It is time we do an ActiveCampaign Review! Are you a small to midsize business with a limited budget and limited technical skills but want to expand your marketing strategy and improve customer relations? Then, ActiveCampaign is the right tool for you!

In this ActiveCampaign Review we will show you how this tool will help you to be active in your marketing campaign, be more personal and gain happy, loyal, and satisfied customers that will surely come back for more. ActiveCampaign is an effective and affordable solution to your marketing needs! Now, let us move on to my main ActiveCampaign Review down below.

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing tool with easy to use features. It has integrated marketing with a strong customer relationship management suite. This platform is a certified one-stop email marketing tool that offers automation and customer relationship management (CRM) suite that allows you to keep everything organized for your business needs.

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It is personalized and customer-oriented as it can track customer behavior, measure company performance, and manages campaigns which are well suited with small to midsize companies that wanted to grow their business by customizing their email campaigns. It offers a powerful combination of marketing automation, CRM, and email marketing. Let's move on with the ActiveCampaign Review.

Why use ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a powerful tool that makes it easy for businesses to market their products efficiently. It is a complete email marketing automation that has greater control over your business contacts.

This product has a lot of features to offer, such as email marketing, marketing automation, sales and CRM, and messaging. Each one of its features caters to every need as it is a one-stop-shop for more than just emails. Clearly, it stands among the best email marketing automation tools because it will help every business to accomplish its basic to mildly complex goals.

Their lite plan is suitable for small to medium-size businesses, and they can also cater to big companies for their powerful capability with their expensive plans that suit the company.

Benefits of ActiveCampaign

As ActiveCampaign has a lot of features on its sleeve, one stands out the most is its email marketing automation.

It has autoresponders, automation of contacts, and list management. Its workflows allow the user to set-up, segment, and activate the inactive. The practical thing about this is that its automation within CRM can add notes, send direct messages, and set appointments to contacts.

Also, when it comes to site messages, you will be able to send targeted messages straight to website visitors, which could turn into marketing leads for your business.

What Are The Best Features of ActiveCampaign?

One of the other features of ActiveCampaign is its customize email automation, which is highly flexible as you can customize and build any email automation that you could ever think of. It is also advanced as it starts automation whenever your subscriber visits a page on your site or subscribes to an email list. Out of all the email marketing software out there, ActiveCampaign has the most straightforward automation editor. 

Another feature of ActiveCampaign is you can easily share Automations if you want to share automations that you had built to others. Once you select the “share’ menu item, you will get a URL and start sharing it with someone so that they can import it to their account.

Last but not least, is you can resend your campaigns as it gives you an option to send old or previous campaigns to your new subscribers — no need to worry that it will resend to your old contacts that have seen it already. 

Aside from resending old campaigns, it also can send emails to your contacts who have not opened the original email by using a different subject line (split testing). It gives you the ability to tap these people again as possible subscribers of your products.

Pros and Cons

Let's take a look at some of the good and bad things about ActiveCampaign.


  • Uniquely powerful tool it is surprisingly easy to use. It can get overwhelming at first but you can easily adapt to its platform. 
  • Marketing automation tools and templates are clean and intuitive as well as its email builder and the template library comes with a lot of good emails to choose from. 
  • The built-in SMS messaging is uniquely cool and the customer support is very good as they were very helpful when it comes to different queries about the tools.


I have a lot of good stuff to say about ActiveCampaign but there are also things that I do not like about it.

  • Only gives a 15-day free trial to its first-time users which is a thumbs down for me as most trials last 30 days. 
  • The tools are user-friendly but there are some instances that some tools are slow like for instance, I found it difficult to insert multiple images. 
  • There might be a lot of email templates to choose from but I do hope that they will add more designs.

How much does it cost?

ActiveCampaign has four levels of pricing, depending on your email list size.


The Lite plan starts at $9. It includes unlimited sending, email marketing, sends newsletters, marketing automation, chat, and email support and up to 3 persons.


The Plus plan starts at $49 and their most popular plan. It includes everything from the Lite Plan, unlimited sending, CRM with sales automation, contact and leads scoring, deep data integrations, custom user permissions, custom domain, custom branding, one-on-one training, and SMS marketing with up to 25 users. 


The Professional plan starts at $129. It includes everything from Plus, unlimited sending, site messaging, attribution, predictive sending, win probability, and up to 50 users. 


The Enterprise plan starts at $229. It includes everything from Professional, unlimited sending, custom reporting (beta), custom mail server domain, dedicated account rep, in-depth onboarding, free design services, free social data, phone support, uptime SLA and unlimited users.

Final Verdict ActiveCampaign Review

There you have our ActiveCampaign Review. One of the company’s motto is “Go beyond email marketing with true marketing automation.” I believe this is correct as their tool stays true to their saying.

Overall, ActiveCampaign is a very powerful tool that will help businesses with their overall marketing. It has unique features such as its automations that give efficiency to all your business needs, especially when it comes to email marketing. A few improvements with their platforms and tools will make this perfect and a powerhouse when it comes to email marketing. It also integrates with platforms such as Clickfunnels®!

 If you are in a budget or not ActiveCampaign gives you options to choose from depending on your business capacity. The best features of this tool is that it is flexible, personalized and very customer-oriented. If you think we missed something in our ActiveCampaign Review, then leave a comment below and let us know! We would love to hear from you.

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