5 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Not too long ago, digital marketers and businesses, in general, were hesitant about using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as part of their market strategy. Fast forward to the present day, and many brands have adopted the use of AI.

For instance, major brands like Spotify and Amazon use AI not only as part of their product recommendation system but also drives a major part of their marketing.

Amazon, for instance, uses artificial intelligence to show related or relevant products to shoppers, which are mainly based on the previous products they checked out.

The practice increases the likelihood of a shopper who initially purchased a similar product becoming a repeat customer, owing to the customized experience.

Let's take a look at some examples of artificial intelligence in marketing.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Examples

AI is now a significant part of digital marketing, offering many benefits to businesses, one of which is cost-effectiveness. In this article, we'll examine how artificial intelligence has changed facets of digital marketing.


AI chatbots
ChatBot allows you to make data-backed decisions when it comes to automating your customer support and service.

In the past, businesses would employ people, usually overseas responsible for responding to queries via live chat. Today, the development of AI semantic recognition, voice conversion technology, and language processing has outsourced it to AI customer service.

The result is it delivers a better experience at a fraction of the cost compared to having a human being on the other end.

There are also many advantages to AI chatbots. For starters, AI chatbots allow businesses to go beyond the so-called one-on-one type customer service we've become accustomed to over the years.

Chatbots work via the one-to-many model, which means providing support to many customers at the same time across a multitude of time zones.

The other advantage of using AI chatbots is that, unlike humans, they don't need to rest. The bot can answer questions around the clock, making 24/7 customer service a reality at a low price.

Furthermore, customers can also choose what language they want to communicate in, and the AI customer service bot will oblige, allowing the brand to offer localized customer service.

An increasing number of brands have begun marketing and communicating via messenger services like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc., all of which can take advantage of AI chatbots.



Humans by nature can miss things when it comes to data. No matter how good you think you are, a computer with the right algorithm will spot trends and discrepancies in data with accurate precision.

This is why top marketing agencies such as Lead Origin now use data-driven analytics to make informed decisions about what content is performing on different marketing channels.

Not only does this save you time, but it will allow you to rapidly scale paid marketing campaigns because you know 100% it is going to work. Having a high level overview of everything that is going on in your business is going to be the future of marketing.

Email marketing

email-marketing illustration png

One of the most important uses of AI is to personalize email marketing campaigns based on the behavioral analysis of the recipient. In other words, marketers can send emails that are automatically triggered when specific actions are taken.

AI allows marketers to deliver highly relevant emails to potential customers' inboxes with customized subject lines, messaging, and product recommendations.

The improved personalized content helps optimize the campaign enabling the delivery of maximum results.

Tools like Phrasee can be used to analyze campaigns and then optimize them without relying on often time-consuming A/B testing, which can at best take several weeks if not months.

AI is also being used to help email marketers reach out to their customers at just the right time, ensuring that the messaging is relevant and thus more likely to convert.

Furthermore, email marketers can analyze what types of subject lines, messaging, images, and designs deliver the best results.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is one of those areas which has successfully adopted the use of artificial intelligence. AI can be used across multiple platforms like Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook ads, etc., to offer the best possible experience. The platforms use AI to analyze user information, categorizing them in terms of age, gender, demographics, and interests so that they see the most relevant advertisements. The result is higher-performing digital ads.

Digital advertising spend in 2018 alone was well over $270 billion, according to eMarketer. Using AI, a marketer can easily spot micro trends and even use that data to predict trends. Then using a prediction model, make strategic decisions about where advertising dollars should be allocated and who best to target for the highest ROI. Consequently, that leads to brands spending less but seeing better results.

Marketing content

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Today, thanks to the use of AI, it is possible to discover what content performs most effectively based on the customer's behavior. The result is that marketers can get better results from their content marketing efforts by knowing what resonates with their target audience. All of this means that they (marketers) can create better content geared towards their target audience's needs and demands.

A good example of this analysis is that millennials tend to trust video content, making it the second most effective type of content but second to blogs. So, a brand targeting millennials will want to invest in creating relevant video content based on insights pulled together by AI.

When it comes to creating videos, here too, AI-powered tools can be immensely helpful. Take FlexClip video maker, for instance, which is a tool that allows people to create and then download high-quality videos with no special skills. That means you can quickly utilize videos if the data shows that you need them.

Furthermore, AI can also be an excellent tool for content curation. YouTube is the perfect example of this type of AI being used to suggest videos that users may be interested in watching based on their behavior.

Similar tools, as mentioned earlier, can suggest products, blog posts, etc., which increases engagement on your site, keeping people longer on it.

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing Final Word

Artificial Intelligence is now more accessible than it ever was for businesses, making it the tool for choice for digital marketers of all types. AI also effectively influences the decisions that customers make, which helps them provide recommendations and customer service.

If you are a business owner and aren't using AI right now, you might want to start rolling it out as part of your digital marketing strategy, especially to improve engagement and grow the brand.

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