.
  2. A $15 monthly fee unlocks visitor stats for the site's growth.
  3. Legal Grow: Jimdo's legal text generator can help you make your site GDPR-compliant for a few dollars extra than the Growth plan.
  4. It's a monthly fee of $39 that covers all of your data storage, priority assistance, and expert design evaluation needs.



  • Easy-to-use website creation tools at your disposal.

  • Beginner's guide to Jimdo's love interest.

  • Improve your site's SEO, including your page titles and URLs, with a few simple tweaks.

  • SSL encrypts websites.

  • GDPR compliance is essential for many firms, and this legal plan provides it.

  • If you'd like to view and make changes to your site while on the go, you may do so using the Jimdo mobile app.

  • Remove all ads from your website.

  • Jimdo's templates aren't the most customizable out there.

  • While Jimdo's more premium plans provide an integrated store, there aren't many online selling methods available with Jimdo. No gateway to a credit card, for example. It is instead permitted only for manual and PayPal payments.

  • Some of the templates look a little stale.

  • There's no way to go back and fix things.

  • At times, organising and editing content on a website might be a bit intimidating.

Site123 – Site For Website Builder

Site123 - Site For Website Builder
Site123 – Site For Website Builder

Website builders like Site123 may not be the greatest option if you are looking for a creative presentation. This site is best avoided by persons who work in technical fields. Site123's customization possibilities are fairly limited, despite the fact that you may establish a site in a matter of minutes. In this case, practicality takes precedence.

One could even suggest that Site123-powered websites have an antiquated aesthetic. To add insult to injury, Site123 lacks the feature set of the majority of the other website builders profiled here.

Pricing Site123

The price structure at Site123 is simple and straightforward. Subdomains are included in the free package that gives you 500MB of storage space and 1 GB of bandwidth. In spite of this, the free Site123 software does include advertisements on your site. However, it's still a good idea to play with with a few aspects of Site123. As part of its premium package, you get a 14-day money-back guarantee.

There is a $12.80 per month option that provides a free domain name for the first year, ad-free browsing, 5 GB of bandwidth, and 10 GB of storage.



  • You may try out all of site123's services for free with the company's trial plan.

  • Pricing that is clear and uncomplicated.

  • In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), site123's coding is outstanding.

  • The process of creating a website is simple and fast.

  • Excellent customer service, particularly over live chat.

  • Site123's templates are responsive, so they look fantastic on mobile devices.

  • At any time, you can modify the design of your website.

  • The premium plan, which includes e-commerce options, is among the most reasonably priced on this list.

  • Creating a website with Site123 may be difficult if you're not familiar with the intricacies of HTML and CSS.

  • In order to customize your website, you are unable to access its source code.

  • If you're a web developer, this is especially discouraging because you want to put your talents to good use!.

  • E-commerce features are available at an inexpensive price, although Site123's e-commerce functionalities are limited (compared to competitors). There are better options out there, like Shopify or BigCommerce, if you're serious about selling products online.

When it comes down to it, which of these options is best for you?

All that really matters is that you find a website builder that works for you. The majority of these solutions will do for a simple personal website, and you can just choose depending on price.

With that being the case, it's important to choose a website builder that offers a variety of high-quality designs that can be customized. Here are our top picks: Squarespace, Wix, and/or Weebly. In addition to delivering beautiful, effective, and responsive templates, all of these platforms expedite the web design process.

But if you're looking to build an information-heavy website, WordPress has the best blogging and content management capabilities available. WordPress is the finest platform for customizing your site because it has virtually no boundaries. You are only limited by your programming skills and imagination!

A website builder may be the best option if you plan to sell your products online. Market leaders Shopify and BigCommerce both offer a robust set of features for selling through numerous channels. Both may be scaled to any size and are very cost effective. A key point of differentiation between the two could be found in the way each company charges for its services.

to summarise:

  • Squarespace has the best drag-and-drop website editor.
  • If you want to start a blog, manage your material, and be in total command of your website, look no further than
  • If you want to sell online and establish a successful business, Shopify is a highly scalable and cost-effective alternative.
  • BigCommerce is the ideal option for companies who need a platform that can handle several stores and hundreds of thousands of transactions.

I want you to know that…

We sincerely hope you enjoyed our selection of the top website builders available today. As you can see, SaaS website builders have surged in popularity, and we're excited to see what else is on the horizon.

Which website builder would you use now that you've finished reading our in-depth evaluation? Specify your preference in the comment area below. I'll get back to you soon!.

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