Amazon Video Reviews are Voted Helpful 992% more than Picture Reviews

We all know that reviews can help sell products on Amazon. Especially if the star review has substantial helpful votes.

They’re like bonus points to help you level up in the ecommerce world. As a general and obvious rule online, visuals are almost always better.

We’re a fast-paced society, and sometimes we don’t want to spend time reading.

It would then stand to reason that visual reviews are better (picture and video), but we really wanted some scientific evidence to support this.

We got all lab coat and clipboardy over here and scienced the heck out of our case study that included over 2000 Amazon reviews. We wanted to prove which kind of reviews (video, picture, text) would get the most helpful votes.

Out of our 2000 randomly chosen reviews a majority of them, 76% were text reviews. 20% were picture reviews, and 4% were videos. Text post clearly are the most common type, but this doesn’t mean they’re better.

Video Reviews are 590% more helpful than Text and 992% more than Pictures


Of course we want reviews to be helpful. The feedback you get from your customers should help you generate more customers which should turn into more feedback. It’s the wonderful circle of sales. If we isolate up votes of helpfulness we can compare reviews to see what type of review gains the most helpful votes.

Within the 2000 review sample size we found video reviews are the most helpful. They earned 590% more helpful review engagements than text only posts and 992% more than picture reviews. That means to really highlight your product, you’re going to want video reviews. People trust what they can see and normally vote it more helpful. Let me show you. (See what I did there?)

Soak in the science and check out the graph.


Data: Tomoson

Videos allow customers to see your product in action and get people’s attention. The reviews stop being anonymous information on a screen and start being opinions of real people. These reviews allow potential customers to see your product in action and see its real worth.

Wait. Whats up with the Picture Reviews?

Don’t worry, you read the graph correctly. Text reviews actually got more helpful up-votes than picture reviews.

What?!? I know, I know. I’m as shocked as you are. But I’ve got a theory for you to consider.

Pictures can be very misleading. Perhaps the reason picture reviews are less helpful is because they just don’t truly help others judge a products true worth. While a video lets you see the product in action, pictures don’t have the same affect. A good text post can really help explain your products worth, but a poor quality photo may just distort your product.

Regardless, star reviews can be great for your product no matter what type of review they are. But the most superior—and rarest are video reviews.

Tomoson Can Help

Now you’re wondering how to increase video reviews on your listing specifically. That’s why Tomoson is your new best friend 🙂

Our software helps businesses connect to influencers and decide how they’d prefer to interact with their online audience when presenting their product. Whether you’re looking to be promoted on sites like Facebook or Twitter, or you want a review on Amazon or other third party site, Tomoson’s got you covered.

Say for instance, for whatever strange reason, you wanted to increase video reviews for your product. When creating a new promotion you are brought to the Marketing Goals section. Simply pick “Honest Star Rating” and then check the green circle for Youtube and Honest Star Rating. Once an influencer uploads a video to Youtube it is very easy to use the same video on their Amazon review.

POOF, just like magic, you've got the greatly sought after legendary video reviews.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tomoson only encourages honest  reviews on third party websites. Our policies do not promote the idea of buying good reviews. All of the Tomoson Community is dedicated to the authentic reviewing of products.

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