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Best Free Web Hosting: Using good free hosting may obviate you from buying paid hosting in some cases..but free hosting is not good and unreliable, and after trying many free hosting sites for a long time..we present to you a list of the best free web hosting sites on the world scene At the present time, according to the experience of the hosting site's Dean team!

Are you looking for free web hosting?

Dean Hosting has collected the best free hosting companies in one directory!

In order to start your site, you need to host your site and hosting is the first thing that you pay money for most of the time. But there are many people who would like to create a website or blog on the Internet without paying any money.

The reason they want not to spend money is mostly due to two reasons, the first is that the person does not have money and the second is that there is no way for a person to pay for hosting the site.

Therefore, there is no other way for this person than to obtain free hosting.

In this guide from the Dean of Hosting website, we will arrange the best free hosting companies in the world .

Is free hosting good?

Before we mention the best free hosting companies, we have to mention that the Dean of Hosting site advises not to use free hosting but rather to use paid hosting.

The reasons behind this will be mentioned in the following points:

  • Hosting resources are very limited.
  • Companies display ads on your site.
  • There is no technical support from hosting.
  • The security of your site is very weak.
  • There is no backup for your site by the hosting.
  • The free hosting company is not obligated to maintain your site as the paid hosting.
  • The free hosting control panel is weaker than the non-free hosting control panel such as the cPanel web hosting panel .
  •  A non-professional domain (it is a sub-domain).
  • The possibility of closing your account and deleting your site at any time and without prior March.

In addition to a lot of other reasons why it is a very bad idea to use free hosting for your site instead of paid hosting especially if the site you want to create is an important site for you. You can see our free hosting and paid hosting comparison in detail which we have published in the web hosting tutorials section of the Hosting Dean’s website.

However, there are times when using free hosting is a good idea.

When is it a good idea to use free hosting?

In general, using free hosting for your site is a good idea if you want to get free hosting in order to learn and practice using the hosting control panel or practice using a specific script.

So using free hosting is a good idea in case you are not interested in your site and use the hosting for learning purpose only.

Otherwise, you must use a paid hosting.

Are you looking for paid hosting?
Learn about the top 10 paid foreign hosting companies in the world and the worst companies too!

Best free hosting in the world

000webhost . Hosting

000Webhost - Free Hosting
000Webhost – Free Hosting

000Webhost is the most popular free web hosting company because they have been offering free hosting for a long time. It offers PHP and MySQL hosting as well as free WordPress hosting .

The most important thing that distinguishes the company is that it does not display ads on your site. The control panel includes a WordPress installer and a free site builder.

But the company’s drawback is that it does not offer unlimited hosting as it gives you a storage space of 300 MB and a bandwidth of 3 GB.

The company gives you the ability to create only one website, one database, one FTP account, and there are no email accounts or sub-domains.

If you want cheap and powerful hosting that gives you a domain for free in addition to the possibility of installing more than one website on the same hosting without additional costs..
You can use iPage hosting,  which gives visitors to the Dean of Hosting an 81% discount from the price with a free domain for your site .


x10hosting Free Hosting
x10hosting Free Hosting


x10Hosting is considered one of the best free hosting companies because it offers free cloud hosting in addition to that it works using SSD disks. Thus, x10Hosting is the only hosting in the world that offers free SSD hosting.

Here, please note that some poor paid hosting companies do not offer hosting with this type of storage media yet, and if you want to get hosting that works with this type of disk, you may need to pay an additional cost or move to a good web hosting company .

In addition, x10Hosting offers unlimited hosting, three mail accounts, 2 sub-domains, as well as a website builder and the ability to install more than 300 scripts in one click from the control panel such as WordPress, Joomla, and others.

Motion Hosting is a good foreign hosting company that gives Dean Hosting visitors an exclusive discount and a domain name for free.
You can find out more details on the Motion Hosting coupon page .

AwardSpace Hosting

AwardSpace Free Hosting
AwardSpace Free Hosting


AwardSpace is the No. 3 Free Hosting Company in the Hosting Dean's List for Best Free Hosting. The company has been providing free hosting for more than 10 years and gives you the ability to install WordPress directly from the control panel without the need to manually install the script.

However, the disadvantage of AwardSpace is that the hosting resources are very limited for hosting as it gives you 1 GB of storage space and 5 GB of data transfer.

It also gives you the ability to create only one database, one FTP account, one domain, and three subdomains.

Did you know that you can buy hosting from HostGator at a price of 0.01$ (1 cent only), that is, almost for free, by using the exclusive HostGator discount coupon for the visitors of the hosting dean, which is paid hosting and not free!

Byet Hosting

Free Hosting From
Free Hosting From


Byet host is a popular free hosting company and many Arab users use it to host their sites for free.

The company uses fast servers powered by SSD disks to host website databases, thus increasing the speed of operations on the databases.

The company offers services that you rarely find in a free hosting company. For example, the company provides Softaculous software that enables you to install most of the well-known scripts with the click of a button from the control panel, and this program is used by paid hosts only in most cases.

The company offers 1 GB of storage and 50 GB of data transfer as well as the ability to create 5 databases, 5 email accounts, and 1 FTP account.

You can use the Bluehost coupon for hosting visitors to get free hosting and a domain at a 70% discount from the hosting price!

Biz Hosting

Free hosting from
Free hosting from is the only green-powered free hosting company.

The most important feature of this company is that it enables you to create 4 websites on the same free hosting account. The company offers a free domain that is short and some what distinctive, where you can use the domain for free.

The company offers 1 GB of storage space and 5 GB of bandwidth . You can create one database with a maximum size of 10MB.

The company is one of the few free hosting companies that offer PHP 7 hosting, where you can choose between PHP 7 and PHP 5.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Web Hosting

If the information above is not enough and you have an inquiry, question or information that is not clear, these are the most prominent and most common questions that we receive with their answer.

What is free hosting?

Free web hosting is 
a web hosting service that some companies and websites offer completely free of charge or in return for displaying ads on your site. 
Free hosting may place conditions on the use of the Service and the resources that you obtain.

Is free hosting good for a website?

In short, if you want to learn and experiment without paying any money, then free hosting might be right for you. 
If you want to 
create a website to provide a service to visitors, using free hosting is not a wise decision due to its many drawbacks, which we mentioned in detail above.

Is free hosting completely free?

Most of the time, free hosting is not completely free as some free hosting sites display ads on users' sites. 
Some of the free hosts offer the free service in order to promote their paid hosting service.

Does the hosting dean recommend using free hosting?

We at 
Dean of Hosting recommend that you use free hosting for the purpose of experimenting and learning only. 
If you want low cost hosting, here is a list of the 
cheapest paid web hosts. Use the company that suits you best from them instead of using free hosting. You may delete your site and close your account at any time without warning.

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