5 Things Every Influencer Should Do When Writing A Blog Post About A Product

Before we get started we wanted to thank Trüsound for sending us their Wireless Bluetooth Speaker to demo in this tutorial. Tomoson has worked with thousands of influencers, so we tend to see the good and bad practices when posting about a product.  Here are the five things any influencer will want to do when creating their blog post.

Use filters after taking pictures

Most people are taking pictures with cellphones which have amazing filters to make any picture look great.   If you're on an android phone click the edit icon (pencil), select the filter and click save.  If you're on an iPhone click edit, the filter icon (three circles), select your filter and click apply.  Doing this to every photo will make any picture pop or give it a unique artistic view any brand will love.  I personally like the auto filter on android unless I'm trying to do something in black and white or more artistic.

Trüsound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker android screen shot      iphone screen shot


Add a video whenever possible

Videos are always more engaging for your readers, so anytime you can add one it will help your cause.  Quickly upload the video from your phone to Youtube and embed the video on your page for added value.  I wanted to show the sound quality of the Trüsound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, so I took a quick video for people to listen to for themselves.  Other tricks I could have used is putting the speaker in a very shallow amount of water to show the sound waves coming off it.

There can never be too many pictures

Taking real pictures is the value you “the influencer” are bringing to the brand so don't copy their pictures.  Take lots of pictures of the product from all sides and give your readers the best visual of what they will get if they were to buy this product.  Even if you're trying to be more subtle with a product placement multiple pictures can't hurt.  You can see I went the more direct route and took pictures of every angle including a creative way of using the Bluetooth speaker for a drink holder 🙂

Trüsound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker canholder

Trüsound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Unboxed

Trüsound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Packaging

Be original, don't copy and paste SEO content….

One of the cardinal sins of SEO (and movies) is duplicate content. Not only is copy and pasting text bad for your brand, but it can also make your website not show up in Google at all.  If you're writing a post make sure it's your own words and don't copy text from other places and paste it onto your site.  It will hurt you in search engines and nobody wants to read a blog post that doesn't have your unique opinion.  The only exception to the rule is if you need to add technical specs about the product.  This is a minimal amount of text and can be added to enhance your reader's comprehension about the product or service.  Here are the tech specs of the Trüsound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

  • Change the exterior color to match your aesthetic.
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology for ultra crisp clear sound.
  • Has a wireless range of up to 33 feet.
  • Works with all devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone devices.
  • Has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery good for up to 10 hours.
  • Has a built-in mic and speakerphone for calls.
  • Provides palm of your hand portability.
  • Has Voice Prompts Setup.
  • Remembers your paired setting and auto set whenever in range.
  • Has a standard 3.5 aux input jack.
  • Buttons and functions give you the ability to play/pause, skip/rewind, answer calls and control volume with one simple touch.
  • 52 Acoustic Driver Mini Woofer Speaker.

Use a call to action linking to the product or service

Calls to action don't need to be in your face.  You can weave them into your post so your reader can find the product or service you're talking about without digging and getting frustrated.  Easy things that can be done are:

  1. Linking images to the purchase page
  2. Thanking the brand and linking the product name to the purchase page…. just like I did in the intro 🙂
  3. Finding a funny or sarcastic way of mentioning the product or brand name so you can link to it.
  4. Talk about a feature you like and link it to the products page.  For example, I love how you can change the colors of the Trüsound's exterior to match my interior design plans.
  5. Or you can use the hard sell and say buy the Trüsound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker here.

No matter what you're doing or writing about use these 5 easy tips and you'll make every brand ultra happy with your content.

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